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One More Time
January 24, 1999

(Green Valley Home for the Mentally Deranged. Two doctors have entered a room..... a room marked "S. Del Payne. KEEP ISOLATED." Sunshine is in bed, asleep, next to a special "ELVIS LIVES" edition of the CS Tribune. Her eyes are red, as though she's been crying quite a bit. She also looks as though she's lost weight.)

DOCTOR #1:I think we're ready to go.

(Sunshine wakes up with a start)

Sunshine:What? Where are you taking me?

#1:Electroshock therapy. Your doctor recommended it.

Sunshine:What doctor?

#1:I don't have time for these questions.  (He pulls out a straitjacket) Face the wall.

Sunshine:.....No. I'm tired of this. You haven't answered any of my questions since you dragged me here. Why are you doing this?

#1(Obviously agitated):Listen. I'm the doctor. You're the loony. You don't need to know any of this. Now, we're wating time. (To the other doctor) Grab her so we can sedate her. The gurney's outside.

(The second doctor takes a few steps toward Sunshine, who begins to cry again.)

DOCTOR #2:Now, calm down. This is for your own good.

(The doctor winks at Sunshine, who looks a tad confused.)

#1:Well? Move!

(The second doctor drops the syringe on the ground, and while picking it up, also removes something from their surgical robes.)

#1:What are you doi--

(The second doctor gets up with a start, CRACKING a bedpan over the head of the first.)

#2:Giving her what she NEEDS.

(The second doctor removes the mask to reveal...... "Iceman" Steve Radder's valet, Kelly!)

Sunshine:Kelly! I can't believe it!

(The two give a hug in the middle of the room)

Kelly:You're.... You're my friend. I couldn't let you stay in here. Now, what I just did is completely against PLR attitude, but ever since word hit the league, none of us TRULY believed it was right that you were in here. Besides, Mark is a phenomenal wrestler whether you're in his corner or not, it's not like he gets an advantage with you there. You ready to go?

Sunshine:Yeah, just give me a minute to put this guy's gown on. And Kelly?


Sunshine:...Thank you.

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BB:  Fans, welcome back to the control center for ELVIS LIVES CELEBRATION XI:  One More Time.  We're just about thirty minutes away from the start of the event here in the CSWA's own Presley Memorial Arena.  The sold-out crowd of approximately 35,000 is making its way in from Beale Street.  Last night, another capacity crowd saw SuperPRIMETIME in Memphis, a special pre-game show for this spectacular weekend of wrestling.  I'm going to run down the line-up for this pay-per-view event folks.  Remember, you still have time to order the event from your local cable provider.  As we all know, the huge Main Event is the "One More Time" meeting between CSWA World Champion "Hurricane" Eddy Love and the top contender, "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack.  Both men have been looking forward to this one.  We've heard from both men that this will be Vizzack's final shot at the title while it's around the waist of Eddy Love.   I know that many of you are interested in hearing more on the situation that Vizzack's valet, Sunshine Del Payne, is in, but I'm sorry to report that we have no additional information.  Ms. Del Payne remains in the care of the Green Valley Home For The Mentally Deranged.  The United States Title is on the line as US Champion Kevin Powers defends against top contenders Eli Flair and the Eliminator.   These men are no strangers, as Powers has managed to keep his title despite one-on-one confrontations with both men.  And I'm sure you all know about the very personal matchup we have between two men who have been best friends for a long time.....(Buckley stops for a moment, putting his hand to his ear).   Fans, I'm sorry, we've just been told that's there's been some kind of disturbance outside in the last few minutes.....we have Stan Parsons on the scene just outside on Beale Street.   Stan?

(camera cuts to Stan Parsons, who is in the midst of ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars)

SP:  Bill, just about ten minutes ago, a terrible attack occurred outside the Presley Memorial Arena.  An enormous line of fans was formed out here, waiting to get into the building.  From talking with eyewitnesses, we've been told that a man dressed up in green face paint was walking up through the line.   Apparently a young fan, a boy of about 12 or 13, spoke to the man, and then was attacked.  The attacker, who was apparently masquerading as fallen legend "Muppet Kid" Timmy Windham, threw a fireball at the young fan and ran off down the street.

BB:  Oh my Lord.  Stan, do we have an update on the medical condition of the young boy?

SP:  He was just carried away by an ambulance to the Elvis Presley Trauma Center nearby.  In talking with paramedics, the prognosis is good...the fan was apparently able to dodge most of the blast and suffered only minor burns to the face and arms.  Two other fans have been treated and released on the scene for minor burns as well.

BB:  Thanks for the report, Stan.  Wrestling fans, those of you who have followed the CSWA since 1991 or 1992 understand the significance of this attack.  "Muppet Kid" Timmy Windham first appeared on the scene following an incident like this.  In that attack, a young fan wearing a Hornet T-shirt was singled out.  We later found out that Timmy was suffering delusions, he was treated, and eventually became the former World Champion Timmy Windham that we all knew and loved until his tragic death at FISH FUND XI

This attack marks the continuation of a major plague of bad press for the CSWA.  At its Following the explosion at the FISH FUND PARK Arena in which Timmy Windham was killed, and dozens of people, including former World Champion Hornet, were injured, the CSWA suffered another lawsuit after Dante Inferno recently appeared on the scene and threw a fan off a balcony.  Something has to be done about this.   I've been told that Rudy Seitzer is with Hornet right now.

(camera cuts to just outside Hornet's dressing room, where Rudy Seitzer is speaking to the former World Champ)

Hornet:  What?  I can't believe it.  This is SICK.   For somebody to come out running around like Timmy and then to do this?   That's one sick individual.

RS:  Is it possible that the attacker was Windham?

Hornet:  No on both counts, Rudy.  While Mark may be crazy enough to pull a stunt like that, I've got confirmation from various sources that he's been locked away in his dressing room for hours.  And if you're insinuating that the attacker could actually *be* Timmy......don't go there, Rudy, you're just making me even more angry before this match.  I'd bet on it being the Red Midget before Timmy.

(Hornet slams the door to the dressing room)

BB:  We had Billy Buckley attempt to get some feedback on the incident from Mark Windham...but no one's answering at his dressing room door.  Fans, we're going to cut to a promo to show you how you can order this event, and then we'll be right back.

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(Backstage, Co-Commissioner Chad Merritt is in his skybox office in the Presley Memorial Arena.  CSWA VP Gregg Gethard walks in.)

Merritt:  And just where have you been?
Gethard:  Securing the premises.
Merritt:  Um, you do realize that a kid was almost killed outside in the street?
Gethard:  WHAT?  What happened?
Merritt:  That's what I pay YOU to find out!  Can you at least do this...I want all the wrestlers, or their managers or whoever, in for a meeting.  I'll do it in two different lockerrooms if we have to do it that way to keep the peace...just get it done.
Gethard:  Yessir.  Oh...by the way...I came in to tell you that somebody's been looking for you.
Merritt:  Who?
Gethard:  I'm not sure....I was just told...
Merritt:  That's enough...just go do what I told you.


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(outside the arena at the stage entrance)

Man:  Hi, I'm here to see Mr. Merritt.  I need to talk to him about...
Security Guard:  I'm sure you do.  You and about two hundred other wannabes and 'businessmen.' 
Man:  You don't understand, I'm...
Guard:  Yeah, I'm sure you're important.  Look buddy, I don't care if you're Queen of England...you want in here, you need a VIP pass.  Otherwise, you buy a ticket and go through the front door like everybody else.
Man:  But....I'm....I need to...
Guard:  What you need to do is get outta here before I punt you like a football.

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(in the dressing room area, Merritt addresses part of the 'talent')

Merritt:  By now most of you have heard what's happened outside.  I want to stress that NO ONE is to put their hands on any fan, no matter what they do or say.  That's what security is for.  (quite a few of the wrestlers laugh out loud)  I don't know who that was outside....but I hope it was just some random maniac, cause I'm tired of lawsuits.  Anyway, folks, this is our first big show of 1999, and I want it to be a great one.  Go out there and give it all you got.  It's....(he stops in midsentence)...(his listeners start to murmur as his eyes go out of focus for a moment).

Gethard:  You alright, boss?

Merritt:  I....I sense a presence I haven't felt since....(his eyes focus)  Guys, have a great show.  (he almost runs out of the lockerroom, Gethard following)

Gethard:  Boss...are you?  Who is it?  What I can do?

Merritt:  No, young one.  You're not ready.  (he runs off)

(back inside the dressing room)

Voice:  Was he wearing a freakin' cape?

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(Back in Greensboro, Kelly is sitting in her car, in front of an apartment building. After a minute or so, Sunshine comes FLYING out the door. She's changed her clothes into a black tank top, black jeans, and Doc Martins. She gets back in the car and they speed off.)

Kelly: Did you find it?

Sunshine: Right here.

(She pulls out a videotape)

Kelly: Why didn't you give this to the authorities after Fish Fund?

Sunshine: Kelly, I thought of it. I also thought of everything that happened. Arthur pretty much owns the entire city of Portland. He's using all the money from Del Payne industries to keep me quiet. That's what he got Dante Inferno and Silky Rose for. They get me out of the way for him, he makes it possible for them to get their hands on Mark again.

Kelly: Girl.... You sound SO different. I don't think you're the same person who collapsed into the corner in Charleston.

Sunshine: Kelly..... I'm a wreck right now. But I know what I have to do. I simply CAN'T lose focus.

Kelly (Looking rather impressed): Alright, chickie... Next Stop... ELVIS LIVES!!!

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BB:  Wrestling fans!!!  Welcome to ELVIS LIVES CELEBRATION XI!  I'm your host, Bill Buckley, joined, as always, by co-host Sammy Benson!

SB:  It doesn't look as if it'll be 'as always' for long, Buckley.  This is my final hurrah.

BB:  I won't believe it till I see it, Sammy.  I just don't think you're that easy to get rid of.

SB:  It's really simple, either Merritt meets my demands, or I pull out the big guns.

BB:  Oh dear.  Anyway fans, you know the lineup, you know the incredible matches we have lined up for this first pay-per-view of 1999!  This card has been billed as "One More Time..." for good reasons.   Inferno/Radder, Deacon/Black, Disco/Arrogance, the Greensboro Tournament Finals, the US Triangle match, Hornet/Windham, and, of course Love versus Vizzack.  They are feuds that have gone on for weeks, or months, and in some cases, years, and tonight it all comes to a head.  We are surrounded by 35,000 strong here in the Presley Memorial Arena, and we're ready to hook 'em up!  (crowd cheers)

SB:  Wow, I didn't know Bill Watts was here.

BB:  Do you think you could leave a little sooner than you planned, Sammy?  Fans, up first we have a match that is really more about the feud between the CORPORATION and Billy Starr than the contestants in this match.  I think everyone knows about the trouble between this current incarnation of the CORP and Starr.   Hey, Sammy, you once worked with Ray S. and the CORP, maybe they'll give you a job.

SB:  Maybe so, Buckley.  You never know where or with who I might show up.

BB:  Scary thought.  Fans, a couple of weeks ago, Cornette announced that his contract with Starr is still valid, and that he has the authority to sign matches for Billy Starr.  Last night at SuperPRIMETIME, we saw Cornette book Starr against another CORP member, Randall Jaminson.

SB:  And Jaminson's purpose was singlefold....to wear down Billy Starr.

BB:  Exactly.  And once it looked like Starr had the upperhand, Jaminson took a powder.  Last night, Cornette announced that he had arranged an opening bout at ELVIS LIVES for his favorite talent.  We haven't been told exactly who it is, but let's head to the ring and find out.

RJ:  Ladies and gentlemen, once again, welcome to ELVIS LIVES! (cheers)  Our opening bout features a man who is a former CSWA Presidential Champion.  Here is....BILLY STARR!!!!  (mixed crowd reaction, as a silent Starr stalks to the ring)  And his opponent.....

(Ray S. Cornette walks out with a microphone)

RSC:  I'll take care of this Rhubarb.  You know, Starr, I wanted to make sure you get the push you deserve.  So as your manager, with a legally-binding contract mandating your appearances as the matches I sign you for, let me bring out your opponent.  Here is, one-half of the former tag team champions of the United States, CARL BRIGSBY!

BB:  Is this a joke?  Carl Brigsby has lost more matches than Sammy has cheap ties.


BB:  And Cornette knows Brigsby and Paige won the titles on a fluke, YEARS ago!  What's he doing here?  Starr almost looks amused in the ring.   Brigsby rolls in, and CSWA referee Patrick Young calls for the bell to start this pay-per-view off.  I'm sorry fans, I'm not sure how Cornette got this match signed.   Brigsby goes to tie up with Starr, but gets shoved into the corner.  Starr follows in and pummels Brigsby hard!  Starr whips Brigsby across and crashes into his opponent with a shoulder block . Starr backs away, and Brigsby falls flat on his face!

SB:  But look at that..Cornette's down at ringside now, and he's coaching Brigsby!  What's he doing?

BB:  Brigsby quickly rolls outside, out of Starr's clutches.   And now Cornette is up on the apron, yelling at the referee!  Who knows about what.  Uh oh, Starr comes over and has hold of Cornette by his throat!!!  Ref Young is trying to pull Starr away from Cornette before he chokes the life out of his 'manager!'  Cornette may have bitten off more than he can chew in this one!

SB:  I don't think so....look at Brigsby!

BB:  Carl Brigsby rolls in...and he's got a chair!!!  He wallops Starr in the back of the head!  Starr lets go of Cornette, who falls off the apron to the floor.  Patrick Young is calling for the bell, and Brigsby is winding up for another smack with that chair!!!  Brigsby swings, but Starr ducks out of the way, and Carl connects only with the steel ring post.

SB:  That sent a shiver up his arm, huh?

BB:  Starr pulls Brigsby from behind and sends him down with a neckbreaker!!!  Patrick Young has disqualified Brigsby and given the win to Starr.   Thank goodness that one's over.

RSC:  Nice win, Billy, I'm impressed.  But you see, I did you a big favor.  I not only signed you a match against a great opponent like Brigsby, but I got you ANOTHER match!  Let the next contestant COME ON DOWN!

BB:  WHAT?  That's Wesley Paige!  Brigsby's former tag team partner is running to the ring, while Brigsby is still laid out in the middle of it!  I don't think Starr can believe it.  Paige rolls in and goes for a flying body press, but Starr simply sidesteps it, and Paige crashes on top of Brigsby!   Paige gets back to his feet and charges Starr again.  This time he connects, but simply bounces off the former Presidential Champ!

SB:  I think it's obvious what's going on here, Bill.   Last night Cornette sent Jaminson out to injure Starr's neck.  This time he's sending out more men to get the job done.  Unfortunately, he's hired the wrong men for the job.

BB:  You're exactly right, Sammy.  Cornette knows all about the neck injury that Starr suffered, putting him out of wrestling for a year.   He's trying to end Starr's career.

SB:  I guess if he can't have him, nobody will.

BB:  Starr catches Paige by the throat and slams him into the turnbuckle.  Paige tries to power out, but simply gets a facebuster for his trouble.   Starr rolls him over and covers.  One......Two.....Three.   This isn't a match, this is simply Cornette's revenge. 

SB:  And watch as Starr kicks both Brigsby and Paige toward the apron, getting rid of the chaff, Buckley.

RSC:  I knew you could do it, Billy!  And that's why I signed you to yet another match.  The theme of this ELVIS LIVES is "One More Time," well, I think you're ready for a rematch, Billy.  Ladies and gentlemen, here is the CORPORATION's big man, RANDALL JAMINSON!

BB:  I can't believe this.  Starr is catching his breath in the ring...I don't know that Paige and Brigsby were any real match for him, but after two matches, fifteen minutes of wrestling, and a steel chair shot to the head    But he's going to get no more time to rest...cause Jaminson is running down and sliding into the ring as we speak.

SB:  I told you last night that Cornette is out for only one thing...and that's revenge.

BB:  I agree completely, Sammy.  By the way, Sammy, how was your afternoon meeting with Merritt?

SB:  Don't ask, Buckley.  Unless something changes between now and the Main Event, this is my last show as a commentator.

BB:  Jaminson catches Starr and starts pounding away on the head and shoulders.  Starr ducks a few punches and tackles Jaminson.  Starr quickly rolls away and stomps on the gut of Jaminson.  He grabs a leg, going for a step-over-toe hold, but Jaminson kicks him away.  Jaminson is pulling nothing in this one, Cornette is yelling that he wants this one over now.  Randalls sends the former Presidential Champ into the ropes, catches him with a clothesline.  Now he's got a bear hug cinched in on Starr.   What is Cornette doing up on the apron???

SB:  Trying to finish this one off quickly.

BB:  Cornette has the referee's attention, and Jaminson drops Starr to the mat.  He reaches into his boot...he's got a set of brass knuckles!   Starr is slowly getting to his feet, and Jaminson is setting up for the lights out punch!!! 

SB:  Say goodnight Gracie...

BB:  Jaminson delivers the....NO!!!  Starr blocked it!   He catches Jaminson with a right of his own, and then takes the knucks away!!!   Starr delivers a huge right hand, and Jaminson goes down!!!!  Cornette tries to turn the referee around...but Starr quickly tosses the knucks right to Cornette!!!!!   The ref didn't see a thing except the grapevine cover!   ONE...........TWO...........THREE!!!  Billy Starr pulls off his third victory in a row, and Cornette is furious!!!!  But Starr spends no time waiting on any more surprises, he rolls outside and is down the aisle!  What a series of wins by Starr.

SB:  I don't think Ray S. is done with him yet, though.

BB:  Knowing Ray S. the way we do...I think you're absolutely right.  What an opener.  Fans, as we prepare for "From Ice To Inferno" with Steve Radder vs. Dante Inferno, we're going to send you backstage to Rudy Seitzer, who is with "The Role Model!"

<<Camera cuts backstage where Rudy Seitzer is standing in the locker room with "The Role Model" Marcus Johnson...he is wearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt which has the words "Here is YOUR Role Model" in yellow lettering on the front, and a big smile on his face...his blond hair is pulled back behind his head.>>

Rudy: Fans, this man has been absent from CSWA for a few weeks, but he is back again, and tells me he wants to explain his absence...if you would, Marcus.

Marcus: Thank you, Mr. Seltzer...first of all, I see Chad Merritt is back, and I am deeply sorry that I already have been a disappointment to him...as a Role Model, I would never want to do anything to offend such a wonderful president like him...and Chad, at this time, I wish to apologize to you...<places his hand on his chest> from the bottom of my heart...I am sorry.

Rudy: That's nice, Marcus, but what about why you've been gone for so long...and the name is Seitzer.

Marcus: My apologies to you, Mr. Switzer...now, the reason why I was gone was because I have been so busy trying to respond to all the fan mail I have received. So many people have joined the already massive legion of fans I have, that I have spent too much time responding to fan mail and have been unable to get to the offices to sign contracts for matches! But because I do not want to disappoint my fans any longer...those who wish to see their Role Model in the CSWA with the rest of the wrestlers setting such a poor example for the viewing audience...I am back! And to solve the problem of all that fan mail...I have another announcement to make...my fan club starts today! And to help me with the organization of my new fan club...I have selected a president!

Rudy: <shaking his head> Do tell...and my name is Seitzer.

Marcus: <slaps his head> I did it again...<turns to Rudy> please forgive me...I will not let it happen again...but, Mr. Spritzer, please welcome my fan club president...TIFFANY!

<<Out comes a short woman with long, blonde, curly hair, tied in two pigtails, who is wearing a "Marcus is MY Role Model" T-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers...she skips in front of the camera and stands between both men. She then holds up another T-shirt, just like the one she is wearing, hands it toward Rudy, and starts speaking rapidly.>>

Tiffany: Here it is...it's the Marcus Johnson T-shirt...you get one by joining the fan club! I'm so excited to be the president...and I'm not gonna disappoint Marcus...I'll make him so proud...and it's only $19.95 to join! And you get so much more cool stuff...like a membership card...and a big button...and so much more! Want to join, sir?

<<She then holds up the T-shirt in front of Rudy as if trying to see how it fits. Marcus takes her aside and pulls her back.>>

Marcus: Tiffany, you can talk to Mr. Slider later about a membership...I need to finish my interview with him...you can show off the T-shirt for the fans at home if you like.

<<He points to the camera, and Tiffany looks at it, smiles and waves, then holds up the T-shirt right close to the camera...it comes back down as Marcus directs her to just hold the T-shirt in front of her. Tiffany looks a little disappointed, but Marcus pats her on the shoulder, and she smiles again as she displays the T-shirt. Marcus continues to speak as Rudy just shakes his head.>>

Marcus: Yes, fans, there is all that Tiffany mentioned...and more when you join my official fan club! Like she said, it's only $19.95...I'm sorry I must charge people, but I have to cover my expenses, and I'm sure you will all understand. To order, just call 1-800-555-7226...

<<As he says the number, the number flashes on the bottom of the screen for people watching at home...only it has the letters that "7226" stand for...so it reads 1-800-555-SCAM.>>

Marcus: Operators are standing by 24 hours a day...we will gladly accept MasterCard or Visa...unfortunately, we don't take American Express...and most of all...kids, please get your parents' permission before you place your order...your Role Model would!

<<Tiffany then turns back to Rudy and offers him the shirt.>>

Tiffany: Are you sure you don't want to join?

<<Marcus pulls Tiffany back.>>

Marcus: Tiffany, it's OK...he'll buy a membership later, I'm sure of it...but we need to get to my fans watching the card tonight...you can stand outside the arena after the card, and everyone will be sure to see the T-shirts...and they'll definitely catch the ads aired in their homes! Ladies and gentlemen...your Role Model is back, and will not disappoint you...but don't disappoint me...join the club! And thank you for your time, Mr. Sphincter!

<<He shakes Rudy's hand and then he escorts Tiffany away. Rudy watches them leave for a moment, then sighs.>>

Rudy: It's Seitzer...<shakes his head, then looks at the camera> Bill and Sammy...back to you.

SB:  All I know is thatI'll join if I can go to meetings with Tiffany!

BB:  Stop before you get yourself in trouble,Sammy.

SB:  Please, I'm about to be let go, what kind of trouble can I get into talking about that sweet piece of...

BB:  SAMMY!!!!

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(The arena. ELVIS LIVES CELEBRATION XI kicked off thirty minutes ago. Sunshine and Kelly step into a nearly lifeless backstage area.)

Sunshine:Where is everyone?

Kelly:You kidding? With folks like Dante Inferno running about, and everyone worried about accidentally getting in between Kevin, Eliminator, and Flair, most are staying in their locker rooms until matchtime.  (She gives Sunshine a hug)   Good luck, chickie.

Sunshine:Good luck? Aren't..... Aren't you gonna come with me? What if Arthur isn't even here?

Kelly: You said it yourself. Arthur organized Inferno's contract. He'll be here. Besides, I need to get to Steve's locker room, he's bound to be worried.

Sunshine:But what if--

Kelly:But what? Find him. Find Mark. Get some justice. I believe in you.

Sunshine:It's just..... I'm afraid.

Kelly:I know. I know you're scared.... but if you don't do this you'll regret it for a long time. I'd love to help you, but I've got responsibilities of my own. Sunshine, you're on your own.

Sunshine:I've never.... never been on my own before. What happens if--

Kelly:There is no "what happens if" here. I have faith in you.  (Kelly disappears through a door.)

Sunshine:That makes one of us...

(Another door opens down the hall.... and Arthur comes through)

Arthur:I don't believe it..... YOU!

Sunshine (Turns to see him):YOU!

(Arthur disappears through the same door as Sunshine catches up. She tugs at the door for a second before realizing it's locked. She back up a step or two)

Sunshine:There's got to be another way in there..... all right, Arthur..... the game's afoot.

(She turns the other way and disappears through another door)

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)


From Ice To Inferno

"Iceman" Steve Radder vs. Dante Inferno

BB: Well fans, to change topics almost completely, we've got a grudge match, of sorts, as "The Iceman" Steve Radder faces off with the newest arrival to the CSWA, the VERY deadly "Destroyer" Dante Inferno. Sammy, Radder is a VERY accomplished wrestler and has a good deal of CSWA experience to draw on, but I think, in terms of pure power and destruction capabilities, the edge has to be with Inferno!

SB:You're right, Buckley, but you forgot to mention the BIGGEST advantage that Inferno has over Radder.

BB:What's that?

SB:SILKY ROSE! I love a woman who's not afraid to bare all, or at least, most.

BB:She does tend to do that, doesn't she?

SB:And thank the lord for that one!

BB:This one could get ugly, folks... let's head up to ringside.

(Cue Up:"Bulls On Parade" - RAGE Against the Machine)

RJ:The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada... weighing in at 237 pounds and accompanied to the ring by his lovely manager, Kelly.... THE ICEMAN... STEVE RADDER!!!!!!!

(The arena is bathed in icy blue spotlights as Radder and Kelly emerge from the curtain. They look a little surprised at the number of people cheering for them --- they've always been the people you love to hate. Kelly is wearing a blue and green sequined gown with matching high heels. Radder is wearing blue tights and a T-Shirt that states "PLR is just TOO COOL." They both smack the hands of some fans at ringside, because hey, who knows the next time they'll be so cheered?)


(Cue Up:"Mummified In Barbed Wire" - Cannibal Corpse)

Accompanied to the ring by "The Dark Angel," Silky Rose... weighing in at 362 pounds.... "THE DESTROYER" DANTE INFERNO!!!!

(The lights go completely black. All that can be heard is the tortured music.... Suddenly two bursts of flame shoot out, one on either side of the curtain.... and they set the overcoat of Dante Inferno aflame. He begins to walk toward the ring, the arena illuminated solely by the light from his flaming coat... and there is no Silky Rose behind him. The fans are nearly dead silent... as if they don't know exactly what to make of this monster of a man.... Stepping through the ropes, he slowly approaches Radder, who shields Kelly in the corner.... A FLASH OF LIGHT ... and a puff of smoke, and the flames are extinguished.)

BB:Allright, after that SPECTACULAR entrance, we're ready to get this one going!

SB:What's it matter... where's Silky? Where's Silky at, Buckley?

BB:Calm yourself, Sammy, it's the men, not the managers, that make a wrestling match.

SB:Profound, Buckley, very profound. Also, very stupid. This is my last chance to see that little piece of sugar up close and she's not even here? Well forget it, I don't want her anymore.

BB:Moving from Sammy's underused libido to the match, we have the bell, and this one is ready to go! Inferno simply standing there in the middle of the ring, and he's waiting for Radder!

SB:What's all this racket? Jeez, these people are noisy.

BB:Yes, fans, the crowd has begun an "Iceman" chant, much to the chagrin of Dante Inferno! It's not often that a member of PLR is so strongly cheered for outside his home town!

SB:It's because they think Radder is coming to the aid of the worm, but it's really to get dibs on who the first one to beat up on the worm IS. I like Inferno, but Radder's simply got dibs!

BB:If you're done with your playground politics, Radder and Inferno lock up... and Radder is pushed... no, SHOVED.. no, THROWN into the corner by the 7 foot tall monster!

SB:Pick a word, any word.

BB:Radder understandably looks a little dazed after that monster of a throw, and he's circling Inferno with a little more trepidation now! He goes to lock up again.... and again, is thrown into the corner! Radder to the outside, and he's having a strategy session with Kelly!

SB:Where's Kelly's little buddy Cloudy? Still in Green Valley?

BB:Ummm, Sammy, I think she heard you. That look she shot you had some daggers in it.

SB:Good thing I'm outta here.... a guy could get hurt working here.

BB:Patrick Young is still counting... and Radder slides back in there! He bounces off the ropes.... and slides between Inferno's legs! Off the other side with a flying clothesline, and the big man is rocked! And another clothesline! Radder to the top rope! Sammy, he looks like he could take this monster out!

SB:I don't believe it....

BB:Radder flies off the top.... NO! Dante Inferno catches him mid-air, and PLANTS him to the ground with a bodyslam! He doesn't waste any time now, grabbing his "target" by the throat.... CHOKESLAM!

SB:Goodnight, Gracie!

BB:Sammy, I didnt' think you'd be rooting against a member of PLR, not Eddy's team.


BB:What an ad-libber, Sammy.

SB:Hey, slappy! Leave the witty lines to me!

BB:I'll remember that, in case you ever make any. Inferno picks Radder up by the throat again.... RADDER IS TOSSED TO THE OUTSIDE! Sammy, I think he went right through a table! There's the bell, and Inferno is going right out after him!

SB:Wait... The match is over, isn't it?

BB:Yes, it is! Fans, in case you were unclear, Dante Inferno HAS been disqualified for throwing Steve Radder over the top rope. That's a no-no in the CSWA.

SB:But it looks like he doesn't know that!

BB:OH MY GOD! Inferno has picked Radder up again.... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ON THE OUTSIDE!!! He may be out!

SB:Where's Eddy when we need him? NO! Never mind. Don't come down, Eddy, you can't risk injury!

BB:Patrick Young is telling Inferno to return to the backstage, but he's not listening! He picks up Radder one more time..... HE TOSSED HIM INTO THE RING STEPS! Did you see the way his knee hit? There could be some serious damage there!

SB:I'll say.... Radder is a bloody MESS!

BB:The medics have finally made it to ringside to deal with Radder.... and CSWA Vice-President Gethard has made an appearance with his security team...and Sammy, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they're armed!

SB:Yes, they are. Inferno finally lets up... but I don't see how Radder is walking out of here. No... I spoke too soon.

BB:Fans, if you can believe it.... Steve Radder has climbed to his feet! He's calling for a microphone, and he's in the ring!

SB:He's bleeding all over the ring... that's just not necessary.

RADDER:INFERNO!!!! Look at me! I'm not out of it yet! Come back here and finish the job!

BB:OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Radder has dropped that microphone, and he's limping after Inferno!!! I don't think this feud is over yet, Sammy!

SB:I don't think so either, Buckley... but if we have any more matches like that, Inferno may win by default!

BB:Well, fans, we've certainly seen the durable material that Steve Radder is made of tonight.... and up next, we're going to see durability of a 'different' sort, as Deacon and Pat Black take to the scaffolds!

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

(At the entrance to the backstage area; the man from outside the stage door is still trying to get backstage.  He is dressed in a suit and is holding a briefcase.)

Man:  Hi, don't I know you?  You're Eskimo Jim, right?

EJ:  What's it to you?

Man:  Don't you remember me?  I need to get backstage to see Mr. Merritt.

EJ:  Um....who are you?

Man:  Day...Steve Day, I used to work here.  I'm here to see Mr. Merritt.

EJ:  I'm sorry, no credentials, no backstage.  Security!

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

From Heaven To Hell

Deacon vs. Pat Black

BILL BUCKLEY: "And I was walking in Memphis.." Remember that song , Sammy.

SAMMY BENSON: No, Buckley. Amazingly enough, every Elvis Lives card I manage to miss it. What do you think?

BILL BUCKLEY: That was a tad harsh.

SAMMY BENSON: So is your wife's cooking. I swear Buckley, the woman doesn't understand that cardboard isn't' a spice.

BILL BUCKLEY: Fans let's keep in mind, this may be Sammy's last card! How fond the memories are of the last contract dispute you had with CS officials. The AAWC may be gone, but I'm sure there's  a host of leagues willing to take you on. Remind me after the show, and I'll help you pack.

SAMMY BENSON: Awww stop. I'm gettin misty eyed.

BILL BUCKLEY: I never thought it was possible, but those are tears of alcohol! Good lord man how much do you have in you!

SAMMY BENSON: If shipwrecked, I could survive up to two weeks. Never say I'm ill prepared.

BILL BUCKLEY: Up next, Deacon vs Pat Black on a scaffold! To win one man must knock his opponent off the platform suspended 30 feet over the ring! Sammy, either Deacon or Pat Black could seriously injury themselves if they fall!

SAMMY BENSON: Black maybe, let's keep in mind however that Deacon is over 7 feet tall. For him, it's only a step down.

BILL BUCKLEY: Black's army lead by Pat, recently defeated Moral Majority. It's one on one here, which plays into Deacon's strengths.  And these two went to a no-contest in Charleston when their match was marred by interference.

SAMMY BENSON: Anytime you have a 5 foot advantage over your opponent that sure doesn't hurt matters. The equalizer of sorts is the platform. All Black has to do, is push the man a few feet left or right and it's look out  below. I wonder how much Deacon would "Care" after that.

(Pat Black comes down to the ring with Lady Death at his side, no fanfare, no music...nothing....then..)

(The lights go out and the crowd responds as the Gregorian chant begins to filter through the air. From behind the curtain, Shepherd walks. He holds the curtain, and the mammoth Deacon steps out in his monk attire. A gold spotlight lights there way as lighting cels dash around the stadium with crosses, and fish, and other such Christian symbols light the otherwise darkened arena. Deacon and Shepherd make a slow entrance, making their opponent wait it out. He slowly ascends the stairs followed by Shepherd and then Deacon steps over the top rope. His head has hung low and now he begins to look up somewhat. He crosses himself and then violently thrusts his arms out with explosive force. In response, sparks fly from the ringposts and shower up into the night sky. Deacon's hood, thrown off by the 'cross movement' lies on his back. His eyes meet his opponent, but Black merely stares back with just as much force and determination. Deacon takes the robe off and the bell rings to start the match.)

BILL BUCKLEY: Both men climbing the steps that lead to one of their respective dooms. Shepherd at ringside to lend moral support to Deacon, no pun intended.

SAMMY BENSON: Black has reached the top first, Buckley. Now's his chance to rush over and push off the big goof!

BILL BUCKLEY: I believe the rules state both men must be on the platform first.

SAMMY BENSON: We have rules in the CSWA?

BILL BUCKLEY: Deacon joins Black. Both inching their way to the center to meet! Black dives for Deacon's legs, but Deacon leaps up and drives a knee into Black's back as he falls! The scaffold nearly fell just from the sheer force of that blow! Imagine what Black feels!

SAMMY BENSON: Pain? But I'm only guessing here.

BILL BUCKLEY: Deacon rests on Black's back, clamping in the Camel Clutch! Wear down Black now, Sammy so it's easier to throw him off later! Black up to all fours. All the way up now! Deacon turns the Clutch into a sleeper hold!

SAMMY BENSON: Say Goodnight Gracie.

BILL BUCKLEY: Black, drops down...chin buster! Deacon is stunned for the time being! Pat to his feet, drop-kick! Deacon down, but not off the platform! Black readies a suplex!

SAMMY BENSON: I've never seen a man suplexed off a 30 foot scaffold! Then again, I've never seen a gay pride parade so clearly my experiences have been limited.

BILL BUCKLEY: Deacon blocks the suplex attempt! Bench press! Deacon has Black pressed over his massive body! Sammy this is the end right here! No! Pat rakes the eyes, and gently falls to the platform. German suplex! How in the world did he get that man up and over!

SAMMY BENSON: How in the world did that woman get so fat. For crying out loud, DEAL-A-MEAL!

BILL BUCKLEY: Black signals to his one fan in the audience! He may pull off a mild upset and toss the big guy off!

(Deacon looks in the audience and sees a row of fans each holding up letters. The signs read: "We care, too")

BILL BUCKLEY: Black readies for what looks like a powerbomb. He's going to powerbomb the man off the platform!!

SAMMY BENSON: If Deacon hits the mat, we may see the Righteous smacked right out of him!

(Black lifts Deacon up for the powerbomb. Deacon however catches Black's head with his feet, and Frank'n'Parsons him off the scaffold. Deacon goes over as well, but he catches a hold of the edge)

BILL BUCKLEY: My gosh what a move! Frank'n'Parsons off the top!! Deacon's won it! He's won it! The big man, pulls himself back on the scaffold to celebrate!  I don't think I've ever seen a big man able to do ANYTHING like that!   Can you believe what this guy's got in him!?

SAMMY BENSON: No dancing, that's in the scripture!

BILL BUCKLEY: For the moment this score has been settled, Deacon over Black!

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

(Cue up: "Whole Lotta Love" Out of the curtain comes Eddy Love with Sweet Melissa. Melissa is wearing a short skirt business suit and Eddy Love is in his "Corporate LOVE" T-shirt, has the Twenty pounds of gold over his shoulder.)

SB: Here comes your World Champ Bill, Hurricane Eddy, my pal.

BB: By hook or by crook he is the champ for now.

(Love enters the ring and takes the house Microphone. Skips the kiss for Melissa. No smile, very sincere. Melissa looks on intently)

LOVE: Some things have been said in the last few days that have really had Eddy Love thinking.  While I may be on top of the world today (pause) I realize that it is the longevity that matters in the grand scheme of history... and ultimately it's how your remembered that matters. Now it is the most prestigious belt in all of wrestling, but what does it all mean if I am after all...(Eddy lays the belt in the ring) just another Anarky. So I went to the Corporation's locker room tonight and I told Mr. Joey Melton that I understood I had been a little overbearing and I asked would he please reconsider and allow me to join the mighty Corporation and flourish under the ultimate knowledge of himself and Mr. Cornette. Mr. Melton told me that a lot of egos had been strained and he would hafta discuss this with the other members, BUT he did promise to come out here now and give me an answer in front of all you people.

SB: Bill, do you think they'll let him back in??

BB: Sammy that's the first good question you asked all night.

LOVE: I'm offering to give Mr. Melton my undying love and respect, to let him know that I know who the *real* World Champion is, if only Mr. Melton will come out here and say I'm in and he will mold me to be a legend like himself. So Mr. Melton please come on down here and give me the news, Fans welcome ARROGANCE himself ...Joey Meeeellton (Cue up : "Jesus Christ Superstar" Through the curtain, wearing a white T-shirt with black "ARROGANCE" across the front, pops an 80ish old man with a walker.

BB: That's not Joey Melton.

SB: Are you sure?

(The man makes his way ringside Eddy and Melissa help him in the ring with walker. Love holds the man's hand in the air.)

LOVE: Fans lets give it up for the first ever CSWA champion of the World. (Huge Heel Pop) Now Mr Melton have you and Mr Cornette come to a conclusion on my fate as a Corporation member?

OLD MAN: Yes Eddy we have decided not to let you in.

LOVE:(Looking amazed) NO ... you're telling me no

SB: I guess there's your answer, Melton doesn't want Eddy back.

OLD MAN: In fact in our ultimate wisdom we believe that both You and your Butt Buddy Kevin Powers are flashes in the pan.

LOVE: Why you old geezer..(Love kicks away the man's walker, Melissa gets on all fours behind man and Eddy double arm pushes the man over Melissa. He helps her up and they start stomping away at the old man.)

BB: This is ridiculous. Somebody has to do something (Through the curtain runs Joey Melton.)

SB: Look it's another Joey Melton. (Melissa spots Melton and encourages Eddy out of the ring as Melton arrives. Melton calls Love back in the ring. Love appears to try to head towards the ring.) ... Eddy's trying to get back in.

BB: Like he couldn't get around Melissa if he wanted.

SB: She's tough you know. (Melton goes after Love and Eddy gives up the charade and high tails it to the locker room. Melissa retrieves the belt holding it over her head and joins him.)

BB:  How disgusting.  He's supposed to be the World Champion.  Speaking of champions, folks, our next match brings the tournament for the Greensboro Championship to a close.  Sixteen men started back in the summer, in one of the most grueling tournament's the CSWA has ever proposed...a round-robin World Cup format tournament.  Out of all those men, two now remain to put their names up along with Mark Windham's as a Greensboro Champ.  Let's send it down to Rhubarb.

gboro.gif (5337 bytes)

Tournament FINAL

Apocalypse vs.

"El Volcano" Aaron Douglas

RJ:  Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one-fall to determine the new Greensboro Heavyweight Champion!  Making his way to the ring first (music plays), he is accompanied to the ring by Lady Death, this is APOCALYPSE!!!!!  (Cueup: "Sabotage")  His opponent comes down the aisle weighing 227 pounds, this is the explosive one, "El Volcano" Aaron Douglas!!!!!

BB:  I still can't believe Douglas is going around in this "El Volcano" stuff.  Facepaint does not become him.

SB:  I guess he figures that with 4.8 million dollars, he can do what he wants.

BB:  Please..if he thinks he's getting....

SB:  Hey, maybe I should ask for 4.8 million dollars too.  Think Merritt would give it to me?

BB:  I doubt it.

SB:  Why not?  I'm worth it, aren't I?

BB:  We're about to find out.  (CSWA Co-commish Chad Merritt puts on a headset)  Welcome to the...

CM:  Sure, Bill.  Look, Sammy, I'm tired of hearing you blather on about your contract instead of doing your job.  We didn't come to an agreement on your contract, therefore, your services are no longer required.

SB:  What?  You can't do....

CM:  I can, and I am.  Vamoose.  Scram.   Get outta here.  You're last paycheck's already in the mail, so consider the next two hours as comp timem.

SB:  Why you little....I'll destroy you.  You know I can....you know what I know!  And I'll let EVERYBODY know.

CM:  I've heard the threats, Sammy.  You do what you have to do.  Right now, I'm doing what I have to do.  (He stands up, grabs Sammy by the back of the collar and tosses him down the stairs)  Now, Bill, where were we.

BB:  Um....the match is just getting underway in the ring.

CM:  Then do your job.

BB:  Yessir.  Fans, this one is underway with Ben Worthington calling the match.  Douglas goes in quickly to lock things up, but gets shoved to the mat by the larger Apocalypse. 

CM:  I tell you, you employ somebody for almost *eleven* years...

BB:  Apocalypse drops a knee into the midsection of Douglas, sending all the air out of him.  Apocalypse takes the advantage, irish whipping Dougas into the ropes, and then sending him down HARD with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!!!  He goes for the early cover!  ONE............TWO......NO!!!   Douglas gets the shoulder up!

CM:  Send them to treatment for an obvious problem, overlook all the crap and the mouth...

BB:  Apocalypse pulls Douglas to his feet again and slams him into the corner, back-first.  The big man drives the shoulder into Douglas midsection, with no give against those turnbuckles.  Douglas is being manhandled here...and I don't think he can catch his breath.  Apocalypse whips him out....wow, it looked like Douglas's shoulder could have been torn up on that one....and he hits the other corner HARD again.

CM:  And then you've got morons like this one in the ring....4.8 million dollars my sweet little...

BB:  Apocalypse follows Douglas in....but the smaller man drops down...and Apocalypse's shoulder meets nothing but post!!!!   Douglas rolls out of the corner...and now he hammers Apocalypse with a shoulderblock of his own.  He pulls Apocalypse out of the corner and slams him to the mat....and now El Volcano is headed up the ropes!

CM:  Everybody wants a piece of the pie...Benson, Douglas...do-nothing little crybabies who couldn't tie their own...

BB:  Douglas stops at the second rope and drops down with a guillotine leg drop on the big man.  He goes for the cover.....ONE......NO!  Apocalypse just sent Douglas flying with a body bench press to break the pin!  Apocalypse rolls to his knees...but Douglas is already up.....dropkick!!!!  He sends Apoclypse through the ropes!  Apocalypse is quick to get to his feet however......Douglas with a tope!!!!!   APOCALYPSE CATCHES HIM!  Backbreaker to the knee...and he still has him held in those huge arms....now he slams him against he post, back-first!!!   Apocalypse literally tosses Douglas through the upper ropes and back into the ring.  Douglas may be hurt badly.

CM:  Would serve him right, the little piece of filth.

BB:  Apocalypse is up on the apron...and now he's headed up top.  I don't even know if the ropes can hold this big man!!!  He's setting Douglas up for a huge leg drop from the top!!!  NOOOOOOOO!!!!   Douglas gets out of the way!!!  Apocalypse hits hard on the mat......BASEBALL SLIDE DROPKICK by Douglas into the face of Apocalypse!  Now he heads back up top!!!!    GUILLOTINE LEG DROP from the top!!!!   ONE........... TWO.........................THREEE!!!!!!!!!!  Aaron Douglas is the new Greensboro Champion!   And some of this capacity crowd is chanting El Volcano!!!!

CM:  Well whoop-de-do.

BB:  Wait a second...somebody just climbed out from under the ring!  That's Randy Harders!  He's got a baseball bat!!!  He climbs in the ring as Worthington awards the belt to Douglas!   Harders cracks him in the back!!!  Douglas keels over.....WHIRLWIND by Harders!!!!  Good Lord...he leaves the man laying!  And Harders has his finger raised, proclaiming himself the number one contender!!!  This is a travesty!

CM:  Well, I feel much better, Buckley, I think I'll leave you to do your job.  Thomas will be down in a few minutes with Sammy's temporary replacement for tonight, I'm sure.

BB:  This is sick.....

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

(In the hallways of the Memorial Arena...Steve Day continues his search)

Gethard:  Hey you!  You're Steve Day, right?

Day:  Gregg Gethard!!!  It's been years!   How are you?  Listen, can you get me in to see Merritt.  I'm back with what he wanted.

Gethard:  Yeah sure.  Man it's great to see you.  Hold on a sec. (listens to headset)  Steve, I've ogtta run stop a brawl...look, hang on around here and I'll get you right in to see Merritt.

Day:  Thanks!  (Gethard runs off)   Him....stop a brawl?

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

(The "Technical" nerve center of the arena. CSWA Tech staff are all about.... as well as Ms. Sunshine Del Payne.)

Sunshine:If I'm right...... he came through here.

(She opens a door to see... the hallway that she chased Arthur through)

I hate being right.... where could he have gone?

(A hand grabs her shoulder from behind, startling her. She turns to see Marvin Parsons)

MP:Sunshine? It's dangerous back here. You shouldn't be here.

Sunshine:Marvin! Did you see a man come through here about a half hour ago?

MP:Yeah.... He headed toward the upper level offices. In that general direction, at least. What's this all about?

Sunshine:I can't tell you right now. Thank you, though.

(She begins to walk away, then stops.)

Marvin Parsons..... Head of the CSWA Tech Team.... MARVIN!

(Marvin turns around with a start)



(She hands him the tape)

If anything happens to me, give this tape to Mark. He'll know what to do.

(She disappears toward the upper level offices)

MP:....I just work here.

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

tag.gif (2114 bytes)

Two-time Champions
Disco Express


Three-time Champions

BB: Over ten years doing CSWA broadcasts, and finally I'm alone. By the looks of things fans, Sammy Benson may have just called his last match here in the CSWA. All I can say is, Thank you Lord. I would suggest that we show a hightlight reel of all the insightful comments he made over the years. As you might have guessed, we don't have enought material!

Up next a grudge match for the UNIFIED WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES! Disco Express defends the belts against Arrogance(Peyton Wright and Joey Melton). The stip here is that both managers, Disco Midget and Ray S. Cornette, will be suspended 30 feet in the air in a steel cage! One cage, two midgets!

(CSWA theme music plays)

BB: Is that Co-commissioner Thomas coming to ringside? He's alive? That's him! He's asking for a ring mic, what is this!

ST:(on house mic) Hey yo. It's time for a little survey. Did you come here to see Eddy Love vs Vizzack?
(Crowd pops)
ST:Or the public firing of VC AJ Honold?
(fans go wild)
ST:Another one for the good guys! As you may know, Mr.Benson is no longer with us. At Bill Buckley's request we've found a fill in for the reminder of the evening!

BB: What?!

ST: Hit the music!!

(Theme to "Family Feud" plays. Richard Dawson walks down the aisle, kissing hands along the way)

ST: Richard, thank you for working on such short notice!

RD: Survey Says?!

ST: Yeah, just take a seat and look busy.

BB: What is going on here? Richard Dawson??

RD: You're a fan, I can tell.

BB: I never thought I'd see the day when I miss Sammy Benson.

(both teams introduced)

BB: Ray S. Cornette is in the cage, but there's no sight of Disco Midget! They're waiting on raising it, until he's out here! Meanwhile, both teams going at it in the middle or the ring. The bell has been rung and they're going at it! All four men in the ring at the same time! To my knowledge this was not a Texas Tornado match.

RD: I can fix that. (on house mic) Ladies and Gentlemen, survey says this match is now Texas Tornado rules! Thank you, and take a few moments to familarize yourself with the exit doors.

BB: Richard, your job is to color commentate not book matches.

RD: I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told that punk Sajak. I'm God and my word goes! Got it!?

(Security guards bring out Disco Midget. He's drunk out of his mind)

BB: The crowd goes wild...here comes Disco! He doesn't appear to be a happy camper, or for that matter a sober one.

(Disco is shoved in the cage, and it's raised. Cornette wastes no time going after Disco)

RD: A midget in a steel cage 30 feet above the ground. I've seen a lot of stuff in my life, but..

BB: Please don't finish that. Joey Melton with a clothesline on Disco Inferno! In the other corner, it's Peyton Wright kneeing Boogie Man in the gut! Melton whips Disco across the ring, Peyton whips Boogie...they collide! Melton now suplexes Boogie man! Quick cover, 1....2...NO!

RD: He just did dance his way out of that one.

BB: Peyton goes to the top rope, Joey holds Inferno. Bulldog from the top! To this point, it's been all Arrogance! Boogie Man to his feet, swinging neckbreaker! Wright is in pain! Savat kick to Melton's gut! The tide might be turning!

(crowd screams)

BB: There seems to be some sort of commotion...

RD: Great scott, Bill... Up in the Sky, there's a midget dangling from a steel cage!

BB: The cage door has busted open, and Cornette has Disco hanging on the ledge! If he falls, who knows what will happen.

RD: Here's a guess, he'll UM DIE!

BB: In the ring, Boogie Man butterfly suplex on Wright! But it's Joey Melton who has Disco Inferno in a FIGURE FOUR!! Disco has to been seconds away from giving it up! If he does, that's the match and we'll have new UNIFIED WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!

RD: Sorry to be a pest but that little guy concers me.. whoaaa!!

(Cornette stomps Disco's fingers..he lets go and plummets to the mat. Landing on Joey's ribs)

BB: Top cage splash by Disco Midget!

RD: Now that was gutsy. If that red stuff is any indication we might need the house doc out here.

BB: Joey is hurt! That fall from Disco may have broken his ribs! Inferno to his feet.. he bounces off the ropes, elbow drop on Melton!

RD: He could have moved the midget out of the way first!

BB: Here's the cover, ONE.....TWO.....THREE!!! Disco Express retain the UNIFIED World Tag Team Titles! How in the world?

RD: (singing) When you wish upon a star....

BB: Who knows if this will stand or not, but for the moment it counts!

(cut to a promo for SPT as Inferno and Boogie carry a drunken Midget out)

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

BB:  Fans, before our next match for the United States Title, let's take a look at the ongoing feud between these three men.

VOICEOVER:  "Good God" Kevin Powers.....the United States Champion, by hook or by crook.

(CUTTO:  FISH FUND XI, United States Tournament Final)

BILL BUCKLEY: DDT by Eliminator! He's still fighting! Slowly making is way to the top turnbuckle! A move out of desperation! Stan, this could very well be his only chance of winning the US title!

STAN PARSONS: What was that Bill? Sorry....Gina and Susan....two distractions a man doesn't need.

::Eliminator leaps off the top turnbuckle, but his knee gives out::

BILL BUCKLEY: Eliminator's leg couldn't hold out! We need a doctor out here in a hurry. Powes not wasting a second, going for the figure 4!! It's hooked in!! Somebody please call for the bell, before the man's career is ended!!

::Patrick Young calls for the bell ending the match. Powers wins by submission::

BILL BUCKLEY: Eliminator didn't give, partly because I don't think he could have! Young mercifully calls for the end of the match. Kevin Powers wins the US title...tainted win albeit.

::Powers rolls outside...hugged by Gina and Susan. Ray S. kisses the belt then gives it to Kevin::

KEVIN POWERS: (looking into a camera) Good Gawd....what a night! (Powers kissed Gina)

STAN PARSONS: Like it or not, Kevin Powers is the new US champion... We shouldn't hold our breath for Merritt to overrule.

BILL BUCKLEY: Championships should be decided in the middle of the ring, not in the streets..or wherever the attack on Eliminator occurred.

V/O:  Eli Flair....the former champion...ready to step up to the next level.

(CUTTO:  ANNIVERSARY 1996, "Basebrawl" match for the Intracontinental Title, then-Eliminator vs. ATTAXX)

BB: We're ready to go, and remember, whoever climbs up the pole in that corner and brings down the baseball bat....GETS TO USE IT! Eli and ATTAXX lock up, and neither man is moving! Finally, ATTAXX with a rake to the eyes, and now he HAMMERS Eli with a big right hand! ATTAXX sends Eli in for the ride, and LEVELS HIM WITH A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE!

MM: Well, this certainly isn't going to be a match of skill!

BB: ATTAXX backs Eli into the corner, and now he's  hammering him with a series of shoulderblocks! ATTAXX grabs Eli by the hair, WHIPS him into the opposite corner, charges....AND ELI PUTS UP THE BOOT! Eli with a HUGE CLOTHESLINE, and ATTAXX goes down like a ton of bricks!

MM: Haven't we seen ENOUGH of Poison Ivy for one night? I hope Rosenthal gives her what she deserves....

BB: It's safe to say that Rosenthal will be staying away from Poison Ivy! Eli keeps control of the match, hammering ATTAXX against the ropes, sends him off the ropes, POWERSLAM....YES, HE CONNECTS! Eli not going for a cover, instead he's climbing up the pole....I don't know, it might be a little early into this one to be going for that!   ATTAXX to his feet, and he's pulling Eli down! ATTAXX with a series of right hands, and the Eliminator is down on the canvas!

MM: You know, it's about time that the Eliminator thinks about running...there's no shame in it!

BB: ATTAXX picks up the Eliminator and HITS A BACKBREAKER! ATTAXX off the ropes, and he DROPS A LEG! ATTAXX with a cover, ONE, TWO, Eli with the powerful kickout! Remember, you can win this match WITHOUT the bat...but, I would think both competitors would love to use it to their advantage! Eli staggering back to his feet, and ATTAXX CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP AND DOWN TO THE FLOOR!

MM: Why is the idiot going outside? He could just get the bat and win the match!

BB: That's a good question, but ATTAXX is going to the outside anyways....ATTAXX grabs Eli, and SLAMS him into the ring apron! ATTAXX whips Eli....INTO THE STAIRS! Those ringside stairs went flying, and I'll tell you, the Eliminator is hurt....he's in danger of losing the IC Championship!

MM: Especially since ATTAXX is going into the ring!

BB: That's right! Eli is down on the outside of the ring, and ATTAXX is climbing the pole....there's no way that anyone's gonna be able to stop him this time....HE'S GOT THE BAT! Eli just getting to his feet on the outside, and ATTAXX is sneaking up on him!

MM: I love it! ATTAXX is gonna knock the sap into next week!

BB: ATTAXX NAILS ELI WITH THE BASEBALL BAT FROM BEHIND! ATTAXX rolls Eli into the ring, and we're gonna see a new champion crowned here tonight for sure! ATTAXX with a cover, ONE, TWO, THREE....NO! Eli just got the shoulder up!  How in the WORLD did he manage to do that? The crowd here to it's feet, hoping to cheer on the Eliminator!

MM: Which just proves that they're a bunch of morons themselves!

BB: ATTAXX pulls Eli to his feet, and he's jamming the bat into his ribcage! ATTAXX sends Eli off the ropes, and he's got the bat....HE'S GONNA BAT CLOTHESLINE ELI.....NO! ELI DUCKS UNDER! ELI back off the ropes, and ATTAXX SWINGS THE BAT....HE MISSES! ELI SPINS ATTAXX AROUND, AND LEVELS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

MM: I don't believe what I'm seeing! This just ain't fair!

BB: ELI picks up ATTAXX....BIG CHOKESLAM! Rosenthal into the ring, and ELI CRACKS HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH THE BAT! ELI rests the bat down in the center of the ring.....OH NO!  ELI...WITH A POWERBOMB DOWN ON THE BAT! ATTAXX is OUT COLD! Eli with the cover, ONE, TWO, THREE!!! THIS ONE'S OVER, and ELI retains yet again! Wait a second...Eli's asking for the house mic....what could he possibly have to say!

MM: Hell, I didn't even know the guy could talk!

BB: That's enough....

ELIMINATOR: You know something? Defending this title.... (Flashes the IC Championship to the camera) it just isn't a challenge anymore. I want to prove that I'm the BEST in the CSWA....and I want something better than this....and I'm gonna get it! (Throws down the IC Championship....)

BB: I don't believe it! The Eliminator has just vacated the Intracontinental Championship, a title he's held for almost EIGHT MONTHS! We're gonna have to get a talk with someone upstairs to see what the status of that title is! But, now, it's time for more action!

V/O:  The Eliminator...the big man just a step away from glory.

(CUTTO:  PRIMETIME in Norfolk, Eliminator vs. Eli Flair)

BUCKLEY: This was supposed to be our main event, but with the announcement of an impromptu CORPORATION Top Contenders match, it's been moved up as part of a DOUBLE MAIN EVENT. This is the second encounter of the night for Eli and it has some unusual circumstances associated with it. These two men have a strong hatred for each other and want to settle matters one on one... So no one will be permitted to be at ringside whatsoever. If they did, it would result in a disqualification.

BENSON: Even Poison Ivy agreed to this and although she walked her man half way down to the ring, turned around and left... I've heard rumors that she wanted to be cuffed to me for the match... I knew she digged me....

BUCKLEY: Whatever Sammy... Eliminator agreed to the stipulation and he was at ringside by himself also. The two were vicious, attacking each other with everything they could find as the match spread to the outside rather quickly. The referee had given up controling the two and was content to let them go at it. Both men were bleeding and Eli Flair, although he had already wrestled once in the evening appeared to be getting the better of the Eliminator.

BENSON: That's when all hell broke loose...

BUCKLEY: That's right... the ES broke the agreement of the match and stormed the ring. They tore into Eli Flair ... really working him over, till security could get them seperated.... Eli Flair won the match by disqualification, but the Eliminator really accomplished a lot.

BENSON: They probably didn't care at all about a stupid disqualification...look at the damage they did tonight....

BUCKLEY: That is very true, Eli Flair needed assistance in leaving the ring. He did walk out on his own power, after almost attacking those who were trying to help him...

V/O:  And in the midst of it all, things have gotten a little EXTREME....


BUCKLEY:  And while Powers only has eyes for Flair....what is Poison Ivy doing!!!  She's just now making her way to ringside, and she's got two men with her dragging a table!  What in the world!?  At ringside, Eli rolls in, and he's locked up with Powers again.

PARSONS:  Poison Ivy has the two men set up the table a few feet away from the ring apron, and she centers it like she's decorating or something!

BUCKLEY:  If she's decorating then it must be in *extreme* style....because she just took a bag from one of the men, and she's dumping its contents onto the table!  Oh my Lord, that's broken glass!

PARSONS:  And thumbtacks!  This is unreal!  Somebody get security down there!

BUCKLEY:  But security's not gonna be in time...because Eli has Powers set up, once again into the ropes....CLOTHESLINE...and BOTH men go over the top and onto that deathtrap of a table!!!

PARSONS:  They both hit hard, and Kevin Powers rolls off, writhing in pain!  You can see the glitter of glass shards on him!


usa1.gif (5209 bytes)


For the United States Championship

"Good God" Kevin Powers

defends against

Eli Flair Eliminator

First man to get a pinfall wins the strap!

(The bell rings and the fans come to their feet, screaming and voicing their excitement.  Rhubarb Jones stands in the ring, waiting for at least a full minute before the fans calm themselves.)

RJ : Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one-fall, with a 60 minute time limit, and is a Triangle match for the CSWA United States Heavyweight Championship!

RD: HERE WE GO BUCKLEY HERE WE GO!  I CAN'T WAIT ...icantwaiticantwait icantwaiticantwait icantwaiticantwaiticantwaiticantwaiticantwaiticantwaiticant-- (a brief shriek of feedback as Dawson's headset is quickly unplugged.)

BB: I'll tell you this once, Richard.  Calm down.    We're all excited.  I'm excited.  The fans are excited.  But let's just take a deep breath ... and calm down.  (He plugs Dawson's headset back in.)

RD : OK .. yes.  (Deep breath.) Alright.  I'm fine.    Really.

(Cue Up: "Elimination Time")

RJ : Coming to the ring first ... accompanied by his manager Hot Scott ... and weighing in at 375 pounds, THE ELIMINATOR!!

RD : How can they walk so slowly to the ring?  This is so exciting ... it's ... it's INCREDIBLE!

BB : We know, Richard, we know.

(Eliminator steps into the ring on one side, and Hot Scott stays on the floor below.  They share a quick pre-match meeting and wait for the other wrestlers.)

BB : They've got extra officials in the ring, fans, just to keep them all apart until the bell sounds.

RD : Well I say they should just let them go after each other and maim themselves and spill blood and break bones and ..

BB : This is wrestling, Richard.  (Through clenched teeth.)    Not a street fight.


(Cue Up: 'The Dope Show' - Manson.  The fans come to their feet, and give one of the best pops of the night for Eli Flair and Poison Ivy, who have appeared at the top of the rampway leading down to the ring.)

RJ : And ...ONE of his opponents ... the CSWA's own Bronx Bomber, hailing from The Bronx, New York, and accompanied by his manager Poison Ivy ... please welcome ... "Total Elimination" ELI FLAIR

(Another loud pop as Flair steps to the other side of the ring, glares in Eliminator's direction, and whispers something down to Poison Ivy.)

RD : Why are they just STANDING there ... go AFTER eachother!

BB : Need I remind you, Richard ...

RD : Yes ... (a sigh.)  This is a wrestling match.

BB : Thank you.

(Cue Up: '(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' - Filter & The Crystal Method.)

RJ : And now, the final contestant.  (A huge heel pop which breaks into a chant of 'PLR ... PLR')  Please welcome the current US Champion ... and a member of PLR, accompanied by--

(Rhubarb is cut off in a quick burst of static.)

MAN : Accompanied BY the CSWA's first Extreeeeeeeeeeme Champion ... (Another - surprising - cheer at this.) and the Coolest of the Cool ... a PLR member ... the ICEMAN ... Steve Radder!

BB:  What is Radder doing down here, and what's that in his hand???

(The two PLR members pop out from the backstage area with their respective titles.  Powers has the US belt around his waist and Radder has the Extreme belt in his hand.)

Kevin Powers : That's DAMN straight, PLR is in .. da ... HOUSE!    (A cheer.) You see, the Iceman here is the newly crowned EXTREME Champion, with the gold to prov it.  Now every member of our little group has some CSWA gold - and after tonight it'll still be that way.  Ain't that right, Chilly?

Steve Radder : You know it, buddy.  (talks to crowd)  Some of you wanna know why I'm the champ...why I'm the most extreme this sport has to offer.  (Radder points at his knee brace.)  That knee was PERFECTLY healthy when I came here today.   (He points to bandages on his forearm, hand, and beside his eye.)  Under those bandages are 46 stitches I DIDN'T HAVE when I came here today.  And you see, folks, I'm still walking under my own power.  And I won the match....and that means...I'm the King of Extreme.

BB : Well THIS is an unfair advantage if I ever saw one ...

RD : Oh this is great .. now we might see a brawl!

(Powers finally steps into the ring.)

BB:  I'm glad to see that Radder has recovered, somewhat, from his injuries.  But I'm not quite sure why he has a so-called "Extreme" title around his waist.

RD:  After what he took at the hands of Inferno....it just might be justified, Buckley, my friend, my pal.

BB:  I don't know....but it looks to me like that's the WOW Extreme Championship title....he's just put the CSWA logo on it!

RD:  A belt's a belt, right, Buckley?

BB:  NO, Richard, not right.  Anyway, we've got all three men in the ring, we've got Poison Ivy, Hot Scott, and Steve Radder on the outside.   Referee Patrick Young has his hands full in this US Title match!

 RJ:  Ladies and gentlemen, I have been informed that the first pinfall wins the match and the title.  And also, this match has been ruled a no disqualification match.

BB:  Yikes.....now Young really has his hands full.   That just turned this 'triangle' match into a brawl!

RD:  Was it supposed to be otherwise?

BB:  There's the bell.  I thought we might have just two men starting this thing off....but all three men are in the ring!!!  Eliminator tees off on Kevin Powers and knocks him into the turnbuckle!  But Eli Flair is there...and he dropkicks Eliminator from behind!  Eliminator is slammed into the turnbuckle on top of Powers!!!

RD:  Talk about killing two birds with one stone...SURVEY SAYS!

BB:  Eli goes and rolls up Eliminator in an inside cradle!!!   ONE.......NO!!!  Eliminator powers out...and Powers jumps off the second rope and catches Eli with a hammer blow.  Flair staggers back, only to get rolled up by Eliminator!!!  ONE......NO!  Powers stomps Eliminator from behind, and then rolls HIM up!  ONE...... NO!  Eliminator powers out, knocking Powers against the ropes.....elbow drop by Eli Flair onto Eliminator!  Flair to his feet, and he drops another elbow, and another!!!  But this time Eliminator rolls out of the way....but Powers is in the way...both men roll off the apron to the outside! 

RD: Survey Says.... advantage, Flair!

BB:Oh lord.... Benson to Dawson.... What's next, Jason Bateman? Powers and Eliminator both begin to stir... and they're trading punches on the outside! Flair is just standing there watching it all happen!

RD:Why's that? Doesn't he need to be out there in case the match ends?

BB:No, not at all. The match can't end on the outside. Powers with a shot to Eliminator's chest, and a powerbomb on the outside!!!! WHAT'S FLAIR DOING????? He's bounced off the ropes and vaults himself onto Powers and Eliminator and both go down! Young's count is broken, but he starts anew!

RD:We could have a brawl on the outside right here!

BB:No, Powers and Flair roll Eliminator back into the ring... but Steve Radder attacks Flair from behind with that EXTREME Title! He goes down, and Powers returns to the ring and covers Eliminator! 1......2......NO!

RD:What's that woman doing?

BB:Poison Ivy is SCREAMING at Steve Radder! I think he's telling her to sit down and keep her mouth shut!!! BAD MOVE!

RD:I don't think she's going to listen, Buckley.

BB:IVY HAS CRACKED THAT SINGAPORE CANE OVER RADDER'S HEAD! And behind her, Hot Scott has sent Flair headfirst into the ringpost and back into the ring!

RD:We've got ourselves a match, here!

BB:Flair is ALREADY making his way back to his feet! Powers with an elbow to the side of the head, and Flair is in the corner! Powers climbs the ropes, and he's firing away with rights! 1........2..........3..........4........5.......NO! Eliminator with a shoulderblock, and Powers falls to the canvas! Eliminator grabs Flair by the hair... and fires a right hand! He whips Flair to the opposite corner... NO! Flair reverses, and RUNS RIGHT IN with a clothesline!

RD:Powers is getting up, and he grabs both Eliminator and Flair by the hair.... HE SMACKS THEIR HEADS TOGETHER! That's certainly a meeting of the minds! On the outside, it looks like Poison Ivy is getting up again.

BB:Ivy takes a step toward him, and he holds up his hands! He's a tough man, but look at him, Dawson... he doesn't want to tempt fate. In the ring, Powers hooks both men by the head, and drops 'em... NO! He went for a double DDT, but Eliminator and Flair counter with a backdrop! OH MY! Powers' neck drops across the tope rope! Flair goes for the cover, 1....NO! Eliminator grabbed him by the hair and tossed him away, and HE goes for the cover! 1.......2....NO! Powers kicked out, but Flair grabbed Eliminator by the foot and drags him off! They're firing away with rights and lefts again! NO! Eliminator swings wide, and Flair catches him in a T-Bone suplex! HE'S GOING FOR IT!

RD:He's locking The Eliminator in the Total Elimination... but I think Kevin Powers is starting to stir!

BB:He is stirring, and he sees what's happening! KICK to the head of Flair, and the hold is broken!

RD:That was close!

BB:Indeed it was! Powers picks up Eliminator... NO! Eliminator with a low blow, and Powers goes down like a sack of potatoes! Eliminator hits a DDT on the US Champion!

RD:He could go for it right here!

BB:I think he could... but he's not done! He sends Powers into the ropes.... BACKDROP sends Powers over the top rope! Now he's in the ring with Eli Flair!

RD:Powers is barely moving... Radder is trying to revive him!

BB:Hot Scott is telling Radder to leave Powers be... NO! Poison Ivy with a CHAIR to the back of Hot Scott's head! He's out, Dawson! Inside the ring, Eliminator sets Flair up.... DRAGON SUPLEX! There's the cover, 1...........2...........NO! Flair's not out of it yet!

RD:He's almost there, and Eliminator is looking VERY good here! Young should have counted Powers out already, but he's got to keep an eye on the action in the ring! That's the number one answer right now!


RD:What's that, good buddy?

BB:Never mind... Eliminator is setting up Flair for what looks to be a SUPERPLEX.... If he hits this, it's all over but the crying! He's all the way up.... NO! Flair blocks it! He's hooked the top turnbuckle!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Flair just gave Eliminator a shove, and he falls FIFTEEN FEET to the floor.... THROUGH A TABLE!!!!

RD:That's gonna ruin his day, but Eliminator is actually pulling himself to his feet!

BB:If Eliminator can climb to his feet THAT quickly after a shot like THAT... .can he be stopped?

RD:It looks like we're going to find out!

BB:ELI FLAIR LAUNCHES HIMSELF AT THE ELIMINATOR!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Eliminator's head bounced off of the guardrail! I think he's completely unconscious, but Flair doesn't look any better!

RD:All the while, Kevin Powers is beginning to stir! Flair and Eliminator BOTH aren't moving!

BB:Kevin Powers has returned to the ring.... and Patrick Young has begun to count Eliminator and Flair!

RD:I think Powers has this match won.

BB:He may very well! But.... WAIT! Eli Flair is beginning to stir! He's pulling himself to his feet!

RD:Young's count is at 5... he better hurry.

BB:He's made it to his knees.... and he's on his feet! This capacity crowd is giving a standing ovation for these men already, and there hasn't been a declared winner yet!

RD:Count is at 8.. and Eliminator hasn't moved!

BB:9.... HE'S IN! Eli Flair is back in the ring, and you can see it in the eyes of these two men... they're impressed with each other.... THERE THEY GO! They lock up, and are fighting for control! Powers with a knee to the midsection, and he sends Flair into the ropes! Off the other side, and he hits a clothesline! He picks Flair up again... and whips him again! Backdrop.... NO! He telegraphed that move... KICK to the gut! DDT! Flair picks Powers up.... KISS THE CANVAS! He his Powers with his own finisher! There's the cover, 1.................2..................3! 3! WE HAVE A NEW UNITED STATES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

RD:He did it the old fashioned way, Buckley.... got him with the 1-2-3!

BB:He did indeed, and after this match, all three of these men will no doubt need some medical attention! But for now, Poison Ivy has hit the ring, and she's got that US Belt in her hands! She helps Eli to his feet... and he raises the belt above his head!

RD:Is it me, or is he limping just a bit?

BB:I think he may have damaged his leg in this one, but all that matters is that he has once again captured the gold! Radder is beside himself on the outside, and Hot Scott is attempting to rouse Eliminator still!

RD:I think this may have been one of the hardest-fought matches these three men have EVER been involved in!

BB:You may be right, Dawson.... Well, fans, for those of you who couldn't be part of the action here with us, you can still be part of the action on the CSWA Hotline! In just a few minutes you'll hear a special interview with the NEW United States Champion, Eli Flair! And coming up next here at ELVIS LIVES XI.... a match that truly epitomizes the phrase, "One More Time...." HORNET takes on Mark Windham!

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

(In the upper levels....)

Sunshine:Where could he be?

(Behind her, a door marked "LADIES" opens, with Susan and Gina coming out)

Susan: Look who it is.

Gina: Back from the nuthouse already?

Sunshine: Excuse me, have you two seen a man come this way in the past ten minutes or so?

Susan: Did you hear that, Gina? I think she wants our help. Do you think we should help her?

Gina: Let me think..... No, let me ask my jaw. The same one she superkicked...... No, I don't think so.

Susan: We'll help you... Help you right back to the loony bin.

Sunshine: Are you two serious? All I asked you was if you saw a man come through here. That's all. It's a no-brainer! But you want to give me a hard time about things that YOU STARTED nearly half a year ago? I told you that I was done with it. I have no issues with either of you. But if all you want to do is continue being a pair of vengeful shrews, I guess I can't complain. But... if there's a shred of humanity in either of you, you'll go back to your business and let me do mine.

(They stare at her for a minute.... and perhaps they see something in her stare.... in her eyes.)

Gina: Some guy headed that way.  (She points at a door marked "CATWALK")

Susan: He looked like your half-brother. Grabbed my ass, too. If you find him, let him know that Kevin'll have a little something for him.

Sunshine:......Thank you.

(She leaves the two behind as they head for the backstage. Opening the door, she sees that it literally IS a catwalk. Cords and cords of spare bungee are strewn about the patchworked 'floor.' Looking down, she sees that she's directly over the ring.)

Sunshine: No regrets...... just go for it.

(She climbs out, noticeably shaking, to see Arthur Stuart Kellington on the other side of the catwalk)

Arthur: You won't make it over here. Face it, I won.

Sunshine: Arthur.... Why? Why did you do what you did? Why are you trying to ruin my life?

Arthur: It doesn't matter now.... might as well tell you...

(Sunshine, holding on for dear life, begins to listen.)

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

(Sammy Benson is outside in the parking lot)

SB:  (to himself)  I'll kill him.  No, better yet, I'll make him suffer.  I saw what he did...I saw him kill the Red Midget....TWICE!  He got sent to the mental home the first time....this time they'll put him away for life.  Tomorrow morning, press conference, in front of the wrld.

Voice:  I don't think that's a good idea.

SB:  WHAT!!!!!!!  YOU!?  What are YOU doing here?

Voice:  Been a while, hasn't t?  You just stick with me, Sammy.

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

Brothers or Bitter Rivals?

"Greatest American Hero"
"The Living Legend"
Mark Windham

BB: We're ready for one of the most anticipated matches in CSWA history! They've been friends for as long as anyone can remember. Tag Team partners for the better part of 10 years. Now, once again they'll face off in the squared circle! It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's a site to behold. This match, at ELVIS LIVES XI is different that any previous match between the two.

RD: You can say that again.

BB: Never have Mark Windham and HORNET wrestled in a Texas Death Match. Pinfalls count anywhere! Throw the textbook wrestling out the window. We're talking nothing more than a backyard fight! I never thought I'd see the day when it came down to this.

RD: Bill, Mr. Buckley if i may. I've been watching the CSWA for the better part of those 10 years. And I think I speak for our fans when i say, It's about time! No doubt in my mind, that they're sick of each other. We're goin see a good ol fashioned fight tonight!

BB: I can assure you most fans, don't share your beliefs. Before, the match gets underway we want to show you some comments made by both men over the past week. As you'll see, Windham and Hornet mean business.

(Hornet is walking around the Windham ranch in Sweetwater, Texas. These comments were prerecorded over the weekend.)

Mark...you keep walking around aimlessly. Houston, Baltimore, Greensboro...I've heard reports from all sorts of places where people have seen you wandering the streets. And the commentators have taken to calling you a 'lost soul.'

But ya see, Mark, I know what a load of crap that is. I knew Mark Windham when he was a man... when he was the husband and father that almost hated leaving this property I'm on. When he was the friend that would hop a plane in a minute if he was asked to, without stopping to ask why.

But I don't know this thing...this load of garbage...that they now call Mark Windham. Wandering in and out of brothels, kicking in car windows. Look at what you've become, Mark.

Oh, but I'm sure that if the garbage had a voice, we'd be hearing the usual....it's Alan's fault, it's your fault, it's Timmy's fault. I don't buy into that anymore, Mark. You've shown that it's not true...that when it all comes down to it, it's all in your head.

I'm gonna make good on my promise, oh former buddy and pal of mine. For every tear that Jewels has cried, for every time Thelma Lou has asked where her daddy is.........(stops for a moment, shields his face with his hands)

.....for every blasted piece of rock and rubble that fell on my back here in Sweetwater. And most importantly, for....(stops again, steels himself and continue) for every thought of "Why Mark why?" that Timmy Windham must have had as he died.

For every one, Mark, you're going to get payback. I don't care whether I have to wheeled to the ring....I don't care what the doctors say, Mark....this WILL happen. Even if it's the last match of my career.

Because this is too important, Mark. It's more important then getting revenge on PLR for what they've tried to do to me. It's more important than the World Title. It's more important than anything I've done in the sport, Mark.

For the last time, Mark. For the final time, it's PERSONAL. One more time...at ELVIS LIVES.

(fade in: Mark Windham in front of a bon fire)

All things change, by nature you know that. The cover up, the many masks that Hornet now wears serve one purpose. To hide your fears.

Friends forever, or you told me once. Not true anymore? If not, God be with those close to you now for your definition is a far cry from mine. I've made this bed, and the ability to lie in it does not come easy. But you see, it's my search that one day will allow me to rest.

You don't understand, that's no fault of your own. I've asked you to wait. To be there, when the storm passes. Instead? You're ready to "beat it out of me" if need be.

All things change, as I have. As you will. One thing however, will never change. Friends forever, can they withstand the madness?

Through fear men are made. Keep those masks, Hornet, because in time they'll be remembered as the tools that lighted the transformation.

I'll be there, accepting your challenge. Only because it's 'personal'. The Awakening is near, friend, it shall deal with the sleeping crisis that rests in you. The Awakening, is forever.

(fade out)

BB: We've waited long enough for the match! Rhubarb, she's all yours!

("Theme from The Greatest American Hero plays")

RHUBARB JONES: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match has a 60 minute time limit. Texas Death Match rules, which means the fight goes on until one man can no longer answer the 10 count!

First, from GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA!!!!!! 6'5, 279...he is a multi-time UNIFIED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...."The Greatest American Hero" HORNET!

(fans go crazy)

BB: Listen to this reaction, Richard! They love'em here in Memphis!

RHUBARB JONES: His opponent, a 5-time UNITED STATES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, and former UNIFIED champ in his own right, "The Living Legend" Mark Stonewall Jackson Windham!

(fans cheer as Windham comes out from the crowd, and enters the ring)

BB: There's the bell, this one is finally underway! Years in the making, it's going to be settled!!

RD: Whatever happened to that video from Last Call?

BB: Hush. Hornet and Windham stand off in the ring. Neither man making the first move. Now, Hornet intiations contact by tackling Windham! He's on the mat firing away! All week he's been saying he's going to beat some sense into Mark, and he's off to a good start! Hornet, off the ropes...but misses an elbow drop!

RD: This one could be over right here!

BB: Easy there. Windham to his feet, he backs Hornet into the ropes..clothesline up and over! The former Unified Champion hit the mat fairly hard! Mark climbs to the top turnbuckle, I haven't seen him to this in a number of years!

RD: And probably for good reason.

BB: Windham flies off the top, DROPKICK! With no regard for his own body!

(Windham leaves Hornet and starts to stare into the crowd)

BB: Windham's lost focus..he's searching in the crowd for someone. From behind Hornet clips the knee! In their first encounter you wouldn't see a move like that, but now..it all goes.

::Hornet whips Windham into the security railing::

BB: Windham's back cracked up against metal, that's not good! Hornet sets up for a piledriver, good grief what's he doing?!

RD: Outlawed in ten states, but not Tennessee! I just made that up.

::Mark flips Hornet on his back::

BB: Good for you, Richard. Windham gets out of that jam! Mark, sends Hornet head first into the steel ring steps! The sound alone will make you weak! Windham rolls Hornet back in the ring. This one is off to a fast start.

::Hornet with a shot to the groin. Then a powerslam off the ropes::

BB: What a combination by Hornet. Right hands to the face, of Windham. Off the ropes, but this time it's Windham with a powerslam! Hornet rolls outside to buy a little time.

::Windham dives over the ropes, but Hornet catches him and spikes him down::

BB: Hornet brings Windham to his feet, but Richard I'm not so sure Mark could do it himself at this stage. Hornet fires Windham into the iron post. A chair shot to the head! Windham is down, and Ben Worthington begins to make the count!

::Mark gets up at the 5 count. Hornet rolls him back into the ring::

BB: Hornet so focused on being the World Champ again. How many grudge matches has that man been in over the years. Randalls, GUNS, Jim Williams, the list goes on. He's made a living, coming up big when it mattered the most.

::Hornet backs Windham into a corner, and fires away. Windham is sent across the ring, into the turnbuckle. Hornet follows with a hornet splash, but misses::

BB: Windham moved just in time! That might very well have been the 10 count! Windham, with an implant DDT! One of his signature moves! Worthington counts, as Mark again looks into the crowd. Richard, what is he looking at?!

RD: I would guess a person in the stands.

::Windham still looks in the stands. Hornet dropkicks him in the head::

BB: Vicious kick to the head. The plan is obviously to knock Mark out. A ways away, but a good start by Hornet, that's the only way to win this match. Hornet drops an elbow over Windham's neck. Again in the corner, driving repeated knees into Mark's gut. Mark's hurt, but not out.

::Hornet scoops Windham up, Mark slips over his back and sends him head first into the turnbuckle.::

BB: Great counter, by Windham! Mark again to the top, swan dive! I've never seen that! He hasn't wrestled much lately, but he's learned a few new tricks! Mark, has Hornet's legs...BOSTON CRAB! Submission move! In this match, he can only wear the former champ out and hope its' enough for 10.

(Crowd reacts, as someone is wheeled halfway down the aisle)

RD: 5 more minutes, until we hit the lightning round!

BB: Mark breaks the Boston crab, and looks towards the back. What is going on here?

(Fans stand at look near the back)

BB: Can we get a camera back there? Wait, Great Day In the Morning, that's MICKEY BENEDICT BEING WHEELED AROUND BY TIMMY WINDHAM! TIMMY'S ALIVE!  TIMMY WINDHAM IS ALIVE!

(fans roar)

RD: Way to go kid, survey says "booyeah"

BB: Windham leaps over the ropes, and sprints towards Timmy and Mickey!

::Timmy rolls Mickey through the curtains::

(camera follows Mark through curtains, backstage)

BB: Mark's looking for Timmy, but he can't find him.

::Mark turns to find Mickey Benedict in the wheelchair. He freezes for a few seconds, then runs at Mickey like a mad man. Once Windham is a foot away, Benedict unleashes a fireball that hits Windham in the face::

BB: Good Grief, Windham has been hit by a fireball! What in blazes is going on here?

::Timmy leaps down from the light fixtures above, and breaks a concrete block over Mark's head::

BB: Timmy!! I can't believe this!! Windham is out cold! Where in the h*ll did those two come from?  To quote Mr. Belding....WHAT IS GOING ON ERE!?

RD: I think you just answered your own question.

::Hornet fights through the curtain. He's too pumped to really gather that Windham is laid out, instead he drops an elbow on Mark and climbs the ladder to the air conditioning vent. ::

BB: Hornet is perched a good 15 feet above the floor! Hornet off the vent, SHOOTER STAR PRESS! I think Mark's head was just driven through the cement floor! Somebody stop this.

::Worthington begins count at Hornet's insistence.::

BB: Hornet's worn out, but he's going to win the match. 7....8....9....10.

(mixed reaction from crowd)

BB: Hornet wins! But not without help! Surely he had no idea what just happened.

::Hornet stands as Worthington raises his hand. As he turns to head toward the dressing room, he catches Timmy Windham from the corner of his eye. Hornet stares at Timmy unbelieving::

(cutto: Buckley and Dawson at announcing table)

BB: I'm at  a loss for words, fans. And that as Sammy Benson may say, doesn't happen often. Let's cut to a promo or something. Good grief.

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

(Back to the catwalk....)

Arthur:Then you had to show up and nearly ruin all my plans.... I HATE YOU!!!

Sunshine (Close to tears):So.... let me get this straight.... You started the fire that killed my parents.... you stole my parents' business, you PRETENDED to be my "long lost brother" to get close to me... You tried to kill me and make it look like suicide..... and you bribed the doctors in Green Valley to both release Dante Inferno AND put me back in there? All to keep your hands on what's rightfully mine?

Arthur: Exactly.  (He pulls out a gun) But everyone who knows that will soon be dead.

(Below, the beginning strands of Mark Vizzack's music are heard)

Sunshine:Do you really think I know how to run a company? Am I really a threat to you?

Arthur: I don't know. I don't care. I can't afford to take chances. Now I'm gonna do what I should've done months ago instead of giving you the choice.

Sunshine:You won't get away with this.

(Far, far below, Eddy Love's music begins to sound)

Arthur:If I remember correctly, you said the same thing last August.... and I've already gotten away with it.

(He raises the gun to fire, and at the same time, Sunshine dives at him. They both fall from the catwalk......)

Gr_ban15.gif (3779 bytes)

BB:  I don't even know what to say after that last match, Richard.  I.....I.....I....

RD:  I know, I can't believe it either...and I don't even know who Timmy Windham is!

BB:  Fans, we're going to send you to some footage regarding our MAIN EVENT.

VOICEOVER:  Two of the top wrestlers in the world...they established themselves over the top veterans in the sport.

(CUTTO:  FISH FUND XI, World Tournament Final)

BUCKLEY:  Starr pulls Love to his feet....FLAPJACK!  He hooks thelg!  ONE............TWO.........no!  AGAIN, Love kicks out!

PARSONS:  Starr looks frustrated...but he keeps going.

BUCKLEY:  He pulls Love to his feet and looks toward the audience as if saying 'one more time.' Starr whips Love HARD into the far turnbuckle, and follows in with an elbow to the chest...forcing all the wind out of Love's sails!

PARSONS:  Now what's he doing?

BUCKLEY:  Starr is sitting Love backwards on the turnbuckle....he's going for the finale right here!  Starr gets his arms under Starr...setting him up for a powerbomb from the top!

PARSONS:  But Eddy Love is fighting it!  He may have found just the right time for his second wind!

BUCKLEY:  Indeed, Love has one foot hooked under the turnbuckle!  Love pulls...and pulls again..... POWERBOMB!  BUT EDDY LOVE HOOKED THE HEAD OF STARR!  DDT!!!   I don't know that I've ever seen anything like that!  Both men are down!

PARSONS:  Sweet Melissa is *screaming* for Love to roll over for thecover!

BUCKLEY:  And he does just that, laying his arm across the chest of Starr!  Worthington goes down for the count.....ONE.............................TWO............................................THREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!    Eddy Love has done it!

JONES:  Ladies and gentlemen, the winner and new CSWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, "Hurricane" EDDY LOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE!!!!!!

BUCKLEY:  Jones hands the CSWA World Title to Love, who holds it above his head with Sweet Melissa by his side...but just for a moment before kneeling down to check on Starr, who is still recovering from that top-rope DDT.  Starr gets to his feet, and Love raises the his arm along with Starr's as well as the World Title as he rest of the CORPORATION comes in to celebrate.

What a night, Stan.   We haven't seen anything like this in a long time.  The CORPORATION regains its dominance for the first time in years...with Kevin Powers taking the United States belt, and now "Hurricane" Eddy Love celebrating his first CSWA World Championship.

(CUTTO:  PRIMETIME in El Paso; Mark Vizzack vs. HORNET)

STAN PARSONS: Every young wrestler in the back should be watching this match up....it's sportsmanship at it's best.

BILL BUCKLEY: Hornet climbs to the  middle rope, and attempts a flying body press but he's caught by Vizzack...modified spinebuster! What a move! Vizzack back to the top rope....he comes off with a flying leg drop!

STAN PARSONS: It's well known that Eddy Love offered Vizzack $10,000 to take out Hornet before Fish Fund. To this point, he doesn't seem interested in collecting the bounty.

BILL BUCKLEY: The Daredevil heads outside the ropes...he tries to vault himself over the ropes but before he can Hornet gets there! Hornet hooks the tights and suplexes him back into the ring! Hornet slings Vizzack into the corner! He might be going for the Hornet Splash!

STAN PARSONS: The end of the day might be right here for Vizzack!

BILL BUCKLEY: Hornet dives into the corner.....Vizzack moves out of the way as Hornet belts the turnbuckle with his face! The Daredevil seizes the moment...DRAGONFLY SUPLEX! He's going to beat Hornet!!! Worthington counts the pin! 1........2.....(Hornet lifts shoulder up)...3!!! (mixed reaction from the crowd)

STAN PARSONS: Bill can you believe this?! Vizzack has defeated the #1 wrestler in the world, he's just pinned Hornet! I'm in shock! So is Hornet! He's beside himself!

BILL BUCKLEY: Stan, I'm not so sure that he didn't get the right shoulder up! He's telling that to Worthington right now, but Ben won't have any of it! Vizzack comes over to shake Hornet's hand. The former Unified champ may be upset but he extends his hand and gives Vizzack a slap on the back!

STAN PARSONS: Sunshine makes her way into the ring (fans cheer). She looks bothered by something. Vizzack talking with her, Bill it's as if she got in the ring to say something then forgot what  it was.

BILL BUCKLEY: Vizzack seems a tad shaken by her news. I'm not quite sure what's going on. He's asked for the mic..

Mark Vizzack: (on the house mic) Hornet, first off great match. I have to think you were a little off your game tonight, but nonetheless it was if anything an experience. After speaking with Sunshine, I can't in good faith accept this victory. (crowd is stunned) I know her, better than i know myself...and I believe that she'd never lie to me. Sunshine says your shoulder was up. That I got a 2 instead of the winning 3 count. I wanted this victory more than any other in my career....but not in this way. Sorry.

Hornet:(taking the mic) There are very few honest men left in this sport...and for that matter women. (Hornet turns his attention to Sunshine) Sunshine thank you. (she seems to blush) Mark, I imagine you'd like one, and I do as well. You name the time and place and we'll go for a rematch.

(Hornet turns and walks out of the ring)

BILL BUCKLEY: What else can happen tonight! Sunshine and Vizzack overturn the decision themselves! Is that a CSWA first?

(Eddy Love enters the ring with Sweet Melissa. Eddy is wearing a shirt that reads "Fish Fair XXII, fire EDDY up" on the front and "Free Sammy Benson" on the back. Melissa is holding a microphone and Eddy is carrying the metal brief case full of money. Eddy extends his hand to shake with Vizzack.)

LOVE: You know kid you fought hard and even though you didn't put him out for Fish Fair, I still feel like you deserve something.

(Love appears to be trying to open the brief case, then blasts Vizzack with it leaving him out. Love screams into microphone)

BUT I DON'T THINK THIS FRIENDSHIP THING BETWEEN ME AND YOU IS GONNA WORK. (Love picks Vizzack up for a Hurricane Piledriver but suddenly Hornet slides through the ropes. As soon as he spots Hornet Love shoves Melissa at him, hurdles the ropes and high tails it to the dressing room.)

BILL BUCKLEY: Eddy Love runs for his life, and what kind of a man throws his woman in the life of fire!! Oh good grief, Sweet Melissa just slapped the fire out of Hornet's face and she heads for the hills! Hornet gathers himself and checks on Vizzack...look at Sunshine Stan she's in tears!

STAN PARSONS: You had to ask what else could happen didn't you.

(V/O:  And so the feud entered the big time.   Eddy Love, the undisputed champion of the world.  Mark Vizzack, the top contender.)

(CUTTO:  Remembering Timmy, Eddy Love/Masked Love vs. Billy Starr/Mark Vizzack)

BB:Dropkick to Eddy Love! Love staggers, but doesn't go down! Another dropkick... LOVE backed up! Eddy Love took a backstep and all Vizzack hits is the canvas! Love doesn't waste a SECOND as he hooks in a Boston Crab! Vizzack is in a lot of pain, Stan!

SP:This is completely in Love's favor.... He takes a breather, making Vizzack carry his weight, and at the same time causes considerable damage to Vizzack's back AND legs! Worthington is in there, but Vizzack doesn't want to give in! Let's catch what they're saying on the ring mike!

WORTHINGTON:Vizzack, you wanna give in?


LOVE:Give it up, you worm! I told you you 're not a match for Hurricane Season, so give it up before I end your career! SAY IT!

VIZZACK:...............NEVER! You'll have to snap my spine before I give you that satisfaction!

WORTHINGTON:Vizzack, do you want to give?


LOVE:C'mon, Vizzwhack, when I break your back and end your career, who's gonna protect Sunshine?

VIZZACK:Love.... prepare to be handed your lungs.....

BB:WHAT IS VIZZACK DOING? It looks like he's trying to raise his body off the ground.... He's trying to power out!

SP:Powering out of the Boston Crab does more damage then the Crab itself.... this may be a mistake.

BB:Mistake or not, Vizzack has done it! He's pushed Love off his back and into the ropes! Vizzack back to his feet, but he's limping, Stan! He has to tag out!

SP:But Starr is still not looking! Vizzack grabs his shoulder and turns him around, and THEY ARE YELLING AT EACH OTHER!!!! Bill, this is bad for their team! They can't win this match if they're not a unit!

BB:Vizzack looks like he's sick of this! He just shoved Starr! STARR WITH A RIGHT HAND!!!! STARR KNOCKED VIZZACK WITH A RIGHT HAND! And Vizzack fires back! He's had enough!!!

V/O:  And finally, the Daredevil got his shot.   One on one with the World Champion.  Fifteen minutes to glory.

(CUTTO:  SuperPRIMETIME in Charleston; Love/Vizzack)

BB:Vizzack trying to reach the ropes... Love pulls him away! Vizzack reaches his arm around Eddy's neck... WHAT IS HE DOING?? Vizzack PULLS Eddy to the corner, CLIMBS THE TURNBUCKLE using the sleeper as support, and FLIPS HIMSELF over Love, and now he's got his neck hooked for a ninverse DDT! HE HITS IT! And both men go down! Worthington starts the count!


BB:Neither men have gotten to their feet, although we DO see some signs of life from Eddy Love. He turns himself over and begins to crawl toward Vizzack.... He lays his arm across his chest! 1...............2.............NO! NO! Vizzack got the right shoulder up! Love is getting frustrated now!


SB:HOW did Vizzack manage to kick out of THAT? Finish it, Eddy, FINISH IT HERE!

BB:I think he heard you, Sammy, because he picks Vizzack up.... setup... HURRICANE PILEDRIVER! Love hit the Hurricane Piledriver! The cover, 1..............2..............3!!!NO!NO!NO! HOW IN THE WORLD DID VIZZACK KICK OUT????? NOW Eddy Love is getting frustrated!

SB:He kicked out of the Hurricane?? ?? ?? ?? What is he ON?

BB:I don't know, Sammy, but Love picks Vizzack up... My god, Sammy, these men can BARELY stand! Love sends Vizzack into the corner.... WHIPS HIM ACROSS THE RING! NO! NO! REVERSAL! Worthington got in the way! We've got a downed referee! Vizzack doesn't care, he gets a running start, VIZZ SPLASH! Love is down, but so is the ref!

SB:You know Eddy, though... Always the one with a backup plan!

BB:HERE COMES KEVIN POWERS!!!!! Powers comes up behind Vizzack... KISS THE CANVAS! Vizzack is out! And Powers drapes Love over Vizzack and tries to rouse the referee!

SB:YES! Worthington is moving! We can end this matchup right now!

BB:NO! Here comes Eli Flair and that Singapore Cane! He lays into Eddy Love and flips the pin back over! STAREDOWN between Powers and Flair! THEY GO AT IT! THEY GO AT IT! Flair sends Powers to the outside and quickly follows him! And Worthington continues to stir!

SB:NO! NO! Not fair! NOT FAIR!

BB:The count, 1...........2...........3!NO! Eddy JUST got the shoulder up!

RJ:Ninety Seconds remaining!

BB:This is it, Sammy. This is where everything is decided.

SB:EDDY! Finish this!

BB:Eddy Love gets to his feet, picks Vizzack up... Fist to the jaw... Atomic drop! The cover, 1......2..........3! NO! Vizzack looks like he's got NOTHING left!

SB:What's Love doing? WHY IS HE DOING IT?

BB:Love whips Vizzack into the ropes.... this could be a bad decision on Love's part!

RJ:Thrity Seconds remain!

SB:NO! Don't whip Vizzack into the ropes!

BB:Vizzack off the other side, duck down! Love bends over for a backdrop, but Vizzack catches himself! Boot to the face! Now a fist to the midsection! Off the other side, DAREDEVIL FLYER! Love hits the canvas!





BB:Powers is on the outside, he can't believe it! Flair is ecstatic! He grabs the belt from the timekeeper's table and hits the ring! Wait.... what is Worthington doing?


RJ:This matchup has gone the full fifteen minutes, and is declared a draw! THEREFORE, the CSWA World Heavyweight Champion remains "Hurricane" Eddy Love!

SB:YES! Justice is served!

BB:I can't believe it! Let's look at the replay!

(The following is seen on the replay, happening simultaneously:

COUNT: 1............2................3

TIME LIMIT:2.................1...........<BELL RINGS>)

BB:Sammy, I'm not sure that Vizzack didn't just become the CSWA Champion.

SB:I don't care, the official decision stands!

V/O:  Tonight, Eddy Love and Mark Vizzack step into the ring.  For Love, the greatest threat to his World Championship is underway in the middle of a steel cage.  For Vizzack, he steps in for what he knows to be his final shot at the title under Love's reign.  Daredevil.....Hurricane..... challenger....champion...... Vizzack....Love.



world1.gif (6543 bytes)

For the CSWA World Championship

World Champion
"Hurricane" Eddy Love

defends against

"Daredevil" Mark Vizzack

RJ:  Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is the MAIN EVENT for ELVIS LIVES CELEBRATION XI.  (crowd cheers and stands)  This match is one-fall, with no time-limit, inside the steel cage that encloses the ring.  This match is for the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship.   First....

("Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)" - Van Halen begins to play)

introducing the challenger, he is accompanied to the ring tonight by Poison Ivy.   Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, he stands at six feet two inches tall, two hundred twenty-eight pounds.  He is the NUMBER ONE Contender to the CSWA World Title.  One of the most explosive talents to enter the CSWA in 1998, they call him the DAREDEVIL.....MARK VIZZACK!

BB:  It's got to be difficult for Mark Vizzack to focus on this, the most important match of his career, while Sunshine is locked away in a mental institution.  And from what I've heard, Mark believes this is a power play by Dante Inferno and Silky Rose.

RD:  He's got to get together in order to take the title, Buckley.  THEN he can worry out Ms. Del Payne.  SUVEY SAYS?

BB:  Well, he does have Poison Ivy in his corner, that's got to help him keep his focus.

("Greatest American Hero" begins to play)

BB:  What is this?  Hornet's coming to ringside!

RD:  He looks like he can barely move after that brutal...and strange...match with Mark Windham.

BB:  Hornet's using a crutch to get down to ringside.  It doesn't look like he's leaning on it too much...but he definitely needs it for support.  Let's listen to him on the mic.

Hornet:  Mark....I know that things have been rough for you lately.  We all want to find out about what's going on behind the scenes and what kind of game Inferno is playing.  But right now, it's time for you to step into that cage and meet your destiny.  I know what kind of opponent Love is....and he'll try to screw you out of this match just like he's done to me in the past.   This is your last shot, Mark, and I'm going to make sure that you have every opportunity to make the best of it.  So, Love, PLR....you listening?  You come down here...and you've got to tangle with me...and her (points to Ivy).  So keep your noses out of it.  Go get 'em, Mark.  (He and Vizzack clasp hands)

RJ:  His opponent....(Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" begins to play)

Hailing from Clemson, South Carolina, he stands at six feet five inches tall, and two hundred fifty-eight pounds and is accompanied to the ring by Sweet Melissa.   He has become one of professional wrestling's elite, having defeated Billy Starr, Mark Windham, Hornet, Joey Melton....and he is the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.   They call him the storm of storms...HURRICANE EDDY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BB: Richard, you've got to wonder what chance Mark Vizzack possibly has in this match. He won't have to worry about interference from Sweet Melissa with Ivy in his corner, but still...

RD: She's where she can't hurt anyone. Or depress anyone.

BB: It looks like we're ready to start off the World Title Match! Both men are stepping into the cage-encircled ring... wait... what's that?

(From high above the arena, in a tangle of bungee cord, two people fly toward the ring. One holds on, hanging about three feet above the ring. The other loses grip and lands on the mat.)

RD: WHAT.....IS.....THAT?

BB: Fans, I'm not sure what just happened.... let's go to the ring and see if we can get some answers!

(On the ring mic)

Vizzack:  Sunshine!!! What.... HOW?

Sunshine (Untangling herself from the cord and giving Mark a hug): It's a long story. NO! Grab him!

(With a look of "Why not?" Eddy Love trips Arthur on his way out of the ring)

Vizzack: YOU!

Arthur: YOU!

Sunshine: Ivy, call the police.

Ivy: Ok.... what for?

Arthur: For nothing.

Sunshine: Embezzlement, murder, arson, attempted murder..... need I go on?

Arthur: No proof.

Sunshine: You just told me! Please, Arthur!!

Arthur: No proof.

(Sunshine begins to pace.... and the tears are flowing. She looks at Arthur.... and he's laughing. Ivy, Mark Vizzack, Eddy Love, Sweet Melissa, Hornet and Ben Worthington are just standing on the sidelines, watching this transpire, wondering what exactly happened.)

Sunshine (Getting her sobs under control): You won't confess?

Arthur: I have nothing to confess to.

(Sunshine composes herself, and grabs a ringside mic)


Arthur: If there's nothing more, you'll be hearing from my lawyers on some harassment charges.

Sunshine (Into the mic): MARVIN!!!! PUT THE TAPE ON!!!!

(The folks in the ring look rather confused, except for Sunshine, who, for the first time EVER, has a look of complete satisfaction on her face..... and then the video wall lights up.)

(CUT TO: The video wall. The scene stays the same, pointing at a dresser, a chair, and a small bag. In the background however, are VERY clear, VERY distinguishable voices....)

Sunshine (On the tape): Arthur! I thought you were going back to Portland tonight.

Arthur (On the tape): Shut up. Just shut up.

Sunshine: Wha.... What are you doing?

Arthur: I pushed you.... I pressured you.... but for some reason, you wouldn't give up.... You wouldn't give in. Now, you're going to pay for it.

Sunshine (Through increasing sobs):Wh....what?

(On the tape, a man enters the screen and grabs the bag. For a fraction of a second, his face is visible....and it's clearly Arthur.)

Arthur: Let's see what we've got here.... Pills? Lots of pills. Oh my, you're certainly the fucked up little bitch.... SEVEN different kinds of pills?   (All that can be heard from Sunshine is sobs)  We're going to make a little deal here. Either way, you're going to die tonight. You can either take ALL of these pills, I'd guess it's about seven hundred, or I shoot you in the face. It's your--

(The tape abruptly ends. Everyone in the ring, arena, and locker room is undoubtably looking straight at Arthur)

Arthur:.......ALL RIGHT!!! I DID IT! It was all me!

(Arthur exits the ring and begins to start down the aisle, but Poison Ivy catches him in the leg with her Singapore Cane, and he collapses in the aisle just as Security Chief Gregg Gethard reaches him. They drag him away by his underwear, no doubt looking for something to hang him from.)

BB: I can't believe it!

RD:  I know!  Me either...that Gethard actually CAUGHT somebody!

BB: Oh dear. Fans, Sunshine Del Payne is alive and well...not to mention, sane!!!  She's down at ringside for this match after a few brief moments with Mark Vizzack.  And look at Vizzack, he's beaming ear-to-ear...and now he's only got eyes for Love.  I think his focus problem is gone!!!  And listen to the reaction of this crowd!

(Cut to the crowd, who is on their feet applauding, as well as chanting "SUNSHINE! SUNSHINE!" At ringside, Poison Ivy, Hornet and even Sweet Melissa (grudgingly)  are giving Sunshine her due.... and amongst all that, the woman herself, Sunshine Del Payne, has a look of pure happiness on her face..... )

BB:  Referee Ben Worthington is in the ring with the two competitors.  He raises the CSWA World Title high, hands it to referee Patrick Young outside, who takes it and then locks the cage.  This one is ready to go...and it's already one for the ages!


BB:  Um, thanks Richard.  Love and Vizzack begin circling.  It looks like Love is ranting and raving at Vizzack, trying to get him stirred up.  But Vizzack is saying nothing.  STANDING DROPKICK by Vizzack!   There's your answer!!  Love gets knocked into the corner, and he raises his hand to his nose to check for blood.  The World Champ comes out of the corner, and the two men lock up in a collar-and-elbow tieup.  Love gets the advantage and he's forcing Vizzack into the ropes.  Referee Ben Worthington calls for the break, but nothing doing by Love, who shoves Vizzack even hard, pressing the top of his head into the cyclone fencing, before finally breaking the hold.  Worthington warns Love about the break as he backs away, and Love simply shrugs as if to say "Who me?"

RD:  Well, he *is* the World Champ after all.

BB:  He's still gotta play by the rules, Richard.   The two men meet once again in the center of the ring, this time locking up in a test of strength.  I'm not sure what Vizzack's thinking...Love has the obvious strength advantage.  Love gets the advantage...and goes to kick Vizzack in the midsection, but the Daredevil was ready for him!!  He catches his foot, then swipes the other leg out from under him!!!  Vizzack still has hold of that right leg, and he drops a hard elbow right on the inner knee!  And another!!!  He's taking Love's wheel right off the axle.

RD:  And we're about to enter the round where all points are doubled!

BB:  Uh huh, I guess.  Love kicks Vizzack away and rolls to his feet.  Vizzack follows with a clothesline attempt, but Love sidesteps him and sends Vizzack FACE FIRST into the steel cage!!!  Love follows in, and now he starts rubbing Vizzack's face against that fencing!!!  I'm amazed that Vizzack hasn't started bleeding!!!  Worthington steps in, breaking up the hold, but Love grabs hold of Mark and sends him into the ropes and back....HIGH back body drop sends Vizzack to the mat hard, knocking the wind out of him.

RD:  Just a minute, Bill, it looks like we have company coming to dinner.

BB:  Steve Radder seems to be on his way down along with Susan and Gina.  What's the 'Extreme' Champion doing? In the ring, Love drops a hard elbow on Vizzack, and now he sits Vizz up and puts on the sleeper hold!!!  He's got him dead to rights in the middle of the ring in a sitting position...this could be it for Mark Vizzack's chances at the World Title!  On the outside, Sunshine is up against the cage trying to give encouragement to Vizzack, who is flailing his arms for all he's worth.  Hornet and Ivy are trying to bar Radder, Susan and Gina from ringside.  

RD:  The Iceman seems to have his nose in everything doesn't he?

BB:  At least when it comes to PLR he does.   Vizzack's arms are slowing down on the inside of the ring...he's very quickly wearing down as the oxygen is sapped away from him.  Referee Ben Worthington puts two fingers in between Love's arms and Vizzack's neck, making sure the hold isn't a choke.   On the outside, Radder swings at Hornet with that belt, but Hornet blocks it with the crutch.  And Poison Ivy is taking after Susan and Gina with that Singapore Cane!

RD:  At least Dante Inferno and Silky Rose haven't made an appearance.

BB:  Don't even think it!  Referee Ben Worthington is asking for a response from Vizzack.  He doesn't get one, and raises the arm.  He lets it drop...and it does.  Vizzack could be out in this one.   Worthington raises the arm a second time...and it drops again.  Look at Love....he can taste it...and he can also see what's going on outside as Hornet tries to stave off Radder.

RD:  What is Radder trying to do?  Love has the match won.

BB:  Worthington raises the arm a third time....and it drops....NO, Vizzack pumps in the air for just a moment!!!  Love can't believe it!   He lets up on the sleeper and drops an elbow.  He goes for the pin!   ONE........ TWO...............NO!!!!!  VIZZACK KICKS OUT!!!  He seems to be responding as Sunshine yells encouragement to him.  He got his friend back tonight...and he's not going to let Love be done with him so easily in his quest for the title!!!!   Love comes off the ropes and nails Vizzack with another elbow.   Grapevine cover.  ONE............. TWO............NO!!!  VIZZACK kicks out again!!!  He's trying to get to one knee.  Elbow to the back by Love!!!   But Vizzack keeps coming.  Boot to the midsection....but Vizzack's up on two knees  Another boot to the middle....NO....Vizzack catches the boot again!!!   Insiguri.....NO, Vizzack ducks the roundhouse and pushes Love towards the ropes!!!!   Vizzack to his feet....he ducks the clothesline attempt....Love comes back across..........DROPKICK!!!   Mark Vizzack is back on his feet after that amazing dropkick.  He catches Love as he gets up.....BULLDOG!!!!  Love hits the mat, and Vizzack is up again!!!  Outside the ring, Radder pushes Hornet off his feete, but Ivy helps him up, and Ivy and Hornet begin to take the advantage as well using that cane and crutch!!!!  

RD:  This is amazing!  This crowd is on its feet!

BB:  Love tries to fend out the fists of fury by Vizzack, but the challenger irish whips the champion into the ropes....SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!!!!  He covers!!!  ONE................TWO.............NO!!!!!!!   EDDY LOVE kicks out!  The champion is fighting with everything he's got.   He locks up with Vizz and forces him towards the corner....but Vizz scales the ropes and comes down with a tornado DDT!!!   Cover!  ONE............ TWO...................NO!!!!  Love kicks out again.  Vizzack goes up the ropes.....VIZZ SPLASH!!!!!  He knocks Love flat.  He comes off the ropes with a flip flop and hooks the leg in a small package!


BB:   ONE...............................TWO........................NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    EDDY LOVE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!  But he's out of breath on the mat and can't get to his feet.  Vizzack is headed up top!!!!  I think he's going to try a moonsault!  WHAT RICHARD????

RD:  Kevin Powers climbed out from under the ring, and he and Sweet Melissa are doing something.

BB:  Get a camera around there!!!!!  Sunshine is still cheering for Vizzack....Radder and the rest are slowly moving up the aisle.   The Radder thing is a setup!!!!  (camera angle changes)  Powers and Melissa are starting up a.....a GENERATOR?????

RD:  Get it, Buckley?   Electricity....cage....SURVE Y SAYS VIZZACK GETS BLOWN TO KINGDOM COME!!!!

BB:  Shades of Hornet and Mike Randalls!!!   They've got that thing started up...and Powers is getting ready to attach jumper cables to the cage!!!  Vizzack will be electrocuted!  But Sunshine sees what's going on!!!  She yells to Vizzack.....Powers attaches the cables!!!!!    MOONSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  VIZZACK HITS LOVE.......I'm not sure if he got hit with the juice from that generator or not!!!   ONE................. TWO................................. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!   LOVE KICKS OUT!!!  LOVE KICKS OUT!!!!!!!

RD:  And Vizzack is getting to his feet, I think they missed him...or at least didn't get him all the way!

BB:  Love grabs hold of Vizzack and tries to irish whip him into the ropes....NO, reversal.....Love hits the ropes......VIZZACK catapults him toward the cage!!!!!   Love catches himself on the ropes, but one arm hit that electrified cage!!!!  On the outside, Radder has bailed....and now Hornet and Ivy see what's going on!!!!!  That arm must be buzzing for Love as he tries to shake it out........VIZZACK with a kick to the midsection, stunning Love!!!!  He goes into the ropes.....and jumps back.....DAREDEVIL FLYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   HE CAUGHT HIM!  HE CAUGHT HIM!!!!!!!   ONE...................................................TWO................................................................................   THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BB:  And Vizzack sinks to his knees!!!!  He's done it!!!!  He's done it!!!!!  And on the outside, Hornet goes after Powers, while Ivy unhooks those jumper cables!!!!  FINALLY, Patrick Young is able to safely unlock the door!  Sunshine is the first one inside....and she and Mark finally have that reunion!!!!!  Sweet Melissa gets inside to, and she's trying to get Eddy Love outta there before things get ugly.  Powers helps the two of them out of the cage, just in the nick of time as Ivy and Hornet come around.  PLR takes a powder and makes its way up the aisle...but their waists are a little lighter tonight!  Ben Worthington is presenting Vizzack with the belt!

RJ:  Ladies and gentlemen, here is your NEW CSWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, 'DAREDEVIL' MARK VIZZACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

BB:  We've got a celebration in the ring as Sunshine helps Mark buckle that twenty pounds of gold around his waist!  Hornet and Ivy congratulate the new champion....this is a great moment in the history of the CSWA, Richard.  Everything came together in one night for Mark Vizzack, and things are right with the world.  It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.  Rhubarb Jones has given the ring mic to Hornet.  This crowd is still on its feet cheering its hearts out, Richard....there are even some tears flowing.

Hornet:  Ladies and gentlemen, you heard Rhubarb, here's your NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!!  The last time I made a real speech in the ring, Mark, it was about me, about my history.  Tonight, it's about you.  You have done what only a few athletes have *ever* done, and that's to secure the gold belt around your waist.  I am incredibly proud of you.  You've come a long way as a wrestler in the short time you've been in the ring.  Yeah, that's right, you probably didn't know this, but I was there at the first match between you and Love in the BTR.  You have become one of the premiere athletes in this sport.  (Pats Vizzack on the back)   And you've become a friend as well.  You've been through so much with everything that's gone on lately...it's great to see you with this win, and Sunshine with her win as well.  (laughs)  And now you start a new phase in your career.   You're the champ, and everybody's gonna be coming after you. And like I said back in Greensboro, Mark, I'll be coming after you for that strap too.  Anyway...I've monopolized enough of the microphone time, these fans want to hear a victory speech, don't you???  (crowd cheers as Hornet hands the mic to Vizzack)

Vizzack:  Ladies and gentlemen...I can't believe it.   I can't believe what a lucky man I am tonight.  This is what I've worked so hard for.  I'm proud to have been part of a match like this.  And to be surrounded by women like Sunshine Del Payne and Miss Ivy, and this man right here, one of the legends......(he turns to gesture to Hornet, but Hornet's behind him!!!)


RD:  Survey Says......TURN!

BB:  And what's Poison Ivy doing?  Sunshine runs to her for help.  IVY JUST LOCKED THE CAGE!!!!  WHAT IS THIS???  HAS EVERYONE GONE CRAZY!!!???  Hornet just DDTed referee Ben Worthington!!!  Vizzack gets to his knees to try and fend off Hornet, but he's just been through a grueling thirty-minute match!!!  Knee lift by Hornet!!!!  He just knocked Vizzack on his back.  No........no.....NO!!!  NO!!!!  He can't do it.  Somebody get in there and stop him!!!!!  HORNET HAS THE SCORPION DEATHLOCK LOCKED IN ON MARK VIZZACK!!!!   Sunshine stops begging Ivy to open the cage door and now goes down to the mat, begging Hornet to let go of the hold.  Hornet won't even look at her!!  He won't even answer her!!!  What in the name of all that is good and pure is going on here!!!???  Sunshine tries to pull Hornet off of Vizzack, but he won't budge.  And here comes Poison Ivy.  She's telling Sunshine to let go of Hornet...but Sunshine won't.  Ivy grabs her by the hair and pushes her into the corner!!!  And now Ivy drapes her arm around Hornet and is telling him to keep going!!!!  We've got officials all around the ring...but Ivy has the key!!!!  Wait a second...another official is coming down with a spare key...we're going to get this stopped!

RD:  And that must be what Ivy is telling Hornet, because he's finally letting up on the Deathlock!

BB:  He's got the mic!!!!!

Hornet:  Just remember what I said, Mark, Sunshine.   It's nothing personal.

BB:  This crowd is irate!!!  We may have a riot!   And I don't blame them....what is going on here??  Has Hornet been drugged again or something???  I've never seen him snap like this....not unless GUNS was around!  He and Ivy push their way through the officials...and they're walking up the aisle arm in arm!!!  HE'S NO (bleep) HERO!!!! We've got to get some medical attention for Mark Vizzack....Sunshine finally makes it over to him...but I don't even know if he's conscious.  This is outrageous!!!  SOMEBODY GET SOME (BLEEP) PARAMEDICS DOWN HERE!!!!


V/O:  ELVIS LIVES XI has been a production of the CSWA, in conjunction with CS Enterprises, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Any rebroadcast of this event without the express permission of CS Enterprises is strictly prohibited.

(screen goes black)

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(A man is waiting in the hallways of the Presley Memorial Arena....the lights go dark.)

Day:  Um.....Gregg?  Anyone?

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Thanks to CSWA VP's Mark Vizzachero and Steve Radder for their help.  Thanks also go to Pete Russo for helping out in a crunch!  We hope you enjoyed the card.

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