CSWA PRIMETIME  is back in Seattle!


CSWA World:  Evan Aho 
vs. Shane Southern

United States:  Hornet 
vs. Wicked Sight

Unified Tag:  Simply Stunning
Hip Hop Express 

GUNS vs. Eli Flair
Eddy Love vs. Joey Melton
MoA vs. Raw Deal
Josh Novell vs. Lawrence Stanley
Kin Hiroshi vs. Suicide


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(The NCN and CSWA logos fade onto the screen.)

V/O:  The National Cable Network, in conjunction with the CSWA and CS Enterprises, is proud to present the following LIVE broadcast.

(CUTTO:  The packed Trailblazer Arena is shown in cutaway as Papa Roach's "She Loves Me Not" plays in the television audience and starts the 'official' event.  The CSWA laser light show takes over before Bill Buckley gets to his introduction.)

BB:  Wrestling fans, this is CSWA PRIMETIME in Seattle!  I'm Bill Buckley, joined, as always by Sammy Benson.

SB:  Don't you ever get tired of saying the same thing over and over again?

BB:  That 'joined by Sammy Benson' part, sure.  Folks, these fans in Seattle have welcomed us in fine fashion.  There were people camped outside the arena when we got here this morning...and they already had tickets!

SB:  Freaks, I tell you.  I think they were friends of Wicked Sight.

BB:  Fans, we've got a huge match tonight between Evan Aho and Shane Southern for the CSWA World Championship.  If it weren't for Teri Melton, Southern would probably still be the Greensboro Champion; and if I'm not mistaken, he holds a major championship outside the CSWA right now as well.

SB:  Are you talking about Lambfry Land again?

BB:  And after the tag match those two were in at SHOWTIME, this one is sure to have some heat behind it.  And speaking of heat.... Eli Flair and GUNS have rarely gotten in each other's way over the years, but tonight they collide, with each of them looking for a win to push them toward Aho's World Title.  

SB:  I think you mean LOVE's World Title.

BB:  That I did...if this is 1998!  Speaking of Love, Eddy takes on the ORIGINAL CSWA World Champ in "Arrogance" Joey Melton.  Sammy, you might have trouble in this one.

SB:  Who me?  Why?

BB:  We all know that Eddy Love is your own personal deity.  But didn't Melton fill that role for you years ago?

SB:  Don't try and start trouble Buckley.  I'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  I'm still not convinced they're actually gonna fight tonight.

BB:  We've got major tag team action with Men of Adventure taking on Raw Deal, and Hip Hop Express versus Unified Tag Champs Simply Stunning.

SB:  Speaking of deities, exactly who have Simply Stunning been praying to?  Because they've been surrounded by some sort of guardian angel lately.

BB:  Many people think The Professionals should be the tag champs right now.  But who knows, maybe Miles and Mayfield are paying back all the karma they've lost over the last few years.

SB:  If karma exists, Buckley, or any sense of fairness, then Simply Stunning would've have been packed up and shipped to Tonga a year ago.

BB:  Kin Hiroshi is in action.  Which brings up the GXW...

SB:  Does it?  Why, because they're all a bunch of muffins?

BB:  Not exactly.  But it was at Hiroshi's request that Evan Aho returned to the GXW for one event, only to be set up by GXW management and their champion, Dan Ryan.  Since then, we've seen various workers from the GXW around the CSWA, including Dan Ryan.

SB:  Who got his butt handed to him at SHOWTIME...even if it was by THAT DAMN HORNET!

BB:  Yeah, get it out, get it all out, Sammy.  It was indeed Hornet who interrupted Ryan's verbal rampage on Evan Aho at PRIMETIME... but to be honest, I'm not exactly sure why.

SB:  Apparently Ryan used his name in vain on GXW's cable access show...

BB:  I'm sure that's part of it... but something tells me there's a little more going on around here.  Hornet may let his emotions get the best of him in the ring sometimes, but...

SB:  Sometimes?  We're talking about a man who shoved Lawrence Stanley into dog food because he didn't like something he said about some woman he was...

BB:  That's enough, Sammy!  You might wanna remember that the "some woman" you're referring to is sitting in the top office at CS Enterprises.

SB:  Yeah...in Merritt's lap...

BB:  And with that note, folks, let's send it down to ringside and kick the action off!

Kin Hiroshi vs. Suicide

The CSWA's latest developmental talent put up a good match against the young muffin magnate, but Hiroshi was able to pull a fisherman buster out of his hat to take control over the match...and he never lost it.  The Japanese Hero put on a clinic, catching Suicide with a running leg lariat and then putting on a show for the fans by hitting a corkscrew plancha from the top rope.  Suicide tried to make a comeback, but The Master of the Muffins set him up with a superkick...and then took the match with the Hiroshi-ma Bomb frog splash from the top.

Winner: Kin Hiroshi

Josh Novell vs. Lawrence Stanley

"Silent Rage" Josh Novell took "The Gent" by storm early, dropping the former US Champ with a neck snap/full nelson slam combination early.  Novell continued to work on the neck with a short arm clothesline followed by a RiotPlex, his version of the Tazplex.  Stanley got to the ropes and rolled outside quickly.  Novell made the mistake of following outside, only to get driven into the ring post shoulder-first by the well-matched man.  Stanley quickly capitalized by sending Novell back into the ring, quickly putting him on the mat with a belly-to-belly, then nailing a leg drop.  Novell kicked out of a cover, only to get rolled up into a small package for the loss.

Winner: Lawrence Stanley