CSWA PRIMETIME  shows up in Oklahoma City!


Top Contenders
For the Title Shot at FF13
Eddy Love vs. Mark Windham

CSWA World:
Evan Aho vs. Eddie Mayfield

Hip Hop Express and a mystery partner

Triple X vs. Dan Ryan

Tom Adler vs. Cameron Cruise

JJ DeVille vs. GUNS


 CSWA World:
Evan Aho

United States:

Tom Adler

JJ DeVille

Unified Tag:
Simply Stunning

(The NCN and CSWA logos fade onto the screen.)

V/O:  The National Cable Network, in conjunction with the CSWA and CS Enterprises, is proud to present the following LIVE broadcast.

(CUTTO:  "Hate To Say I Told You so" by The Hives blares from the loudspeakers of the sold-out Downtown Arena s the patented CSWA laser light show comes to a close.  Bill Buckley and Sammy Benson receive an ovation from the crowd as they walk down the rampway and end up at the commentators' table.) 

BB:  Welcome to Oklahoma City, this is CSWA PRIMETIME!  (crowd pop)

SB:  Is the freakshow in town, or do all these people actually live here all the time?

BB:  I'm Bill Buckley, joined by the man who will be run out of town on a rail later tonight, Sammy Benson.  We've got a packed show as everyone tries to establish their position going into the CSWA's summer spectacular, FISH FUND XIII!

SB:  Do you know how much I dread going back to Sweetwater, Texas?

BB:  Why, because you have to see Hortense and the LOVE Sisters again?

SB:  (shudders)  Yeah, yeah that's it.

BB:  Fans, we've got three championship matches here tonight, including the co-Main Event between Evan Aho and Eddie Mayfield for the CSWA World Championship.

SB:  You know, I respect "Hot Property" and all, but it's "Hurricane" Eddy Love who should be getting the title shot tonight, not wrestling "The Living Psycho."

BB:  Starting on the Eddy-worship early tonight, huh?

SB:  It's never too early for Eddy.

BB:  As Sammy mentioned, the other half of the Main Event tonight features a match where the winner goes into FISH FUND as the challenger for the World Title.  Eddy Love and Mark Windham, both former champs in their own right, battle for the first time since 1998.

SB:  Just think how sweet it's gonna be when Eddy pins Aho to the mat at FISH FUND and wins the title for the second time, with sweet Sweet Melissa at his side.

BB:  Not so fast, little man.  Tonight could change the whole look of FISH FUND...  Eddie Mayfield could be the World Champion at FISH FUND, with Windham or Love challenging.  In fact, just think of the other matches... Cameron Cruise could be the Presidential Champion, and GUNS could be the Greensboro Champ... if they can beat Tom Adler and JJ DeVille respectively.

SB:  I'm not looking forward to this GUNS/DeVille match.  JJ's a good kid, he looks up to Eddy, and he's facing a man who's so bitter and full of roid rage.... it could be dangerous for the kid.

BB:  I think that's exactly what GUNS intendes.  We're going to see that match later tonight, along with two men who will go one-on-one tonight, before meeting at FISH FUND as part of a four-way match for the US Title.  GXW standout and champ Dan Ryan goes against "Triple X" Sean Stevens in a FISH FUND preview.  And speaking of the GXW, the other match of the night features a man surrounded by controversy, "Wicked Sight" Michael Plett stands on one side of the ring with his fellow 'young guns,' Shane Southern and Lawrence Stanley.  But they face off against Plett's former friends, the Hip Hop Express...and whoever they've been able to get to stand at their side.

SB:  I know who it is, Buckley... and it's HUGE.

BB:  How do YOU know who it is?

SB:  You forget, Buckley, I have connections.

BB:  In other words, you overheard it at the bar.

SB:  Exactly.

BB:  Folks, kicking things off tonight is the match for the CSWA Presidential Title.  Tom Adler has held the belt since defeating Triple X earlier this year.  Cameron Cruise is a former champ.  But whoever walks out of here tonight with the title goes on to a FISH FUND triple threat match, facing off against tonight's opponent, as well as Lawrence Stanley!

CSWA Presidential Championship

Tom Adler vs. Cameron Cruise

BB: Referee Patrick Young holds up the Presidential title and calls for the bell, and we're underway!  Adler and Cruise circle one another, both men looking for an opening before locking up, and Adler just backs off and sticks his head through the ropes.

SB: Guess he didn't see anything he liked!

BB: Adler screaming for the official to back the challenger off, and finally Cameron Cruise steps back, and Adler's ready to go.  They circle each other once again, and Cruise tries to lock up, and AGAIN Adler backs off and sticks his head through the ropes.  What's his problem tonight?

SB: You don't come as far as Tom Adler's come in this sport without being smart.  He's not locking up with Cruise until he sees an advantage!  Either that, or he's got an itch.

BB: Cruise clearly getting frustrated, and he's waving for Adler to come on already! Adler steps back into the ring, and they circle each other once again, and now Adler's pointing to Cruise's boot.  He wants Patrick Young to check it! 

SB: I always knew that Cameron Cruise was a dirty cheater!

BB: Cameron Cruise turns to yell at Patrick Young...LOOK OUT! Sucker punch by Adler! He caught Cruise right on the jaw with a forearm shot, and follows it up with a reverse knife edge chop!

SB: He played Cameron Cruise like a two-bit flute!

BB: Adler whips Cruise off the ropes and catches him with a BEEL THROW, and follows it up with a quick elbowdrop, and works right into a rear chinlock! Adler trying to wear the challenger down in the early going of this matchup, but Cruise moving around on the canvas, back up to a sitting position, and he hooks Adler's arm and rolls...nice amateur style counter, and he's escaped the chinlock and turned it into a hammerlock on the canvas!  Adler now trying to get free, and he gets to a vertical base, but Cruise maintaining the hammerlock...not for long...standing reversal by Adler, and he sidetrips Cruise back to the canvas!

SB: I don't think Cruise is going to be able to outwrestle the champion, Buckley!  Adler's one of the best at the game technically!  Or was...ten years ago...

BB: Adler maintaining the hammerlock on the canvas now, really applying the pressure on that arm.  Adler now lifts his weight up and DRIVES a knee into the ribs of Cameron Cruise! And again! Now Adler working a crossface while still applying pressure to the hammerlock, and placing a knee in Cruise's side! He's causing a lot of pain for Cameron Cruise!

SB: And for our viewers!  This mat stuff is gonna put us all to sleep!

BB: Cruise refusing to submit, and Adler releases the hold and pulls Cruise to his feet, still maintaining the hammerlock...now he scoops him up...HAMMERLOCK SLAM! He dropped Cruise right on top of his own arm, and now follows it up with an elbowdrop to the shoulderblade! Adler back to his feet, and now he's just stomping away on the arm of Cameron Cruise, before going back to work with an armbar!

SB: Adler's being pretty stubborn about this, Buckley!

BB: Cruise getting to his feet, fighting the armbar...Adler holds onto the arm and delivers an elbow to the shoulderblade before re-cinching that bar. Cruise though continuing to fight, trying to face Adler, and now he wraps his free arm around Adler and POPS THE HIPS... BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX BY CRUISE OUT OF NOWHERE!  Cruise hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! He almost won the title right there! Adler scurries to his feet, and Cruise catches him with a kick to the gut...NO! Caught by Adler...NO! ENZIGUIRI BY CRUISE! He caught Adler right on the back of the head with that one! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Adler kicked out, and quickly rolls out under the bottom rope to catch a breather!

SB: I don't know where Cruise is getting this energy from, Buckley, but Adler needs to put a stop to it!

BB: Adler clearing the cobwebs on the outside, but Cruise won't let him! Cruise out on the apron...DOUBLE AXEHANDLE to the back of Tom Adler! Cruise now whips Adler into the post...NO! Adler reversed it and sent Cameron Cruise hard into the ringpost!  I think his shoulder hit right against the steel! Cruise staggers back, and Adler scoops him up...SHOULDERBREAKER! Adler deposits Cruise onto the concrete and rolls back into the ring.

SB: He's telling Patrick Young to count him out, Buckley...Adler's not too proud to accept a countout victory!

BB: Patrick Young up to 5...6...Cameron Cruise trying to roll in under the bottom rope, but Adler's all over him, stomping away on that shoulder, and Cameron Cruise has no choice but to roll back out to the floor! Adler follows him out there, and hooks another hammerlock, and DRIVES him shoulderfirst right into the ringside steps! Adler rolls back into the ring, and he's calling for another count!

SB: I think Cruise scared Adler with those near falls, and he'd much rather see him stay down for the 10 count than take anymore risk!

BB: Have you quit drinking, Sammy? You've actually had some lucid analysis this match...

SB: Shut up.

BB: There's the Sammy Benson we all know and love.  Patrick Young up to 8, but Cruise is back on the apron.  Adler meets him with a forearm smash, and then hooks Cruise by the back of the head and drops down...CLOTHESLINING Cruise across the top rope, and Cruise goes flying off the apron and down to the concrete! Adler now berating Patrick Young, telling him to count FASTER!  Give me a break!

SB: I thought he was counting slow...he's not very bright, you know!

BB: Cameron Cruise once again making it to his feet, as Patrick Young's count reaches 7...8...9...Cruise back on the apron, and again Adler comes after him...NO! Cruise ducked an Adler punch, and buried his head into Adler's abdomen! Cruise vaults himself over the top...  SUNSET FLIP...can he get Adler over? NO! Adler hangs onto the second rope and drops down on top of Cruise...HE'S STILL HOLDING THE ROPES! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Patrick Young looked up and caught him...YOUNG KICKS ADLER'S ARM! Young broke Adler's grip...AND CRUISE GETS HIM OVER WITH THE SUNSET FLIP! ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! NO! SO CLOSE! Adler just BARELY kicked out of that one!

SB: Look at Cruise! He thinks he just won the title!

BB: Cruise raising his own arm, and Adler grabs him from behind...SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Adler doesn't follow up on Cruise, though, he's yelling at Patrick Young! He just SHOVED Patrick Young, and Young shoves him back...RIGHT INTO A SCHOOLBOY! ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! Once AGAIN Adler barely escapes!

SB: That was a fast count, Buckley!

BB: Cruise stays on top of the Presidential champion and hooks him...SNAP SUPLEX! Floatover into a pinning combination! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! He continues to stay on the champ...SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Hooks the leg...ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Pulls Adler to his feet...LIGHTNING FAST DDT! Turn out the lights! ONE! TWO! THREE!

SB: Foot on the ropes! Foot on the ropes!

BB: Adler got his foot on the rope just in the nick of time, and Patrick Young calls it!  Cruise pulls Adler right into the center of the ring... NO! Low blow uppercut by Adler, and referee Patrick Young never saw it!  Adler with a SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! CRUISE REVERSES IT! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! ADLER REVERSES AGAIN, and he's got the tights! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Patrick Young took a peek and saw Adler holding the tights! He's stopped the count!

SB: This is out and out BIAS!

BB: Adler is furious!  Cruise back to his feet...hooks Adler from behind with a waistlock...pops the hips...GERMAN SUPLEX! He folded Adler up, but he landed hard on his own shoulder which Adler attacked early in the match!  Cruise clutching his shoulder as he crawls over to cover Adler...

SB: He's not hooking the leg!

BB: ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! ADLER KICKED OUT! Cruise can't believe it!  He pulls Adler to his feet and shoves him into the corner, and now he climbs the turnbuckles, and he's nailing Adler as the fans count along! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX...OH! Adler with ANOTHER low shot, and again Patrick Young missed it!  Adler shoves Cruise to the canvas and holds the legs as Patrick Young counts...

SB: Adler's got his feet on the ropes!

BB: ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Patrick Young caught Adler in the act again! He's not Mr. Magnificent, he's a Magnificent CHEAT!  Patrick Young and Adler once again arguing as Cruise gets to his feet, walking off that last low blow!  He sees Adler standing in the corner jawing with the referee, and here he comes...NO! Adler sidestepped him, and Cruise hit the corner hard shoulder-first!  He staggers back, and Adler hooks him...ABDOMINAL STRETCH! NO! ADLERPLEX! ONE! TWO! THREE!

SB: Clean as a whistle, Buckley!

BB: Like him or not, Tom Adler has pulled out all the stops to retain the Presidential title here tonight, and Patrick Young raises Adler's hand and goes to leave the ring...wait a minute!  Adler's holding onto Patrick Young! He's not letting him leave!

SB: Adler's giving him a stern talking-to for that shoddy refereeing job!

BB: He stopped Adler from cheating several times, Sammy...but he missed just as many!  Adler continuing to berate Patrick Young, as Cameron Cruise rolls to the outside! He's got a chair!

SB: Look out, Tom!

BB: Cruise back in the ring, and taps Adler on the shoulder, and the Presidential champion turns around..GOOD NIGHT! Cameron Cruise just CROWNED him with that steel chair!  Cruise holds the Presidential title belt he once wore, and drops it on Adler's unconscious carcass!  And now he's going after him with that chair again!  And again!  Here comes security to try and break things up!  Adler may have won the battle tonight, Sammy, but the war will rage on at FISH FUND!

SB:  Oh joy.

BB:  We'll be back after this break!