What Has Gone Before

"Wedding Redux"

"Owners Gone Wild"

"Guess Who's Back?"

"Inside The Matrix"

"Rock The House"

"Houston, We Have A Problem"

"BOB17 - The Anthem"

"Taking My Ball..."

Elimination Tag Match #1: Hiroshi, DeVille, Tsunami, Fandango vs. Storm, Cruise, Cross, Rabesque

"The Longest Night -- Penultimate"

Elimination Tag Match: GXW/PLR:
Powers, Ryan, Lehew vs. Leizure, Plett, Sampson

Elimination Tag Match: CSWA/Intruders
GUNS, Troy, Southern, Adler vs. The Pros, Stanley, Deacon

"A Locker Room Of..."

Top Contenders Match:
Evan Aho vs. Eli Flair

United States Title:
Shane Southern
vs. Tom Adler

Top Contender Battle Royal

"The Longest Night - Conclusion"

Main Event: CSWA World
Mark Windham
vs. Hornet

"Hacker Redux"






BOB XVI: Personal Business (5/13/99) found itself in a quandary.  The CSWA World Title was vacated, stripped from Hornet by the Board of Directors.

Instead of a World Title match, the lineup for the IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS IV was announced, plus a special mixed tag main event, a rarity in the CSWA.  Hornet and Poison Ivy, coming off a heel turn against Eli Flair and the world, faced the man Hornet took the title from, Mark Vizzack, and his valet, Sunshine Del Payne.

During the match, the masked special referee was revealed as Eli Flair, who went by the old adage not to 'spare the rod,' using it on both Hornet and Ivy.

United States Championship

Shane Southern vs. Tom Adler

BB: What a fantastic bout our next match should be, as two of the very best in the business will collide with the United States Heavyweight Title on the line!

SB: Maybe so, Buckley, but neither of them have any eye candy. What's up with that?

BB: Tom Adler has made his way to the ring first, and he paces calmly as (CUEUP: "Ain't Goin Down" by Garth Brooks) SHANE SOUTHERN is on his way to the ring!

SB: He looks like he's had a few too many Bourbons!

BB: More like he's still feeling the effects of the previous match, where he took a tremendous beating at the hands of the Intruders! Southern is shaking hands with the fans as he approaches the ring, and now steps up on the apron and has a staredown with Adler before stepping through the ropes. Southern hands the title to the referee, and he and Adler are right in each other's faces - COME ON! Adler just spit his gum right into Southern's face - AND SOUTHERN'S NOT IN THE MOOD! HE JUST DECKED TOM ADLER AND WE'RE UNDERWAY!

SB: Southern has to win this match quick, Buckley! The longer this one goes, the better off Adler will be!

BB: Southern drops down on all fours and he's pounding away on Tom Adler with uncharacteristic aggression! He knows what's at stake here! The referee pulls Southern off of Adler, and Mr. Magnificent rolls to the outside to catch a breather. Now he's telling the referee to warn Southern about closed fists. The referee backs Southern off, and Adler climbs back into the ring. Adler and Southern lock up, and Southern takes Adler over with an armdrag takedown into an armbar, but Adler quickly scoots over and grabs the ropes to force a break.

SB: Some might call that the coward's way out, but who am I to judge? Can I get a drink up here?

BB: Southern releases the armbar, and Adler complains about a pull of the hair! The referee questions Southern, and Southern denies it - LOOK OUT! Adler just caught Southern with a nasty forearm shiver as he was explaining himself to the referee!

SB: Adler distracted him, and the dumb hick fell for it hook, line, and sinker!

BB: Adler nails Southern with another forearm to the jaw, and backs him up into the corner, and now he unloads on Southern with a reverse knifedge chop!


BB: Another chop by Adler - SOUTHERN FIRES OUT WITH AN OVERHAND CHOP OF HIS OWN! Adler with a chop! Southern with a chop!

SB: Here a chop, there a chop, everywhere a chop chop...

BB: Southern is fighting out of the corner with those chops, and he's got Adler backpedaling - NO! Adler caught him with a knee to the midsection, and follows it up with a European uppercut! He snapmares Southern over, and then backs up and runs toward him - ROLLING NECKSNAP! The first big move of the contest belongs to Tom Adler.

SB: I hope I had that in the pool...

BB: Adler pulls Southern to his feet - scoop and a slam, and he follows it up with a crisp elbowsmash to the sternum! Adler now goes to a chinlock, and he's making Southern carry his weight.

SB: Smart move by Adler - he's the fresher man, and he's trying to wear Southern out.

BB: Did you go to analyst school while you were on vacation? The referee checking to make sure Adler's not choking Southern, and look at the veteran Adler! He's got his foot on the rope now, for extra leverage. The referee looks up, and Adler quickly gets his foot off before the ref noticed the infraction. Southern's trying to fight his way up to his feet, as Adler maintains the chinlock. Southern makes it up, and he hammers Adler in the midsection with an elbow! Another elbow! A third elbow - NO! Adler just yanked Southern back down to the canvas by the hair, and he maintains the chinlock.

SB: Southern should have thought about that before he bought that Propecia...

BB: Adler maintains the chinlock, but Southern raises his arm and starts turning into Adler, and YES! Southern has reversed the chinlock and has Adler in a hammerlock! Adler fights up to his feet, and fires an elbow at Southern, but he missed it, and Southern sidetrips Adler down to the canvas! Southern executing the pressure with that hammerlock, and he vaults himself up and drives a knee right into Adler's side! And another!

SB: The hayseed may not be very bright, Buckley, but he can 'rassle!

BB: Southern maintains the hammerlock with one hand, and now he's using his free arm to crossface Mr. Magnificent! He's really putting Adler through the ringer here! Southern now sinks a half nelson and walks around Adler's head! He's turned him on his back for a ONE! TWO! NO! Adler kicked out, and he's worked back to his knees, but Southern hooks in a front facelock!

SB: The kid's giving the veteran a wrestling lesson, Buckley!

BB: I wouldn't count Adler out just yet, Sammy, but Shane Southern has been impressive thus far! Adler raises his arm to try and fight out of the front facelock - SOUTHERN SINKS HIS ARM IN AND PANCAKES ADLER TO THE CANVAS! ONE! TWO! NO! Adler got out of trouble again, and this time managed to get his foot on the ropes to force another break! The referee forces Southern off of Adler, and Adler rolls to the outside to regroup!

SB: Perfect strategy by Adler here, Buckley - slow down the pace of the game!

BB: Adler's taking his time pacing on the outside, and Southern's itching for him to get back into the ring. Adler climbs onto the apron, and he's making a T with his hands! He wants a timeout! Southern comes toward him, and the referee gets between them, and Adler hops back down to the concrete! We always say there's no timeouts in professional wrestling, but Adler just goaded Southern into giving him one!

SB: Like I said, Southern may be able to 'rassle, but he's not very bright!

BB: Adler finally climbs back into the ring, and he and Southern circle once again. Southern moves to lock up, but Adler backs off and sticks his head through the ropes! Adler's afraid of Southern!

SB: He's just setting him up, Buckley!

BB: Southern backs off, and Adler rejoins the match. They lock up one more time - NO! Again Adler backs away and sticks his head through the ropes. Southern is getting frustrated, as the referee backs him off. Adler comes back fully into the ring, and Southern pushes past the referee and charges - RIGHT INTO A WAITING ELBOW BY TOM ADLER! You were right, Sammy! Adler with another forearm shiver to Southern, and he whips him off the ropes and takes him over with a BEEL THROW! Southern struggles to his feet - BIG KNEELIFT BY ADLER! Southern's dazed, and Adler hooks him - DOUBLE UNDERHOOK INTO A BACKBREAKER! Southern is down, and he is hurt!

SB: Like him or hate him, Buckley, Adler's a master!

BB: Adler now sizing Southern up, and he drives his knee right into Southern's back! He grabs Southern by the tights and delivers a hard forearm smash to the small of the back! He knows Southern back was a target earlier this month at On Time, and he's going right to work on it. He pulls Southern to his feet, and whips him HARD across the ring - WHAT IMPACT! Southern's back cracked against those turnbuckles, and Adler's loving every minute of it! He saunters over to Southern - BIG CHOP! Another reverse knifedge, and this time, Southern's not fighting back! Another big chop by Adler, and Southern is slumped into the corner!

SB: Adler may have lost one championship tonight, Buckley, but he's hungry for another!

BB: Adler now mocking Southern, waving him out of the corner. Southern staggers out and fires a right hand - BLOCKED BY ADLER, AND ADLER DECKED SOUTHERN WITH A HARD RIGHT OF HIS OWN! Adler now standing on the throat of Shane Southern, and pulling on the top rope for additional leverage, as the referee counts! Adler breaks on the count of four, and grins at the official and then goes right back to it!

SB: Like I said, like him or hate him, the man's a master!

BB: The referee backs Adler off and admonishes him, but Adler shoos him aside! Southern using the ropes to pull himself to his feet - ADLER NAILS HIM ONCE AGAIN IN THE BACK! Another hard forearm shiver to the spine! Adler scoops Southern up - SIDE SUPLEX! Hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! NO! Southern kicked out!

SB: He doesn't know the meaning of the word quit, Buckley! But then again, there are a lot of words he doesn't know.

BB: Give it a rest, Sammy! Adler pulls Southern to his feet, and he's whispering into Southern's ear - he's trash talking the whole time! He cinches Southern in, and hoists him up - VERTICAL SUPLEX, but he's just standing up with him, letting the blood rush into Southern's head...

SB: And Lord knows there's lots of room up there...

BB: The crowd claps in appreciation for Adler's artistry here - WAIT A MINUTE! Southern grabbed a hold of Adler's head, and he jerks himself downard - D-D-T! HE JUST SPIKED ADLER INTO THE CANVAS!


BB: He just did it! The referee begins a count! Both men are down on the canvas! Who will make it to their feet first? Southern and Adler are both starting to stir! Southern is the first to beat the count, and he measures Adler - PARTY'S OVER! NO! Adler saw the superkick coming and dove out of the way, and rolls to the outside! He staggers to his feet - LOOK OUT BELOW! SHANE SOUTHERN JUST CAUGHT ADLER WITH A SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN AGAIN!

SB: This action is enough to make me quit drinking!

BB: Really?

SB: Well, no, but it's still damn good!

BB: The referee has begun his count, and what a shame it would be if this match ended in a double countout! Southern gets to his feet, and rolls into the ring!

SB: Stay in there and keep your title, moron!

BB: Southern rolls back out! He doesn't want to win this match by countout! He pulls Adler to his feet, and rolls him into the ring! Adler scrambles to his feet, and nails Southern as he comes through the ropes! He rolls Southern up - HE'S GOT HIS FEET ON THE ROPES! ONE! TWO! THREE! NEW CHAMPION - NO! The referee caught Adler's feet on the ropes, and he's waving off the pinfall!

SB: He can do that?

BB: Adler's arguing with the referee! He shoves him - THE REF SHOVES HIM BACK! SCHOOLBOY BY SOUTHERN! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Adler just got out, and he's livid! He charges Southern with a clothesline - DUCKED! Adler spins around - SOUTHERN WITH A SUPERKICK! NO! ADLER DUCKED IT - BUT SOUTHERN FAKED IT! DDT BY SOUTHERN!

SB: Shades of Doc Silver there!

BB: You're reaching back for that reference.

SB: Eh, thought I might as well bring up the one guy who's been fired from the CSWA more times than I have.

BB: Southern hooks the leg - ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Southern stays on Adler, though! He hammers him with a forearm smash of his own, and secures him - SNAP SUPLEX! But did that hurt his back as much as it hurt Adler! Southern gingerly gets to his feet, but he still beats Adler up, and he hooks Mr. Magnificent - SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Nicely done! Southern hooks the leg - ONE! TWO! THR-NO!

SB: Adler does NOT want to lose this match, especially after the way he's been running his mouth leading up to this show! Not to mention the fact that he hasn't even wrestled tonight... while Shane got the Professional beatdown of his career!

BB: Southern scoops Adler up and slams him to the canvas, and now where's he going? SHANE SOUTHERN'S GOING UP TOP! Adler struggles to his feet - SHANE SOUTHERN'S GONNA FLY! FLYING BODYPRESS! HE GOT HIM! HOOKS THE LEG! ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! NO! Somehow, SOME WAY, Adler kicked out!

SB: He wants that title, Buckley! There's no denying that!

BB: Southern slams the canvas in frustration, but he backs Adler into the corner once again! Now it's Southern's turn to unleash a series of chops on Mr. Magnificent! Now Southern climbs to the second rope, and urges the crowd on as he punches Adler - ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! Southern pauses...

SB: I knew he couldn't count to ten!

BB: AND THERE'S NUMBER TEN! I think he may have busted Tom Adler open with those punches, and now Shane Southern with a MONKEY FLIP OUT OF THE CORNER - NO! ADLER SOMEHOW SHIFTED HIS WEIGHT AND CAME DOWN IN A BOSTON CRAB!

SB: That really IS magnificent!

BB: Adler's leaning back with everything he's got on that Boston Crab, trying to force a submission! These men are truly laying it all on the line here tonight! Adler realizes that they're near the ropes, and he slowly walks Southern toward the middle of the ring and sits down! How long can Southern last in this hold?

SB: Someone get the painkillers ready, because I think this kid's too stupid to submit!

BB: The crowd here in the MCI Center is trying their best to rally Shane Southern, and once again, Shane Southern is making the long, lonely crawl toward the ropes! Adler's trying everything he can to resist, but Southern's got too much heart! Southern has made it to the ropes, but Adler won't let go! The referee's counting, but Southern now lifts his arms up to the second rope - WAIT A MINUTE! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! SOUTHERN SOMEHOW REVERSED THE BOSTON CRAB INTO A SUNSET FLIP! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Adler kicked his knees together to break the hold, and how he has Southern pinned - FEET ON THE SECOND ROPE AGAIN! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! SOUTHERN KICKED OUT!

SB: Adler's fuming!

BB: Adler once again in control, but he is becoming more frustrated. He punches Southern in the back one more time, and now he hooks him - ABDOMINAL STRETCH!

SB: This time he doesn't look like he's going for the AdlerPlex, Buckley! I think he wants to make Southern suffer!

BB: Adler's seen Southern's resiliency, and he wants to wear him down even more with this abdominal stretch! The referee asking Southern if he wants to give it up, and HERE WE GO AGAIN! Adler's pulling on the top rope for additional leverage, and Southern is in agonizing pain! The referee looks up, and once again Adler hides the evidence!

SB: Seeing cheating this masterful warms the cockles of my heart, Buckley!

BB: Adler again goes to the ropes when the referee takes his eyes off him! That extra leverage is really paying dividends. The referee peeks up again, and Adler removes his hand just in time, but the ropes are shaking! The referee questioning Adler - Adler denies it, BUT WAIT A MINUTE! The momentary distraction allowed Southern to REVERSE THE ABDOMINAL STRETCH! HOLD THE PHONE! SOUTHERN POPS THE HIPS AND DELIVERS AN ADLERPLEX!!

SB: He couldn't hold the pinning combination, though, Buckley! He's just an amateur!

BB: Both men are once again down! Shane Southern just delivered the Adler-plex, but can he follow up on it? Southern's first to his feet, and he's walking off his back injury! Adler's up, and Southern catches him with a right hand! He whips Adler off the ropes and comes off the far side - FLYING FOREARM TO THE JAW! SOUTHERN NIPS UP, but holds his back! He's in a lot of pain! He's measuring Adler now! Adler to his feet, and here it comes - PARTY'S OVER! NO! ADLER DUCKED IT, AND SOUTHERN JUST SUPERKICKED THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! There's no give there, and Southern's holding his knee in agony!

SB: HA HA! If the back don't get ya, the knee will!

BB: Shane Southern is crumpled in pain on the canvas holding his knee, and Tom Adler doesn't need to be asked twice! He's putting the boots to Shane Southern's knee with reckless abandon! He places Southern's leg across the bottom rope, and now he climbs up top - GOOD LORD, DON'T LET HIM DO THIS! ADLER LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE AND CRASHES DOWN ACROSS SOUTHERN'S KNEE!

SB: Shane Southern didn't look too good when he walked into this match, Buckley, and now he'll be lucky if he can walk OUT at all!

BB: Shane Southern is writhing in pain, and now Adler pulls him into the middle of the ring - FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! Will this be the hold that helps Adler capture the United States title, just about an hour after he lost the Presidential title? Shane Southern is in a world of hurt, and Adler's screaming for him to give it up! Southern's shoulders are down - ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Southern sits up, and Sammy, he's fighting with everything he has!

SB: It's not pretty to watch a grown man cry, Buckley...

BB: Southern's not crying...

SB: I was talking about you!

BB: Adler leans back with that figure four, and Southern falls back to the canvas! His shoulders are down once again - ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Southern sits up - ADLER SITS UP AND SLAPS HIM! He knows he's got this one under control, and he's rubbing it in! Listen to this crowd get behind Shane Southern! Southern trying with everything he has to reverse this hold! Adler's shaking his head no - trying to will it not to happen, but Shane Southern will not be denied - YES! SOUTHERN REVERSES THE HOLD! Adler untangles his legs, but what fortitude by Shane Southern!

SB: You know, Tom, maybe it's time to stop with the submission holds...

BB: Adler is the first to his feet, and he kicks away at Southern's leg! Southern crumbles to the canvas, but he's got a hold of Adler's leg! Adler sprawls to avoid a takedown, and spins behind Southern! Southern sits out - GRAMBY ROLL BY SOUTHERN! Both men scramble to their feet, and Southern kicks Adler in the gut - NO! Adler caught it - ENZIGUIRI BY SOUTHERN! NO! Adler ducked that, and he's still got Southern by the leg - MULE KICK BY SOUTHERN WITH HIS FREE LEG! SOMERSAULT BY SOUTHERN! He's back to his feet, and he limps toward Adler! Adler's dazed! Hard right hand by Southern! Another hard right! He whips Adler off the ropes - FRANKENSOUTHERN! REACHES BACK AND HOOKS THE LEGS! ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! NO! ADLER SOMEHOW KICKED OUT!

SB: Neither man will lose this match, Buckley! What a test of wills!

BB: Even Sammy Benson has been captivated by this match, folks! Southern stays on Adler, and he whips him off the ropes - HE PUT HIS HEAD DOWN, and Adler caught him with a kick upside the head! Southern dazed, and Adler hooks him - POPS THE HIPS! OVERHEAD RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! He hurled Southern across the ring!

SB: Everytime Shane Southern makes a stand, Buckley, Adler's right there to knock him back down!

BB: Adler makes his way toward Southern, and he puts the boots to him - NO! Southern caught Adler's leg - HEEL TRIP KNOCKED ADLER TO THE CANVAS, and Southern vaults over into a pinning combination! ONE! TWO! NO! Adler bridges out, and it's turned into a backslide situation! Both men jockeying for position - OH NO! Mule kick to the groin by Adler turned the tide, and he gets Southern over - ONE! TWO! THR-NO!

SB: Even a kick to the jewels won't put this guy away!

BB: Adler is really at his wit's end here! He nails Southern with a forearm shiver, and he places him on the top rope! He stands on the second rope now, and wraps his arms around him - WE'RE GOING TO SEE A BELLY TO BELLY SUPERPLEX! HERE WE GO! WAIT! SOUTHERN HANGS ON AND SHIFTS HIS WEIGHT, AND TURNS IT INTO A MODIFIED THESZ PRESS! Adler crashes to the canvas with Southern on top, and he's got Adler hooked - ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! NO! ADLER SOMEHOW ESCAPED! Southern can't believe it!

SB: Neither can I! My beer's been empty for the last ten minutes and I can't leave the edge of my seat to fill it!

BB: Southern gets to his feet, limping and clutching his back! How much more can this man give tonight? He pulls Adler up - SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! TWO! NO! Adler kicked out, and caught him with a thumb to the eye! Adler now whips Southern off the ropes for a clothesline - NO! SOUTHERN DUCKED IT AND CAUGHT ADLER IN A CRUCIFIX? CAN HE GET HIM OVER! NO! SAMOAN DROP BY ADLER! Adler lays his back across Southern's chest as the ref counts ONE! TWO! THR-NO! SOUTHERN PULLED ON THE CRUCIFIX AND TURNED ADLER ONTO HIS BACK! ONE! TWO! THR-NO!

SB: The poor ref's arm might fall off!

BB: They struggle to their feet once more, these two awesome warriors - Southern pops Adler with a right hand! Adler responds! Southern! Adler! Southern! Adler! Adler! Adler! Southern! Southern! Southern! SOUTHERN! He's got Adler reeling! He whips Adler off the ropes - ANOTHER FRANKENSOUTHERN! NO! ADLER CAUGHT HIM WITH A SITOUT POWERBOMB! ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! NO! SOUTHERN KICKED OUT AGAIN!

SB: Three - is the loneliest number...

BB: Adler has to be thinking - what else can I do to put this man away? He looks to the crowd, and runs his thumb across his throat! He's had enough of this! He pulls Southern to his feet, and shoves him into the corner headfirst! Southern staggers back, and Adler hooks him - ABDOMINAL STRETCH! NO! ADLER PLEX! ONE! TWO! THREE! HE GOT HIM!

SB: Finally!

BB: What a tremendous performance by Shane Southern tonight, but finally Tom Adler prevailed! The referee raises Adler's hand and presents him with the United States Heavyweight title belt, but Adler hasn't taken his eyes off of Shane Southern for a second! Southern pulls himself to his feet, and looks over and sees Adler staring at him! Southern looks at Adler wearing the United States Heavyweight title belt around his waist, and he nods at Adler. Adler continues to stare at Southern as he climbs out of the ring, and now Adler begins backpedaling to the locker room, still with his eyes trained on the former U.S. Champion. Southern limps toward the corner, holding his back, and he's staring at Tom Adler! Sammy, you can feel the respect that these two men have gained for one another...

SB: I might puke, Buckley...it's just like you to try to ruin a perfectly good match with this respect garbage. They hate each other, Buckley, any idiot can see that.

BB: Either way, Sammy, I would say that this issue is far from over! Up next, after this special video package recapping tonight's elimination tag team matches, it's time for the Top Contenders' Battle Royal!