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Kevin Powers vs. Shamon

Ivy Has A Visitor

Nathan Storm vs. GUNS

Southern Speaks

Ryp Fandango vs. Cameron Cruise

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Jean Rabesque vs. Deacon

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Kin Hiroshi vs. Nathan Cross


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Tom Adler

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Kin Hiroshi

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The Professionals

Welcome to ON TIME!

BILL BUCKLEY (V/O): "This program is protected by CS Enterprises copyright. Unlawful duplication and distribution prohibited."

(FADEIN: CSWA logo flashing across the screen.)

"To all you weak emcees"

(CUTTO: Mike Randalls, taking a chairshot to the head)

"And all you hardcore wannabes"

(CUTTO: Dan Ryan with Poison Ivy by the throat)

"If ya step into the ring, be prepared to swing!"

(CUTTO: Mark Windham with his hand raised after his match with Evan Aho)


(The music slowly fades out as the image transitions to John Simons in an empty studio. He's standing on one of those platorms with a waist-high rail around the edges. Behind him, two huge monitors display, on the left, the BATTLE OF THE BELTS XVII logo. On the right, the CSWA15 logo.)

SIMONS: Welcome, CSWA fans, to the first edition of the new CSWA: ON TIME! My name is John Simons, and I'll be your host here, every Saturday night, bringing you the best action from the previous week's run of CSWA house shows! Our cameras have been running all week long since Battle of the Belts ended and we've got some great action for you tonight! We'll see a Greensboro Championship match between two young wrestlers with a huge future in this sport! We've got two unaired interviews for you, first, from former United States Champion Shane Southern, on the events of Battle of the Belts XVII, and the second is an unaired interview from Battle of the Belts itself, as Dan Ryan and Eli Flair confront each other!

Kevin Powers vs. Shamon

(CUTTO: Still images of Kevin Powers and Shamon)

But first up tonight is an encounter from the hometown of US Steel and Sex Appeal himself, Kevin Powers! He and the Intruders' very own King of Pop tore the house down with an epic encounter!

(CUTTO: Left monitor, where the match slowly faded in.)

Powers was in the ring, leaned back on the ropes as the siren hit the airwaves.


It slowly faded into a pop- friendly anthem as Shamon danced his way to ringside. He looked more like he was ready for a performance than a match, but did condescend to enter the ring, provided a spotlight shone down on the center for him to dance in.

After about six seconds of this, Kevin Powers lost his patience and tackled the Gloved One to the mat. The bell rang as he peppered Shamon with the storied right hand that has made him a star all over the world. Shamon covered his face as Patrick Young finally pulled the former US and Tag Team champion off him and warned him to open his fists. A brief argument ensued as Shamon untangled himself from the fetal position and landed a hard kick to the 6'10" Powers' head! From there, Shamon had the advantage for several minutes, as he attempted to wear his opponent down with a series of attacks to the knees and back, apparently trying to take the big man off his feet. But Shamon was thwarted when he whipped Powers into the corner once too often and Good God raised his foot to crack the Intruder in the face! From there on in it was all Powers, who finished Shamon off at the fifteen minute mark with the KISS THE CANVAS for the three count!

Following the three count, Powers got on the microphone and wished Poison Ivy a speedy recovery, because it's "much more fun to beat up on a healthy bitch."

WINNER: Kevin Powers via pinfall

Ivy Has A Visitor

(CUTTO: The studio, where John Simons is watching the monitor. The scene changes back to CSWA15, and he looks back toward the camera.)

SIMONS: Kevin Powers has obviously been through the ringer during his CSWA career, bounced around from the United States division to the Tag Team championship and everything in between. Here's hoping that the war of words he's been tossing with GUNS can push both men back up the ladder toward the CSWA World Championship. They're both too good at what they do to rot.

(The monitors suddenly spit back an image of Poison Ivy)

Powers, of course, was referring to Poison Ivy, whom he attacked just before the main event of Battle of the Belts. Ivy, however, had a mysterious visitor this past week.

(CUTTO: Poison Ivy, backstage at a CSWA 'On Time' taping for the new recap show. She's drinking from a coffee mug, watching the monitors intently. Her eyes move between the three different camera angles so rapidly, she doesn't notice the man approaching from behind.)

MAN: "Ms. Ivy McGinnis?"

IVY (Without looking away from the monitors): "Yeah, s'me. You are...?"

MAN: "My name is Kazahiro Suzuki. I have a delivery for you."

(She turns around, suddenly aware of the moment. An elderly Asian man is standing in front of her, holding an envelope.)

IVY: "Who's this from? What's this about?"

KAZ: "Please, Ms. McGinnis, take the note."

(He hands her the envelope, bows his head slightly, and walks out of her vision. She holds the envelope for a long moment, studying the unfamiliar 'Olde English' script that her name is written in on the front.)

IVY: "Who---?"

(Inside is a simple letter, no bigger than an index card, written in the same style 'regal' script.)

IVY: "'Ms. Ivy McGinnis... Your presence is required in Anaheim, California, at ringside, during the United States Heavyweight Championship match featuring champion Tom Adler. Thank you.'"

(She looked up.)

IVY: "Adler..."

(Her eyes dart from left to right. She takes several quick steps toward the door Kaz just left through... But he is nowhere to be seen. The monitors return to John Simons in the studio.)

SIMONS: Tom Adler will, of course, be defending his belt against an unnamed opponent at PRIMETIME in Anaheim, and they appear to have some kind of connection to Poison Ivy in her past! That could be so many different people, however -her career has been so expansive! Her history is only slightly less storied than Hornet and GUNS!

Nathan Storm vs. GUNS

(The images suddenly spit back a still of GUNS overlayed over Nathan Storm.)

Speaking of GUNS, the Intruders' war against the Diamond Exchange continued on the house show circuit this week, as the "Strongest Arms in the World" took on Nathan Storm in a Kansas City encounter that was... memorable... to say the least.

(Fade to CSWA15 logo, then to the ring.)

Nathan Storm entered the ring, followed closely by < > Exchange 'reporter' Eric Wright. They talked with Patrick Young for just a moment before the siren began again.

INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! faded into the "Ride of the Valkyries." The fans were fairly split between cheering for a legend in this sport and booing a smarmy, sarcastic former World Champion who doesn't seem the slightest bit interested in giving them their money's worth if it means the CSWA is helped by it. As a minute went by--still no GUNS.

The fans began to boo, as Eric Wright left the ring to talk to the timekeeper--but a sudden eruption came to pass as GUNS crawled out from underneath the ring! Before Eric Wright could turn around outside, or before Nathan Storm could react--GUNS had hooked the journalist and powerbombed him through the timekeeper's table! The bell finally sounded at that, and Storm started things off with a baseball slide that caught GUNS square in the face!

It was a classic match from two masters of their craft, as GUNS used his bulk to keep his opponent from moving him around the ring too well, and Storm doing his best to take GUNS off his feet. He nearly put the former CSWA and EN World Champion away with a reversal dropkick to the face and a belly-to-belly suplex that garnered a two-count! The EMTs finally came down to take Eric Wright away, clad in their medic jackets and CSWA15 baseball caps. Storm held onto GUNS for a few more minutes, dropping him with a legsweep and another two-count, until he was distracted by the EMT's!

They had stopped about halfway down the aisle... to light up cigarettes! Storm shouted in their direction as the two men took their hats off to reveal the Professionals, which brought out Adler and Bishop! All the while, GUNS had precious seconds to recover his footing and spin Storm around! A whip into the ropes and a Bionic Kneelift later and GUNS had the hard-fought victory, but the fighting wasn't over for these men tonight as security had to separate the Intruders from the Exchange!

(Fade to CSWA15 logo, and back to Simons in the studio.)

SIMONS: The Intruders certainly have the corner on strategy and arrogance, but looking at the track record of these men, they have the tools to back their claims up.

(CUE UP: "Voodoo Child" as the scene pulls back.)

When we return... Shane Southern! Dan Ryan! And the CSWA Greensboro Championship!

Southern Speaks

(FADEIN: SHANE SOUTHERN, sitting in a folding chair across from CSWA announcer Bill Buckley, in a studio a week after BATTLE of the BELTS.)

BUCKLEY: Hello CSWA fans, tonight we've having a sit down chat with one of the best young superstars to come around the CSWA in a while, the man from New Orleans, Louisiana, the most courageous Cajun I've ever seen, Shane Southern. Shane, how are you doing?

SOUTHERN: Great Bill. Still sore from Battle of tha' Belts, but otherwise I'm doin' fine. By tha' way, I'm thirty man, that's not that young...in this business anyway.

(Southern smiles and Buckley nods)

BUCKLEY: I've got so many questions, I don't know where to start. Let's talk about Battle of the Belts. In the tag match, it came down to you versus the Professionals...Craig Miles and Eddie Mayfield. What were you thinking at that point?

SOUTHERN: Tell ya' tha' truth Bill, I wasn't too optimistic 'bout mah' chances. Mayfield n' Miles are two of tha' best ring technicians out there. With Guns in mah' corner, I didn't like mah' odds.

BUCKLEY: Well if I was a betting man, I wouldn't have put you at 30-1 myself.

SOUTHERN: (laughs) Yeah, well you n' me both. But let's be honest here. They screwed themselves. If Mayfield wasn't so obsessed with lookin' tough, he'd have been in that Battle Royal...instead, he got burned. N' Miles...well he made a mistake too, and I capitalized. I'm not naive enough ta' think that I could beat tha' Unified Tag Team Champions TWO on ONE...but when you getta' little help, anythin's possible.

BUCKLEY: Speaking of pinning Miles, it's been the subject of a lot of front office gab, that YOU should be a tag team champion right now. Nobody is sure just what happened. Thoughts?

SOUTHERN: Hey, I'd be lyin' if I said I didn't WANT tha' Unified Tag titles, but ta' tell ya' tha' truth Bill, it's no skin off mah' nose. Mayfield was DQed, perhaps that's tha' reason, perhaps tha' referee "forgot" in all tha' mayhem that followed, who knows...n' really Bill, right now, I don't care. Mah' GOAL is tha' World Title. That's it. That's all. Anything less does not satisfy me.

BUCKLEY: OK, let's go back and talk about the end of that match and what you just called the "mayhem". Miles and Mayfield cut off your signature pony tail in an effort to humiliate you.

SOUTHERN: Well Bill, I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't pi$$ed about that. It just goes ta' show, n' pardon tha' expression here, what a "hard on" Mayfield n' Miles have fer me. They are tha' UNIFIED Tag champions, two thirds of quite possibly tha' most powerful faction 'round here right now, n' they spend their time tryin' ta' get heat off n' angle that not only ain't gonna' work NOW, but it didn't work a year ago. I'm not sure what they were thinkin'. I mean, did they think that if they cut off mah' pony tail, I'd finally just say "OK, you guys win", n' take mah' ball n' go home? (laughs) They're stupider than they look if they did.

BUCKLEY: We've seen you teaming with CSWA Legend Troy Windham over the past few months. Any plans to go after Miles and Mayfield with Troy at your side?

SOUTHERN: Like I said Bill, the Tag belts ain't mah' goal. Troy n' I have proven before that we can beat just 'bout anybody, n' I'm SURE that if we set our sights on it, we could do it. But we've both got other agendas right now, n' that' tag belts just ain't on it.

BUCKLEY: OK, let's move on to the US Title. I take it from your previous comments, you've got no interest in a rematch with Tom Adler. Your match at Battle of the Belts is getting 'Match of the Year' consideration.

SOUTHERN: Oh quite tha' contrary Bill, I'd LOVE ta' get back in tha' ring with Tommy boy. He's one up on me...n' ain't many people in this business can say that. I want mah' opportunity ta' get even...US Title or not.

BUCKLEY: I for one would like to see what the match would be like had you not just wrestled a twenty minute tag match and had not gotten the holy HELL beat out of you afterward.

SOUTHERN: Hey, Tom played it smart. His goal was the US Title. He attained it. Can't fault him for that. Me, I got other goals...other dreams, other avenues I can take ta' get where I'm goin'. If I had been a hundred percent, could I have beaten Tom Adler that night? Maybe. Maybe not. But I'm not gonna' stand here for ONE second n' diminish his accomplishment by sayin' I was tired. Hell, I've been TIRED before n' wonna' World Title. It's no excuse n' I'm not makin' it one.

BUCKLEY: Dan Ryan. Thoughts on him.

SOUTHERN: Geeze, Dan Ryan izza' hard guy ta' figure out. I've never wrestled him ONE on ONE before, though I'd like ta' get tha' opportunity to. Dan's gotta' shot at wrestlin' immortality real soon. I wish 'em luck...n' if he wins tha' belt, maybe he'll give me a shot? (Southern winks) Seriously though, at B.O.B., Ryan showed once again, he's ah' force 'round here that's gonna' have ta' be dealt with SOONER rather than later.

BUCKLEY: Well I for one would just like to congratulate you for your performance at Battle of the Belts. That was quite possibly the most courageous showing of wrestling endurance I've seen.

SOUTHERN: Well thanks Bill, but ya' know, I'm sorta' gettin' tired of hearin' that. All that means is I got mah' ass kicked a lot that night. I'd rather be sittin' hear gettin' congratulations forra' WIN.

BUCKLEY: I get your point. ... So, 'CSWA FIFTEEN'. Any ideas as to what match you want for yourself?

SOUTHERN: I let tha' bookers to tha' bookin' Bill. If I had mah' way, I'd be facin' tha' World Champion. Don't think that's gonna' happen though.

BUCKLEY: You've mentioned in past interviews, the sort of "good ol' boy" network in the CSWA where the same groups of wrestlers seem to always be in the main events, and get top booking. Sounds like you still think that's going on.

SOUTHERN: Hard ta' say. Sure, Hornet gettin' that World Title shot rubbed a lot of guys tha' wrong way back in tha' locker room. Mark Windham actually gettin' tha' shot at Aho in tha' first place was also sorta' hard ta' swallow. Tha' only time guys like ME were gettin' title shots was when Aho was champion. Before and since, tha' only guys gettin' shots are tha' Flair's, tha' Windham's, tha' Hornets. It's gettin' ta' be a hard pill ta' swallow.

BUCKLEY: So you think you deserve a shot at the title?

SOUTHERN: No, I didn't say that. After losin' at Adler at B.O.B, n' gettin' mah ass thrown out of tha' ring by Dan Ryan, I'd say I'm at LEAST third on tha' totem pole. But I can wait Bill, n' when it's FINALLY mah' time, when I finally get that shot, I'm not gonna' disappoint Bill. Like I said, that belt's mah' goal, n' I've NEVER NOT accomplished somethin' I set out ta' do.

BUCKLEY: Thanks for sittin' down with us today Shane. Good luck.

SOUTHERN: Thanks...and Bill?


SOUTHERN: Party's Over.

Ryp Fandango vs. Cameron Cruise

(CUTTO: The studio, where Simons is leaning up on the railing in front of the "BATTLE OF THE BELTS XVII" and "CSWA15" logos.)

SIMONS: Strong words from the former United States Champion. Be that as it may, the World Championship match is set for PRIMETIME between Mark Windham and Eli Flair... you can bet Shane Southern will get his shot soon. Our next match comes from Omaha, as newlywed and former Presidential Champion Cameron Cruise took on veteran wrestler -but CSWA rookie--Ryp Fandango!

(CUTTO: Ryp/Cruise overlay on the monitors, then to the ring.)

It's still unclear what the extent of Cruise's injuries were following Battle of the Belts, but it's obvious he should not have been wrestling tonight. He looked disoriented as he entered the ring, despite his assurances to Mercedes that he was alright. He should've listened to her, as Ryp systematically took him apart. Cruise defended himself as best he could, but the sheer skill of the CSWA newcomer. Perhaps when he's a hundred percent, he'd give Fandango a better match, but for this night in Omaha, it was just too much.

WINNER: Ryp Fandango

(CUTTO: CSWA15 logo, and John Simons)

SIMONS: Cruise was a bit off his game, but injury can do that a person. Our best, of course, to the newlyweds, and to the hope that Cruise is back at a hundred percent, very soon.

The Top Contenders

(CUTTO: Image of Dan Ryan)

The Team Challenge matches at Battle of the Belts topped off with Dan Ryan winning a Battle Royal that granted him a shot at the CSWA World Championship between now and CSWA15. But he had an interesting run-in with another high profile star in the backstage. Here's some unaired footage featuring Rudy Seitzer and the Ego Buster himself!

(CUTTO: Rudy Seitzer backstage. As the shot opens we see Dan Ryan in the background standing facing a vending machine retrieving a bottled water from the slot at the bottom.)

RS: We're backstage after another hugely successful blowaway show tonight and I'm gonna try and get some words with the seemingly breakout performer of the night and former GXW point man, Dan Ryan......Dan....could we get a word with you?

(Ryan acknowledges Rudy with a quick glance in his direction, then replies as he bends over to pick his bag up from off the floor next to the machine.)

Ryan: No problem....

RS: Well I wanted to just get some reaction from you on your night. It seems like you went out with a plan tonight and executed it just about how you wanted. Are your GXW affiliations over?

Ryan: (shrugs) I said what I wanted to do, said what I planned to do...and I went out and did it. As for GXW....I'm still under contract over there....but if you're talking about Mike Plett and his crusade against the fans of this company....well.....I'd say that's pretty much over, yeah.

RS: So tell me....what can we .... (Rudy is slightly distracted suddenly as someone walks by off-camera, but his gaze comes back almost immediately to Ryan)...expect from you leading up to ANNIVERSARY?

Ryan: (looking down) Nice win tonight, man....

Rudy: (confused) Excuse me.....

(Rudy's gaze goes back to a space off screen....the camera pans around to see Eli Flair, partially past the scene..... Flair doesn't stop, but slows a bit and flashes a smirk over his shoulder....)

Ryan: (getting no response) So....was that your wife and daughter?...your family?

(Flair stops in his tracks this time...turns and approaches Ryan, who keeps his head mostly looking down but allows himself a glance up as Flair approaches. Eli gets within inches of Ryan and his eyes narrow.....)

Flair: You had yourself a hell of a night....RYAN.....but let me suggest to you....that you....NEVER....mention my family again....you catch my meaning?

(Ryan's eyebrows go up, but he shows no emotion otherwise...then brings his bottle of water to his mouth and as he slings his duffle bag over his shoulder, takes a drink and turns, beginning to walk away........)

Ryan: At least you've got a family, man....at least you've got one......

(Flair appears a bit caught off guard and relaxes a bit, but his eyes remain narrowed)

Ryan: (over his shoulder as he walks away) Good luck against Windham, Eli.....catch ya later, Rudy.....

(The shot pans back to Seitzer and Flair....Rudy stares at Flair, at a loss for words...Flair looks after Ryan for a moment....then with a glance at Rudy turns and walks away....)

Jean Rabesque vs. Deacon

(CUTTO: John Simons in the studio)

SIMONS: Obviously something is brewing there, but I'll be darned if I know what Ryan is talking about. Be that as it may, depending on how Eli Flair's match with Mark Windham goes in Anaheim, they might meet, sooner than you think!

(CUTTO: Image of Deacon, with Chris Shepherd)

You can't talk about the CSWA of the past five years without talking about Big "D" -Deacon. He's certainly run the gauntlet here in the CSWA... from a larger than life paragon of virtue and hero to one of the most dominant CSWA World Champions of all time to a man, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis... and he showed us that he's all too mortal -with enough courage to last a hundred men a thousand lifetimes. He recently met up against Jean Rabesque, and... well, just watch.

(CUTTO: Deacon and Jean Rabesque, overlayed on each other, FADE INTO the ring)

Deacon and Jean Rabesque wrestled for the better part of twenty minutes, with neither man truly getting the advantage for any great length of time. It was a refreshing change to see two men simply wrestle each other for the joy of a match against another superb athlete, instead of a blood feud, not for the weak at heart. Deacon's impressive size seemed to dictate that he would control the match, but he also showed much of the versatility and skill that propelled him to the top of the CSWA three years ago. Rabesque held on tightly for the better part of twenty minutes, but Deacon pulled it out with a reversed Irish whip and the Altar Call!

After the three count, Deacon took the microphone from Rhubarb Jones and looked out into the cheering crowd... as he pulled the microphone to his lips he smiled.

DEACON: "Once again... I prove to world... that...

The crowd joined in.

"FAITH... IS T'E--"

The fans finished the statement, "EVIDENCE!" but Deacon seemed stunned. He shook his head and left the ring with no explanation.

(CUTTO: The studio, with John Simons looking forlorn.)

SIMONS: Further examination proved that Deacon's vocal chords have failed... it's horrible irony that the man once known as the 'Mute Freak' is currently unable to speak... but we will keep you updated on how the former Champ is doing.

Greensboro Championship
Kin Hiroshi vs. Nathan Cross

(CUTTO: The monitors, where the CSWA15 logo morphs once again, into an overlay of the Greensboro Championship belt.)

Speaking of champions, it's time for our TV main event, that sees two young superstars facing off for the Greensboro Championship! Let's get to the tape!

(CUTTO: The ring, where Kin Hiroshi and Nathan Cross are both already in the ring.)

These two men started off with a handshake - a good omen for the night of sportsmanship - and locked up in the middle of the ring! Nathan Cross had the early advantage while he kept the champion off balance with leverage moves, keeping Hiroshi against the ropes and pressed into the corner. But the champion showed off his versatility by reversing the corner trap into a cross- corner whip, following up with a bodyblock! Cross was winded but still on his feet, until a hard clothesline dropped him down hard enough for a two- count!

Cross was up quickly, pounding on the mat to get his Crossovers behind him! Hiroshi kept on him, as he worked the lower back for all it was worth, but Cross refused to quit or stay down! The tables turned as Cross slid underneath Hiroshi as he tried to leapfrog over him in the midst of an irish whip, and Cross grabbed an ankle and knocked him down to the mat with an anklelock submission hold!

Even with the sudden change of momentum, Hiroshi was still in this match! He took the advantage back as he ducked a European Uppercut and reversed it into a T-Bone suplex for another two- count, but Nathan Cross was still on the offensive as he locked Hiroshi up in a small package as the Muffin Man scooped him up again!

The fans were on their feet as the bell rang, signalling the twenty minute time limit, even as the two men continued to go at it! As the fans chanted "FIVE MORE MINUTES! FIVE MORE MINUTES," referee Manny Juarez finally got them separated and handed the belt back to Kin Hiroshi... and the two men shook hands one more time.

(The new CSWA: ON TIME fades to black with the copyright information in the corner... its inaugural episode complete.