A Wolf's Welcome

Live From New York

Breaking The Wall

Manny Can Speak English!

The Longest Yard

Jean Rabesque vs. Henderson Bramble

Not Half The Man

Steel Viper vs. Wall

Play Nice

The New Champ Speaks

Good God

Kin Hiroshi vs. Nathan Cross

Form Blazing Sword

"World Junior":
Joey Melton vs. Little Voltron

Off The Wagon

Main Event
Craig Miles
vs. Kevin Powers


CSWA World:
Dan Ryan?

United States:
Tom Adler

Eddie Mayfield

Kin Hiroshi

Unified Tag:
The Professionals

A Wolf's Welcome

(FADEIN: A darkened locker room. One lightbulb faintly lighting a room with a small chair and table squared away from a row of cubbies in the wall. EVAN AHO walks in and tosses his gym bag at the bottom.)

V/O - You have been on the trail of a man for quite some time...

(CUTTO: ‘The Wolf’ MIKE RANDALLS stands erect with his back facing EVAN AHO who is just turning around, as well as the camera. RANDALLS is wearing a thin, cotton dark gray cloak with the hood over his head shielding his identity even further. AHO halfway circles the ‘stranger’, kind of trying to get a look at him.)

AHO - It's no man I've been after....Only now there's a man to go along with it.

RANDALLS: He knows what you wish to find, does that comfort you?

AHO - It might. But can he deliver it?

(RANDALLS slowly turns his head around, the hook slightly shielding his eyes which have an unnerved focus directly on AHO’s face. His body soon follows suit as he takes a few closer steps towards AHO – now both men only 3 feet from each other. AHO cracks a small smile upon the “intruder’s” identity - just a tug at one corner of his mouth. No teeth showing.)

RANDALLS: So this is the answer to all our riddles? Here we have each other alone in the wild, exiled from those around us. A chance for Evan Aho, the best wrestler in the world to show his quality?

(RANDALLS takes off his hood, his face expressionless except for his eyes, green in the light - slightly slitted at Aho CLOSEUP: RANDALLS walks up nose to nose with AHO, his eyes a few inches over AHO’s due to his height advantage. AHO’s crack of a smile...fades away. Both men stand mere inches from each other, their eyes locked and focused on the man’s eyes in front of them. RANDALLS cocks his head slightly, his eyes leer hard in AHO’s, then open wide...)

RANDALLS: Tell me Evan Aho…Are you frightened?

AHO – I've waitied eight years for this. I've ached, I've suffered, I've bled for this. I spent my whole life laying the foundation for this.... am I afraid? No Mike. The scary part was getting here.

(RANDALLS’ head returns to its normal upward position, his eyes still wide and locked on AHO…)

RANDALLS: You should be.

AHO – If I die doing this, I died doing what I came to do. What more is there to fear than death?

RANDALLS: Failure.

AHO – If I fail, I may as well die... so there's comfort in knowing that either success... or the end, is near.

(RANDALLS cracks a grin very slightly and takes a few steps away from AHO... AHO doesn't smile a bit.)

RANDALLS: (while putting his hood back on) Do you question limits, Evan?

(AHO reaches into his bag.)

AHO – I don't question anything.

(AHO hands RANDALLS a stack of contracts…signed)

AHO – The answers always come.

RANDALLS: (w/o reading, drops them to the ground) I don't need copies.

(RANDALLS nods approvingly)

RANDALLS: You have a stout heart Evan Aho, perhaps you'll be happy to know where my trail goes...there are none.

(RANDALLS extends his handshake, AHO looks down to the hand for a moment before returning his gaze to RANDALLS’ face. He takes it without much hesitation. After a moment, AHO drops the hand, but keeps his eyes locked with RANDALLS, who strides towards the door.)

RANDALLS: This sport involves more sacrifice than either of us know. I can promise that if you do not sway...that if you stay on the trail...the spirit of our sport shall return.

(RANDALLS stops at the door, turns around and slightly bows at AHO - then leaves. AHO watches RANDALLS walk out the door.)

AHO – (whispering) If it can.

(Fade to black.)

BILL BUCKLEY (V/O): "This program is protected by CS Enterprises copyright. Unlawful duplication and distribution prohibited."

(CUE UP: “Knight Rider Theme Techno Version”)
(FADEIN: The ON TIME logo at the top of the ramp from the show’s debut
CUT TO: The Professionals walking backstage, both with a cigarette in mouth
CUT TO: Eli and Troy “playing tug-of-war” in the crowd with a chair from ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO: Triple X flying to the outside with a senton splash at ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO: Tom Adler holding the United States title
CUT TO: Kin Hiroshi coming from the top with a Hiroshima Bomb
CUT TO: George Washington Knife Edge Chopping Eddie Mayfield
CUT TO: Hornet nailing Cameron Cruise with a Shooting Star Press
CUT TO: The New Suicide Squad at the top of the ramp
CUT TO: Lawrence Stanley proudly waving the American and British flags
CUT TO: Shane Southern dropping Bandit with a Reverse DDT
CUT TO: Faceless taking off his mask to reveal himself as Mike Randalls
CUT TO: Nathan Cross standing along the middle turnbuckle with a hand raised to the Crossovers
CUT TO: PI-CAM" shot of a WOMAN signing GUNS' words for the benefit of the hearing impaired at PT.
CUT TO: Eli Flair with a Razor’s Edge on Mark Windham from the second rope.
CUT TO: Flair tackling Troy In Anaheim
CUT TO: Windham piledriving Troy outside
CUT TO: Dan Ryan throwing Windham into a merchandising stand.
CUT TO: Windham being dropped from the 2nd tier
CUT TO: Windham moonsaulting Ryan through a table
CUT TO: Mark Windham being Humility Bombed by Dan Ryan
CUT TO: Ben Worthington awarding Dan Ryan the World title as an endearing crowd looks on.
CUT TO: A montage image of the Kevin Powers, Intruders, Shane Southern, Hornet, Triple X, Mark Windham, Evan Aho , Lawrence Stanley, Eli Flair and Randalls.)
CUT TO: Poison Ivy cracking Mini-Ivy over the head with a cane.
HOLD AND FADE ON: A smiling Ivy backstage

(The music slowly fades out as the image transitions to...)

Live From New York

(CUTTO: CSWA owner Chad Merritt sitting in a rather non-descript room. The white walls are broken only by one solid strip of pastel blue. Merritt looks tired, but focused.)

MERRITT: First, let me apologize for not being there in Greensboro to do this in person. As you all know by now, things have been a little crazy. If you have checked the new CSWAwrestling.com, headed up by the CS TRIBUNE staff, then you know that earlier today, Ivy was moved out of intensive care and her condition was upgraded to ‘stable.’ She’s still got a lot of healing to do, but I can tell you that for everything that’s gone on, she’s doing great. Just as you’d expect from Ivy. Even the biggest blackout in 25 years couldn’t keep her off the cell phone.

That being said, I want to send my personal condolences to the Fizzbin family. For those of you who may not have seen the news, former CSWA wrestler Johnny Fizzbin was killed earlier this week, apparently by the same gang that attacked Ivy and Eli. I’m happy to tell you that as of yesterday, the NYPD believes they have the culprit in custody.

So that brings us around to the CSWA business at hand. Before I announce anything else, let me deal with the most serious. In Seattle, Mark Windham injured two fans. In one case, the fan got too close to the action and ended up in the way. That’s regrettable, but if all of you there in the Auditorium will look on the back of your tickets, it’s something you’re warned against, and that you make yourself liable for by buying a ticket. In the other case, a fan jumped over the barricade and assaulted Mark. In defending himself, Mark made the decision to piledrive the fan into the concrete, resulting in a concussion and other injuries.

For 15 years, I’ve told wrestlers in the CSWA to protect themselves if someone is crazy enough to come at them. But I’ve also asked them to do so as professionals, as trained wrestlers who know the effect of their size and power. I don’t feel like Mark exercised that judgment.

And he certainly didn’t do so when he decided to attack two other CSWA employees who aren’t wrestlers and who don’t expect to be involved in our sport physically. Thankfully, Sammy and Bill are going to be alright, although I’ve already had a picture of Benson in a neck brace faxed over to me along with several threats of lawsuits and OSHA investigations.

All that being said, I’ve got to set an example that this cannot and will not be tolerated. Under the terms of all CSWA contracts, I’m allowed to issue fines against a wrestler’s salary. Today, I’m issuing a fine against Mark Windham for $100,000. I’m also requiring Mark to sign a provisional addition to his contract that lays the responsibility for any future acts on his head, and his wallet.

Mark, if you want to go crazy and take it out on people, then pad a couple of walls in your basement and I’ll get you some of those life-size cardboard cutouts we use to sell merchandise. But the next time you touch a fan, it’s more than likely that you’ll be going to jail, as well as being sued for everything you’ve got by the person you injured.

And that brings us to the CSWA World Championship. Despite the fan interference and the aftermath, despite the brutality, there’s no question that Dan Ryan and Mark Windham gave every ounce of their being in Seattle. It made for an amazing Main Event.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned here in the CSWA, it’s that nothing goes without controversy. And as if there hadn’t been enough during the match, the lights going out in the final second certainly made for the kicker. We are currently in the process of investigating the reason behind the momentary outage. At this point, we have no reason to believe that it was done deliberately. Certainly Dan Ryan had no reason to want it.

I spoke with referee Ben Worthington immediately after the match in Seattle. I questioned him closely about the bulk of the match, at least the part he was conscious enough to see, and especially about the ending. In his judgment, he felt 100-percent confident that Mark Windham’s shoulder did not leave the mat until after the three-count was made. I can find nothing in the videotape that contradicts the referee.

Therefore, the decision stands, and Dan Ryan is o-fish-ally your NEW CSWA World Heavyweight Champion.

(CUTTO: The Merritt Auditorium, where the fans cheer the decision loudly as Merritt’s face grins on CSWAvision. The picture cuts back to the scene in New York.)

But… let’s all agree that I’m nothing, if not fair. We’re just weeks away from CSWA ANNIVERSARY 2003: CSWA15, and it’s time that we cleared a few things up. In about ten days, CSWA PRIMETIME goes to the United Center in Chicago. The Main Event for that huge card will be a rematch for the CSWA World Championship between Dan Ryan and Mark Windham, assuming that they both can refrain from attacking anymore fans or commentators.

Also on that card, we’ll be holding a special match to determine the top contender who will challenge for the World Title at CSWA15. On one side of this six-man tag match will be three of the Intruders: GUNS, Craig Miles and Eddie Mayfield. Sorry boys, no “Intruder Rules” on this one. But I don’t think I’ll have to convince you…because I’m giving you a chance to get in the ring with three of your favorites: Kevin Powers, Triple X, and Shane Southern. But while this is technically a tag match, there are a couple of hitches. It’s actually an elimination tag team match… so the team that wins is the one with one or more members remaining.

But it doesn’t end there. Since only one man can challenge in that CSWA15 Main Event, that means that the match continues until there’s only one man left. So if the Intruders win the match, then they’ll have to decide who the top dog among them is. And if Southern, Powers and Triple X all survive, then they’ll have to battle it out to see who becomes the top contender. All in all, as the saying goes, “There can be only one.”

So, in Chicago, we’ll know one-half of our pay-per-view Main Event, while the World Champion, either Ryan or Windham, will have to see if he can hold on to the title until ANNIVERSARY to meet the top contender. But there’s more than one match on a pay-per-view, right?

We’ll be announcing more matches each week as we get closer to the huge event in Greensboro, but I thought I’d go ahead and throw out one more. The United States Championship is one of the storied titles in the sport. Mark Windham, Heat, Kevin Powers, Shane Southern, and select others have made a name for themselves by holding the title. The current champion, Tom Adler, has certainly held a number of World Titles in his day, but only a couple of those reigns can eclipse the title he’s got around his waist right now. There’s another man who has held both the CSWA World and US Titles on different occasions, and I feel it’s only fitting that he and Adler meet at our 15th anniversary celebration. So, at CSWA15, for the United States Championship, it’ll be Tom Adler and Hornet. And I’ve got a feeling they’ll both show up.

Fans, as always, thanks to those of you attending live and those of you watching at home. Please continue to keep Ivy and Eli and all those affected by this tragedy in New York in your thoughts and prayers in the days to come. I’ll see you in Chicago. But for now, I’ll send it back down to your ON TIME announcers.

(CUTTO: Rudy Seitzer, who is in the backstage area with former CSWA Presidential Champion, Steel Viper.)

Breaking The Wall

RS: Hello fans. I am attempting to get word from the man making his in-ring return to CSWA tonight, the former Presidential champion, Steel Viper!

(Viper walks out of the dressing room in his wrestling gear and a white towel hanging around his neck. He looks Rudy up and down, and then raises his eyebrows as if to say “what do you want?”)

RS: Viper, it’s great to have you back in the CSWA! I remember some of your bouts from years ago with GUNS, a young Eli Flair, and old ring general Alexandr Karelin. You have been gone for a while and tonight you make your first mark on some of the new fans the CSWA has when you take on former World champion, Wall!

SV: Seitzer, when was the last time Wall had a match? Has he had one since the 90’s?

RS: (Patting down the pockets on his CSWA blazer.) I can’t seem to locate my notes, but I’m sure he’s had one since then. The man is responsible for one of the greatest matches in CSWA history, in a bout with Hornet. You can’t take anything away from Wall.

SV: That’s great, Rudy. Glad you can stick up for the guy, but if he’s the Wall…you’re looking at the WRECKING BALL! His credentials mean absolutely NOTHING to me. He has no idea what he has gotten himself into, but he will soon find out. He made history 15 years ago and he’ll make history tonight, when I send his ass BACK to retirement!

RS: That’s a bold statement, Viper.

SV: It is Rudy, but that’s just the way I am. I’m gonna make a statement tonight all over Wall’s head! And it’s a statement I hope a certain CSWA star that thinks he’s the President picks up on!

RS: You must be referring to “Hot Property” Eddie Mayfield, who you decided to answer the challenge of a few weeks back at Primetime in Anaheim. He hasn’t been too responsive to your challenge, which has made some folks speculate as to whether or not he will ever face you. The look of fear on his face when you showed up, it made an impression on a lot of people.

SV: Nothing compared to the impression I plan to leave on his face! He can run, but he can’t hide forever. For a guy that loves to hear the sound of his voice, he hasn’t said much of anything lately. Maybe it finally sunk in that he doesn’t have a chance of surviving in the ring against me. I guess I finally shut him up. No need to thank me.

RS: I know a lot of people are happy about that. But aren’t you looking past Wall?

SV: Not at all. Tonight I deal with Wall and demolish his ass. Then I begin my path to the Presidential title and eliminate a thorn in the CSWA’s side, Eddie Mayfield!
(Viper means mugs the camera and walks off.)

Manny Can Speak English!

(CUTTO: John Simons and Manuel Juarez at their post twenty-feet to the left of the rampway, the pair sits behind a fake marble desk and a well-made ON TIME logo hanging overhead. Assorted papers are scattered over the table, the outline of two small monitors encased in the table viewable only to Simons and Juarez can be seen. 20,000 raving fans blow the roof off behind them.)

JOHN SIMONS: Welcome to another edition of CSWA ON TIME, this one Manny coming LIVE from the heartland, Greensboro, NC! The Merritt Auditorium!

MANUEL JUAREZ: Juan it’s thrill for me to be here. The nice people all chanting Manny’s name. Make me fill up with song.

JOHN SIMONS: This isn’t an audition for American Idol Manny. Keep that in mind as we move along. We got a great show tonight! I was reading the lineup to my partner here minutes before going on-air and trust me when I say he was impressed!

MANUEL JUAREZ: Juan you make me laugh. Manny can read. And Manny KNOWS CSWA always have good show for fan! (singing) I looooooooooooove Youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

JOHN SIMONS: Manny. Enough. You’re the only Wings fan I know. That’s not a fact I’d put on display. We’re gonna see Steel Viper, and Jean Rabesque in action plus Joey Melton vs Little Voltron for the World Junior Title. A championship that’s not even o-FISH-ally recognized by the CSWA. Makes you wonder.

MANUEL JUAREZ: We should love the little people like we love ourselves. Little Voltron is good man. But he wrestle big tonight!

JOHN SIMONS: He’ll need to, to beat Joey Melton. Main Event tonight “Good God” Kevin Powers against “Cocky” Craig Miles. Before we get underway, quite a series of announcements by Chad Merritt. Dan Ryan IS the World Heavyweight Champion!

MAUEL JUAREZ: Lot of pressure to ref big match. Ben Worthington do fine job. He good man. Stout heart. Make right decision.

JOHN SIMONS: Chad if you’re watching like you should be, give Ivy love for us. What a tragic loss that was close to being. I know Manny you’ve got a written social commentary about Internet Journalism you’re hoping to get to but it’ll have to wait!

The Longest Yard

(The lights in the arena go dark, until "NO FALSE GIMMICKS" appears on the big screen, then "Shapes of Things" by The Jeff Healy Band begins playing, and Rabesque appears on the ramp, the crowd explodes with a large amount of cheers although a smattering of boos are clearly audible, Rabesque is dressed in his normal black gear, and carries a steel chair at his side as he walks slowly down to the ring, he climbs between the ropes and grabs a microphone)

RABESQUE: "Ladies and gentlemen, on the surface things might look the same, but I want to promise you that things are changing here in the CSWA. It started at BOB, and continued at Showtime. You see, as most of you know, in... other places, I am considered to be possibly the best technical on the mat wrestler in the world. I am a top contender, I have been a champion, and I am a force to be reckoned with.

"But as I have said before, I came to the CSWA simply to prove to everyone out here, and to myself, that I can hang with the very best. And I think it's safe to say that I have proven that I can do exactly that.

"But there is a problem. Some of the so-called superstars aren't getting the point. They think that just because I am new here, that means that I don't meet up to their standards. They think that just because I haven't been in the CSWA for 15 years, that means that I can't kick their ass. Well, today, I stand in front of all the fans of the CSWA with a simply statement to all the wrestlers of the CSWA.... either you will respect me... (he holds up the chair).... or I will MAKE YOU respect me.

"It really doesn't matter to me who it is. I'm talking to you GUNS... I'm talking to you Adler.... Randalls, you want a fight, you got a fight?.... And yes, I'm even talking to you Dan Ryan!! Don't think I can do it? (holds up chair again) WATCH ME! But the time of Jean Rabesque being disrespected and looked down upon in the CSWA is quickly coming to an end.

"And now.... Henderson Bramble (chuckles)... you unfortunately have to be the first to experience this. If you don't make me use this, I won't. Now get your ass out here.....

Jean Rabesque vs. Henderson Bramble

As Bramble makes his way to the ring, Rabesque immediately attacked, backing Bramble into the ropes and barraging him with a series of knife edge chops. He would send Bramble into the ropes, and a knee to the gut sent the CSWA veteran down to the outside. Rabesque would follow Bramble to the outside and hit a snap suplex onto the floor before sending Bramble back in to the ring.

Back in, Bramble would begin to amount some offense with a few rights, but Rabesque would come back, and use his wrestling expertise to take Bramble down to the mat in a size chain sequence resulting in an armbar. Bramble would get back to his feet, only to get caught in a T-bone suplex, almost crippling him. Rabesque would then unleash a barrage of suplexes to Bramble. A release German, followed by a Full Nelson Suplex, another T-Bone, and finally a Fisherman's Suplex into a bridge for a two count.

Rabesque would stay on Bramble, picking him up, sling shotting him into the ropes and hitting yet another suplex for two. Rabesque would lose his focus momentarily, and Bramble would roll him up for a two count. Rabesque seemed to take this as another sign of disrespect, so this brought on the onslaught. A barrage of rights and lefts, both punches and kicks, took Bramble down, followed by a vicious piledriver. Bramble was out on his feet, as Rabesque then hit a DDT, and rolled into the Figure 4 Leglock. Bramble, who was already unconscious, had his shoulders down for the three count in that move.

Winner: Jean Rabesque via pinfall in 4:41

Not Half The Man

(CUTTO: Joey Melton backstage in a hallway with Angela (aka Blasted Moxy). Moxy, in a short form hugging white dress, is held back by CSWA Head Of Security Gregg Gethard. If Gregg let go, she’d rip Melton to shreds. Joey winks at Angela then eyes the camera as the POP from the crowd begins the segment.)
MOXY: (feet kicking to get at Melton) He dares stand two feet in front of me...closer, one step closer...

MELTON: (takes mic out of Moxy’s hand) Tighten up that shot boys. (Camera zooms in for a close-up. Only Melton is in frame now.) Ivy, I know you’re watching. If it could have come to pass I would’ve boarded Carlton’s Momma’s private jet and flown up to New York to be with you. But, instead of taking two to the chest I’m here living my latest chapter of Wrestling For Dummies. (One of Moxy’s feet kicks into view viciously.) We’ll be together soon enough. (half-singing) Dancing in the dark....get well babes, Joey Melton will take you away from all this shortly.

A year ago I tried to buy a World Title shot and the fruit of my labor is a return home to deal with a three-foot menace to society. That’s apparently what Joey Melton is worth in the year 2003 to Chad Merritt. Randalls walks back through those doors and he’s nearly headlining again. Windham returns and two months later he’s getting World Title shots. Hornet no-shows to get marijuana treatment for his back, but all is forgiven. Where’s the love Chad? You think I like helping short people feel bigger than they actually are? I’m wasting the best years of my life correcting knee-biters and sexual offense offenders. I spent my Christmas vacation last year in a handicap match on a Munchkins Cruise! The surviving members of Oz, the ones who weren’t hung from backdrops, all corralled on a cruise, leeching off the buffet and cheating smitten humans out of money hand and foot. I’M SUPPOSED TO BE PROUD OF THAT?

Well I am.

Joey Melton has always taken what he’s been given, turned repressed virgins into award winning screamers. That’s my gift, Merritt. And that’s why I can, with a straight-face say (holds World Junior Title up) that THIS World title is the only title that matters in this sport today. You see, while Randalls, Aho, and Southern aim to ‘save’ the sport, they’ve failed to see that Joey Melton’s already done that.

Has Windham defended his belt on a cruise while being berated by drunken munchkins?
Has Windham wrestled around the world, in places where if you get cut...you just bleed for fear that ‘treatment’ may mean death?
Has Windham given all men and women from every walk of life, a chance to dance?
Has Windham lit up Japan for a solid month by carrying a three-foot pile of dead weight over his shoulders?

No he hasn’t. I doubt Day Ryan will either. I’m the World Champion, Merritt. So this belt whether you love it or not means as much to this company, to this sport as the one Ryan’s got did 15 years ago.

15 years later...Joey Melton’s still here.
15 years later...Joey Melton has done more professionally than any other man can claim to have done.

But, yes faithful viewers there comes a time when we must move on. When we’ve done as much as we can. So tonight...as Carlton’s Momma as my witness, I swear to you, this will be my LAST forte into the roaming hands division. There’s only one man who can save this company, and it’s the same man who gave it life 15 years ago.

Adrian Evans...it’s been a wild ride. You were a worthy opponent for about the first 15 minutes. But it comes to a head tonight. We’ve set the wrestling world on its ear from coast to coast. Tonight we’ll do it again, ONE MORE TIME. You’re not walking off into the sunset with The World Title but you can carry home some semblance of pride.

You’ve made me realize, made millions realize...Short people are humans too.

For that you may be proud.

(Camera pans out. Melton grabs Moxy’s left hand and kisses it)

Angela, we had some good times didn’t we baby.

(Melton walks off as Moxy kicks and screams before dropping to her knees begging Melton to come back.)

Steel Viper vs. Wall

JS: We’re back folks and the next match up promises to be a mammoth battle as two of the big men in the CSWA go toe-to-toe.

MJ: Can’t they move this match to Primetime? Why do we have to be subjected to this type of match? No one wants to see these goliaths duke it out. We haven’t seen WALL since 1996. The guy is obviously out of shape. His glory years are long gone.

JS: But the man is a former World champion, so that carries some weight.

MJ: Yeah and that annoying guy from the 1-800-COLLECT commercials is a former World champ too. And no, I’m not talking about Carrot Top.

JS: Good point, Manny. But you can’t discredit him.

MJ: I can and I will. Don’t even get me started on STEEL VIPER! That big oaf nearly took my head off in a match he had with BONECRUSHER back in 97 and all I was doing was my job. I’m not happy he’s back.

JS: VIPER has been fighting in whatever he could get into in the Far East, as well as competing in New Frontier Wrestling. The man spends his off time putting himself through torture. Have you seen him train before? He is a man possessed!

MJ: All I’ve seen him do is beat up a dummy made of bamboo.

JS: Trust me, he’s more capable than that. He’s held titles in the CSWA, AAWC, SWA, and most recently was the last man in NFW to hold the TV title there.

MJ: Whoop-de-damn-do!

(CUE UP: “Christmas Island” by Depeche Mode)

JS: And here comes WALL! Manny, he looks to be in good shape for a man that hasn’t competed in the past 5 years.

(The crowd boos at WALL as he walks down the ramp.)

MJ: I don’t remember him having that beer belly. He needs to try the Blow Away Diet. Or maybe he can do some Pilates. Whatever it is, that gut has got to go.

(Wall steps into the ring and raises a fist in the air. He lets out a battle cry and pounds his chest, before stomping around and making his presence known to the crowd. He runs in place and stretches out as the ring announcer grabs the mic.)

RA: And his opponent!

(CUE UP: “Outlaw” by 2Pac)

RA: He hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. Weighing in at nearly 300 pounds and standing 6’9” tall…here is STEEL VIIIIIIIIIPERRRRRR!

(Viper walks onto the platform and the crowd roars with approval. Viper appears to be larger than he was in his last run in the CSWA. Viper sports the moustache/goatee and his hair is buzzed off. His arms are littered with tattoos, most of which look to have been done somewhere in Asia. He’s wearing a black singlet under some loose black leather pants and has a white towel hanging from around his neck.)

JS: He looks ready to tear the house down!

(Viper removes the sunglasses he had on and stares Wall down as he steps into the ring. Viper, not really one for fanfare, doesn’t play up to the crowd and gets right in Wall’s face. Wall appears to be bigger than Viper.)

MJ: Why is he all in Wall’s grill?

JS: Viper is not one to tip-toe around. He’s all business!

(Wall and Viper are exchanging words and appear to be in a somewhat heated argument. Wall pie-faces Viper, but he reacts quickly by wrapping his arm around Wall’s arm and headbutting him in the face. Wall is stunned and Viper unloads a combo of punches and elbows on him. Viper backs off and Wall staggers a bit. Viper delivers a push-kick that bounces Wall off the ropes and into a Muay Thai roundkick that floors the bigger of the two.)

JS: Wow! For a big man, Viper is tremendously quick!

MJ: You know, I’m pretty quick too. At least, that’s what my ex-wife used to say.

JS: Leave your sex life out of this!

MJ: Hey! That’s NOT what I meant!

(Viper stays on the attack and lifts Wall to his feet. He whips Wall into the corner and follows through with a running somersault onto Wall. Viper begins hammering on Wall’s head and the crowd is loving it. Viper tosses Wall out onto the floor and waits with his back to Wall on the apron. Wall slowly gets to his feet and Viper hits him with an Asai moonsault.)

JS: Can you believe that? Wow, what a sight! He does it with so much ease for a man of his size.

MJ: My ex-wife never said that about me, the whore. She’s just like that leech, Jewel!

(Viper whips Wall into the steel guard rail. The referee is laying on the count and Viper lifts Wall to his feet and tosses him into the ring.)

JS: Viper is a student of Jeet Kune Do. You might know about the man who started that concept…his name might sound familiar. Ever heard of BRUCE LEE?

MJ: Bruce was a bad mutha’. He’s inspired millions of people and is one of the most recognizable faces in the world. But if he knew a guy like Steel Viper was linking himself to him, I am sure he would be upset.

JS: Upset? Viper is a monster! Look at him so far tonight. He is ripping Wall apart!

(Viper measures Wall and drops a knee on his head. He stands up and runs his thumb across his throat, signaling for the Vipersault.)

JS: Viper is ascending to the top rope. We haven’t seen this in a long time. The move that won him the Presidential title back in 96…here it is…the VIPERSAULT!

MJ: AND HE MISSES! HE MISSES! Wall was able to roll out of the way and buy him some time.

JS: But probably not enough, as he has taken most of the punishment thus far in the match.

(Viper gets up and slouches in the corner. Walls gets to his feet and charges at Viper. Viper slides out of the way and gets Wall with a drop toe hold, which he converts into the STF. Wall appears to be in pain and Viper digs in deeper. Wall manages to get his hand on the bottom rope and Viper is forced to break the hold. Viper stands Wall up in the corner and clobbers him with several knife edge chops. He whips him into the opposite corner and Viper follows through with a hand-spring elbow.)

JS: There truly is no one like Steel Viper.

MJ: Yeah, he’s the cheapest guy I know. He stiffed me at the Sizzler once and left me with the bill. Luckily, the Disco Midget was at another booth and saw me in distress. He was drunk, as usual, so I sent the tab over to him and got the hell out.

JS: The Disco Midget? You might as well say he and Mad Mike had a drinking contest there and you judged it. How do you come up with these stories.

MJ: It’s true! And Mad Mike was there!

JS: Just cut it out. You’re starting to sound like Chunk from Goonies!

(Viper lifts Wall up for an atomic drop, but instead places him on the top rope with his back to Viper. He then climbs up to the second rope behind Wall and dumps him on his head with a belly to back suplex.)

JS: HOLY MOLY! He just nailed Wall with a VIPERPLEX off the top rope!

MJ: A Viperplex? He’s got everything named after him. It’s not like he make these moves up or tweaks them. It’s no different if Wall did it.

JS: Viper grabs Wall’s left arm and rolls him on his side. He’s clamping on the VIPERLOCK!

MJ: Don’t encourage him. It’s a simple armbar submission hold. What I wouldn’t give to put Jewel in that move, the heartless wench.

JS: Wall has no choice…HE TAPS OUT! He taps out!

MJ: Wall didn’t have a chance since the bell rang.

(The referee instructs Viper to let go of the hold, which he does after a few more seconds of putting Wall through pain. He gets to his feet and the crowd cheers him on. He spots a ringside camera, spits, and points at Wall. Viper speaks into the camera with a mean look on his face.)

VIPER: That could be you, Eddie. THAT could be YOU!
(He puts his fists together and does the “break in half” gesture. He then pushes past the cameraman and heads up the ramp.)

Play Nice

(The screen comes in backstage, after Jean Rabesque has completed his victory over Bramble, he has a smile on his face as he takes tapes off of himself in the hallway, just then Kin Hiroshi walks by and bumps Rabesque, a smile on his face as well)

JEAN RABESQUE: "Hey, watch where the hell you're going."

KIN HIROSHI: "Well, then, I guess you shouldn't have been in my way."

RABESQUE: "Oh, hey, I remember you. You're that guy that I punked back at Battle of the Belts. Yeah, the one who got himself disqualified to hold on to his precious title."

HIROSHI: "Oh, is that right?"

RABESQUE: "Yeah, that's right."

HIROSHI: "Well, let me tell you something right now. You came out here talking earlier about respect. You just don't get it. I've seen you, I've seen what you can do. You're a has-been, a washed up old man who just doesn't get it. No one cares about you. No one wants to see you out there. They just want to see you go away. And the guys in the back, we all think you're worthless...... especially me. Now, would you please excuse me, because I have a REAL match, and you can watch how it's really done, old man."

RABESQUE: "Be careful what you wish for Hiroshi, because I might just be watching."

(Hiroshi brushes him off and heads towards the ring)

The New Champ Speaks

(CUEUP: ‘Zero’ – Smashing Pumpkins, a strobe effect takes over the arena and the crowd comes to their feet almost in unison as “EGO BUSTER” rapidly flashes in alternating black and white contrast on the screen.)

(On the big screen……CUTTO: The word “YOU” metal construction gray font/black background. CUTTO: RYAN beheading CRAIG MILES with a clothesline that rockets him into a 360 tailspin onto his head! CUTTO: The word “ARE” CUTTO: RYAN Gorilla Pressing EVAN AHO high above his MASSIVE frame. CUTTO: The word “BUSTED. ” CUTTO: A rapid fire sequence shot of RYAN pulverizing his opponents in the ‘Humility Bomb’ – a High Angle Last Ride styled Powerbomb.)

(A roar from the crowd as Ryan appears on the stage – CSWA World Heavyweight title belt around his waist, the flickering strobe lights flashing across his face. Pyro explodes behind him as he makes his way to the ring, rolls under the bottom rope and climbs a nearby turnbuckle. Once again the crowd cheers as he thrusts his arms into the air with a yell. After a moment, he looks down to ringside and holds a hand out. Within moments, he is handed a microphone. Ryan hops down, the music cuts out and he walks slowly around the ring.)

RYAN: “Well then….it seems that my win over Mark Windham….has gotten the Merritt Good Housekeeping seal of approval….”

(Crowd pop)

RYAN: “Mr. Merritt’s announcement notwithstanding, let me make it very VERY clear that this belt is not around my waist because Chad Merritt came out and said a few words. This belt is around my waist because I did exactly what I said I was gonna do. I walked into Key Arena….I looked the Living Psycho dead in the eye….and I beat the living hell out of him….”

(Crowd pop)

RYAN: “Ever since day one….through the failed invasion plan of Mike Plett and Kevin Powers…..through all of the time wasted following a flawed game plan…..to breaking out on my own…..through every bit of it, one thing never changed. I said I was the best in the world. I said I would do what I set out to do. I said that none of you people had seen a damn thing yet.”

“I was told….this is the big leagues. I was told, you may have been champ down in those bingo halls and second rate companies, but this is the CSWA. THIS……IS…..THE C-S-W-A. GUNS said I would be a souvenir for Third Row, Inc…..yet here I am…..”

(Crowd pop)

“Craig Miles said my performance at Battle of the Belts…..throwing a worn down Shane Southern out of the ring to get a shot at the big prize….didn’t impress him. Yet…..here I am….”

(Crowd pop)

“Mark Windham said he was gonna teach me pain…..he said he was gonna be my savior. Hey Mark…..here I am…..”

“They all said the same thing. And in the end, the only thing that held true was the one thing that I said all along. When I step into that ring…..when that bell rings….if you’re staring across at my smiling face……you’re about to go to school. At Showtime, Mark Windham found out just how it feels to be on the business end of a Dan Ryan ass-kicking. And yet….he wants more.”

“You know Mark….if you wanna parade around claiming you kicked out, by all means…you go on right ahead. If you wanna act like you had everything under control….you go right ahead. You know damn well that you were flat on your back when the hand came down for the three count….but if your tortured little mind can’t seem to accept it……”

“Why don’t you come get yourself another taste?”

(Crowd roars as Ryan glares into a ringside camera)


(Ryan tosses the mic down and climbs out as the crowd pops one more time. Ryan raises an arm up on his way up the ramp, but doesn’t acknowledge the crowd again as he goes through the curtain.)

Good God

(The scene cuts to the back where Angela and 'Good God' Kevin Powers are standing by.)

A: As if I haven't thanked Melton enough for all of his hate ... now I have to interview someone who spends his free time bashing women. 'Good God' Kevin Powers what in the H ...

KP: Don't finish that pretty lady otherwise you might release that Inner Ike that's been building up inside of me for QUITE some time!

A: (Disgusted) How do you live with yourself Powers? You're the same person that viciously beat down Poison Ivy not too long ago and now ...

KP: And now what? She's been shot and in some stable condition? Big deal! I knew the girl would recover cause she's tough like that. Hell, even I KNOW she can take a shot to the head! And, for your viewing info, from what I hear from the boys in the back, she can take a pretty good shot in the mouth too.

A: Why you sorry, sadistic, ruthless, son-of-a-

KP: Don't finish that sentence girl otherwise I'll release all this built up Inner Ike on you! Let's get to the subject matter at hand shall we?

A: Of course ... your match with Craig Miles tonight. Actually, aren't you fighting the WRONG Intruder member?

KP: Are you kidding? I'm fighting the CORRECT Intruder member! The man that I face tonight has alot of fine qualities that a person like myself, The Double G KP, can admire. First of all ... he's a true lush!

A: You're going off of that?

KP: Don't interupt me suga I'm not done. Second of all ... GUNS!!!

(Angela looks at Powers with a puzzled look just as Powers is shaking off what happened. Looking at Angela, Powers shurgs his shoulders as if he don't know what's going on.)

A: Um ... okay. You were saying.

KP: What I was saying was that we have simliar things in common, but that's about it. Becase he's in a group that tends to piss me off I'm gonna have no choice but to pass a message ... GUNS ... to them.

(Again Angela looks at him with a puzzled look.)

A: Are you okay?

KP: Quit distracting me! Tonight is the night that Craig Miles finds out what happens when you upset the Emperor of Hardcore! Tonight is the night Miles finds out it feels to get beat down by the original Ayatollah of Rum and Cola! Tonight Miles finds out about ... GUNS!

(Now getting slightly angered, Angela looks directly at Powers who is now looking left and right as if he was searcing for someone.)

A: What is with you and this GUNS screaming?

KP: What screaming? I'm not screaming a DAMN THING ... GUNS! GUNS! GUNS!

A: Jesus would you quit yelling his name?

KP: I'M NOT YELLING! Tonight Miles gets served up one classic USDA Grade A PRIME ASS GUNS WHOOPIN and there ain't a DAMN GUNS THING he can do about it! GUNS!

(Powers raises his hand which has a beer in it and takes a swig. He then looks at the beer and spits out what he drank. Looking at Angela, Powers just gives her a disgusted look and storms off of the set.)

A: Well ... that was ... different to say the very least. Back to you guys.

Greensboro Championship
Kin Hiroshi vs. Nathan Cross

This match started off with both men trading blows, until Hiroshi was able to use some of his quickness, and take the advantage. He started really centering in on the back of Cross, using some nice submission moves and some vicious knees to the lower back. Cross would power back out, tossing Hiroshi into the ropes and nailing a flying crossbody. Cross would quickly go for a cover, but that would only result in a 2 count.

Both men were quickly back to their feet, and Hiroshi went back on the attack, wanting to do anything to hold on to his title. The two would go back and forth over the next couple of minutes. Cross hit a couple of very sharp suplexes, each of which resulted in 2 counts. Hiroshi would then respond with several of his own, and then a top legdrop, all of those only getting 2 counts.

The finish of the match came when Cross was going for a backbody drop, but he ducked his head too early. Hiroshi hit a devastating tornado DDT, for what looked like the pin. However, Jean Rabesque appeared from the back, a chair in his hand, and he proceeded to level Hiroshi across the back, and then across the head with the chair. He then threw the chair in the ring, and proceeded to DDT Hiroshi onto the chair. The match was immediately ruled a No Contest.

Result: No contest in 7:19

After the match, Rabesque grabbed a microphone..

RABESQUE: "Hiroshi, you weren't paying attention earlier, were you? You don't want to respect me? FINE! I will MAKE you respect me, one way or another!"

Form Blazing Sword

(CUTTO: Backstage. A training room. Angela rests on both knees, mic in hand, as Adrian Evans (aka Little Voltron) does roundhouse kicks on a punching bag. He’s wearing a green army coat over his Little Voltron costume.)
MOXY: Adrian! Somos vivemos.

LITTLE VOLTRON: Arrependido. (Little Vol stares menacingly into the camera) Listen you freaks, you screwheads...here’s a man who would not take it anymore.

(Moxy pulls the mic away and yawns.)

MOXY: Little man all tired out. He have nothing more to say. Bye-Bye!

LITTLE VOLTRON: Hey! (Rips the mic out of her hands) I DO have something to say! Too long have our people suffered Melton. For too long have you horded that belt, lifted it over our heads and taunted us with it.

“Want it Adrian? Jump! Jump!”

For too long you’ve made a mockery of real artists. Watching you go on and on about how much good you’ve done with that belt made me wanna puke. I’m fed up Melton! Here’s a man who stood up to you in Japan, in Mexico, on that Cruise! Here’s a man who’s tired of all your backstabbing, cheating, and pandering. Tonight I take the World Junior Title home where it belongs. To the hands and hearts of people like me everywhere. No longer will you hold it out of our grasps. Soon you’ll be jumping! And we’ll be the ones laughing at you

You were right about one thing Joey. That belt is the most important thing in our sport today. You’ve beaten men like Hornet, Randalls, Windham, Adler, and Eddy Love. You’ve beaten the greatest that’s ever walked through the doors of the CSWA, and the halls of this auditorium! By comparison, when I beat you tonight I’ll have my own place in CSWA history. I’ll have proven a number can’t measure the size of your heart.

Joey Melton tonight! The World tomorrow!

(Adrian throws on his Voltron headpiece.)


(Crowd pops!)

(Vol walks off. Moxy raises to her knees, terrified.)

MOXY: That’s the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. Ew.

"World Junior" Championship
Joey Melton vs. Little Voltron

They’ve set the world ablaze over the past year with their matches. If their duels were sanctioned, and the belt o-FISH-ally recognized Joey Melton’s world tour series with Adrian Evans would have cornered the market on Match Of The Year nominations. But together they’re seen as an oddity. A part of the wrestling world that Merritt and other men would prefer to sweep under the rug. By popular demand they were booked at ON TIME.

Joey Melton’s homecoming wasn’t what he imagined.

For Adrian Evans it was everything he ever wanted.

Melton entered the arena first to thunderous applause. It felt good being back in the building he made famous. Little Voltron arrived to equal amount of fanfare. Riding a pulley down from the right hand corner of the rafters, dropping perfectly in the middle of the ring, Little Voltron showed he was ready for the big time. He’s been around the world, wrestled in front of 60,000 strong in Japan. The CSWA shouldn’t have made nervous. But it did initially.

Melton used Evan’s edginess to get the upper hand early, hip tossing Vol from his knees repeatedly. Adrian’s got a back condition that few men know about, but Melton having wrestled him exclusively for the last year unearthed the weakness. After a sweep of the legs, Melton got Evans in a modified camel clutch. He looked to make short work out of Little Voltron.

Bend but don’t break. It’s an old saying, but one Adrian held to. He was able to drag Joey to the ropes and earn the break.

A dropkick to Joey’s knees.
A springboard legdrop from the second rope.
Tornado DDT.
And yes, a WELL executed snap suplex!

For the next four minutes Little Voltron had the Greensboro crowd eating out of his hands. Melton was reeling. Adrian looked to finish by sending Joey off the ropes, but Melton easily leapt frogged over Evans and came off the opposite ropes with a nasty flying body press.

Little Voltron’s strength is his leg power. He managed to kick out at 2.

Melton ripped of Voltron’s headpiece, exposing him for the vile, bitter monster he really is. The crowd gasped. Melton himself recoiled in horror before tearing Adrian’s chest up further with more knife edge chops from his knees.

Joey took Adrian to the top turnbuckle. The end was at hand.

As Melton hooked Evan’s tights, Blasted Moxy rushed out to ringside and as Melton started to superplex Adrian off the top rope, Moxy held Joey’s leg and Little Voltron hit the man ontop of Melton. Little Vol sprung up and buried two sharp knee kicks into Melton’s right temple.

He blew a delighted Moxy a kiss before boarding the top turnbuckle.

Let’s see those freaks gasp now. Like so many times before, Adrian made the mock sword gesture. He heard the crowd rise to it’s feet and explode. Another set of humans won over.


A top rope Shooting Star Press!



As the crowd lifted off it’s feet and Adrian broke into tears after the belt was awarded to him, Moxy left the arena completely satisfied. Evans rolled out of the ring and climbed into the stands. He had finally done it. He’d beaten Joey Melton and become lord over his peers.

The mighty Melton shook his head but smiled. He loves a girl with spirit. Adrian deserved it. Today.


Off The Wagon

(“Like The Sun” by I Mother Earth begins to play as CSWA commentator Rudy Seitzer climbs into the ring. The music and the video on CSWAvision all point to the arrival of the former CSWA World Champion. As the chorus repeats “Rise like the Sun,” Hornet steps out of the entranceway, with pyrotechnic rockets shooting off at 60-degree angles from both sides, crossing right over his head. Dressed in jeans and a CSWA polo shirt, he slaps five with some of the fans on either side as he ambles to the ring.)

SEITZER: Now that the midgets are done playing, it’s time to bring you a real giant in this sport. Four times he’s been the CSWA World Champion. He’s won the ULTRATITLE. He’s a four-time US Heavyweight Champion. I could go on and on. Hornet, it’s great to have you back here in the house that you helped build.

HORNET: Rudy, it’s great to be home, surrounded by all the great CSWA fans here in Greensboro. (cheap crowd pop ensues)

SEITZER: Before we talk about your next appearance here in Greensboro, I wanted to give you a chance to address the recent events in New York involving Poison Ivy and Eli Flair.

(Hornet pauses for a moment, looking down.)

HORNET: I’m not going to say anything, Rudy, except to say that like all of us, my thoughts and prayers are with Ivy as she recovers.

SEIZTER: You don’t want to say…

HORNET: That’s enough, Rudy.

SEITZER: (coughs) Let’s talk about the next time you’ll compete in this building, then. As we heard from Chad Merritt earlier in the night, he’s planned a match between you and Tom Adler with the US Title on the line. It’s a title you know well, and a man you know well.

HORNET: I wouldn’t say that last part exactly, Rudy. Tom and I have never really been on the best of terms.

SEITZER: Right, I just meant…

HORNET: We all know what you meant. Look, I don’t have a problem facing Adler, and I certainly wouldn’t turn down the chance to be the US Champion for an unprecedented fifth time. But I haven’t had a contract sent to me yet… and I know, as do most in this building, that Merritt has been known to change his mind from time to time.

SEIZTER: How do you address Adler’s recent comments about Merritt ‘protecting’ you from him over the last couple of years?

HORNET: I don’t really know anything about it. I don’t doubt Tom, he’s not a man who needs to lie. But after knowing Tom professionally for ten years, I also know that he has a tendency to spin things to his benefit, to remember conversations differently from other parties. But in this case, who knows. There’s no question that Merritt’s done a lot worse without me knowing. I guess my question would be, “Why?” Why would Merritt want to protect me from Adler? He wanted to throw me in against Mark at BATTLE of the BELTS in a match he knew I obviously didn’t favor. He hasn’t done anything else over the past few years to ‘protect’ me that I can think of. And to be honest, it’s not as if Adler has ever been an opponent that I’ve needed ‘protection’ from.

SEITZER: Then why now? Why would Adler choose to bring it up now?

HORNET: I don’t know, Rudy. Maybe it’s because Adler knows I’m recovering from one of the toughest times in my life and thinks I’m easy prey. Maybe it’s because he wants more, he wants to recover some former glory, and he thinks I’m the key to getting there. Maybe it’s because he really is upset that Merritt didn’t go to him in the CSWA’s time of need, and he wants to prove something. I don’t know. I do know that like many of us old-timers, Tom’s a man who likes to reminisce. He’s brought Maxwell Diamond back, reformed the < > Cutters, hell, he’s even re-run an angle from years ago by handcuffing Windham to a limousine. Who knows what he’s thinking, and who really cares. Next he’ll start showing up in the rafters or something.

SEITZER: You brought up the < > Cutters. Is that a concern for you going into this match?

HORNET: Of course it is. You’ve got an incredible athlete like Nathan Storm, who’s not only reckless as hell, but is willing to do whatever Diamond tells him to. You’ve got a beast like J. Bishop, who I know absolutely nothing about.

SEITZER: So you believe they’ll be involved?

HORNET: I don’t know, Rudy. I believe Tom Adler is a man of honor. I believe that he wants to beat me without any help. But I don’t believe the same of a man like Maxwell Diamond. And, to be completely honest, I believe deep down that Adler is willing to tarnish his honor to get this win.

SEITZER: What does it mean to be competing at the celebration of the CSWA’s fifteenth anniversary?

HORNET: I won’t know until I get back here, Rudy. With everything that’s happened over the last couple of years, and especially over the last year, all I can say is that it’s a huge honor to be right here right now. Some days it’s hard to believe that it’s been fifteen years since Mark and I pulled up into the parking lot here, and some days it feels like fifteen more.

SEITZER: Speaking of Mark… (He pauses for a moment to wait for the boos to subside some.) You’ve been silent on Mark’s recent World Title reign and his recent actions, especially his attack on Poison Ivy. Do you have anything you want to say?

HORNET: Not a thing, Rudy.

SEITZER: Nothing? He’s made no bones about calling you out. He’s worn a T-shirt doing just that, exposing your real name to the wrestling world for the first time. He pasted a woman you used to be involved with a steel chair. You’ve got nothing to say?

HORNET: Rudy, I appreciate the fact that part of your job is to build the feuds our boss wants to see. But that’s one area that I’m not going to get into.

(The ON TIME logo on CSWAvision is replaced by the face of the former CSWA World Champion. Mark Windham is in the building, apparently, and he’s visibly upset.)

WINDHAM: What’s the old adage Rudy? Actions speak louder than words. (crowd boos as Windham joins the spot.) I guess sobriety can break bad habits. For fifteen years Pa—(Mark smiles) Hornet has thrived on saying one thing and doing another. I understand it’s your job, Seizter, to get a sound byte out of the man, and you’ve always been easily misled, but make no mistake, Hornet’s a man of action. That he’s biting his lip is a welcome change. It’s giving many of the ‘boys’ a chance to pull the knife out of our backs.

SEIZTER: Hold on just a minute, Windham. This is Hornet’s time...

HORNET: Forget it, Rudy.

WINDHAM: It’s his time? (Mark laughs) Not anymore. The myth died at BATTLE OF THE BELTS when yet another power play blew up publicly. The man, well...let’s be honest, he died some time before.

SEIZTER: Nobody here or watching at home on high definition is buying this, Mark...

WINDHAM: It’s been bought for them. The proof is paraded in front of their noses, look in the middle of the ring. The Franchise? No, it’s “The Ghost of Paul.”

(Crowd boos. Hornet stares at the mat, obviously trying to restrain himself.)

WINDHAM: Do we have time, buddy...to drag the past out into the light? It’s a credit to Merritt’s marketing that you’ve never had to pay for your sins. Ironically, when you tell us ‘you have,’ it’s at your own hands. That’s right Paul wiped his own nose and all returns to being fair in love and war. THAT’S NOT HOW LIFE WORKS. People pay, they bleed, they repent, and they beg for forgiveness so that they might one day understand what it all means. You haven’t paid. And you’re in no position to wash the blood off your own hands. You ruin lives behind the legend of fifteen years of work. Hornet sells. Always will. Even if the man pulling the strings is a Lost Soul.

The truth is in the light.

And now...Mark Windham is bringing The Ghost Of Paul front and center. We’ll show the people who you really are, and let them have control of your fate.

Oh I know Paul. You’ve suffered right. The back, the pills...the broken relationships. To quote a fool, “It’s true because HORNET SAID SO.” You haven’t suffered nearly enough, not when the Ghost keeps to being the ass he always has been.

AT ANAHEIM, YOU COST ME THE TITLE! You turned those lights out, and you damn well know it!

SEIZTER: This is absurd.

WINDHAM: Is it? Mike Randalls seems to be a man people are putting trust in these days. If his word is suddenly gospel, bring him out here Seizter...and he’ll tell you about the danger of the Marvin Parsons/Hornet connection. Flip the switch on the electrified steel cage because ‘Hornet Said So.’

It was all so brilliant. Hide behind the legend while pushing the limit of your invisibility. Don’t tell me I’m absurd, Seizter. I know of what I speak. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I saw it for the last time! What you kept me from years ago, you took for the second time. There’s no search to shuffle off to. You see Paul, I know myself...and that frees me to take retribution now.

Push him for his truth Seizter...at least for another couple of minutes. That’s about all I’ll need to get out there and start his awakening.

(Hornet finally looks up and stares at Windham on CSWAvision.)

HORNET: You pathetic, hypocritical windbag. You’re a sad little man who doesn’t know how to think before he speaks. Do you think I CARED that you had the title? I was busy trying to get HELP.

Oh, but I forgot, the mighty “Living Legend,” the man with his own special plan to salvation doesn’t need HELP. Well I’m not buying it. I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid you’re putting out to seal your psychotic little suicide pact.

(On CSWAvision, the veins on Windham’s forehead are prominent, but he doesn’t respond.)

HORNET: You don’t know the first thing about how I’ve ‘paid,’ Mark. And truth be told, you don’t give a damn. You don’t know because you haven’t been here, you haven’t been anywhere near me. You’ve been too busy pulling off the latest Living Psycho stunts to worry about anyone else but yourself.

(Windham starts to respond, but Hornet cuts him off.)

HORNET: Yes it is true, Mark. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be sitting there ALONE, would you? Do you think I’ve really spent time trying to figure out how to screw you out of the title? Please. Once you’re on self-destruct mode, it’s only a matter of time. Hell, Carl Brigsby probably could’ve beaten you for the title by now. Dan Ryan just happened to be the one in the right place at the right time and with enough talent to walk over you.

So you think I’ve hatched a scheme to get at you, Mark? You think I can just turn the lights out anytime I want? Well, you’re wr--

(The lights flicker, then cut off for three to four seconds, CSWAvision cutting to black as well. When everything comes back on, Hornet and Rudy look shaken, surprised.)

(CUTTO: CSWAvision. Windham’s been laid out, head busted wide open.)

RUDY: What the --? Hornet, what…

HORNET: We’re done, Rudy.

(Hornet steps away and climbs out of the ring.)

RUDY: We’ll be back with more ON TIME after this break.


"Cocky" Craig Miles
"Good God" Kevin Powers

(CUTTO: Craig Miles, Eddie Mayfield and Bandit strut down a hallway fifty-feet from the stage entrance. Craig takes a long drag on his smoke. Freshly burned ashes stammer drunkenly to the floor, cementing Craig’s Zen like state. Two minutes from getting Kevin Powers alone? Puff. Exhale. Whatever.

Little Voltron oblivious to his surroundings, hangs a sharp left and runs right into Eddie Mayfield. Voltron, World Junior title thrown over his shoulder, throws both hands out apologetically.)

EDDIE MAYFIELD: Where the (BLEEP) you going little man?

LITTLE VOLTRON: Mr. President my sincerest apologizes. I...

(Bandit, the World Tag belts over each shoulder, straightens up and side steps to Adrian.)

EDDIE MAYFIELD: It’s cool big man. (Eddie looks at Voltron, head turned like he’s looking at a lost puppy and cracks a wry smile) That was some (BLEEP) you pulled tonight. Where do you get off playing like a superhero?

MILES: (flips his cig to the floor and snuffs it out with the heel of his left boot.) The cat can fly Eddie. You like a flying squirrel man. Your pops into genetic splicing?

LITTLE VOLTRON: (fake laugh) Surprised you caught that match. I mean, I would have figured our President would be handling more important business.

EDDIE MAYFIELD: Don’t concern yourself with my (BLEEP) business. I caught your act tonight. For a little (BLEEP) you bring it in spades. I just had to give it up to you.

(Eddie shakes Vol’s hand)

LITTLE VOLTRON: Thank you sir. Coming from you that means a lot. Melton had it comin’. But between you and me I knew the win was in the bag.


LITTLE VOLTRON: The psychic gene is in my bloodline. I saw the finish in a dream last weekend. Took the edge off a bit. When you know something is going to happen you’re able to relax and let it flow. Which is what I’m about to do right now. (Vol winks at Eddie)

EDDIE MAYFIELD: Oh yeah? Psychic huh.

BANDIT: He don’t look crazy to me Eddie. (Bandit stretches. He’s been caged too long tonight. He’s in desperate need of breaking someone’s neck.)

MILES: Boys mind if we? (Craig points to the entrance.)

LITTLE VOLTRON: I knew I’d be stopped by you tonight. I saw that as well. I’m just a dreamer at heart, but I had certain preparations in order in case our President wanted to celebrate the home coming with me.

EDDIE MAYFIELD: You’re a (BLEEP) smooth talker. Damn glad I’m not a woman. Preparations?

LITTLE VOLTRON: (Smiles) Prepared in your honor.

(Eddie looks and Bandit. They smile.)

MILES: (Craig rolls his eyes and heads to the entrance.) I’ll be back in five minutes.

(CUTTO: Ringside.)

JS: Folks we are just about ready for this epic encounter between 'Cocky' Craig Miles and 'Good God' Kevin Powers!

MJ: I do not know about you, but I have looked to this match all night! You have Miles, who is a part of the most powerful group in CSWA today, The Intruders. And he is one part of the Tag Team Champions too, but then you have Senor Kevin Powers. A man who drinks all day and night long and still gets the job done in the ring. This will be one encounter I would never miss.

JS: You're just happy to see Powers cause he probably raised your stock in Corona!

MJ: Oh that is a good one, Juan. Perhaps you have missed your calling as a comedian?

JS: Folks we're ready to head into the Main Event, so let's quit the talkin' and get the announcin'!

MJ: And they say I have the bad English skills!

(CUEUP: 'When the Levee Breaks' - Led Zeppelin. 'Cocky' Craig Miles appears at the top of the rampway, taking in a flood of boos from the crowd in attendance tonight at Merritt Auditorium. Making his way down the ramp, Miles points at a couple of people laughing while holding onto his CSWA Tag Team strap over his left shoulder.)

MJ: Senor Miles is not holding anything back tonight is he Juan?

JS: Would you stop calling me Juan? It's JOHN!

MJ: Juan?

JS: John!

MJ: Juan?


MJ: Okay ... Juan.

JS: Nevermind.

(CUE UP: '(Can't You)Trip Like I Do' - Filter and The Crystal Method. The video wall shows images of Kevin Powers’s recent action to include his involvement in the GUNS and Jean Rabesque match. With the music continuing to blare 'Good God' Kevin Powers makes his way to the top of the rampway and is greeted by a mixed reaction by the crowd in attendance. Looking out into the crowd, Powers holds out his arms to make a 'T' pattern and, behind him, a white fountain like pyro goes off exciting the crowd even more. Once the fountain goes out Powers makes his way inside of the ring and continues to spark up the crowd by standing on the second turnbuckle looking out into the crowd.)

JS: Powers made some interesting comments in his interview with Angela earlier. I think it's safe to say he has GUNS on his mind tonight. Too bad he's facing Craig Miles!

MJ: Senor Powers has been going out of his way to get the attention of GUNS either by chair or by backstage comments, but GUNS has failed to give Powers the time of the sun ...


MJ: Oh? Really? My mistake Juan.

JS: Would you stop it ... just once would you stop? Folks the bell has rung and this match is underway! Both Powers and Miles are circling one another and ... THEY'RE NOT HOLDING ANYTHING BACK! Powers and Miles just came out of the corner swinging at one another!

MJ: Talk about having neither hold back! It is obvious that Powers and Miles have some pent up frustration for one another and they are releasing it right now ... TONIGHT!

JS: Powers getting the better of the two backs Miles to the ropes. Now grabs him and slings him to the opposite side. Powers tries for a big boot ... MISSES! Powers turns around, but there's Miles ... boot the mid-section ... DDT! Miles just pulled that out of nowhere and he dropped Powers like a bad habit!

MJ: Like a bad habit! I LIKE THAT! Where did you get that? Might I use it?

JS: You should've stuck to your other job! Miles not wasting anytime goes for a cover. We've got one ... Two ... TH - NO! Powers kicks out just in time and saves himself from the QUICKEST win in Miles' career!

MJ: Perhaps Senor Powers should have eased back on the beer tonight.

JS: I think he has other things on his mind tonight. Miles gets back up picking up Powers. He goes to Powers's side ... Side Backbreaker! This match is in its early stages and already Miles has total control over The Double G KP!

MJ: Oh poor Senor Powers. I bet he wishes he had a chair right about now.

JS: That or his trusty steel plated baseball bat, 'cause that's about the only thing that can save him right about now. Miles is back up and he's looking down at Powers. Now smirking at him Miles turns to the crowd and ... he's pointing at laughing at the big man from Chicago! I don't know what is in Miles' game book, but if he wants to beat Powers it would be best to stay away from this course of action!

MJ: Senor Powers had a tough enough time getting past Shamon. Can you blame Senor Miles for doing this?

JS: And now Miles is going to the ring corner and he's climbing to the top turnbuckle!

MJ: We're about to see a Professional spread his wings!

JS: Miles leaps off with an elbow drop ... NOBODY HOME! Powers moved out of the way and ... HE'S BACK TO HIS FEET! POWERS WAS PLAYING POSSUM!

MJ: The Lush has made it back to his feet! Oh this is not gonna be pretty.

JS: Powers picks up Miles ... SIDEWALK SLAM! And now Powers gets on top and he's just LAYING in the punches to Craig Miles! Dear God!

MJ: I think it is "Good God."

JS: Shaddup! And now Powers gets up ... JUMPING LEGDROP! Powers hooks the leg ... we've got one ... Two ... TH- NO! Miles kicks out! What a contest we've got here tonight!

MJ: I would have to say so, but I wonder where is El Presidente Mayfield?

(CUTTO: Backstage. A pair of double doors. Little Voltron opens them with a devilish smile.)

(CUTTO: Inside a spacious room. Twelve gorgeous women dressed in a woman's business suit with short skirts, and high heels surround the room's only piece of furniture, a large wooden table. Each of the women's hair is tied back in a professional ponytail.)

LITTLE VOLTRON: One for every month Melton held the belt captive. I like to call them the IN-TERNS.

(Eddie and Bandit, tongues instantly drawn to the floor, stumble in. The girls sitting on the edge of the table, cross their legs seductively, the top buttons of their blouses conveniently open. Eddie grabs Bandit's arm and squeezes. Don't wake him. Not now.)

LITTLE VOLTRON: As our leading officer I’m sure you’d want to be alone for the first wave of IN-TER-VIEWS. If you two will excuse me I’ll return in five minutes and help close the deal.

(Vol, suspiciously radiant, slowly backs out of the room. Eddie and Bandit pay him no attention as a wave of three interns swarms both men simultaneously. Bandit hands the Tag Belts blindly to Little Voltron. Peak performance requires free range of motion. )

EDDIE MAYFIELD: (waving behind his back) Yeah. Knock yourself out. (Smiles at the IN-TERNS) How many of you are dedicated enough to take a bullet for your Commander-In-Chief?


(CUTTO: Outside the double doors. Little Voltron shuts them quietly. As they click shut Joey Melton appears into frame, wraps a chain around the door handles and locks them with padlock.)

JOEY MELTON: All too easy.

LITTLE VOLTRON: I’d almost rather be in there.

JOEY MELTON: In due time. Thanks for keeping up your end of the bargain.

LITTLE VOLTRON: No. Thank you. I can finally show my face back home again.

JOEY MELTON: Might need more than this.


JOEY MELTON: Nothing. It’s been fun.

LITTLE VOLTRON: Maybe we’ll meet again sometime.

JOEY MELTON: Maybe. (winks)

LITTLE VOLTRON: Wanna hit the real celebration with me tonight? Headed out in a few.

JOEY MELTON: I would Adrian. (Straightens imaginary tie) But there’s work to be done.

(Little Voltron tosses Joey the Tag Belts.)

(CUTTO: The Ongoing Main Event.)

JS: Powers picks Miles back up and he sends him to one of the ring corners with authority! Powers runs in to follow up ... MILES MOVES! POWERS GETS TURNBUCKLE FOR DINNER!

MJ: I guess you can say he will not be eating corn on the cob anytime soon yes?

JS: Oh yeah ... Si! And Powers is out and ... what is Miles doing? He's going out of the ring and he's reaching for something?

MJ: Hey! I do no think it is a good time to do that!

JS: Miles just reached under the ring and grabbed a pack of smokes and he's lighting one up!

MJ: Is it a Newport? I could go for one right about now.

JS: Down Cheech! And now he's back in and he's BLISTERING Powers with some rapid-fire jobs right to Powers' grill ... while he's smoking that cigarette!

MJ: See kids? Smoking doesn't hurt you ... it hurts others!

JS: And now Miles takes the cigarette out of his mouth and ... HE JUST FLICKED IT IN POWERS FACE! What kind of disrespect is that!

MJ: For Miles I think it would be the good kind.

JS: And now Miles is climbing on the ropes and he's firing more shots into Powers face! He's just layin’ in while the crowd counts each shot off! WAIT A SECOND! Powers just caught Miles with a hand to the throat! CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM! POWERS JUST CHOKESLAMMED THE HELL OUT OF MILES! Both of these competitors are down!

(Crowd murmurs, stands rubbernecked and then pops as Joey Melton, with both Tag Team belts, runs down the aisle.)

(Powers looks back and smiles as Joey hits the ring.)

JS: What’s Joey Melton doing here?!

MJ: I don’t know! Why is everyone YELLING? Whoooooo!

(Powers hoists up Miles. Melton measures Craig with one of the Tag Belts and then whacks him in the face.)

JS: Melton and Powers? Together?

MJ: Juan, been my experience that if she looks like a duck, smells like a duck, quacks like a duck, she’s a duck.

(As the crowd roars with approval Melton mocking delivers a series of knife-edge chops to Powers.)

JS: Joey Melton strapping one of the PRO’s World Tag Team titles around Kevin Powers’ waist! How’d did Melton get a hold of those?!

MJ: How do anything happen Juan, in a world where Miss J’s butt is boss and Kate Moss can’t get a job?

(Joey lays a Tag title across the mat. Powers wrestles with Miles, lifts him up and POWERBOMBS him. The back of Miles’ head hitting the tag title.)

JS: Melton and Powers savagely beating Craig Miles! I can’t say I see eye-to-eye with Miles on a lot of issues, but no man deserves this!

(As Powers mocks Miles by ‘lighting up’, Melton slaps on the Figure Four.)

MJ: Figure four! Hang on Craig. Hang on. Does not look good Juan, no?

JS: No! Melton grabbing the middle rope for leverage as Powers drops a Tag Title over the right knee of Miles! Again with the belt! Miles could have severe ligament damage right now!

MJ: He beat testicular cancer, perhaps he beat this too.

(CUTTO: The backstage room where twelve lovely IN-TERNS are serving the Presidential Champion Eddie Mayfield and his Head Of Security Bandit.)

(CLOSE-UP on a T.V. Monitor broadcasting the Main Event.)

(Pleasurable groans and the sounds of body’s slapping against one another echo off the walls. Cigars are definitely in play.)

V/O: Miles withering in pain but Melton only reaches back for that little extra. POWERS WITH A SPINNING LEGDROP!

(CUTTO: Main Event.)

(Crowd rubbernecks again. Mixed Reaction.)

JS: GUNS hitting the scene, a fellow IN-TRUDER!

MJ: Juan hide me. Hide me now!

(GUNS shoots into the ring decking Powers with a right hand, Melton breaks the figure four. Powers up quickly, but GUNS rocks him with a left jab, a knee to the gut, and a chin buster. Melton to his feet swings but GUNS blocks the right arm, and cracks his bare knuckles over Melton’s forehead.)

JS: This is what happens when GUNS gets serious, Manny, he etches a path of destruction!

(GUNS benchpress slams Melton. Powers connects with a left hand, but GUNS drops a shoulder into Kevin’s gut.)

MJ: I only have large love for the man. Large love. (crying) What’s in the past, please stay in the past. Please!

(Crowed rubbernecks AGAIN, the laughs. Calvin Carlton wearing a Sumo Wrestling Fat Suit designed to match Bandit’s attire waddles down the rampway.)

JS: HORTENSE? No.....no Manny it’s Calvin Carlton?

(GUNS cracks Melton and Power’s heads together. Carlton in the Bandit fat suit carefully navigates the ring steps.)

MJ: What a lovely woman! Always thought so Juan.

JS: It’s Calvin Carlton you dope. He’s got a foot on the apron, but he can’t seem to find a way in! GUNS SHOWS HIM THE WAY. Two hands over Carlton’s head, he lifts Calvin up then slingshots him in the ring!!

(From behind Melton whacks GUNS in the back of the neck with a Tag Title.)

JS: GUNS goes down like he’s been shot! Powers drops an elbow!

(Carlton rolls around the ring, unable to get on his feet.)

MJ: GUNS is good people. You don’t hurt him. He owe Manny five dollar.

JS: Powers a knee to GUNS groin! No more kids will be spawned from those loins.

MJ: Never have been, if you ask Hornet.

(Melton helps Carlton to his feet. Powers holds GUNS legs tight securing GUNS’ position.)

JS: Melton egging the crowd on, they wanna see Calvin Carlton get in on the action. Carlton this man will kill you tomorrow don’t do it son. (Carlton bounces off the ropes. Slowly jogs to GUNS then leaves his feet....) SUMO SPLASH! (Crowd roars with laughter) Calvin Carlton folks.....was 23.

MJ: Really?

JS: I don’t know truthfully.

(Powers gets serious quick. Brings GUNS to his feet. KISS THE CANVAS.)

JS: GUNS IS OUT! He just took that move from Powers ... that damn Kiss the Canvas ... and Powers planted him dead center of the ring! Manny where in the world is Eddie Mayfield? BANDIT? I know they’re here! Bandit bummed five bucks off me seven hours ago.

(CUTTO: Backstage IN-TERN room.)

(CLOSE-UP of T.V Monitor showing the Main Event.)

(From the sound of it half the group are about to be finished off.)

V/O: What are Powers and Melton trying to prove!

(CUTTO: Main Event. Powers and Melton have GUNS outside the ring. Carlton leans over the nearest rope watching in unadulterated glee.)

MJ: I think it is a point Powers has been trying to prove for the longest time!

JS: Powers just got a microphone and now he's leaning into GUNS!

(Getting on his hands and knees, Powers crawls over to a knocked out GUNS, who’s on his knees arms held firmly behind his back by Melton, and starts talking directly into his ear)

KP: I don't understand you boy. You didn't get my hint in Richmond. You didn't get the hint during all the words we've been spewing against one another. You didn't even get the hint in Seattle. Boy I've been calling your sorry ass out since day ONE, but you've just been too chickenshit to admit it! So you want me to crawl out here on my hands and knees and ask for a match? Well, seeing the position that you're in and I'm down here talking to ya ... I guess you've got your wish for your damn WrestleThon 2003! Here's the match GUNS.

You and me ...

One on one ...


(Powers and Melton chuck GUNS into the third row.)

JS: Lookout fans! On the heels of Windham’s antics at SHOWTIME that had to give Merritt a heart attack!

MELTON: (on Mic) Eddie, what you’re looking at right here is the (throws arm over Powers’ shoulder) LONGEST YARD in professional wrestling. There’s been a shortage that you haven’t addressed in your term as President. Kevin and I, we SERVE the public. We heard their cries, weighed their demands and decided...the burden of carrying Craig Miles was unfairly placed in your lap. So we’re going to carry these belts out of Greensboro with us, and if you want’em back...call my secretary (Carlton points to himself). I’m sure we can work around Craig’s teeth whitening treatments and your T.V. makeover by Four Queers.

(Melton and Powers head out to the rampway beside themselves. Carlton struggles to get out of the ring.)

JS: Fans we’re out of time! Where’s Mayfield? Manny....ah-we’re gone. Next Week fans!

(CUTTO: Third row. GUNS to his feet, looks pissed. An elderly black woman won’t let him go.)

MJ: Juan.....IS........THAT.........CARLTON’S MA—