"Within The Den"

"Not Your Ordinary Welcome"

<> Cutters vs. DAWN

"He's Not Here"

GUNS vs. Jean Rabesque

"A Prophet In His Hometown"

The Professionals
vs. Cruise/Fandango

"In My Time of Dying"

"Hola Senor Presidente"

CSWA World:
Mark Windham
vs. Dan Ryan


CSWA World:
Mark Windham

United States:
Tom Adler

Eddie Mayfield

Kin Hiroshi

Unified Tag:
The Professionals

For the CSWA World Championship

"The Living Legend" Mark Windham
"The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan

BB: Fans, this is Bill Buckley, along with Sammy Benson, joining you for for this big Main Event coming up here on CSWA SHOWTIME. I realize you weren't expecting to see us tonight. And honestly, we weren't expecting to do anything but call an internet broadcast. But anyway, here we are.

SB: I think your kid was about to cry, Buckley. He really wanted to call the Main Event.

BB: I wanted to hear him call it, Sammy. But when the boss calls up and asks us to do something, well, you know how it goes.

SB: No, not really.

BB: Sammy, I donít know if I can put the night to this point into words.

SB: I can. ďAnal fetish.Ē

BB: How does that even remotely describe whatís happened here tonight? Forget it, I honestly donít want to know.

SB: Who said I was talking about the card? Or even the goings on of Key Arena? I see big picture Buckley. Iíve got my hand on the pulse of America. Again I say...

BB: Letís not go there! Once was enough.

SB: Let me ask you something Buckley, and be honest.

BB: Sammy weíre in the midst of a show here. Too much dead air and weíre...

SB: Right on schedule. Donít be short with me. And this is about the Main Event! Promoting Buckley, setting the stage. Itís a lost art form. For Peteís Sake donít I get a chance to HELP the company for a change, or is Sammy Benson destined to remain the hapless drunk who gets off a quasi-witty comment in between breathers.

BB: So...you did get the new memo.

SB: Oh thatís rich.

BB: Kidding Sammy, easy does it. Iím just shocked you have something relevant or beneficial to the match at hand to say. Please continue.

SB: ...Donít hurt yourself Bill, if you built me up any better Iíd be able to run for office.

::Buckley tapes his fingers on the table::

BB: A nation of mind readers arenít watching this Sammy, if you could do your bit to help the company (coughs) we can move on.

SB: Thatís it. Iím not doing it.

BB: Sammy...

SB: Nope.

BB: Iím sorry, really Iíd like to hear it.

SB: Forgot what I was going to say. (whistles)

BB: Iím going to count to three...

SB: Okay...so...a few hours ago Iím sneaking through Ryanís personal bags in the locker room...


SB: Buckley this is my time...for the love of Saint Maryís University let me have just a smidge of airtime. Youíre worse than a woman.

BB: Youíre admitting you went through Dan Ryanís personal bags?

SB: You know hearing that out loud, I can see the potential scenarios where this will end up hurting my career, but at the time...I really couldnít say no. Yes, I went through Ryanís bags...and...

BB: This is a lawsuit waiting to happen...

SB: I found The Rod Stewart Box Set.

BB: Yuh-ikes. I knew we had some weird ones back there. Merritt just sorta threw away the entire screening process when he started rehiring a few years ago didnít he?

SB: Finally! How long have I been saying that? Iím just joking with you Buckley, I didnít go through his bags. I donít have a death wish.

BB: Couldnít pick the lock, huh.

SB: No. That was four installments of $19.95 wasted on Online classes. Curse Canadian technology.

BB: At least we know youíre doing your part to fight terrorism. Ahem.

SB: (singing) And Iím proud to be an American, where at least I know Iím free...

BB: Mercifully weíre ready for the Main Event. ďThe Ego BusterĒ Dan Ryan versus Mark Windham for the Unified World Heavyweight title! Ryan as dictated by his BATTLE OF THE BELTS win, gets the shot!

SB: Windhamís had the belt for eleven months. Three of which the CSWA has actively had cards. In essence his reign is a trivia question stumper. I was up for two hours last night trying to figure out where his title reign ranks. True length wise, itís a nightmare to call. Itís maddening, yet somewhat fitting considering the champion is a bloody nutter.

BB: You know thatís actually a good question.

SB: Good luck sleeping tonight Buckley.

BB: (doing math in his head) Carry the four...times two... blast you Benson!

(lights dim)
(CUEUP: ĒX-Files ThemeĒ By Enya)

(CUTTO: CSWAvision. Mark Windham, in black pants, a torn black t-shirt, and a dark green trench coat, walks down a dark alley in a pouring rain. CLOSE-UP on Windham. His dirty blonde hair soaking wet, hangs in his face. He looks into the camera menacingly, then turns and walks off from the camera. As the crowd pops a trail of fire follows Windhamís tracks.)

(CUEUP: ďHurtĒ by Johnny Cash (a cover of the NIN song))

(CUTTO: Mark Windham 1988. Wrestling Joey Melton in the Merritt Auditorium on the CSWAís first show.)

I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel

(CUTTO: Windham pinning Ed Parsons for the CSWA Championship, 1988.)

I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real

(CUTTO: Windham superplexing Hornet off the top rope, 1990.)

The needle tears a hole
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything

(CUTTO: A bloodied Windham, holding up the US Title for an adoring crowd at FISH FUND PARK, early 90s.)

What have I become?
My sweetest friend

(CUTTO: Bonecrusher, then HEAT powerbombing Windham for the pin, 1993.)

Everyone I know
Goes away in the end

(CUTTO: Mickey Benedict popping Windham over the head with a microphone, Windham falling and Hornet rolling him up for the pin.)

And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

(CUTTO: Hornet throwing the belt over his shoulder as the crowd goes nuts. Windham broods in the background.)

I wear this crown of thorns
Upon my liar's chair
Full of broken thoughts
I cannot repair

(CUTTO: A burning house.)

Beneath the stains of time
The feeling disappears

(CUTTO: Windham and Hornet joking around backstage, early 90s.)

You are someone else
I am still right here

(CUTTO: Mark and Timmy hugging backstage.)

What have I become?

(CUTTO: Windham blowing out his 30th birthday cake with Jewels, Hornet and assorted friends jeering him on.)

My sweetest friend

(CUTTO: GUNS clotheslining Windham at WINTERíS WARRIORS.)

Everyone I know

(CUTTO: Windham and Jewels kissing at the VIP entrance of an arena. Just inside the door, off to the side, Troy Windham stares blankly at them.)

Goes away in the end

(CUTTO: Troy SlackKnifing Mark at FISH FUND.)

And you could have it all
My empire of dirt

(CUTTO: Windham as The Lost Soul carrying a hurt Poison Ivy out of the Dean Dome at a PRIMETIME in 1997.)

I will let you down

(CUTTO: Windham as the Lost Soul walking down an aisle with Sunshine Del Payne at his side.)

I will make you hurt

(CUTTO: Eli Flair powerslamming Windham in Anaheim.)

If I could start again

(CUTTO: Windham piledriving Troy in Anaheim.)

A million miles away

(CUTTO: Windham jovially drinking beer with Hornet, Troy, Timmy, and MJ Dean at a hotel bar.)

I would keep myself

(CUTTO: Windham, a bloodied mess, in a Wheel of Death Match in the mid-90s.)

I would find a way

(CUTTO: Windham, head down, as the Lost Soul, walking down a hallway alone.)

(music fades)

(CUEUP: Yeah Yeah Yeahís ďY-ControlĒ)

V/O: At Battle of the Belts a new star was born....

(CUT TO: Dan Ryan powerbombing Kevin Powers from inside the ring to the floor at Battle of the Belts)

V/O: After a controversial entrance to CSWA, Dan Ryan has battled against the one man he came to get vengeance on...

(CUT TO: Dan Ryan standing over Evan Aho holding the GXW Unified World title over his head)

V/O: And against one man who wouldn't let it happen unscathed.

(CUT TO: Dan Ryan brawling with Hornet)

V/O: There have been big triumphs....

(CUT TO: Dan Ryan hitting the Humility Bomb on Evan Aho and getting the pin)

(CUT TO: Dan Ryan drilling Craig Miles with the Humility Bomb at Primetime)

V/O: And disappointments....

(CUT TO: Dan Ryan being powerbombed by Bandit over the top and through a table)

V/O: Can the man who has accomplished everything possible at every other level.....

(CUT TO: A younger Dan Ryan hitting the Humility Bomb on 'Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe and raising his NthWA World title over his head)

(CUT TO: Dan Ryan, Kevin Powers, Gabriel Poe and Rob Sampson standing tall in SCW)

(CUT TO: Dan Ryan holding up the NthWA World Title)

V/O: And endured family tragedy.....

(CUT TO: Ryan winning his first GXW Unified World title over Marcus Johnson, then a shot backstage of Ryan looking at Dupree in horror after hearing in a phone call that his daughter and parents had been killed in a car wreck)

V/O: Come through and win the big prize in front of a National audience??

(CUT TO: Dan Ryan standing tall, arms folded and sunglasses on in the spotlight of an empty darkened CSWA ring)

V/O: Tonight...Dan Ryan gets his shot at Mark Windham...and the CSWA World Championship!!!

(Crowd pops big time.)

(All lights go out and a strobe effect takes over the arena as the opening riffs to "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins kick in. The words "Ego Buster" flash on the screen in rapid black and white alternating contrast, then are replaced by shots of Dan Ryan in action. The crowd reacts with a roar as Ryan steps out onto the stage wearing long black warmups with his black boots, black elbow pads, black glove on his right hand and sunglasses down over his eyes. Ryan looks out into the crowd and pyro erupts behind him. He raises his arms up and looks down toward the ring. As the lyric "Wanna Go For A Ride?" is sung, he begins to walk to the ring. He approaches and rolls underneath the bottom rope, climbs a nearby turnbuckle and stands still, arms to his side as he looks out into the crowd.)

BB: Listen to this crowd!

SB: As a general rule I try not to...

BB: When was the last time we heard a Main Event get THIS type of reaction?

SB: I dunno, last week when the same canned noise filtered through the sound system. Geez Buckley youíre such a mark.

(The Pumpkins slowly fade out. A second passes before ďPersonal JesusĒ by Depeche Mode kicks in. The mood in Key Arena changes drastically. Boos rain down, waiting for Windham to show. And he does, slowly stepping out onto the stage in white leg-length tights with ďBelieve In MeĒ written in red along the sides. Windhamís wearing a bloodied Greatest American Hero sleeveless t-shirt, and the World Title is strapped around his waist. As Mark trots down the aisle, pieces of trash fly at him, missing his head narrowly. Windham walks around the ring, making an anxious Ryan wait, before strategically stepping through the ropes.)

BB: Sammy are you thinking the same thing that Iím thinking?

SB: When did Charlton Heston join the CSWA?

BB: Well, no but that works. I was gonna say...I was gonna say that! Blast you Benson again!

SB: Only one of us can be quasi-witty. Sorry.

(Ryan and Windham eye each other in the ring. The buzz in the air is crazy hot. Something big is about to happen.)

(Bell rings.)

BB: Ryan/Windham for the World Title! Here we go! Collar and elbow tie-up! Both men fighting for position, Ryan snapping Windham into a headlock!!

SB: At this point in your life World Title shots are better than sex, arenít they? Poor, poor, Mrs. Buckley.

BB: Windham slaps Ryan on the back as Dan grinds the hold harder! Mark...pushing Ryan forward and throwing him into the ropes, Ryan off the ropes, Windham hits the mat, Ryan leaps over, off the ropes...Windham FLYING DROPKICK THAT MISSES! Ryan held on to the ropes!

SB: Heís crafty, this one. Bet he did real well in arts and crafts time back in the First Grade. Iím calling for a DQ if anyone from the crowd tosses Ryan a toothpick! Who knows what he can do with it?!

(Windham up to his feet slowly, nodding in appreciation at Ryan.)

BB: Collar and elbow tie-up again! Windham with the win this time, but RYAN SCOOPS HIM UP, Belly-to-back suplex! Windham HOLDS ON TO THE HEADLOCK!

SB: He was a 4-time all county wrestler in Sweetwater. What that actually proves is still in question, as the only other sport Sweetwater schools offer is womenís softball.

BB: Windham now clamping down on the lock...trying to cut off the blood flow!

SB: If he does it, weíll have a lawsuit and a contract with Court TV for two years! Go Mark Go!


(Fans cheer, they havenít sat down yet.)

BB: Dan quickly back to his feet, BELLY-T0-BACK...Windham holds! Dan to his feet again! BELLY-TO-BACK...WINDHAM hangs on barely! Ryan to his feet one more time!! BELLY-TO-BACK!! And the World Champion flops over, clutching his back!

SB: That nix the blood flow trick rarely works, Buckley. Surprised Windham tried to go with it for as long as he did.

(Ryan jumps to his feet and SPEARS Windham who falls through the middle ropes!)

BB: OHMY! The Worldís champion just took a tumble outside! Heís to his feet and stalking the floor, Sammy what action here to start!

(Windham gets in the face of a fan whoís taunting him and slaps the beer out of his hand.)

SB: Sorry if I nod off at any point in the match Iím just trying to figure out Windhamís actual title reign length..

BB: Mark turns around and RYAN FAKES JUMPING OVER THE APRON! Windham hit the mat just in case, but this time Ryan does leap off...DOUBLE AXEHANDLE! Windham on his rear again!

(Ryan scoops up Windham, BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX)

BB: BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX!!! This time on the hard, cold, floor of Key Arena! Ryan proving a point early in the getting there.

(Windham reaches for his left shoulder.)

SB: Itís over ninety days I think....

BB: Sammy! (Ryan holds out Windhamís left arm, and drives an elbow through his shoulder) OH! Ryan punishing the World Champion! Windham with a left jab, Ryan with a right, Windham with a left, Ryan right, Windham left, Ryan right, Windham staggering....STANDING DROPKICK that takes Ryan down! Mercy!


(Windham rolls back into the ring to stop the lax count.)

(Ryan getting to his feet.)

BB: Mark jumps on the security railing then flies off, BULLDOG ONTO THE RINGSIDE STEPS! Always one of the hardest hitting guys in CSWA history...Windham known to physically wear down his opponents.

(Mark sets up for a piledriver.)

SB: Heís known for a lot more. Least of which a bad temper, and questionable tax returns.

BB: A PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR, THIS COULD END RYANíS CAREER RIGHT HERE! Mark No! RYAN FLIPS WINDHAM OVER! (Mark hits with a Thud, and immediately grabs the shoulder.)

SB: The Flying Windhamís! Ryan said in the promos leading up to his match he wanted to see it! Itíd sell I promise you Buckley!

(Dan rolls Mark back into the ring.)

BB: Ryan elevates to the top rope, SPRINGBOARD LEGDROP!! New Champ! New Champ! ONE.....TWO......TH-NO! Windham kicked out...but a half second at that.

SB: This isnít American Idol Buckley, we donít judge to win. Itís three or nothing.

BB: RELEASE DRAGON SUPLEX! Ryan..ONE....TWO.....NO! Markís close to falling, Sammy! Heís out. Ryan whips Mark into the ropes and against the ring, Ryan ducks down backdrop attempt, Windham slows and KICKS RYAN HARD!

(As Ryan staggers, Windham jumps back into the ropes to get momentum, then leaps across the ring...)

BB: LARIAT! WESTERN LARIAT BY WINDHAM! The champ to retain, ONE.....TWO.....T-NO! No sir!

SB: Oddly enough the Lariat hasnít pinned anyone in ten years. Just FYI. I like to think of myself as helpful if anything.

BB: Mark rolls Ryan over, grabs the legs...BOSTON CRAB! Heís weakening that lower back now! Setting up for the Torture Rack!

SB: He can set up all he wants...but Ryan is a hoss...I canít imagine the Torture Rack doing it, Buckley. An extra sharp butter knife hidden well, may, however.

(Mark leans back for more leverage. Ryan screams out in pain, but shakes off Ben Worthingtonís question to give.)

BB: Center of the ring, Windham wants a submission right here! Worthington asks again, but Ryan as expected says NO!

SB: Thatís the Sunday school version.

BB: Thank you for showing restraint.

(Ryan yanks his legs towards his body, knocking Windham off balance, as Mark stumbles, Dan twists around, reaches for Markís head and rolls him up.)

BB: WHAT A MOVE! ONE...........TWO....NO! Mark with a quick LARIAT to the back! Ryanís hurt, Sammy. Windham has maimed his prey in the early going!

(Mark hooks in the Sharpshooter.)

SB: Thatís it Buckley hit that National Geographic note. Irritant.

BB: Sharpshooter! Nobody could blame Ryan for folding the tent right here!

(Ryan hangs his head in pain and disgust, Windham settles in position.)

SB: Please. We all know this sports blacklists those who say the words ďI Quit.Ē Weíd all rather see a man die in ring than quit. Letís be honest about that!

BB: Wonít agree OR disagree Sammy. What I will say though is Day Ryan is in to his neck. Markís got good position...the sharpshooter is a move that has won matches recently!

SB: Yeah, and to further stroke Hornetís ego he repeatedly makes it known that he taught that move to Windham. Last I heard he was trying to file for a patent. Only Hornet.

(Ryan grimacing a great deal, reaches for the bottom rope which is ten feet away. Struggling he inches closer.)

(Crowd reacts as Ryan shows life.)

BB: Dan Ryanís not done! Trying his damnedest to get to that bottom rope, break the hold and regroup!

(Key Arena is rocking!! Fans stomping their feet in unison.)

SB: Heís inspired the irritants. Weíre nearing a revolt any minute. Oh the horror!

BB: Ryanís closer!! Inching closer...Mark holding on the best he can!

(Crowd clapping together. Tearing the roof off.)

BB: Two feet away!! Ryanís back has to be tearing in two...but heís reaching...struggling to find a moment of peace!!

SB: Best of luck to him, really. Working for this company he wonít find anything but a bunch of ungrateful hypocrites.

(CUTTO: Camera shot closest to Ryan. His hand inches away, shaking as it nears the rope.)

BB: Ryan head down, his back is gone Sammy! Heís gotta break now! Heís got to!!! Ryan...REACHING.....YES!!!

(Fans erupt)

SB: Down you people, down!

BB: Worthington calls for the break, but Windham YANKS Ryan out from the corner! (After pulling Ryan five feet away, Windham quickly reaches for the left shoulder.)

SB: HA! I love it when these fools get excited over nothing!

BB: Windham drops the hold! That shoulder isnít right, Mark not to waste time, jumps back with an ELBOW DROP, BUT RYAN MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Ryan shoots to his feet, LEGDROP! New champ I can feel it, ONE...T-NO!

(Ryan kneels over Mark and pounds away.)

SB: Donít play sides Buckley!

BB: You do it all the time!

SB: ....Must you always have a point?

BB: Ryan leads Windham to his feet, DOUBLE-ARM POWERBOMB!! He lifts Mark up...

(As Mark is in the air his feet wrap around Ryanís head, and his right arm grabs the top rope. He pulls himself over the ropes, flipping Ryan as he goes.)

BB: That was a nasty spill! Ryanís left arm landed awkwardly. Letís hope itís okay!

(CUTTO: Instant Video Replay. Windham as he is boosted in the air, eyes the rope, grabs it and takes them both over. Ryanís left arm upon hitting, buckles but appears not to break.)

SB: Why? I wanna see it break. Letís see if Harrison Fordís performance was really Oscar worthy. Ryan as the one-armed man, ready...and action.

BB: Windham stomping away at a fallen challenger! How many careers has the World Champion ended on the outside! Whereís Troy? Whereís Troy Windham after Anaheim? Ryan has to get this back inside.

SB: He darned near wiped out the Roiter family, but really that was community service.

(Mark walks away from Ryan to hunt for a chair. He finds one, but Ben Worthington fights him for it.)

BB: Thatís it Ben! YES!

(CUTTO: Close-up of Windham and Worthington.)

MARK WINDHAM: Back off you piece of (BLEEP).

(Ryan charges at Windham, Mark sees it in time, steps out of the way and pulls Worthington in the line of fire. Ryan accidentally SPEARS the ref.)

BB: No! Ben...

SB: Why didnít you tell me? Hahaha. I donít see Benny Boy powering out of that one. Pin him Ryan, Pin him and take his belt. Haha.

BB: Quiet you fool. The Champ with a chair...(SFX: WHACK!) The Ego Buster down in a heap! Windham laughs. Clearly this match now, playing right into his hands!

(Fans are going nuts. Hating on Windham.)

BB: Windham...sets Ryan up...mercy...the piledriver! Mark! Mark come on!

(As Windham starts to lift...a drunk fan, about two-fifty, clears the railing and jumps on Windhamís back.)

SB: Oh great...here comes another ďthis is why you stop serving after the second matchĒ speech.

BB: Guys weíve got a security issue here...never like to see this...Mark though...fighting to handle it...clubbering the guy with right hands...now Mark...PILEDRIVER ON THE FAN!

SB: Stupidity rarely pays, Buckley.


(The fan is folded in two against the railing, as the people in the front row laugh their heads off.)

BB: Mark spins around...RYANíS UP...SUPERKICK!

(Ryan follows up with the chair. SFX: WHACK!)

BB: Windhamís split open! A small cut has opened over his forehead. Ryanís alive and well! Dan Ryan whips the World Champ back first into the ring apron!

(Windham grabs his back and screams out in pain.)


(Ryan reaches under the ring and eases out a table.)

SB: Do we need to get someone down here and check Worthingtonís pulse? Maybe thatís the first step here in restoring order to this match. But hey...thatís just me.

BB: Oddly enough Sammy I agree.

(Ryan has the table set up. He turns to go for Windham but Windham clubs him with two hands.)

SB: Itís so sweet when we make-up.

BB: Mark surprises Ryan! He lays Ryan across the table...

(Windham stops, eyeing Worthington. He looks at Ryan then looks at Ben, still not moving.)

SB: I think, not to directly steal from Shane Southern, the party is over.

(Mark takes the World Title from a ring-hand and heads up the aisle shaking his head.)

BB: Heís getting out of dodge! The World Champion is leaving the scene!

SB: Can you blame him? If Worthington is dead, if he stayed...heíd just have to stick around for questioning.

(Crowd jumps all over Windham.)

(CUTTO: Close-up of Mark, blood pouring down his face. He looks back again and shakes his head.)

MARK WINDHAM: (To camera) The beltís not staying on the line in these conditions. Fíking joke Merritt. (Windham coughs, then spits out a tooth.)

BB: Is this over? Sammy..

SB: Donít look at me...

(Fans pop huge.)

(As Windham shrugs off the fans, Dan Ryan chases him up the aisle then LEVELS him with a chair shot.)

BB: Ryan votes that we GO ON!

SB: How many times do I have to tell you, this is not your personal time to play out your reality TV fantasies. Nobody votes!

BB: Ryan short left jabs digging at Windhamís cut! Blood gushing from the World champ, Ryan himself bleeding from the left temple somewhat!

(Key Arena is rocking, like it never has before.)

BB: Dan Ryan scoops up Mark Windham and starts jogging with him over his shoulder UP THE AISLE! RYAN TO THE STAGE, POWERSLAM!

(Huge reaction. Windhamís body twitches. Ryan covers the Champ.)

FANS: 1...............2....................3!


BB: Ryan is pumped! Impressive display of power!

(Ryan runs through the entrance and out of sight.)

QUICK CUTTO: Ben Worthington. A few ring-hands trying to bring him around.

(Windhamís not moving. The roof is being blown off. Everybody senses it. Title Change.)

BB: Did Ryan leave himself? Weíve gotta get another Ref down here and restart this...

(Ryan returns with a Ladder.)

SB: Okay, Iíll be the one to say it if I have to. BAR THE DOOR KATIE!

BB: (As Ryan sets up the ladder to the delirious crowd.) Is Worthington in any condition to finish this match? Merritt, we need an official ruling ASAP!

(Ryan climbs the ladder. With each step the noise level kicks a notch. Finally up top, Dan spreads his arms out, the ladder wobbles a touch, but Ryan regains balance. Windham out of nowhere jerks to his left and KICKS THE LADDER. Ryan falls to the stage!)

BB: High-risk...and Ryan got burned! Windhamís not going out without a fight! Can anyone tell if Worthington is BREATHING?

SB: Time Of Death: 10:36.

BB: Stop!

(CUTTO: Close-up of Windham, right eye shut because of the blood trickling down his face.)

BB: Windham a hurried IMPLANT DDT! He might not have gotten all of that one, but the Champ got enough I can promise you that!

(Mark sets up the ladder.)

SB: I smell something. Oh, thatís foul. Tell me Ben didnít croak and mess himself as he went?

BB: Sammy...geez. Mark...climbing the Ladder! (As Windham climbs the crowd grows more anxious with every step.) If Mark can hit from here...

SB: Flying Windham Brothers! Ryan has a gift!

(Ryan struggles to his feet, he looks up, Windham flies off...)

BB: BULLDOG FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!! (Windham and Ryan are carried off the stage and hit a stack of two tables below the ascended stage.) OHMY!

(Crowd gasps. Showing their pleasure by moaning and climbing over one another to see the carnage.)

SB: We have confirmation Worthington knows what day it is!

(CUTTO: Close-up on Ryan/Windham. Broken tables between them. Ryan out of it, Windham rolling around clutching his left shoulder.)

WINDHAM: Oh (BLEEP). (groans) (BLEEP)
RYAN: You son of (BLEEP)

BB: That move might have finished both men for the night!

SB: Great, letís go eat!

(For two minutes both Ryan and Windham barely move. Finally Windham makes it to his feet and leads Ryan through the side curtains.)

BB: Windhamís taken Ryan out of sight! Marvin can we get a crew back there? Or at least some word on whether this match is going to go on?

SB: Youíre asking Marvin for direction? The man is a Parsons. Itís a wonder he dresses himself every morning.

CUTTO: Ben Worthington. Sitting in a chair, drinking a cup of water. Heís dazed, confused, hating life right about now.)

BB: Yes? Okay. Great. Weíve got a beat on...

(CUTTO: In the back, Windham leads Ryan into a small office room. File cabinets, a few posters of Brent Barry and Rashad Lewis, and a beautiful oval wooden desk surrounded by eight black leather chairs. Windham and Ryan look worse for wear.)

BB: We gotíem! Where in the world... (Mark kicks a chair out of the way and fires Ryan head first into the table!) OH! Windham moving furniture around...laying Ryan out on the table!

SB: Truthfully this beats the movie I saw on T.V. last night.

BB: Donít Sammy! Mark elbow drops Ryan! The Ego Buster bleeding freely now. This has turned into a mess!

(Windham jumps on the table, he sets Ryan up for the piledriver.)


SB: Good Grief. Iím spent.

Fans watching on CSWAvision roar in approval.)

BB: That was the most insane thing Iíve ever seen. And I work with some pretty dumb people.

SB: Buckley?! Niiiiiiiiiice.

(CUTTO: A pissed Dan Ryan storming to the camera.)

RYAN: Get the (BLEEP) out of here. My ass is about to go to work.

(Ryan jabs at the camera and the feed is lost.)

(CUTTO: Wide shot of Key Arena.)

(Fans beside themselves. Best thing to hit Seattle since Ichiro.)

BB: Well...

SB: Cue up Worldís Scariest Police Chases. We need filler.

(CUTTO: Worthington up walking around gingerly, nodding to people heís okay.)

(CUTTO: A group of fans, mid-twenties, some in Troy Windham shirts, others dressed like Eli Flair, having a ball. Giving thumbs up, tongues out, marking in front of the cameras.)

BB: Folks I guess thatís the card. Hell at this point I donít even know.

(A minute passes as Buckley and Benson ponder whether theyíre supposed to wrap up or not.)

BB: Wait. Weíve gotíem again. GO! MARVIN GO NOW!

(CUTTO: The bowels of Key Arena. Ryan holding Windham by the hair walking through a horde of people, past the ĎGatewayí signs, merchandising booths, and consession stands. Windham is bloodier than when they were in the office. As Ryan marches through the see of people, the group grows, every fan loving every minute of it.)

SB: If they stop to sign autographs during this Iíll be impressed.

BB: Ryan tosses Windham in front of him, and Mark rolls over the floor. This has turned into a war!

(CUTTO: Close-up of Windham on his knees. Ryan pounds a right first into his skull.)

WINDHAM: Repent Ryan!

(Dan hits Mark again, harder this time.)

WINDHAM: Give in to me.

(Another right.)

WINDHAM: Beg for forgiveness.

(Two rights.)

WINDHAM: Believe in me, Danny. Believe in me.

(A series of right hands. Each blow drawing a bigger pop from the growing crowd around them.)

WINDHAM: I..give in Danny. In man I now place my trust.

RYAN: (A left. Windham smiling afterwards.) Címere freak.

(Ryan drags Mark to his feet and whips him back first into a merchandising stand.)

(CUTTO: Close-up on fans, bugging out.)

(Ryan reaches for a T-shirt that says: ďI Married Joey Melton And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt.Ē Dan shoves part of the shirt down Markís throat.)

BB: Are we on? Marvin do we have audio?

SB: Marv...your moms was great last night.

BB: Weíre on? Great.

SB: Doh!

(Ryan hooks Windham and goes for a suplex but Mark blocks it with his left leg. Windham hooks Ryan and hoists him up.)

BB: Folks we apologize...WINDHAM VERTICAL SUPLEX! I donít see how either of these men are standing.

(Windham rips part of the paneling off the merchandising stand and cracks it over Ryanís head, breaking it in two!)

(Pop from inside the arena.)

SB: Is that an Evan Aho action figure?

BB: Sammy I think it is...and Windham is digging at Ryanís cut with it. Opening The Ego Buster even more. Man alive.

(Mark kicks at a fan who got too close. Waits for Ryan to get to his feet, then jumps at him and sinks in the IRON CLAW.)


SB: But could he end the match right now? Settle.

(Windham makes his way through a crowd of people towards a consession stand, as Ryan tries to fight it off.)

BB: Itís a staple move of Windhamís career...the Iron Claw! Ryan again in deep!

(Mark with his left leg pushes on the back of Ryanís left knee, causing Ryan to go to one knee. Windham leans over Dan, and sinks the Claw in deeper. Blood rushing down Ryanís face.)

WINDHAM: Come on Danny! Give in to me. Give in...

(Ryan buries a fist into Markís gut. Windham pulls Ryan up and with two hands throws him over the consession stand counter, nearly hitting a worker who refused to stop counting change.)

BB: Has any good EVER come in a CSWA match from fighting in consession stands?

SB: No. Iíd like to say yes, but no.

(Windham slowly rolls over the counter. He drops an elbow over Ryanís head, then slams him face first into the Popcorn Machine!)

BB: Weíve seen that before!

SB: I love it. A violent plug for the CSWA ANNIVERSARY 15 video package!

(Windham takes the popcorn scooper, kneels beside Ryan and digs into his forehead, as Popcorn shoots everywhere.)

BB: For those of you watching at home...this is why LIVE CSWA action comes before the Lion King on DVD.

(Windham sets Ryan up...PILEDRIVER onto the floor!)

BB: WINDHAM FINALLY HIT IT! Ryanís neck may be---

(Ryan pops right up, having blocked most of the impact with his hands upon hitting the floor, and as a smug Windham turns around Ryan SUPERKICKS the Champion.)

BB: Ohmy! Can you...

SB: Feeel the lovvvvvvvvve.

BB: Ryan sends Windham head first into the drink machine! Once...Twice....Three times.....a fourth! (Windhamís head rests up against the Coke lever, pouring Coke all over his head.)

SB: LOOK AT THE FANS BUCKLEY! Theyíre looting the Jr. Mints and Skittles boxes! Madness I tell you, Madness!

BB: Ryan...has got the Popcorn scooper! YOUíVE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!

(As Ryan jabs the scooper at Windhamís head, the feed is lost again.)

(CUTTO: Wide-shot of Key Arena.)


SB: He comes from bad stock...I mentioned that before.

BB: Fans...weíre almost out of time. This is crazy!

SB: At least Worthington was killed. Ryan or Windham may be, but Ben at heart is a good man.

(Place erupts.)

BB: What NOW?!

(CUTTO: Ryan and Windham fighting in the crowd. Second deck, both men pushed up against the four-foot cement wall. Windham with the CLAW AGAIN.)

BB: Windham wonít be denied! This is a street fight...and what does it say about me that Iím loving every minute of it?

SB: It says youíre an American. God bless ya.


SB: Better him than me. For taking out Troy Windham big brother is getting what he deserves! Itís judgment night in Seattle Buckley.

(Ryan, broken, battered, his face a crimson mask, raises one hand in the air to the crowd. Crowd chants: ďRYAN! RYAN! RYAN!)

(CUTTO: Benson and Buckleyís post. Both men sweating in complete disbelief.)

BB: I....fans. I...Sammy....

SB: Holy (BEEP) Buckley. Just say it.

BB: We gotta cut away... (fans pop big) NO MORE! NO MORE!

(CUTTO: Dan Ryan on the lower level seven steps from reaching the security railing. As he steps closer the fans reach out and hug him...a hero is born.)

BB: Ryanís been torn in two, but heís a fighter Iíll give him that.

SB: He left Windham for dead. In my book, that boy is all right.

(Ryan raises his hand in the air and YELLS. As the crowd gives a mad pop, an insanely pissed Windham leaps from behind Ryan and tackles Dan, sending him crashing down chest first into the security railing! The impact of the blow sends Windham rolling over Ryanís back and the security railing. A teenage fan caught half of it, and is crumpled below Ryan. A second later we see the kidís left arm twisted in the wrong direction. A bad break.)


SB: See...all this just served to piss the man off. This wonít be pretty. Iíve seen it too many times.

(fans boo unmercifully)

(Windham suspends Ryan halfway over the railing and wails away madly, hitting his back at will.)

BB: Enough is enough. This has gone too far.

(Windham yanks Ryan over the railing.)

SB: A minute ago you were loving it!


(Mark sends Ryan back first into the Iron Post.)

BB: Look at the look on the World Champís face. Heís lost his mind, Sammy. This isnít a game. Mark Windham is nuts!

(Windham pulls the table Ryan set up earlier over to him, then lays Ryan over it.)

SB: Iíve called the manís sanity into question the last ten years, but only now...are you willing to jump aboard the ship. Pfft!

(Mark, to the chagrin of the crowd, climbs on the apron and backs up. As the fans boo louder, Windham spits at them and climbs to the middle rope.)

BB: Get security out here! A manís career is in a lunaticís hands...OHMYSWEETMOTHER!!

(Buckley reacts to the Moonsault Windham just did to send Ryan crashing through the table.)

SB: Never seen that before.

BB: Mark Windham...mercy me. This shouldnít be happening right now.

(Windham rolls Ryan back in the ring. After pulling Dan leg-first to the iron post, Mark kicks the remnants of the table away.)

BB: Youíve got to be kidding me!? Mark...FIGURE FOUR AROUND THE IRON POST!

(Ryan SCREAMING in pain.)

SB: Perhaps had you and say, Merritt, gotten on board with me years ago, none of this would be happening right now.

BB: The World Champion pulling on legs for leverage...heís going to snap one of Ryanís knees right here!

(A gamy, sweat-soaked Ben Worthington walks over to Windham and counts for him to break it. 1....2.....3....)


SB: You would have thought the dead giveaway would be the fact that weíre still on the air...

BB: Mark looks at Worthington like heís lost his mind...but then has to break! LORD TAKE ME NOW IíVE SEEN IT ALL!

(Fans blow the roof again at Worthington restoring order.)

SB: I told you Ben was a good man. And you were ready to let him die... it wouldíve been Carl Young all over again.

(Windham incredulously stares at Ben then shoves Worthington in the chest. Worthington, curls his lips and SHOVES BACK to the delight of the crowd. Mark grabs Ben by the shirt, but Worthington mouths off to him, warning him heíll end the match.)

BB: That a boy Ben!

SB: Yeah, letís encourage the man to piss the Psycho off further. THATís a good move.

(As Ben counts Windham out, Mark smiles then climbs back in the ring.)

BB: Over thirty minutes from the start of this match, weíre back in the ring! Unreal! Iím glad we got our commercial breaks in early! Windham...props Ryan up in the corner, steps on the middle turnbuckle and raises up. Windham firing right hands away at Ryanís already busted open head!

(Mostly boos, but some people count...1..2...3..4..as Mark delivers blows.)

SB: They can count. Whoohoo.

(Ryan hooks the legs of Windham, then powers out of the corner, holding Windham up by the legs, and hitting the middle of the ring.)

BB: ATOMIC DROP BY RYAN! NO!! Windham blocked it, STANDING LARIAT AND RYANíS DOWN AGAIN! OHMYGAWD! Sammy, Ryanís back gave out...he couldnít bend low enough to finish the thought out.

SB: I admire the attempt. In all honesty.

BB: Windham, to a cascade of boos, signals for the end...he props Ryan up...Sammy this could be the Torture Rack!

(Windham throws one of Ryanís arms over his shoulders, then lifts Dan up...)

SB: IT IS, BUCKLEY! Youíre a genius! Of course, youíll never hear those words come out of my mouth again.


(As Windham tries to Ďrackí Ryan a third time his shoulder gives out, and on impulse, he drops Ryan. Ryan lands on his feet and instinctively reaches back, grabs Markís hair, and pulls him a foot back.. DROPPING WINDHAM WITH A REVERSE NECKBREAKER!)

(Biggest POP in Key Arena history.)

BB: Ryanís back in the game! I donít believe it!

(Ryan, too tired to signal for anything, stands Mark up, and sets up.)


(Even bigger POP.)


SB: Good Mother Of Goo.

BB: Worthington hits the mat! NEW CHAMPION..AFTER ALL THIS? OMHYGAWD! (Ryan barely finds the strength to cover Windham.) ONE (Worthingtonís hand hits the mat)....

(As Benís hand is half way down for TWO, the house LIGHTS GO OFF.)

(The show is in complete darkness.)

(Flash bulbs go off, as they do we see Worthingtonís hand hit for TWO.)

(A few more Flashes, the outline of Worthingtonís hand coming down is hardly visible.)


SB: Buckley, I pray thatís your hand on my leg and not...my own.

(House lights come back UP.)

(Ryanís to his feet, Worthington leaps up.)

BB: We had a power outage of some sort...what---

(Worthington lunges for Dan Ryanís hand, then raises it in the air.)

SB: Benny Boy is calling for the title!!

(Fans see that Worthington is declaring Ryan the winner and wet themselves.)

BB: That pin happened? What? In the dark? How could he see? (Worthington awards the belt to Ryan, as fans go nuts.) WEíVE GOT A NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! WEíVE GOT A NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION HERE IN THE CSWA! TITLE CHANGE! TITLE CHANGE! I donít believe it!

(As Windham wearily makes it to his knees holding the back of his neck, Ryan, belt in hand jumps out of the ring.)

(CUTTO: Ryan on the outside, a bloodied warrior raising his arms in victory, belt touching his lips, as the fans roar with their approval.)

BB: Sammy... Dan Ryan becomes the newest man to hold the biggest title in this sport.

(Windham to his feet, understands whatís going on and begins to react horribly.)

SB: Beats all Iíve ever seen. Two words Buckley to sum up this night...

BB: Sammy....

SB: Holy (BLEEP).

(Ryan is mobbed by a handful of fans as he makes his way up the aisle, beaming gloriously. Worthington, aided by two paramedics, edges past him.)

(CUTTO: Buckley and Bensonís post. Windham is kicking at the security railing and jawing with the fans makes his way over. Heís....not.....happy.)

WINDHAM: Buckley what the (BEEP)?

BUCKLEY: Mark...Ben counted it...

WINDHAM: Counted what?? I had my (BEEP) shoulder up at two! What the (BEEP) is going on!? Get (BEEP) Merritt down here right (BEEP) NOW!

BENSON: It looked clean to me...Psycho.

(Windham stares down Benson, then slaps the headset off him. As Sammy jolts back, Mark reaches for him, pulls him over the post and throws him to the ground. Crowd goes silent. Windham sets up, POWERBOMB! Benson misses the table and hits square on the concrete floor.)

(Everyone is in shock. A horrified Buckley throws off his headset and shoots up.)

BUCKLEY: Thatís Sammy, you... (Buckley starts wailing away at Windham.)

(Windham knees him in the gut, then DDTís Buckley. Windham takes off Buckleyís belt, and rips off Billís shirt.)

(Stunned silence as Windham whips Buckley with his own belt repeatedly.)

(CUTTO: Close-up shot of Windham eyeing the camera. Hair blood red, his face bruised and sweating blood, some his and some of it Ryanís. Windham opens his mouth, his teeth dripping crimson as well.


(CUTTO: Backstage. Dan Ryan, CSWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE slung over his shoulder, walks down a hallway propped up against a white wall...as Ryan walks by he leaves a blood trail behind him, smeared on the wall.)

(Ryan drops to his knees, unable to go on. He eyes the World Title in his hands. Itís really his. He laughs. Then looks up to the heavens and points.)