"Return Main Event"

"Welcome to ON TIME!"

"Fired Up"

"Manny: Take Two"

"A Voice of Reason"

The Normans vs. Hip Hop Express

"The X-Man"

Xavier Lynn vs. Ricky Starr

"The 27th"

"And The Truth"

Cameron Dayvis vs. Wesley Paige

Mr. Wrestling #27 vs. Henderson Bramble

"A Return"

"Piss Man"

Kin Hiroshi vs.
Jean Rabesque


CSWA World:
Dan Ryan

United States:
Tom Adler

Eddie Mayfield

Kin Hiroshi

Unified Tag:
The Professionals

Return Main Event

(FADEIN: Backstage Madison Square Garden, road agent Brian Nord is sitting at a table near the rear entrance, enjoying a hot coffee and glazed donut. Suddenly the door swings open. A figure steps into the doorway, but the sun is still high enough to obscure his features, reducing him to a silhouette.)

Nord: Who's there?

(The figure walks into the building and the door shuts behind him. Before we can see his face the camera cuts to Brian Nord, who starts sputtering coffee everywhere. He rushes to stand up, knocking both his coffee and donut to the floor.)

Nord: Holy sh... um... What the hell are YOU doing here?!

(The camera pans back over to the new arrival, revealing him to be none other than "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson. The crowd's boos can be heard even though the two men are nowhere near the main area. Sampson smiles sincerely before he begins to speak.)

Sampson: Actually, I was hoping I could see Chad Merritt today.

Nord: Th...there's just no way he's going to see you. Not after that invasion business and then you leaving the way you did.

Sampson: Hey, I screwed up; I admit it. I'm ready to commit to the CSWA now though. I'm not invading the place. I don't even have anyone on my side this time. None of my former cohorts even knew I was going to be here today.

Nord: Even so, as much as I'm sure it'd be great to have you here...Merritt still gets red in the face when he hears your name mentioned. He fired a ring attendant for wearing one of your t-shirts the other day!

Sampson: He's that upset, eh? Damn. Still, I'd like a face-to-face meeting with the man himself.

Nord: Look, even if he does you let come back, I know good and well he'd put you under the new contract system. You get a set number of trial dates and if in that time he doesn't like what he sees, you're gone. Do you honestly think he's going to give you a fair shot?

Sampson: I'll never know without talking to him. I know I'm not going to be popular around here, but I'm never popular anyway. I don't exactly go around endearing myself to management figures. Call it a... character flaw.

(Sampson cracks a smile, as does Nord.)

Nord: I'll go to bat for you...THIS ONE TIME. You screw any of us over and I'll personally put you out on your ass. Whatever happens, I hope you're prepared to earn your stripes with the rookies around here.

Sampson: I'll do whatever it takes. Thanks for your time.

(The two men shake hands and Nord walks off, leaving Sampson alone. He looks around his surroundings a bit, then turns and walks out of the building.)


Welcome to ON TIME!

BILL BUCKLEY (V/O): "This program is protected by CS Enterprises copyright. Unlawful duplication and distribution prohibited."

(CUE UP: “Jack The Ripper by Link Wray and His Ray Men”)

(FADEIN: The ON TIME logo at the top of the ramp from the show’s debut.

CUT TO: The Professionals walking backstage, both with a cigarette in mouth.

CUT TO: Eli and Troy “playing tug-of-war” in the crowd with a chair from ANNIVERSARY 2001.

CUT TO: Triple X flying to the outside with a senton splash at ANNIVERSARY 2001.

CUT TO: Tom Adler holding the United States title.

CUT TO: Kin Hiroshi coming from the top with a Hiroshima Bomb.

CUT TO: George Washington Knife Edge Chopping Eddie Mayfield.

CUT TO: Hornet nailing Cameron Cruise with a Shooting Star Press.

CUT TO: The New Suicide Squad at the top of the ramp.

CUT TO: Lawrence Stanley proudly waving the American and British flags.

CUT TO: Shane Southern dropping Bandit with a Reverse DDT.

CUT TO: Faceless taking off his mask to reveal himself as Mike Randalls.

CUT TO: Nathan Cross standing along the middle turnbuckle with a hand raised to the Crossovers.

CUT TO: PI-CAM" shot of a WOMAN signing GUNS' words for the benefit of the hearing impaired at PT.

CUT TO: Eli Flair with a Razor’s Edge on Mark Windham from the second rope.

CUT TO: Flair tackling Troy In Anaheim.

CUT TO: Windham piledriving Troy outside.

CUT TO: Dan Ryan throwing Windham into a merchandising stand.

CUT TO: Windham being dropped from the 2nd tier.

CUT TO: Windham moonsaulting Ryan through a table.

CUT TO: Mark Windham being Humility Bombed by Dan Ryan.

CUT TO: Ben Worthington awarding Dan Ryan the World title as an endearing crowd looks on.

CUT TO: A montage image of the Kevin Powers, Intruders, Shane Southern, Hornet, Triple X, Mark Windham, Evan Aho , Lawrence Stanley, Eli Flair and Randalls.

CUT TO: Poison Ivy cracking Mini-Ivy over the head with a cane.

HOLD AND FADE ON: A smiling Ivy backstage.

(The music slowly fades out as the image transitions to...)

Fired Up

(The Hip Hop Express outside the arena, partaking in their pre-match ritual of “blazin’ up”.)

II: Yo Boogie, looks like we finally got a match, dawg. After pleading with the suits for months, the CSWA has been kind enough to grace us with an opportunity to show the world what we’re made of…like they didn’t know already. They have us booked up against the Mormons.

BS: Not those damn Latter Day Saint fools!

II: Oh, my bad…must have had a typo on the sheet I got. It’s the Normans.

BS: Who are they? Better yet, what in the world are they doing tryin’ to step to us?

II: Don’t know…don’t care. Hey, you gonna pass that?

(Inferno reaches over and snatches the blunt away from Boogie.)

BS: Normans, consider this BEATDOWN your initiation into tha CSWA.

II: We’re pissed, underutilized, and ready to put our foots in people’s asses!

BS: That’s feet, my man.

(Inferno Ice shrugs his shoulders and starts to puff the blunt.)

BS: The CSWA has been oppressin’ us since day one and I’m sick of it. You got a brotha’ on tha roster and you want to hide him. Why? You think I’m gonna steal somethin’? That’s just stupid, I got enough money I don’t need to do all that. Y’all don’t realize the potential goldmine y’all futhamuckas is sittin’ on!

II: The Pros have had the tag titles forever and we ain’t ever got a shot at them. The way we see it, we’re the number one contenders. Men of Adventure were lined up for a title shot and then we took them out! So by default, we should be the ones in the limelight. We should be the ones getting our just deserve. We’ve been here for too damn long to not get what we got owed to us. And now you’re gonna try to throw us a bone by havin’ us wrestle the Normans?

BS: No offense to tha Normans. I’m sure they’re good kids and all, but we’re gonna have to BUST YOU UP! Because maybe people aren’t takin’ us seriously…and I guess we have to make an example out of you! Don’t take this ass whippin’ personal, it’s just business. BELIEVE ‘DAT!

II: Word to ya’ sister. Peace.

Manny: Take Two

(CUTTO: John Simons and Manuel Juarez at their post twenty-feet to the left of the rampway, the pair sits behind a fake marble desk and a well-made ON TIME logo hanging overhead. Assorted papers are scattered over the table, the outline of two small monitors encased in the table viewable only to Simons and Juarez can be seen. 20,000 raving fans blow the roof off behind them.)

JS: We’re LIVE from New York City....

MJ: New York City Juan?

JS: Indeed Manny. CSWA ON TIME’s sold out Madison Square Garden and for the next hour we’re going to show America why.

MJ: Great people here to see me. Manny Juarez sing God Bless The USA. Juan, I do it. Juan I will sing for these great people.

JS: Try and I’ll cut you mic.

(Manuel starts chanting quietly, “Manny! Manny! Manny!”)

MJ: Yes. Yes I hear you. Manny have fans after one show. Manny not like other bum by same name. No, this Manny hustles and performs in the clutch.

JS: It’s good to see you’re not letting success go to your head.

MJ: (pounds heart) Manny keep it real, Juan.

JS: We’ve got so much show tonight fans, it’s criminal...

MJ: Hey she 18. She said she was 18.

JS: For crying out loud...

MJ: I kid, I kid. Let Manny tell the people about show. It’s so great, it’ll make her look 18!

JS: Forgive my co-host fans, last weekend he was finally able to scale Janet Jackson’s California home’s security fence...

MJ: (singing) These magic moment...

JS: We have no more time to waste, so...

MJ: Before we go any further, let Manny explain Juan about Hartford lawsuit against Merritt...

JS: Manny there’s no lawsuit. Merritt choose to postpone the Hartford show for a later date. And to their credit Hartfordians have accepted the move.

MJ: Hart what? Use time times and make it a word right? Raise game Juan we’re in New York. Hartfordians picking stones now to throw at Merritt on said later date.

JS: You have issues. Period.

A Voice of Reason

(CUTTO: Tight shot on the blue eyes of a newcomer.)

VOICEOVER: It doesn't matter what I do tonight.

(CUTTO: Tight shot of the wrists of NEWCOMER. Both are wrapped in white athletic tape.)

VOICEOVER: It doesn't matter how many times I beat you down.

(CUTTO: A single black boot being laced up.)

VOICEOVER: It doesn't matter whether I win or lose.

(CUTTO: A side view of a pair of black lycra shorts, pulled up around the waist with the simple lettering of 'TDA' on the front.)

VOICEOVER: But like it or not, tonight, I will make a statement.

(CUTTO: A man standing staring at his own reflection in the mirror. He stands around 6'1, and has a smallish, muscular frame that does not bely his nearly 220 lbs of bulk.)

VOICEOVER: I've trained for tonight for my entire life.

(TRUCKTO: Camera trucks to the right passing behind the solemn figure. As the reflection disappears, then reappears with the camera movement, the man is now smiling.)

VOICEOVER: The mental conditioning, the physical and emotional have prepared me for this one shot. If I fail, I'll be cast out among the Space Gods and Elimination Squads. The WASP and more...

(CUTTO: Tight shot of the smiling reflection)

VOICEOVER: But if I succeed, I could be the next Hornet, Eli Flair, or Mike Randalls. I don't even know what's going to happen. But no matter what, I'm ready for it. With every success, comes a certain degree of failure. And with every failure comes success.

(CUTTO: Tight shot of the man, now turned around, and starting to walk out of the small room he was in.)

VOICEOVER: No matter what, I will be a success. And I will fail. When you play the Devils Advocate, you can never win. Or lose, for that matter...

(CUTTO: The man headbutting the door as he walks out of the room. He yells something in audible, and walks down the hallway.)

VOICEOVER: My name is Cameron Dayvis, and you're just starting to see things from MY point of view.

(FADETO: A graphic that reads "The Devil's Advocate...")
(FADETO: A quick glimpse of the man himself.)
(FADETO: Black)

The Normans vs. Hip Hop Express

The Normans were on their way to the ring when the Hip Hop Express jumped them from behind. Inferno Ice tossed Donaven into the ring steps and Boogie Smallz worked over Trevor. The battle outside of the ring took place for several minutes before the referee rang the bell and got the action moved to the inside. Once in the ring the Normans seemed to be able to hang with the former two-time World tag team champions.

Inferno Ice missed a suicide dive onto the floor and the Normans quickly took advantage. They worked over Ice for several minutes, until he somehow miraculously made the tag to Boogie Smallz. Boogie threw several haymakers to both Normans, then delivered a big boot to Trevor, sending him out of the ring and to the floor. Boogie then worked over Donaven with several head-butts and elbows. He then tagged Inferno Ice in. Boogie nailed Donaven with a powerbomb and Ice followed it up with a frog splash off the top rope, hooking the leg for the three count.

WINNER: The Hip Hop Express

The camera zooms in on Boogie Smallz as he is celebrating in the ring.

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Miles! Mayfield! We’re comin’ for ya’! Believe ‘dat!

The X-Man

(Scene cuts to the backstage area with Rudy Seizter waiting for his cue to start his interview with CSWA new comer, but certainly not the youngest newcomer, Xavier Lynn. With the CSWA backdrop in place, Rudy gets the cue to start and the camera turns on.)

Rudy Seizter: Ladies and Gentlemen I am standing beside one of the older superstars here in the CSWA. From Toronto Canada, Xavier Lynn, and let me be the first to say welcome Xavier, it’s about time we got some experience in the ring.

Xavier Lynn: Thank you Rudy, and yes I do bring the Experience, to the table. Think about it with me. The bright lights, the big city, the big apple New York City! Life couldn’t be greater could it? Well it can for Xavier Lynn. You have been here awhile haven’t you Seizter?

Rudy Seizter: Well yes I have.

Xavier Lynn: So you might say, you have more experience at conducting such a glorious interview such as this one, am I right?

Rudy Seizter: Yes I guess you could say that.

Xavier Lynn: Right Rudy, and just like you have experience with your job, I have experience with mine. Isn’t the business built on experience? Don’t the most experience get ahead? Well of course they do. It’s all a cycle and it all takes time. Sure I am old, but as the great quote says, with age comes experience! And that is what I bring to the table. Not name value, not some fancy in ring trick, I bring experience!

Rudy Seizter: Well we will see how much your experience takes you as tonight you take opponent Ricky Starr.

Xavier Lynn: Rick Starr…Ricky Starr…the glorious Ricky Starr am I right? You know I am honored to take on Ricky Starr here tonight, in the great New York City!

Rudy Seizter: Seems like you’re taking him a little lightly.

Xavier Lynn: Maybe I am. Maybe I should give him just a little more credit where it is due. He is young, has his life ahead of him, and is looking to take a big leap at my expense. So no Mr. Seizter, I am not taking him lightly. The difference between Ricky and me is simple. He has a life ahead of him, while I need to make the move now. There is no waiting, no holding back. It’s either the top of the mountain or the gutter below.

Rudy Seizter: Seems like you go everything in order.

Xavier Lynn: Let’s just say, I am taking it a day at a time. And right now, here in front of the New Yorkers, I will show Ricky Starr just what the Experience is all about!

(Xavier walks off camera and leaves Rudy smiling with another successful interview done, and a new wrestler bringing the wrestling back into the business.)

Xavier Lynn vs. Ricky Starr

With Ricky Starr already waiting in the ring, Xavier Lynn made his debut in front of the New York crowd. Xavier steps slowly down to the ring, soaking in his first appearance for all it was worth. When they finally lock up, Xavier gets an early advantage with a takedown. Using his mat skills, he quickly ties in a headlock that Ricky fights out of. Not to be outdone, Starr puts a headlock on Xavier, which he quickly reverses into a backdrop. Taking a second to recover Xavier heads for the top rope and a missile dropkick.

Kick out

Xavier takes control of the match with a variety of suplex’s and hard right hands. But Ricky does score an offence in and takes control with his own suplex and punch combination, scoring a quick two count on the elder Lynn. Lynn quickly rebounds with a hard clothesline and takes a second to get the crowd hyped up. He heads to the top rope and nails a high cross body and rolls into the pin.

3..kick out

Lynn quickly brushes it off and waits for Starr to get back to his feet before executing a bulldog the sends Starr face straight into the mat. Quickly Lynn bounces off the middle rope for a lionsault but this is blocked as Starr puts his knees up. Starr thinking he has a momentum shift climbs the turnbuckle and waits for Lynn to raise from the mat. A mistake as he leaps, Lynn grabs his legs and Starr lands hard on the mat. Quickly Lynn rolls Ricky Starr over in to a raised Boston crab or better known as The Experience.


Ricky Starr taps out to Xavier Lynn. A success victory for his first appearance in CSWA. Xavier exits the ring and the match cuts out.

The 27th

(FADEIN to the locker room area of Madison Square Garden. We see Rudy Seitzer outside of a dressing room that reads "Mr. Wrestling #27" on the door. Rudy opens the door up, and walks in. We see the back of a man's head, he has short dirty blond hair.)

RUDY SEITZER: Mr. Wrestling #27, tonight's your CSWA debut, and I just wanted to know what your opinion was of stepping into the ring with one Henderson Bramble?

(As we still see the back of the man's head, he scuffles around his bag and rips out a mask and throws it over his face.)

MR. WRESTLING 27: Hey man, did you ever hear of knocking?

RUDY SEITZER: I'm sorry, 27. I just want to know what your feelings are..

MR. WRESTLING 27: I'm very excited to be here at the CSWA. While I'm not too excited about the quality of my competion, all I've got to say is that it's great to be wrestling in the biggest organization in North America. Scratch that, the world. I've been waiting for a long time for the CSWA to come calling. They've seen everything I've been doing overseas for the past couple of years, and finally they called me to a meeting and signed me to a contract. The rest, as they say, is history.

RUDY SEITZER: So what exactly are your goals here in the CSWA?

MR. WRESTLING 27: Basically, I'd like to see some pride brought back to this sport. While I was competing overseas, I would get tapes sent to me by friends. I saw all of the politics involved, and all of the filth that this sport has become today. I'm here to try and change that, to instill some humility in the lives of all of the guys who bring this great sport down.

RUDY SEITZER: Now that's what I like to hear. Who exactly are you gunning for?

MR. WRESTLING 27: I don't have anyone in mind right now, but I'll tell you what. This whole big thing is going to end with me winning the big prize in the CSWA, their world championship. Rudy, I've gotta continue to prepare for this match. Please man, knock next time.

RUDY SEITZER: Thanks 27, best of luck.

And The Truth

(The screen comes in backstage at On Time, where Jean Rabesque stands alone, he is dressed to wrestle, NO FALSE GIMMICKS gear and all, he stares silently, takes a drink of water, and then speaks)

Rabesque: Listen..... listen close. The waves of change are slowly spreading across the CSWA. It has far from been a sudden thing, but instead it has been something very gradual. And now, tonight, at On Time, the next phase takes over. Hiroshi, as far as I'm concerned, you're part of the old regime, and you're holding something that will soon become part of the new era. Sure, to some the Greensboro Championship might not be much, but to me, it marks a beginning.

I'm not going to lie, the Greensboro Championship is not my main goal. But it sure would be nice right now. (Chuckles) Everyone has to start somewhere, right? My goal eventually is what the "Ego Buster" himself has in his possession right now. But for the moment Hiroshi, you're all that I'm worried about.

Remember? You started this! You looked down on me, you thought that I was nothing. I guess it's put up or shut up time, ain't it Hiroshi? It's time to prove that you really do have what it takes, or it's time to show to the world that you were just a placeholder until someone better came around.

Tonight, at a little show, far from the spotlights of CSWA 15, the first ripples will be felt. Some may not even notice tonight, but I guarantee that they soon will. They will see the best damn wrestler in the world make his mark in yet another place. And Hiroshi, pretty soon, you'll again be referred to as "That one guy, remember him?" Sooner than you think Kin, sooner than you think. No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am Jean Rabesque.

Cameron Dayvis vs. Wesley Paige

The match starts with both men in the ring. DAYVIS circles PAIGE. PAIGE moves in and both men lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. PAIGE pushes DAYVIS back to the turnbuckle. REFEREE asks for a break, and PAIGE breaks clean. DAYVIS comes out of the corner and circles clockwise. PAIGE circles clockwise as well. BOTH lock up again, and DAVYIS pushes Paige back into a turnbuckle. REFEREE asks for another break. DAYVIS breaks clean. PAIGE charges into DAYVIS. DAYVIS with a hiptoss take down. PAIGE back up. PAIGE charges again, DAYVIS with another hiptoss. PAIGE lands on his feet and off the ropes. DAYVIS to the ground, PAIGE jumps over. DAYVIS back up. PAIGE returns. DAYVIS with a leapfrog. PAIGE under. PAIGE back off ropes. DAYVIS with a dropkick. PAIGE down. DAYVIS over with an armbar. PAIGE to his feet. PAIGE reverses to rear hammerlock. DAYVIS reverses to rear hammerlock. PAIGE reaches behind and grabs the head of DAYVIS. DAYVIS lifts PAIGE off the ground and PAIGE rolls through into a headlock. FANS clap and appreciate the technical wrestling.

DAYVIS with a reversal into a sitting headlock. PAIGE to his feet. PAIGE with elbows to the stomach of DAYVIS. DAYVIS releases the hold. PAIGE off the ropes. DAYVIS with a drop toe hold. DAYVIS steps over, and locks in an STF. PAIGE struggles to ropes, and DAYVIS breaks the hold. PAIGE slow to get up. DAYVIS moves in and lifts PAIGE for a Belly to Back Suplex. DAYVIS bridges to pin, REFEREE counts TWO before PAIGE kicks out. DAYVIS immediately grabs PAIGE and locks in a rear Chinlock, working on his lower back. DAYVIS pulls PAIGE backwards, applying more pressure. REFEREE checks PAIGE. DAYVIS releases the hold and pulls PAIGE off the mat. DAYVIS with a vertical suplex. DAYVIS back up, and climbs to the second turnbuckle. PAIGE rolls to his back. DAYVIS drops a knee to the back of PAIGE. DAYVIS pulls PAIGE up, and puts him in Powerbomb position. DAYVIS locks the arms of PAIGE and lifts him into a butterfly suplex. DAYVIS releases PAIGE and drops him across his knee on PAIGE's back.

DAYVIS holds PAIGE across his knee, and pushes down on his leg and neck, working on his back again. DAYVIS tosses PAIGE off his knee, and rolls him to the center of the ring. DAYVIS climbs to the top rope and jumps onto the back of PAIGE. PAIGE grimmaces in pain. DAYVIS stands over PAIGE, and grabs him in a REVERSE DRAGON SLEEPER! REFEREE checks PAIGE, who taps out.

Winner: DAYVIS in 4:14 by SUBMISSION

(CUTTO: Announce Booth.)

JS: Impressive debut from the youngster, Cameron Dayvis!

MJ: You're right about that. He was just dominant. It was almost like he was toying with him at the beginning there, trying to get a feel for his style.

JS: Looks like he very well could be the next Eli Flair, just like he said! Good to see some fresh talent here in the CSWA!

Mr. Wrestling #27 vs. Henderson Bramble

(CUT TO the ring. CUEUP: "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte. We see Mr. Wrestling #27 walking to the ring to a pretty decent reaction.)

JOHN SIMONS: We're finally about to see the debut of the man known only as Mr. Wrestling #27. He got a pretty decent reaction from the crowd. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with that.

MANUEL JUAREZ: Get real, Simons. These people weren't born yesterday. I think they were cheering for the song moreso than anything. The fans of the CSWA don't just cheer a man because he comes out here and says that he's going to fight for everything that's right in this world, and this sport.

(CUT TO 4:37 in to the match.)

JOHN SIMONS: Mr. Wrestling 27 has been making it look easy in here with Henderson Bramble. 27 sends him into the ropes and jumps on top of him with a Thesz press. He punches him in the face a few times, and now back to his feet. He picks Bramble up, and now slams him down on to the mat.

MANUEL JUAREZ: Seriously though, I don't remember the first 26 Mr. Wrestling's.

JOHN SIMONS: Mr. Wrestling 27 now climbing up to the top rope, SENTON BOMB! 27 now grabs his legs, and he slaps him in a move that has gained acclaim in other federations as the Edgeacator! Bramble's face says it all, and he's in a world of pain. The referee is asking him if he wants to give it up, and he's trying to pull himself over to the ropes.

MANUEL JUAREZ: I have to say, that this guy's been pretty good. I wasn't believing the hype, after all of the great stuff he's said about himself since he first showed up on the scene.

JOHN SIMONS: Mr. Wrestling #27 leaning back even more, and there it is! Bramble has given it up. Mr Wrestling #27 climbs up to the second rope, and raises both arms in the air. The people here in Hartford are giving this guy a pretty modest ovation for his debut. I'm expecting big things out of him.

(FADEOUT, as Mr. Wrestling #27 walks around ringside and slaps the hands of the fans.)

A Return

(CUTTO- Bill Buckley standing in the middle of the ring.)

BUCKLEY: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to be conducting this next interview, please join me in welcoming JAAAAAAYYYY TEEEEEEEE TYYYLLLERRRR!

(“American Badass” by Kid Rock blares over the loudspeakers, as the crowd explodes into cheers. The video wall displays highlights of his CSWA career, while this happens JT walks out, decked out in an Armani suit. He stops a few times, and slaps a couple of hands, before entering the ring and shaking Buckley’s hand.)

BUCKLEY: Allow me to be the first to say “Welcome back”! (Crowd responds)

TYLER: It is good to be back, I’ll tell you what.

BUCKLEY: So how’ve you been? New England based promotion activities and Internet columns not withstanding?

TYLER: (smirks) Just enjoying married life in Hawaii, but you and I both know you didn’t rbing me into this ring to shoot the breeze….

BUCKLEY: True…you will go down in history as not only one of the best wrestlers here in the CSWA but in the history of the business. When will we see you in this ring again?

TYLER: (in a supercilious tone) yer seein me in one now! (Buckley just grins) Truth be told, I have already wrestled in my last match. (Crowd clamors) That’s right, I’m retired from active competition.

BUCKLEY: ….and why is that? You’re not too old to compete…

TYLER: I should hope not, I’m not even 40 yet, in fact I’m in the best shape of my life. I retired simply because, I have nothing left to prove. Sure, I could keep going, but there’s no challenge for me anymore… as a wrestler.

BUCKLEY: “As a wrestler”, what do you mean by that part?

TYLER: What I mean is, my time in the ring may be done, but my skills have quite a ride left in them.

BUCKLEY: So you’re saying you’re going to manage someone? (Crowd responds enthusiastically)

TYLER: No, I never wanted a manager in my career, I don’t want to be one, it would be hypocritical. What I DO want to do is recruit people for my training facility.

BUCKLEY: Training facility?

TYLER: Yeah, I opened one a little while back, business is good and I want to expand. So what I gonna do is hang out for awhile, evaluate everyone, and see whose career I wanna better. So (looking into the crowd) I’ll still be around!

(Crowd cheers)

BUCKLEY: Anyone in mind?

TYLER: Not yet…but I have plenty of time to figure out who I want.

BUCKLEY: JT Tyler back in the CSWA and after a few good men! John!

(CUTTO: John and Manny)

JS: Manny, Tyler’s appearance here tonight highlights ON TIME’s unpredictability. I love it.

MJ: Yes Juan. Never know what will happen. People in Hartford screw out of matches, but Mr. Tyler looking for stars. When I wish, Juan, upon a star, I wish for so many great things...


Piss Man

(As the ring clears after the Tyler interview, the lights go out unexpectedly.)

(VOICE OVER: James Earl Jones as Vader screaming, “There will be no one to stop us this time.”

(CUE UP: “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes.)

(Twenty-five police officers file out onto the aisleway single file in two lines. Once positioned against the security railing, they join hands and form a blockade.)

(Two men in white radioactive suits slowly walk down the aisle, one carrying a plastic glass, with smoke pouring from the top, the other a small battery powered fan, blowing the smoke emitting from the top of the glass off him.)

(Fans stand, curiosity acting as a silencer and judgment holding pending the segment’s ability to escape disaster.)

(The flood of cops follow the radioactive suits into the ring, and with precision secure the ring.)

(The suit holding the smoking glass extends his hand, the other reaches for a microphone in his suit and hands it over.)

(Microphone in hand the suit waits for his partner to slip off his hood.)

(Crowd pops.)

(Joey Melton smiles and winks to his hometown crowd as Calvin Carlton removes his hood.)

JOEY MELTON: (in robotic voice) Greetings Earthlings. I am Lunbar and this is my chief operating system, Tobor. (Carlton starts doing the robot.) We have come from a great distance to disable human #00851432-A.

CALVIN CARLTON: Earth name Craig Miles. We must Disassemble, Disassemble, Disassemble.

MELTON: Yes. Thank you Tobor. We have been sent by our superiors to alert this planet of Craig Miles rehabilitation. In my hand I hold Miles’ week-old drug test. Due to it’s nature Miles will not be lying down for me tonight.


MELTON: I understand your disappointment, but the severity of the situation is just cause. Like the Ark in Raiders, Miles’ sample is a source of unspeakable power, capable of leveling mountains, picking up country-western stations from three states and taking local college girls’ virginity. It must be researched.

CARLTON: And it will be.

MELTON: Until he poses no danger Miles is suspended from the CSWA.

CARLTON: To teach humans love, and understanding Lunbar and I have checked Craig into a rehab chamber.

MELTON: That is correct, Tobor. If you all will kindly direct your attention to the eye sore near the entrance we have Miles via satellite.


(Barely visible inside of a dark, smoke-filled room sits a midget, three days worth of stubble on his face, sporting a hair net and old school Ray Ban sunglasses.)


MELTON: Miles how are you buddy?

CRAIG MILES: Joey? Is that you? Man you’re so bright, like a pigeon with multi-colored wings.

(ON MELTON: Joey looks at Carlton for help.)

MELTON: (waving his hand to Miles) Craig...how..


MELTON: Okay, Okay. Relax. Craig how’s the chamber treating you?

(More smoke emits from Miles’ body.)

CRAIG MILES: Dubiously. Hang on! My nose is running...

(Miles grabs his nose.)

MELTON: Your nose is running?

CRAIG MILES: My nose is running around the room, and I can’t catch it!

(The Garden erupts with laughter.)

MELTON: Your nose is fine Craig. Can you see all these people? They’re all here to support you!

CRAIG MILES: Aww. I appreciate it. Actually Joey I’ve been writing some PRO-SE to keep busy. You want to hear?

MELTON: Sure. (looks into the seats) Right? (Crowd cheers.)

CRAIG MILES: (clears throat)
There was a duck in my room
How? You ask, well
It rode in on a broom.
There was a duck in my room
And now I know this bad boy
Is in need of PRO-ZAC.

(Miles smiles, the poetry reading complete.)

(Crowd rolls into the aisle laughing.)

MELTON: That...was...good Craig. (Joey wipes sweat from his forehead and smiles.) So when are you...

CRAIG MILES: (screaming) BIN-O...BIN-O...BIN-0...and Bingo was his name Oh. (Miles starts over. BIN-O...BIN-0...BIN-0...and Bingo was his name Oh.

(Melton’s mouth opens but no words follow. When was Joey last speechless? New York for that matter.)

CARLTON: (picking right up.) B...I............N...................O........

(Melton and the Garden follow suit.)

MILES/MELTON/CARLTON/NEW YORK: BIN-O...BIN-0...BIN-0...and Bingo was his name Oh!

(Wild cheers. If only the Rangers were this good.)

MELTON: That’s great Miles. Hang in there buddy. I got a feeling you’re going to make it.

(Joey slashes at his throat, and the connection with Miles is lost.)

MELTON: This ad sponsored by The Truth. It’s not often Joey Melton comes before you and speaks honestly or for the benefit of others. Tonight I will however. It’s easy to laugh at Craig and miss the cry for help. Miles suffers from an addiction that lays waste to millions of people every year. Instead of labeling, and prejudging Craig, we need to step into his shoes. Once we understand the reasoning behind his addiction, we’ll be more apt to help him and fellow men and women crippled by the same disease. Craig Miles has caved under the pressure of being a mid-carder. How many of you would light yourself up as Craig has, if given the same lack of talent? How many of you would still be able to roll out of bed each morning, knowing you’re ten years older than you claim to be, that like Anthony Hopkins in the Human Stain there’s a secret hiding beneath the surface of your mediocrity? Craig Miles’ secret is this: he’s wanted this suspension for years. Miles has been crying out for someone to throw in the towel and stop a career built on riding the backs of others, from moving forward. Craig...Carlton and I have stopped it. You can go back to your momma’s steakhouse and beg for a job. You’ve been overmatched the last twenty years in this business, but now the pressure is gone. Go home Miles. It’s okay to leave now.

But kids, there are other mid-carders just like Craig. Leathered face, yellow teeth, who have to be saved, other souls begging for the rehabilitation chamber. Carlton and I can’t do it alone. We need your generosity. Through the Melton foundation you can help save the live of an over-matched mid-carder.

CARLTON: So very true. We’re not asking you to adopt a Cambodian child, or save a doomed rain forest. Our aim is more realistic.

MELTON; Sponsor and save a Craig Miles through The Melton Foundation. No donation is too small.

CARLTON: One-time donations are welcomed, but also...through our gold plan for a monthly fee you can sponsor a Miles. Your sponsorship gets you: A members only jacket, monthly letters written by the mid-carder, photographs of important days in their rehab, and last but not least, a personalized “I saved a mid-carder” T-shirt.

MELTON: In all sizes. The Christmas season is nearly upon us. Cleanse your soul today and make a donation, or go a step further and SPONSOR A MID-CARDER! Call now at 1-900-456-8721 to get set up, or write to the Melton Foundation! Check the CSWA website for the mailing address and more information! Thank you!

(Carlton and Melton leave to a standing ovation.)


(Melton sips on bottled water, as he and Carlton stand aimlessly.)

CARLTON: The Melton foundation? You sprung that one on me Joseph.

MELTON: Joseph? (Melton eyes Carlton sarcastically) Sorry. Went over well I thought.

CARLTON: Splendidly, but I’m still not...

MELTON: Geez you irritant. I know you’re living in a state of denial about my lack of wealth, but that witch has my money tied up. You know how slow our court system is, it could be a year or longer before this is resolved.

CARLTON: I understand, but...

MELTON: But...what? I refuse to wait that long! With no money, I’m.....ONE OF THEM!

(Carlton gasps, then throws his right hand over Melton’s mouth.)

CARLTON: That word will not be uttered in my presence.

MELTON: (pulls Calvin’s hand away) Look at me Carlton...it’s only a matter of time before I wilt away.

CARLTON: Or Troy kills you. I’m surprised she agreed to take you in.

MELTON: It’s short-lived I assure you. I don’t want to talk about Lindsay Troy. Lindsay Troy does not exist. Repeat after me, Troy....

CARLTON: Troy...

MELTON: Does not...

CARLTON: Does not...

MELTON: Exist.... (Joey’s cell phone goes off. He looks at it and sighs.)

CARLTON: If that’s for a job interview, I’m leaving right now and for the remainder of our time on God’s green earth you’re dead in my eyes.

MELTON: Shush. It’s Lindsay...

CARLTON: It’s Lindsay...

MELTON: Reminding me to pick up some things on the way home.

CARLTON: Reminding me to pick up some things on the way home.

MELTON: Quit quoting me you ass.


MELTON: Now do you see the urgency of the situation? She’s got me doing chores to earn my keep! Dry cleaning, etc. It’s like being married again!

CARLTON: I see I see! But how’s the.....

(A roadie steps to Melton, laughing, and slips him $5.)

ROADIE: That was great man. Bring my t-shirt next week... (laughs)

(Joey and Calvin eye one another, as the roadie walks away.)

CARLTON: (to the roadie) T-shirts are only free for members!

Greensboro Championship

Kin Hiroshi vs. Jean Rabesque

The match started out with a stare down between the two combatants, which then escalated into blows as Hiroshi and Rabesque started going back and forth. Hiroshi got the early advantage with a knee to the stomach, followed by a flying crossbody, which got a quick 2 count. Rabesque got up quickly, but Hiroshi stayed on the attack, executing a dropkick, sending Rabesque to the outside.

Hiroshi followed Rabesque to the outside, and the two would battle out there for a bit, with Rabesque regaining the advantage by sending Hiroshi crashing into the ring steps. Rabesque would then climb up onto the ring apron, and drop a knee across the throat of Hiroshi. From there, Rabesque would isolate the left leg of Kin Hiroshi, again sending it crashing into the steel steps outside.

Back in the ring, Rabesque would continue to work the left leg, consistently draping it over the bottom rope, and bringing his entire body weight down crashing on. Hiroshi could not be kept down, though, as a rake to the eyes quickly brought Rabesque down. From there, Hiroshi would execute a number of violent suplexes, each of which would result in a two count. However, the injury to the leg would keep Hiroshi grounded, as he was unable to take to the air. Rabesque nearly gained the pinfall and the title with a quick rollup, but only could gain a 2 count, much to the disappointment of the crowd, who thought they might be seeing a title change on On Time!

Hiroshi responded to this with a violent clothesline that nearly decapitated to the ring veteran Rabesque. Hiroshi would then whip Rabesque into the ropes, but duck his head to early for a backbody drop and instead got a Rabesque boot right between the eyes. This gave Rabesque a chance to recover. He would again slow the pace of the match a bit and hit some suplexes of his own, including a crisp bridged German suplex that resulted in a two count. Rabesque then signaled to the crowd that he was going for his patented Figure 4 Leglock, and the crowd rose to its feet in anticipation. However, Hiroshi was able to roll up Rabesque for an apparent three count, or at least that was what Hiroshi thought. He celebrated as if he had just won the match, although the referee adamantly signaled that it was a 2 count. Rabesque came from behind Hiroshi and nearly beheaded him with a DDT. From there, Rabesque locked in the Figure Leglock! The crowd was in absolute bedlam as Hiroshi struggled towards the rope, only to have Rabesque drag him away. In the end, the pain on Hiroshi's leg was just too much, as he tapped out, and a NEW Greensboro Champion was crowned!!

After the match, the referee handed the belt to Rabesque who climbed to each of the middle turnbuckles as the crowd cheered him on, before finally throwing the belt over his shoulder and triumphantly heading to the back!

Winner and NEW Greensboro Champion: Jean Rabesque

JS: A new Greensboro Champion! Jean Rabesque’s first steps to greatness!

MJ: Juan, only in this great state of New York. Feel sorry for great fan in Hartford, but Manny shines brighter in big lights.

(Manny hugs John)

MJ: Listen to great people. I love my job Juan. Must be what Sammy feel like for twenty years. So happy. So...high!

JS: Truer words were never spoken. We’re out! See you next time kids.