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What You Don't Know

Welcome to ON TIME!

I'm Sorry, You're Not Allowed

It's Been Awhile

Next Time Finish

Mike Randalls vs. Cameron Cruise

Hornet vs. Eli Flair

Shane Southern vs. Jean Rabesque

The Professionals vs. Joey Melton & Mystery Partner

CSWA World:
Dan Ryan vs. Hornet

CSWA: ON TIME in Greensboro
March 8, 2004
Thomas Indoor/Outdoor Stadium

What You Don't Know

(FADEIN: Cruise's dressing room. Mercedes, already in her evening gown, is on the phone and deep in conversation. The same newspaper from the other day on the desk in front of her, she seems very concerned with the person on the other end.)

MD: Yes, Amanda I realize that...uh-huh...no because you see the paper is dated FIVE YEARS AGO...No, Cammy doesn't know and can't know right now...I understand...okay...bye-bye.

(Mercedes hangs up the phone and sighs.)

MD: Oh Cameron...if you only knew...


Welcome to ON TIME!

BILL BUCKLEY (V/O): "This program is protected by CS Enterprises copyright. Unlawful duplication and distribution prohibited."

(CUE UP: “The Last Day On Earth – Marilyn Manson”)

(FADEIN: The ON TIME logo at the top of the ramp from the show’s debut.

CUT TO: The Professionals walking backstage, both with a cigarette in mouth.

CUT TO: Eli and Troy “playing tug-of-war” in the crowd with a chair from ANNIVERSARY 2001.

CUT TO: Triple X flying to the outside with a senton splash at ANNIVERSARY 2001.

CUT TO: Tom Adler holding the United States title.

CUT TO: Kin Hiroshi coming from the top with a Hiroshima Bomb.

CUT TO: George Washington Knife Edge Chopping Eddie Mayfield.

CUT TO: Hornet nailing Cameron Cruise with a Shooting Star Press.

CUT TO: The New Suicide Squad at the top of the ramp.

CUT TO: Lawrence Stanley proudly waving the American and British flags.

CUT TO: Shane Southern dropping Bandit with a Reverse DDT.

CUT TO: Faceless taking off his mask to reveal himself as Mike Randalls.

CUT TO: Nathan Cross standing along the middle turnbuckle with a hand raised to the Crossovers.

CUT TO: PI-CAM" shot of a WOMAN signing GUNS' words for the benefit of the hearing impaired at PT.

CUT TO: Eli Flair with a Razor’s Edge on Mark Windham from the second rope.

CUT TO: Flair tackling Troy In Anaheim.

CUT TO: Windham piledriving Troy outside.

CUT TO: Dan Ryan throwing Windham into a merchandising stand.

CUT TO: Windham being dropped from the 2nd tier.

CUT TO: Windham moonsaulting Ryan through a table.

CUT TO: Mark Windham being Humility Bombed by Dan Ryan.

CUT TO: Ben Worthington awarding Dan Ryan the World title as an endearing crowd looks on.

CUT TO: A montage image of the Kevin Powers, Intruders, Shane Southern, Hornet, Triple X, Mark Windham, Evan Aho , Lawrence Stanley, Eli Flair and Randalls.

CUT TO: Merritt and Thomas in the ring, all smiles, after the CSWA’s first show in the Merritt Auditorium in 1988.


(The music slowly fades out as the image transitions to...)

I'm Sorry, You're Not Allowed

(Mark Windham being held back by Merritt’s personal security team at the backstage Thomas Indoor/Outdoor Stadium entrance.)

WINDHAM: This is completely unnecessary.

STM #1: Sorry Mr. Windham. We’re on high orders from the Chief. No admittance tonight.

WINDHAM: I built this house! Out of the way before someone gets hurt.

(Windham attempts to force his way into Thomas Indoor/Outdoor. Members of the security team flash stun guns.)

STM #2: We must obey our master.

WINDHAM: I’m just here to talk with Ryan, nothing more. We’re friends now. He saved me in Britain. Just came back to say, thanks.

STM #1: Sorry Mr. Windham. Please, step aside.

(Mark pauses; then bull rushes the team, to no avail.)

It's Been Awhile

(CUTTO: John Simons and Manuel Juarez at their post twenty-feet to the left of the rampway, the pair sits behind a fake marble desk and a well-made ON TIME logo hanging overhead. Assorted papers are scattered over the table, the outline of two small monitors encased in the table viewable only to Simons and Juarez can be seen. 25,000 raving fans blow the roof off behind them.)

JS: Good evening Cowboys and Cowgirls, John Simons with my esteemed co-host Manuel Juarez live from Greensboro, NC in the Thomas Indoor/Outdoor Stadium.

(CAN PAN – Around the arena, sign toting fools mug for the camera. One reads: I had Gethard’s Baby, And Lived To Tell About It.)

JS: Live CSWA action in 2004. Manny can you believe it?

MJ: Surely Juan you jet.

JS: You mean jest?

MJ: No, Juan...I am not an accomplished swordsman. You and Mrs. Juan, may be medieval freak, but Manny is not. Manny not accept your challenge to duel.

JS: That’s a shame as I was hoping to kill you.

MJ: What Juan?

JS: CSWA action in 2004 Manny! (sarcastically) Can you believe it?

MJ: There so many thing Manny can’t believe. I give you whole list starting now...

JS: No! High spots, Manny. High spots.

MJ: Not since wife injured back. Horrible sexual accident, Manny not same.

JS: Did you just....

MJ: Raise game, Juan...Raise game. We home! Many thing Manny can’t believe, like that we’re in this building. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this building blown up eight years ago?

JS: No, that was Fish Fund Park.

MJ: (dejected) Oh. Why you try to make fool of Manny on TV?

JS: Manny, no...I was just saying...

MJ: I know what you were saying. You can stick it Juan.

(dramatic beat)

MJ: I kid, I kid. Do bit from CSWA Past, when Merritt and Thomas commit horrible crime and rip off Hogan.

JS: That was unforgivable.

MJ: Seriously, I could swore this stadium went boom boom. No matter, rent being paid now, and Marvin clean place up nicely. Still smells funny though.

JS: Well, he is a Parsons.

MJ: No, Juan you misunderstood. Manny drop subtle hint that you’re odor is terribly offensive right now. (hand gesture) Suew. Suew Juan.

JS: I don’t think I like you anymore.

MJ: Awww. Buck up little girl, big show on tap tonight. Wrestlers happy, Merritt prepay before show. Juan, tell me if true, Manny heard nasty rumor that Thomas still on desert island with Red Midget?

(John pours a glass of water over Juarez’s head. Manny’s shocked.)

JS: Sorry Manny. You said the magic word. You know the rules.

MJ: What? Red Midget or Thomas?

(A stagehand quickly dumps another cup of water over Manny’s head.)

JS: Yes...Fans, the CSWA is back! I wouldn’t say if it weren’t true. Tonight we’ll see Eli Flair battle longtime nemesis Hornet! The Wolf in action, Southern and Rabesque, the Professionals versus Melton and his mystery partner! And the world title is on the line as Dan Ryan defends against Sean Stevens! We’ll kick it off right after this!

Next Time Finish

(FADEIN to the sight of staples on the back of Steel Viper's head, wounds caused recently by the hands of "Hot Property" Eddie Mayfield. The scene flashes back and forth between shots of the heinous attack and Steel Viper's head, as the camera spins around to his face.)

BB: Mayfield choking him down, and he's barking orders at his group, and they race off, and McGee and Pi reappear with a utility basket! Mayfield screaming down at Viper, and OH! MAYFIELD DROPS THAT CAST ACROSS VIPERS NECK! Mayfield rolling around in pain, but he's smiling at the damage! He's telling his crew to dump Viper in the basket!

SB: Take out the trash, Intruders!

BB: The Intruders are shoving the unconscious Steel Viper into that hamper as Mayfield gets to his feet. Eddie grabs Viper by the hair and SLAPS HIS FACE! What a piece of crap! He orders his people to send him off, and Pi, McGee and Shamon start pushing the cart down the hall! (Camera follows behind them!) They're gaining speed, and OH! Oh. oh NO.

(Crowd screams!)



SB: Man, first they Manhandled Ryan, now this.

BB: Steel Viper is not moving. I. I've never seen anything like this in CSWA. We're not hardcore freaks.. this has nothing to do with wrestling. This man has a family. Eddie. Eddie Mayfield. you. you. He can't get away with things like this.

(CUTTO: A worm's eye shot of PI, MCGEE and SHAMON looking over the ledge, down in the camera's direction, all quiet and muttering to themselves like they just committed a crime! MAYFIELD hops over, pushes through them and looks down, smiling! He takes a huge drag off of his Camel and flicks it down onto the dock floor, near VIPER'S body.)

SHAMON: (Nervous) hey... hey man... he's not moving.

MAYFIELD: (In an Ivan Drago Voice) If he dies... he dies. (Snorts) Hand me my crutches and let's get outta here.

(The final words of Mayfield echoing and Viper's with a look on his face like a man possessed. His face is bruised, he's got a bandage over his forehead, and his left shoulder is heavily taped. He mean mugs the camera for a few seconds and begins to speak.)

STEEL VIPER: No, I'm not dead.but Eddie, you're gonna wish I was whenever I get a hold of you. You can run and hide, but eventually you're gonna have to show your face. And when you do.I'll be there.

Look what you've done. Take a real long hard look at the damages you left me with. You get a good picture? Because what you've done to me, what your goons have done to me, you are ALL GONNA PAY TEN FOLD!

You picked the wrong man to piss off and now Eddie.YOU'RE A DEAD MAN!

Do you honestly think that I am gonna let you get away with that? That you could commit the crime and not pay the consequences? (Grins) You've just landed yourself into a world of pain, Mayfield. Whenever you want out.just say the word.and I'll put you OUT OF YOUR MISERY! You've started something and now there is no turning back.

You should have finished me off. (Pauses) Too bad for you I was still breathing.

(The camera feed cuts out and static appears.)

Mike Randalls vs. Cameron Cruise

CSWA: ON TIME in Greensboro returned to Cameron Cruise arriving at ringside with his valet Mercedes Devon by his side. On this night, Cruise felt he would be facing one of the toughest challenges ever in his five-year career. As Cruise and Devon entered the ring and began to pace.

The arena lights went black.

Photo bulbs flashed, the crowd screamed and it wasn't until an all too familiar voice came on the PA system that the fans knew what was going on.

"Cameron Cruise, there are lessons in life.in this sport.that you have yet to grasp, fully. The last time we spoke, I saw a man who's bereft of all knowledge, creativity and imagination. I saw a man that used the very words I spoke and repeated them for his own benefit and his own view."

"Cameron, it is what you come up with on your own that will elevate you from student to teacher. When the time comes when you don't use logic such as myself being stoned, or the words 'DING DONG' that you will learn the sanctity, the foundation and the heart of this sport."

"If you cannot respect that, if you cannot understand that - then that will be the ONLY reason you continue to be a student."

The house lights fired on, Cameron Cruise was looking out to the entrance ramp for his opponent, but sitting in a lotus position in the middle of the ring was none
other than 'The Wolf' Mike Randalls.

".and nothingmore to anyone or anything."

Randalls threw the microphone out of the ring and Cruise turned around startled to see his opponent meditating - the bell rang, but Randalls sat with his eyes closed as Cruise paced around him hurling insults about drug use and inner substance.

Randalls wouldn't move.

Cruise became frustrated and bounced off the ropes and attempted a baseball slide dropkick into Randalls' jaw, but Randalls side rolled out of the way just before impact and kipped up to his feet perfectly. The two veterans paced around the ring before locking up, Randalls didn't resist Cruise in the least and allowed himself to get backed up into the corner. Cruise blasted him with a series of right hands and several chops. He whipped Randalls across the ring sending 'The Wolf' crashing into the turnbuckles and charged in with a clothesline.

Cruise quickly grabbed the stunned 'Wolf' and Irish Whipped him once more, attempting a second clothesline, but Randalls dodged out of the way causing Cruise to hit the turnbuckles chestfirst and walk out stunned into the hands of Mike Randalls.

Randalls simply turned him around and backed off, confusing the hell out of Cruise. They locked up again, Cruise hitting a hiptoss quickly and bouncing off the ropes and hitting a quick elbow drop. He went for a pin cover and only got a one count. Cruise stayed on the offensive and hooked Randalls in a front facelock and whipped him over in a Snap Suplex. Cruise quickly tried to follow with another elbow drop, but Randalls rolled out of the way and to his feet.only to wait for the stunned Cruise to return to his feet and regain his composure.

Fans buzzed in confusion as it was becoming apparent that 'The Wolf' Mike Randalls was NOT attacking Cameron Cruise, some started to boo thinking they'd been gipped. Cruise ran off the ropes, Randalls stood in place and took a high-impact running forearm sending him to the mat. Cruise ran off the opposite ropes and as Randalls kipped up to his feet, Cruise caught him with a vicious clothesline. Randalls laid motionless on the mat and Cruise quickly hopped up the turnbuckles and flew off with a second rope elbow drop, but Randalls moved. Both men quickly got to their feet when all of a sudden a gunshot was heard.

No, wait.that was a Mike Randalls chop hit so hard Cruise stumbled back into the corner. Randalls, however, did not follow in and only yelled at Cruise, "Don't be so quick to judge an opponent, Cameron!"

Cruise, a little embarrassed mixed with rage charged out of the corner and fired a right hand that Randalls didn't attempt to block. The shot sent Randalls careening off the ropes and rebounding into a Spinning Spinebuster by the former Presidential Champion. Cruise wasted no time, whatsoever - now enraged with Randalls' demeanor and started to stomp with a furious frequency. Cruise ripped up Randalls by the hair and sent his spit flying with a stiff European Uppercut and quickly hit a Jawbreaker to follow.

Cruise quickly tried to hook in a Scoripon Deathlock type hold, but before he could reach the second leg - he found it hitting his jaw in a sidewinder motion. Cruise lost the hold of the other leg, which Randalls kicked downwards into his shin causing Cameron to fall to the mat.

Randalls rolled out of the way of a toppling Cruise, rose to his feet and once again, backed away. "You can only wear down the body, when you wear down the mind!" Cruise once again, acted in anger to Randalls' loud 'tutorial'. He shot up surprising 'The Wolf' with a quick shoulder to the gut, Randalls doubled over sucking wind and was quickly on the receiving end of an Impact DDT.

Cruise, at that point, decided - enough was enough If Randalls wasn't going to fight, he was going to make him pay dearly for it. Cruise ripped Randalls up and sent him off the ropes and caught him with a Spinning Hotshot. Randalls stumbled around, gasping for air as Cruise slipped behind him and attempted a Side Russian Legsweep - NO!


The crowd screamed as Cruise hit one of his 3 perfected finishers. Cruise rolled over Randalls, as his valet screamed.



There was never a three count, cause Randalls had his foot on the bottom rope the whole time. Mercedes Devon slapped the mat, yelling at Cameron to keep his emotions under control. Cameron, got madder - that's usually what happens when you've got two people telling you that you're doing nothing right.

Cruise quickly brought up Randalls - and brought him up and back down to the mat with a crushing Brainbuster. Randalls laid motionless in the middle of the ring and Cruise rolled over and covered a leg once more.



Randalls kicked out just before the three count, the crowd yelling thinking an upset was in the making - but not quite with the taste of victory that anyone wanted. Cruise slapped his mat in frustration, Randalls apparently wasn't going to fight - but Cruise knew that deep down that didn't mean 'The Wolf' would be going away.

Cruise rose to his feet and brought up Randalls by the hair, placing him in a front facelock. Cruise, quickly turned that into a Reverse Neckbreaker hold, bottoming out to the mat and snapping Randalls' neck over his shoulder violently. The crowd groaned from the impact - Cruise apparently starting to set up the Shipwreck.

Cruise brought Randalls to a standing position and slipped behind him once more, but this time hooking in a Dragon Sleeeper Hold. Cruise whispered, "How's this for wearing down the mind, Mike?"

Randalls grinned to himself underneath and whispered, "You take words too literally, Cruise." Nontheless, that's all Randalls could do as he was still stunned and aching from the previous Cruise onslaught – and well, the Dragon Sleeper was preventing his brain from functioning correctly.

Cruise held on tight as Randalls continually kept his right arm straight in the air, not moving it – just holding it up as a constant reminder that he had not faded. A constant reminder that had the fans buzzing at the 60 second mark cause Randalls had that arm up, Cruise had not moved.in fact, nothing was happening at all.

Cruise squeezed as tightly as he could, but in the corner of his eye - the arm staying up and not moving started to frustrate him immensely. Cruise started violently shaking Randalls' head, causing his body to act floppishly. He stopped, but the arm stayed straight up and unmoved.

120 seconds, now.

Cruise didn't even stare at Randalls, just at that arm - an increasing, venomous scowl creeping on his face. The fans yelled at Cruise to let go of the hold, others yelled at Randalls to break it. Mercedes Devon yelled, "Break his (bleeped) neck!"

Cruise liked the latter option best and vaulted Randalls up and over with a Dragon Sleeper styled Suplex, but managed to keep the hold locked and bring Randalls up to his feet again - the arm was raised a little lower, but up still.

Another Dragon Sleeper Suplex. And another -completing a rolling Series. This time, Cruise rolled Randalls onto his stomach, and kept the hold on - hoping the added weight and pressure would make 'The Wolf' fade faster.

240 seconds, now.

Randalls' arms laid at his side motionless, the referee fell to his knees to grab one.and Randalls' arm fell down to his side.

A second time.

It fell down to his side.

A third time.

It fell down.3/4 of the way to the mat, before Randalls' brain finally triggered the response to keep the arm up. Cruise let out a yell in frustration and brought Randalls up to his feet quickly and violently connected with a Release Cobra Clutch Suplex - Randalls' landing repulsing some fans at ringside.

Cruise ripped Randalls to his feet and rocked him into an Impact DDT w/ a rollover - trying to hook in the Cradle Piledriver, but Randalls instinctively used both their momentum and kipped up as Cruise lifted him.

The momentum caused Cruise to fall backwards and Randalls land in a Mr. Perfect Jacknife-Styled pin. Cruise's legs kicked frantically, having problems breaking the hold.



Thrno. Cruise just kicked out hard enough to break the pin over a shocked crowd. Randalls laid on the mat facefirst, hurt badly - Cruise sat up with an enraged look and ran the ropes and this time connected with a home run baseball slide dropkick.

The crowd screamed in horror as Cruise connected with the front of Randalls' exposed face, bloodying his nose. Cruise whirled Randalls into a Standing Headscissors.





Cruise didn't believe it, the crowd cheered more than they had, now just hoping Randalls wouldn't lose like this. Mercedes Devon stood in shock as Randalls had lifted his shoulder just in the nick of time.

"Expect, the unexpected," she thought to herself before yelling "FINISH HIM!"

Cruise stood to his feet, a little weary but determined nonetheless. If Randalls couldn't be worn down inside the ring, perhaps it would take a little something extra out of it.

Cruise tossed Randalls through the ropes, 'The Wolf' hitting the cement padding with a thud. Mercedes Devon quickly grabbed the nearest object she could find - a steel chair. Randalls stood to his feet, extremely dazed and caught a chairshot flush in the face as Cruise was being admonished by the referee. Randalls' face turned cherry red as Devon hit him 3 more times.

She went for try #4 to a motionless Randalls on the ground, but to her shock and everyone else's Randalls caught the swing in his hands and then kipped up. He ripped the chair out of a frightened Mercedes Devon's hands - his emerald eyes piercing through her body under a mask of blood.

And he threw the chair to the ground to the relief of Devon and perhaps, Hornet or Guns thought to themselves, "Who is this guy and what has he done with Mike Randalls?" Meanwhile, the crowd screams alerted 'The Wolf' to something else.

He swiveled around only to catch an oncoming Springboard Plancha from Cameron Cruise sending both men toppling into the ring barricade. The proverbial trainwreck got the crowd on its feet cheering Cruise who stood up and caught a chair being tossed his way by his valet. Cruise backed up a few feet, this time savoring the moment that was about to happen.

Randalls stood to his feet, bloodied and completely dazed. Cruise ran forward with a vicious baseball swing and connected to the crowd screams and some people's horror from the sound of the shot.

Randalls spun in circles, but managed to stay on his feet and swiveled towards Cruise again - who swung with a wild, roundhouse swing. 'The Wolf' ducked out of the way, the momentum spinning Cruise around with his back to 'The Wolf'.

Perhaps, it was out of desperation or maybe it was out of the fact that Cruise wasn't expecting anything of what he deemed 'substance'. Either way, 'The Wolf' Mike Randalls tagged the Chair with a swift, leaping Spinning Roundhouse kick. The chair crunched in Cruise's face on impact, sending him to the concrete - the chair lying on top of him.

"Know thyself, Cruise! Weapons are for the weak!"

Randalls spat his own blood at Cruise and hopped on the apron. Cruise laid motionless with the chair lying on him, the crowd starting to boo that Randalls was AGAIN, backing off.but that didn't last long.

Simply because, Randalls surprised everyone as he springboarded off the top rope, leaping off with a backflip and landing with a double legdrop across the chair and Cruise. The crowd leapt out of their seats as Cruise and Randalls looked like a disaster area - both now bloody, and the chairseat completely dented, coming out of its place.

As the referee hit six, Randalls was the first to his feet and he wearily grabbed Cruise and rolled him into the ring, following him in. Randalls paced around adrenalized, urging for Cruise to get to his feet – as the crowd stood on their feet stomping and clapping.

Cruise stood up - Randalls yelled at him to "Fight like he means it!" Something snapped in Cruise at that moment and he charged at Randalls and hit a stiff right hand to the jaw. Randalls RETURNED the favor with a violent chop! Right hand! Chop! Right hand! Chop!

The third gunshot lacerated Cruise's chest and he fell to the mat as the crowd roared. And that's when the bell rang.

.Out of nowhere, the timekeeper did his job. Cameron Cruise rolled to his feet staring incredulously at Randalls - the crowd chanting, "FIVE MORE MINUTES!

And that's when the CSWA cut to a commercial break.

Hornet vs. Eli Flair

A CSWA fan's crazy dream come true, as these former rivals, former partners, former CSWA World Heavyweight Champions, faced off against each other one more time. There was no championship on the line, no hatred to work out of their systems. It was simply a match - one match that didn't affect the future of the promotion.

Yeah, right. Like anything Eli Flair and Hornet do can not alter the future of the CSWA.

Eli took the early control in the match, working over Hornet's arm and shoulder. He kept Hornet down on the mat, fighting for freedom. It had been a long time since Eli showed off his mat wrestling skills, but there was no way he could've handled Hornet like that without training for it. Hornet was not one to be outdone, however, and after several reversal and re-reversals, he backed Eli into the corner and fired off his free elbow toward the face to break up the hold!

Hornet's goal in this match seemed to be a smart one - focused on Eli's traditionally weak knees. During every period of control he held in the match, he managed to keep Eli off balance and on the mat, as he held the King of Extreme in one leglock or another.

Both men garnered their fair amount of cheers from the fans, all of whom wanted to see the two legends keep wrestling without one of them having to lose. The first collective 'hold your breath' moment occurred about fifteen minutes in when Hornet reversed a whip into the corner and came off with a Hornet Splash out of nowhere! A quick cover nearly got the nod but Eli's leg draped across the bottom rope a moment before the three. He stayed near the ropes in order to catch his breath, but Hornet held control.

A hard clothesline sent Eli over the top rope, but he held on and landed on the ring apron instead of the floor. As Hornet came towards him to follow up the attack, Eli dropped and shoved his shoulder inbetween the top and middle rope, doubling Hornet over as he was unable to stop his momentum! Almost as quickly, Eli hooked Hornet's head and snapped his neck over the top rope, sending the former UNIFIED Champion reeling!

Eli snapped back into the ring and took Hornet's leg out from under him, and hooked his head and far arm from behind, dropping him with the FALLEN ONE. A hook of the leg, a handful of tights, and Eli reared back hard on both, which was enough for Patrick Young to count the three.

Hornet came around a few moments after the count and looked toward the referee, just a bit confused. The replay came over CSWAvision - from the angle shown there was no sign that Eli had a handful of tights. Hornet looked at his former rival/partner with a mask of disbelief.

Eli's response couldn't be heard over the crowd, but an expert lip reader could tell that he said that it was "nothing personal."

WINNER: Eli Flair

Shane Southern vs. Jean Rabesque

The match started slowly with both men trying to figure each other out. Moves and reversals were exchanged for the first few minutes before Southern gained the upper hand with a knee lift to the face after Rabesque had ducked his head to soon on a back body drop attempt. From there Southern tried to go for the win early with a second rope leg drop, but Rabesque kicked out at two. Southern quickly followed with a side Russian Leg Sweep and an elbow drop. But Rabesque would turn things around soon after that by catching Southern coming in the corner with a back elbow. Rabesque then hopped to the second rope and caught Southern with a sun-set flip and a two count. Southern scrambled to his feet but was put flat on his back by a vicious lariat by the Greensboro Champion.

Rabesque dominated the next five minutes of the match with everything from an Indian Death lock to work on Southern’s knee, to an impressive tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. It was a slight mistake again by Rabesque that allowed Southern to gain the upper hand. As Southern was trying to pull himself up to his feet with the ring ropes, Rabesque charged in with a clothesline attempt, but at the last moment Southern dropped to the mat bringing the top ring rope with HIM AND SENDING THE FLYING RABESQUE TO THE ARENA FLOOR. SOUTHERN'S new aggressive streak showed here as he went to the outside and hit the champion with a whip into the ring steps and a bodyslam to the hard mat. The more the match stayed on the outside, the more intense the look in Southern's eyes became. It almost cost him the match when he grabbed a steel chair and rared back to hit Rabesque, but the referee snatched the chair from him before he could seal the deal.

The match went back inside the ring with Southern working on the back. Southern nailed a back-breaker, hung on, then hit another one. He tried to follow that up with a Boston Crab, but Rabesque was able to twist out of it, grab Southern by the head and roll him up for a two count. Rabesque was first to his feet, and hit a Rock Bottom on Southern, following that up with a Lou Thesz press and a flurry of right hands.

The match continued to swing back and forth until the 18 minute mark. Both men were exhausted, their chest heaving try to catch some air. Southern had just put Rabesque down with the Bourbon Street plunge power-bomb and decided to go up top to try to end it. As Southern climbed to the top, Rabesque groggily got to his feet, Southern leapt with a flying lariat attempt, but Rabesque ducked. But instead of crashing to the match, Southern rolled through and came up on his feet behind Rabesque. Thinking Southern was on the match, Rabesque turned ... right into the Party's Over superkick. A one, two, three later and Southern's hand was raised in victory.

WINNER: Shane Southern

The Professionals vs. Joey Melton & Mystery Partner

(CUEUP: "Not Gonna Get Us" plays over the PA system.)

The Thomas Indoor/Outdoor Stadium crowd jumps to their feet in respect of the moment the CSWA has lived on for fifteen years: Joey Melton's entrance. The company's first World Champion, when their definition of World meant the greater Greensboro area. Many considered it ironic a month later when Merritt and Thomas fashioned a city title. What was Melton defending? The original Greensboro title? The league was built on moxy, that much can never be denied.

Melton struts to the ring, in a seqin diamond robe, his brillance shining off the spotlights leading his way. The diamonds are fake, but people in North Carolina are by and large pretty thick. In their eyes, the earth is flat and Joey's walking the one hundred feet to the squared circle, flashing more bling-bling than P. Diddy's charity kids at a weekend retreat. It's why the former World Champion is so great. He's able to fake it. And when you can master that in this business, you can become the champion of a whole city.

He steps through the ropes, alone. No mystery partner. Not as of yet. The adoring crowd doesn't mind. This is how they prefer their Joey. Melton shoots across the ring, and bounces off the center ropes. He's done it a thousand times, and sixty percent of the time it's meant a win. Hey, not all good luck charms have a perfect record.

(lights go out)

(CUEUP: 'When the Levee Breaks' - Led Zeppelin)

A cloud of smoke billows out of the entrance into the warehouse. Miles and Mayfield, two men on the Truth's (bleeped) list fish their way out, smoking two at a time. The monster, the coat hanger for the Pro's attitude since they can't be bothered to care, Bandit leads the way, Tag Titles and Eddie's Presidential over his shoudlers. Unlike Melton, that gold is real. Bandit steps down on the middle and bottom ropes, pulling the top, allowing the Pros to easily hit the ring.

Miles tosses a cig into the front row and smiles at Eddie. Melton's a one-man team. There's no sport to breaking an old man, but the Pros are entertainers, and the great ones never fail to come through.

"Joey, I..." Mayfield's voice over the PA system breaks as Melton swipes the mic from his hands.

"I complete you, I'm aware." The fans laugh, one man against the Tag Champs? Melton's more delusional that he's let on. "Save the spot. Last time you opened your mouth in ring on a CSWA event, the (bleeped) hit the fan."

Miles buried a sudden boot into Joey's gut and the match...


Was underway.

A double side-Russian leg sweep, timed perfectly with Bandit's ring exit. Miles flipped an imaginary coin to be legal. Heads. Cocky Craig waved Eddie off.

Melton's head in his grasp, Miles drilled him with several short, sharp right hands. Joey released a wide left hook that Craig shook off before dropping the former World champ with a side breakbreaker.


You're not this good, this seamless over night, but the Pros make it look easy.

Double dropkick in mock CS Express fashion.

Double stun gun as a red-faced Worthington screamed for Miles to leave the ring.

Eddie covered a limp Melton.




Outside, Miles sarcastically applauded Joey's resolve. Camel Clutch by Mayfield. This was easy than they expected, and wanted. Melton's pulled off some crazy stunts, but 2 on 1? Against the PROFESSIONALS? There's no man alive.

Mayfield pulled back, dropping his head back theatrically for good measure. Worthington asked Melton the million-dollar question.

"Give Melton? Give?"

The Presidential champion dug in deeper, Melton was old and surely didn't bend as freely as legend suggested. Not anymore.

"Joey? Last time.."

"Whiskeyyyyyyyyyyy" Eddie relaxed as the music played to his ears. No, have to stay focused. Gotta look good on CS TV, cause you never know when the next telecast will be. Lasting impressions here are very important. Mayfield broke the hold, tagged Miles, and delivered a spinning tombstone piledriver.

CSWAvision came to life.

"Eddie honeyyyyyyyy."

The Pros turned their attention to the screen to see an athletic woman dressed as Hilary Clinton.

"The First Lady wants a little more respect. Stop treating the interns as ash trays. Mmm. Some girls are too impressionable to know better. I'm, not."

The Merritt Auditorium crowd shot to their feet wildly, as Lindsay Troy snuck in the ring, lead at the Pros, grabbing Miles in a leg scissors and Eddie in a headlock; dropping both at the same time.

Miles was first to respond, and got a standing dropkick. Mayfield eat a superkick, and a quick pin attempt.



No! Miles dropped an elbow on the back of Troy's head, grabbed her by the hair and prepared for a DDT.

Nut shot from Melton!

Joey bullies Miles to the nearest corner, and unleashed a series of knife edge chops.



Bulldog out of the corner by Melton, followed by a slingshot leg drop from Troy.

Worthington excitedly covered. The CSWA was back and he loved it. Mainly because no one else would hire him. A woman in the ring, Merritt was braving new ground. Somewhere, Teri Melton feared the ramifications.



Mayfield save. A gouge to Melton's eyes. Standing HOT SHOT! Eddie rolled Joey out of the ring.

As Melton's body hit the cement floor, Bandit had Troy in his grasps, SPINEBUSTER.

Worthington called for the bell.

DQ win for Melton and Troy, but at the moment the decision was unimportant.

Miles went to the top rope, as Eddie instructed Bandit to levy Troy in a piledriving position. Spiked piledriver?

Miles reached in his pocket, as Lindsay Troy helplessly waited, and pulled out a cig.


Bandit had the light.

Craig flicked it away, and readied himself to jump. The building shook.

Steel Viper dove into the ring, clotheslined Bandit from behind and went after Eddie. Miles leaped off the ropes to uneven the odds against Viper. He was met with a chair shot from Melton.

As Viper had Eddie in a press slam, Melton kept chair shotting Bandit. Once, twice, three times. The monster wouldn't budge. Nut shot from behind by Troy, and a fourth chair shot brought him down.

Bench press slam!

Miles, reached under the ropes and dragged Eddie out. Viper wanted more, his hatred for Mayfield has stewed long enough thanks to Merritt's laughable schedule.

Not today.

"Seeya in four months," Eddie shot back.

One arm around Troy's shoulders, Melton playfully ran his free hand through her hair. If Viper hadn't made the save, he'd be in the doghouse tonight. Literally.

Joey slapped Steel Viper on the back.

"Thanks. You'll never know."

WINNER: Joey Melton and Lindsay Troy by DQ.

CSWA World Championship
Dan Ryan vs. Hornet

SB: The referee just called for the bell!

BB: This match is underway! Ryan with a clubbing forearm from behind! And another! He's got Hornet shoved into the corner, and the CSWA World Champion is hammering down on the four-time former Champ! Ben Worthington in the corner to separate the two men, and you can bet, Sammy, that this fire from Dan Ryan is in no small part due to Tom Adler's downplay of his ability to win this match!

SB: Nothing gets your attention better than when someone dismisses you - why do you think the ladies all want me?

BB: Strike that, reverse it, Sammy. Ryan with a cross- corner whip, and a follow up clothesline! NO! Hornet with an elbow to the face! He hooked the Champ's head and dropped him with a neckbreaker! A quick cover, ONE... TWO... Kickout! He didn't hook the leg, Sammy!

SB: That's a mistake that could cost him!

BB: So often, the basics are the difference between victory and defeat. But look at Hornet smirking at Adler!

SB: Hooo, boy.

BB: Hornet's torn right now, I'd have to wager - between wanting that belt back and NOT wanting Adler to get a shot at it!

SB: Selfish lil' bug.

BB: Hornet has Ryan by the hair, and a whip into the ropes! Dropkick by the former Champ! Another scoop, a twist of the arm--Legsweep into an armbar! Ryan with a reversal and a knee to Hornet's head! These fans are cheering loudly for both men, I can bet you neither one would be a disappointment!

SB: Hornet's been a disappointment for years.

BB: You weren't saying that when he was--


BB: Ryan has Hornet hooked, and a reverse headlock! He's forcing the Greatest American Hero to his knees-- HORNET REVERSED! He hooked Ryan around the waist and flipped him with a suplex! Ryan's shoulders are down--ONE... TWO... KICKOUT! Hornet rolled through and his eyes just met Adler's! I can't imagine the hatred between the two.

SB: Sure you can. Same as me and the Nazi.

BB: Nothing's quite like that. Hornet turns back toward Ryan--CLOTHESLINE just sent the former Champ over the top!

SB: What's she doing here again?

BB: Poison Ivy has reappeared in the arena! She's standing next to Adler's chair! Just wait until she and Hornet lock eyes!

SB: What a witch.

BB: Ivy just spat at Adler's feet, and she's headed this way! Adler smirked, but didn't move. Hornet has seen her, but he's slid back into the ring to lock back up with the Champ! Ryan with a side headlock takedown--Hornet reverses into a pinning combination, ONE... Ryan rolls out of it! Hornet with an elbow--Ryan blocked! Ryan with a shot of his own! And another! Ryan off the ropes--CLOTHESLINE sent Hornet to the mat! Ivy, welcome to the show.

SB: From one of us.

IVY: Love you too, Sammy. What a lil' toad up there... you'd think someone who hasn't held a world title this side of the past ten years'd be a bit more humble.

BB: Ryan scooped Hornet, and a HARD slam!

SB: Just pin'em, already.

BB: The cover, ONE... TWO... Kickout!

IVY: Hornet could win here, just as well as Ryan. Adler's got no business being out here.

SB: Neither do you.

BB: Ryan scoops Hornet again, and a whip into the corner--REVERSAL! HORNET SPLASH!


BB: Just like that, Hornet can turn a match around! Ryan slumps in the corner, but he's holding onto the top rope for dear life! Hornet rolled backwards after the impact, but Ryan is still vertical there in the corner!

IVY: That's good strategy. When Ryan felt that whip reverse he knew the Splash was coming, and he got a death grip on that top rope!

SB: Lucky.

IVY: Whose side are you on?

SB: I truly don't know.

BB: Hornet finally pried Ryan out of the corner, and he's got the Champ set up for a powerbomb! He probably could've gotten the pin after the Splash, but he can look Adler right in the eyes now!

IVY: Adler was babbling about mind games... well, here ya go.

BB: Hornet hooked his arms around Ryan's massive frame... BACKDROP! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! RYAN JUST BACKDROPPED HORNET TO THE MAT! The Champ collapsed to his knees, obviously still winded from the Hornet splash! But a quick scoop by the Champ, and--

SB: Damn!

BB: HUMILITY BOMB! RYAN JUST DROPPED HORNET WITH THE HUMILITY BOMB! But he's still too out of it to make the cover!

IVY: Worthington looks a bit confused... he's making the count?

BB: ONE... TWO... THREE! Ryan has just retained the belt! Tom Adler has stood and kicked his chair!

SB: Take a look, Buckley!

(The slow-motion replay showed the three count, as Ryan had an arm across Hornet's chest as Hornet had an arm across Ryan's chest.)

BB: No, he's handed the belt to Ryan!

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has counted both competitor's shoulders to the mat, and has ruled this bout a draw!

IVY: HAH! Sucks for Adler. This was fun.

(Sounds of Ivy putting the headset down)

RJ: Therefore, the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship remains Dan Ryan!

BB: There you have it, fans! Ryan will walk into CSWA15 to defend that belt against Shane Southern, and ONLY Shane Southern! Hornet and Tom Adler have a date of their own for the United States Title, and I can guarantee you the frustration over not being five-time CSWA World Champion is somewhat soothed by Hornet's knowledge that he's just robbed Adler of another shot!

SB: Well that's not fair! Give Adler the shot anyway!

BB: Whose side are you on, Sammy?

Winner: Draw (Ryan retains Title)