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The Great Escape

(Hornet lowers his voice as he slides down the bed and stands up in the small cabin. The obviously hand-held camera follows him with some big jiggles. Teri Melton is sitting in the background in the new angle. Near her, there is what looks to be a hole in the wall.)

But Iíve got a little secret for you. In fact, Iíve got two.

I donít take orders anymore.

Thereís nothing left that the two of you, or Ruben Ross, or Stephen Thomas, can take away from me.

And the other secret?

(Even quieter.)

I know how to get out of here. And Iím coming.

(Hornet grabs the television off its built-in shelf in the small cabin and tips it onto the floor as the camera goes dark.)

(Ivy hits a button on her phone to send Hornetís interview right up to the CSWA production server, flagging it for Marvin Parsons and the rest of the VERSUS production crew. She then flips the phone closed and uses a bobby pin to do her best MacGyver impression, flipping a circuit and hoping sheís got itÖ)

(The metal door slams home into its housing above the ceiling, leaving the regular cabin door in front of them, light streaming in through the porthole.)

TERI: Thank God. (She tosses Ivy her backpack and grabs her purse.)

HORNET: No, thank Ivy.

IVY: Letís get out of here before weíve got company.

TERI: Too late.

(As they step through the hallway to the outer deck, two of the Hackerís security guards come from different directions, brandishing stun guns.)

TERI: Heads up!

(Teri swings her purse like David meeting Goliath, releasing it and clocking the guard on the right, slowing him down momentarily. The guard on the left makes a grab for Ivy, but as he tries to connect with the stun gun, Ivy blocks with her backpack before kicking him squarely in the gutÖ or perhaps a bit lower. The other guard makes his grab at Teri, but gets caught with a roundhouse from Hornet, knocking him to the deck.)

HORNET: Letís go.

TERI: Right behind you.

(Teri grabs the stun gun from the guard on the right, taking a moment to zap him with it. She then repeats the process on the other guard, before tossing the extra stun gun to Ivy.)

IVY: Iím going to assume you had faith that Iíd catch it right-side up and not get electrocuted.

TERI: Would we expect anything else from the FemiNazi?

IVY: Watch it, Hooters.

TERI: I guess that means youíre taking back that apology?

IVY: What apology?

HORNET: I hate to break up the show, but now might be a good time to figure out what weíre going to do next. I say we start by quickly finding a quiet, out-of-the-way place to regroup.

IVY: And Iíll see if I can get hold of Adrian and find out whatís going on.

(The ďunlikely threesomeĒ ducks down a passageway and into a seemingly-deserted womenís bathroom, hoping the Hackerís minions wonít think to check there. Just in case, Hornet pulls the metal cover of the tampon dispenser off the wall.)