CSWA PRIMETIME  returns to San Diego!


CSWA World:  Aho vs. Sight
Four Corners Grudge Match:  Randalls vs. GUNS vs. Mark Windham vs. Love
US:  Hornet vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens
Unified Tag:  Simply Stunning vs. The Professionals
Southern vs. DeVille
Tsunami vs. Storm

Melton vs. Cruise
Kin Hiroshi vs. "Fearless" Jones
Paul Michaels vs. Machine

The Retirement of "Good God" Kevin Powers! 


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UEW Prime

UCW Havoc

IWF Aftermath

CWWF Madness

CPW Flash


BB: We're back, folks, and we're nowhere near done.

SB:  Then can I go get another hotdog...please?  It's not like it's alcohol!

(The camera opens up on the backstage area. Gemini stands there in his civilian clothes, chatting with a lawyer in the backstage area. A pair of technicians sit there taking part in the conversation.)

Gemini: Yeah, we're winding it up here. Between GXW and the indy commitments, we're just stretched too damn thin.

Lawyer: Well, that's a shame Mr.... uh... Gemini. But you did put that termination clause in that contract, so if you want I'll go put through the 
paperwork and you can part ways with the CSWA on good terms.

Technician: That's too bad Gemini, I was looking forward to seeing you tear it up some more.

Gemini: Well, sorry man. We only really came into this league to do one thing... and Flair doesn't seem interested. Total Elimination seems to be totally invisible as far as we're concerned.

Technician: I woulda thunk Flair would have been all over that. You should go ask Ivy why he wasn't interested.

Gemini: Ivy's here?

Technician: I saw her in back. She was talking on he cell phone. I think she might have been talking to Flair.

Gemini: Really. Well... (looks at the lawyer) maybe we'll hold off on getting our papers just yet.

Tsunami vs. Nathan Storm

BB: Up next, it's Tsunami facing "The Trouble Shooter" Nathan Storm. Tsunami's been called the Posterboy of Hardcore in the CSWA, while Storm is a straight shooter.... so it should be an interesting match.

(CUE UP: "Tom Sawyer" by Rush)

BB: Here comes Tsunami.  A former Unified World Champion; in fact, he was the youngest man to hold the title at just 20 years old.  But that was almost eight years ago... and since then, he's been known primarily as a legendary tag team specialist.  The fans don't seem to care, though.

SB:  Ungrateful goofs.  They wouldn't know legendary if it smacked 'em in the face.

BB:  Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that he put his former long-time tag team partner through a table and allied himself with Jimmy V.

SB:  Still... they've got no taste.

(Tsunami walks down into the ring. Just as he turns around, Nathan Storm kicks him from behind knocking him to the mat as the bell rings signaling the start of the match. The fans cheer Storm as he lifts up Tsunami and whips him into a turnbuckle.)

BB: Nathan Storm gaining the early advantage, but Tsunami grabs the ropes and hops up on the turnbuckle.  He kicks Storm in the head, reeling him back... and now the Posterboy dives off the top, drilling Nathan Storm's head into the mat with a swinging DDT!!!  Early cover by Tsunami!  ONE......... TWO........... NO!  Storm kicks out, and Tsunami slaps the mat in frustration.

SB:  I'm telling you, Patrick Young's getting fired as a ref if I have anything to say about it.

BB: Thankfully... you don't.  Tsunami quickly races to the ropes.  He hits the second rope and launches off with a moonsault, but Storm rolls out of the way!  Tsunami hits the mat hard and is left clutching his chest in pain.  Storm kicks Tsunami in the head and then heads to the turnbuckle himself!  He's a big man... with seemingly no regard for his body!  He dives off the top with a splash, catching the reeling Tsunami hard!  He hooks the leg!  ONE............ TW-, NO!!  The fans aren't too happy as Tsunami kicks out, and now it's Storm's turn to slap the mat in frustration.  Storm pulls the smaller man up and sends him into the ropes again.  Storm goes for a huge roundhouse, but Tsunami ducks the kick!  Tsunami grabs the back of Storm's head and drives him into the mat with a neckbreaker!  These guys are moving so quick, I can't even catch a breath.

SB:  And in that breath, you missed the fact that Tsunami's going for the pin!

BB:  ONE.......... TWO......... THR-- NO!!!  Again, Tsunami slaps his hands to the mat, giving the referee a long stare.  He climbs the turnbuckle once again.  FROG SPLASH!  He hit the Five-Star...and he's going for the pin!  ONE........ TWO......... THREE!  NO!  Storm used his momentum to pull him over and reverse it!  ONE........ TWO............ KICKOUT by Tsunami!  

SB:  He obviously pulled the tights.  THAT'S CHEATING!

BB:  Don't start that again.  Tsunami's climbing to his feet, but Storm bursts with energy and grabs him by the head.  He runs up the turnbuckle and drops Tsunami with a Tornado DDT, similar to what Tsunami did earlier!  

SB:  You know, that could really hurt somebody.

BB: Nice insight, Mr. Benson.  Both men are winded, but Storm is able to lay over Tsunami for the cover.  ONE......... TWO........... THREE!!!  Nathan Storm gets the pinfall as both men lay in the middle of the ring, dazed.  Storm finally rolls to his feet, allowing Young to raise his arm in victory.  What a hard-fought match between these two...

SB:  Yeah, yeah, Buckley.  Is it time for Eddy Love yet?

Greensboro Championship

JJ DeVille vs. Shane Southern

BB: Not quite, but it is time for his lackey.  Up next, we'll see the Greensboro Champion, JJ DeVille, face Shane Southern.  Southern, the RIGHTFUL champion, was stripped of the belt by Chad Merritt and Teri Melton a few  weeks ago.

SB: Chad and Teri are GENIUSES!

(CUE UP: "Where the downboys go" by Winger)

BB: Here comes JJ DeVille, the erstwhile Greensboro Champion...

SB: I don't even know what that word means...but if you're making fun of JJ, STOP IT!

BB: JJ striding to the ring, as Manuel Juarez, the official referee in this match, discusses something with Rhubarb Jones.  Juarez...good grief, Southern is SO screwed.

(CUE UP: "Aint Goin' Down" by Garth Brooks)

BB: Shane Southern looks ready tonight to dethrone the newly crowned Greensboro Champion, and win his rightful belt back tonight!

SB: Southern is a sissy. He's gonna lose to the man whose hands are registered as lethal weapons in 50 states and 2 protectorates!

(Southern slides into the ring, and DeVille is confused. Southern roundhouse kicks DeVille, and the bell rings as Southern starts kicking him while he's down. Juarez is yelling at Southern, threatening to DQ him, but Southern ignores the ref and lifts up DeVille. He whips DeVille into the other turnbuckle, as JJ offers virtually no resistance. Southern runs across the ring, and spears DeVille.)

BB: Southern dominating DeVille in this match. JJ is basically a jobber and man-servant, after all


BB:  Southern pulls DeVille up and quickly hiptosses him to the mat.  Southern hits the ropes, and as he comes back across...BIG LEGDROP on the Greensboro Champion.  Shane pulls JJ up one more time, sends him into the ropes... belly-to-belly suplex and he hooks the leg!  ONE............. TWO........... 


BB:  This crowd is stunned!  And so is Southern.  But he pulls JJ up by the hair, as Manny Juarez threatens to DQ him.  Southern hooks JJ's head under the arm... waves to the crowd, and rocks the mat with a powerful DDT!  DeVille is down...and he is STUNNED!


BB:  Cover!  ONE.......... TWO......... NO!!!  Shane Southern had the match won, but he lifted JJ's head up!  Apparently he's not done with DeVille!

SB:  He oughta be DQed right now!  Come on Manny, do your job!

BB:  Southern leaves a woozy JJ standing in the middle of the ring.  He lifts a finger and does a spin for the fans.....  SUPERKICK!  It's the Coup DeVille so to speak.

SB:  That's the worse pun I've ever heard, Buckley.

BB:  He covers!  ONE........... TWO.......... THREE!!!  SHANE SOUTHERN wins his Greensboro Championship back!!!  But he's not quite done.  He flips JJ over, hooks in a quarter-nelson and starts rubbing the former champ's face into the mat.  Juarez continues to call for the bell.  Southern releases JJ as he jaws as Juarez.  JJ's very slow to get to his feet.... but as he does.... SUPERKICK!  SOUTHERN NAILS HIM AGAIN!  Juarez is still calling for the bell and meets in the corner with ring announcer Rhubarb Jones.

RJ:  Ladies and Gentlemen, the ruling of referee Manuel Juarez, your winner by disqualification and STILL Greensboro Champion, JJ DEVILLE!


(The fans jump out of their seats as they boo the idiotic decision by Juarez.  Southern goes after Juarez as JJ rolls out of the ring and staggers backstage, Greensboro Title in his hands.  Southern leans over the ropes yelling at the Greensboro Champ as he runs away.

BB:  You've gotta be kidding me.  What does Juarez think he's doing?

SB: HAHA! JJ's the Champ, and there's nothing that New Orleans punk can do about it!

BB:  It's commercial time, fans.  The Unified Tag Team Titles are on the line next.  Good grief, could somebody find out when the next boat to Cuba's leaving?