CSWA: ON TIME hits the home of the Royals!


CSWA World:
Evan Aho vs. Shamon

United States:
Hornet vs. Shane Southern

Wicked Sight vs. Lance Liezure

Pete Hardy vs. Kevin Powers

GUNS vs. Lawrence Stanley

Hip Hop Express vs. Men of Adventure

Cameron Cruise vs. Steve Radder

Dan Ryan vs. Carl Brigsby

Michael Gettis vs. Henderson Bramble


Evan Aho


Tom Adler

JJ DeVille

Simply Stunning


(CUE UP: “Moto Psycho” - Megadeth)

CUT TO: The ON TIME logo at the top of the ramp from the show’s debut 
CUT TO: Lawrence Stanley rolling up Josh Novell at PRIMETIME in Seattle
CUT TO: Kevin Powers dressed up as Eddy Love, flipping his 'hair' 
CUT TO: MoA's Iron John kicking Raw Deal's WJ in the stomach and powerbombing him.
CUT TO: Joey Melton fending off Nate Logan in his match against Eddy Love
CUT TO: Eddy Love rolling up Joey Melton for the win in Seattle
CUT TO: Steve Radder sliding under the ropes and tackling Nate Logan from behind
CUT TO: GUNS hitting the bionic kneelift on Eli Flair 
CUT TO: Eli Flair hitting The Fallen One and hooking GUNS for the pinfall
CUT TO: Gabriel Poe entering the ring and hitting the Seventh Seal on Simply Stunning's Wilcox
CUT TO: "Wicked Sight" Michael Plett back bodydropping Hornet over the ropes to the floor.
CUT TO: Hornet hooking the Scorpion Deathlock on Michael Plett.
CUT TO: Dan Ryan charging down the ramp as Aho and Southern go at it
CUT TO: Hornet sliding through the ring and charging into Ryan on the outside
CUT TO: Shane Southern hitting the 'FrankenSouthern' on Evan Aho
CUT TO: Aho hitting 'The Agony' and the small package for the pin on Southern
CUT TO: GUNS powerbombing Hiroshi from the top at ON TIME in Portland
CUT TO: MoA's Big Tom hitting the 'atomic right hand' on Tsunami
CUT TO: The Hooded Falcon yelling at Billy Buckley at the commentators' table
CUT TO: Nathan Storm grabbing The Falcon's cane and rolling into the ring.
CUT TO: Joey Melton rolling Storm up as the cane goes flying
CUT TO: Hornet attacking Dan Ryan from behind as he cuts a promo on the ramp
CUT TO: Cameron Cruise gearing up backstage
CUT TO: Lance Liezure standing before a CSWA backdrop

CUT TO: "Big Time" Michael Gettis entering the stage door.
CUT TO: Evan Aho with the World Title wrapped around his waist
CUT TO: A huge pyro display, followed by the camera panning around the arena catching glimpses of various CSWA related signs from its eager fans before parking on Rudy Seitzer and Billy Buckley.)

RS: This is Kansas City, and this is CSWA: ON TIME!  We're thrilled to have you join us on NCN, along with the fans here in the building.  I am Rudy Seitzer, next to me is Billy Buckley.

ByB:  You know it.

RS:  We're going to head straight down to the ring and start things off with a match for the CSWA World Championship.

ByB:  You mean that freak that thinks he's a huge Michael Jackson is kicking off ON TIME again?  There go the ratings.

CSWA World Heavyweight Championship

Evan Aho vs. Shamon

The very serious heavyweight champion was reportedly not happy about signing to face Shamon after watching the “King of Pop” popping and locking backstage.  He began a wrestling clinic, and after each hold or counterhold he displayed, Shamon screamed with a girlish shreak that garnered the sickening adoration of Billy Buckley.  

As the champion, an unwilling role model for the CSWA’s “almost there” crowd, neared pinning his opponent just moments into the match, United States Champion Hornet came down, much to the dismay of the aforementioned Billy Buckley.  Hornet simply stood at the bottom of the ramp, apparently watching for interference during the title match.

Shamon got a few offensive moves in (who knows how),  but quickly lost the edge when he decided to take a moment to grab his crotch and yell "Hee hee!"  Aho capitalized on the minor celebration  by hitting an exploder suplex, then setting Shamon up for the Agony.  And that led to the inevitable... the Tiger Driver '91, the Ecstasy.

Winner:  Evan Aho

RS:  Evan Aho retains his CSWA World Title, and for once, it looks like some of the folks in the back are getting the news.

ByB:  What news would that be, oh feathered one?

RS:  Stop that!   The news that if you want to interfere in a match for the World Title, you're going to have to go through Hornet to do it.

ByB:  I don't know that Evan Aho really cares.  He hasn't acknowledged Hornet's so-called help.  In fact, he just brushed by the US Champ.

RS:  It looks like Hornet's headed to the back as well to prepare for his match against Shane Southern later tonight.  Whoa... (The lights flicker as the video wall lights up.)

(A fuzzy screen blurs then fades into a clear shot of Dan Ryan sitting still in a restaurant booth. He sits alone as several bodyguards block the doorway to his private room....he rubs his eyes...bringing attention to a bandage across his eye as a result of several confrontations with Hornet.)

Ryan:  As you see, I can't join you at ringside tonight. As a matter of fact, most of my time has been recently taken with defending my GXW Unified Title. Not to mention..... (Ryan grins) .... I was thinking discretion might be the better part of valor this time around. I know how...popular....I am in CSWA arenas these days. But let's talk about....you, Hornet. Someone did indeed show me your little speech at the end of your ambush . Touching. Oh so touching and oh so reminiscent of the great moments in oratory history. I tell ya...I have felt goosebumps like that since....ah hell...piss on goosebumps and piss on you. You wanna talk to me about a minor league publicity stunt to get my mom and dad to watch me on TV? Hell man, I don't know anyone in this business who gives a damn about you enough to watch you on TV, your questionable parentage included. If you want to get your hands dirty in the middle of all of this then hell....I'm all for that. No problem at all. I've gotten down and dirty with people more intimidating than you, people who wrestle for a living...instead of people who wrestle when politics dictate as such....

(The screen flickers to a shot from CSWA SHOWTIME in Vegas)

Hornet:  You and your little friends wanna take potshots at the CSWA, at Evan Aho, at me, on your little cable access show?  Terrific, it was at least enough to get Merritt to re-sign your sorry behind after trying for years.  I may not care much for Merritt or his tactics, but contrary to popular belief, there are a few things in life I care about, and one of them's the CSWA.  Otherwise, I'd have been gone years ago.

Ryan: Let's get one thing straight. You and your company's billing my appearance as the 'return' of the Ego Buster. You should understand something right now. The Ego Buster is dead....he's been dead for years now, and any resemblance the Dan Ryan before you has to that manufactured character is purely and totally coincidental. If you're scouting me based on that, your information is as out of date as your wardrobe. I've never ONCE tried to sign on with this pitiful excuse for a wrestling organization save for a one match stint six years ago and I left of my own volition....without notice....because I had no time for your second tier waste of space company in my life. As for you and Merritt's relationship, I don't give a rat's ass if you like each other, love each other, kiss each other before you go to bed at night, read each other stories or anything else. All I see when I look around at EVERY STINKING SINGLE ONE OF YOU is C-S-W-A. As for you being gone years ago...I can rectify that situation really quick if you keep sticking your nose into my plans....

(flicker back to Hornet)

Hornet: It's too bad you didn't bring your tin strap over here, Dan, so I could add it to my collection.  Let's get one thing straight.  There are two men around here who can rightfully be called "Unified" Champs on international television... and since Mikey's AWOL, I guess that leaves it up to me.  The CSWA didn't get here by trying to degrade other companies on its TV shows.  And I didn't get to the top of this sport by kissing up to anybody, let alone the likes of you and your pal Merritt.  I walked into arenas, and high schools, and bingo halls and challenged every so-called "World Champ" that was out there.  And when the smoke cleared, I was the man left standing to make a gold belt mean something.

Ryan: Oh, cry me a damn river. The more you sit there and try to justify your place in this business, the more the insides of my stomach turn at the thought of a washed up chump like you becoming known to the next generation as the only standard by which they can be measured. Don't come to me with all this crap about going to bingo halls and arenas and blah blah blah blah blah. I don't give a (bleeped). You understand right NOW. You made a gold belt mean something? Sorry chump, but it only means something to you and the illiterates hanging around your dressing rooms. You can take a big heaping pile of dog crap and get thirty people to say it means something, but it's still dog crap....

(flicker to Hornet again)

Hornet: The EWI meant something, Ryan.  NthWA meant something.  They stood as growing icons of this sport.  But between Zieba, Dupree and guys like you, you've managed to destroy any modicum of sincerity there ever was.  You're too busy trying to get a rub off of the CSWA name, or off of a champion like Evan Aho.

Well you just got your rub, Dannyboy.  Before you ever get the chance to step in a real ring with Evan Aho, there are a few of us standing in line in front of you.  If you think some cheap heat is gonna bump you to the top of the line, you're sadly mistaken.

See what happens, Ryan?  Who's the (bleeped) now?)

Ryan: Tell you what, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Since you like to spend the vast majority of your time apparently dozing off in your little retirement villa...I'll clue you into recent events. Evan Aho was a proud member of the EWI family. Oh yeah, we all travelled the roads together, put on the performances of a lifetime together, entertained millions together. And when we combined forces with the NthWA we became that much stronger. I saw the writing on the wall, and you know what? Evan did too. But we chose different roads, Evan and I. I took on the challenge of the bigger federation. I took on the challenge of the best of two companies coming together to create a level of competition not seen anywhere else in the world. Evan Aho? He tucked tail and ran....Evan Aho thought....'Hell, I'm going back to where I know it's safe...I'm going back to where I know for an ABSOLUTE FACT that I'll get my rub and my heat back immediately. I know for a fact that it'll take me a year TOPS...to put that gold around my waist.' You wanna talk to me about trying to get cheap rubs off of Evan Aho or a cheap rub off of the CSWA. Evan Aho walked willingly into MY HOUSE ... into MY RING ...and tried to use his so called star power to get himself over with the GXW crowd. But you see, we over in GXW.... 

(Ryan, getting more intense, starts shaking visibly)  

...we don't forget. We don't forget when big time players in our company turn tail and run in the face of competition. We don't forget when a so called 'friend' of the company tells the brass that he needs time off from competing because he's burned out...then appears on CSWA television the next week. So when you're thinking about me 'desecrating' your little .. (mockingly) C-S-W-A...you remember something, boy. Evan fired the first shot. Evan started the war....but I ...WILL.... FINISH IT ...... I don't need cheap heat to bump me up to the top of line...I already AM the top of the line. I've got the attention of the resident legend...the almighty Hornet...and the attention of Evan Aho...indeed the attention of the ENTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE wrestling WORLD!!!....squarely on yours truly. So who's the (bleeped) now? The whole (bleeped)  CSWA is mine....


ByB:  Looks like he TOLD Hornet.

RS:  Yeah, I'm sure you're thrilled.  And I'm sure Hornet's thrilled...considering Ryan decided to show a pre-taped interview, rather than facing him head on.

ByB:  The man's a champion, he's busy.

RS:  He's SUPPOSED to have a match here tonight!  Is he shirking that too?

ByB:  Hey...the man's BUSY, alright?

RS:  Whatever.  Let's send it down to Rhubarb, where "Big Time" returns to action!

"Big Time" Michael Gettis vs. Henderson Bramble

The Greensboro native took on the former ABWA World Champion in his return to CSWA action.  Gettis took the upper hand from the moment he pulled his Fubu jersey over the blond corn rows, dropping Bramble with an inverted half nelson into a scoop slam.  Bramble tried to go for a fisherman's suplex, but Gettis blocked it, nailing Bramble with a twisting bulldog that garnered a two-count.

Gettis continued to work over Bramble with a back-mounted chinlock, then went back to the high-intensity offense, rolling Bramble over into a fireman's carry ending in a gutbuster drop.  One ride into the ropes later, and Gettis caught Bramble with his big finisher, "The Big Tyma" flying elbow for the one...two...three.

Winner:  "Big Time" Michael Gettis

RS:  Gettis looks like he's even picked up a couple of steps in his time away from the CSWA!  I don't know if Bramble knows what hit him!  We were supposed to hear from Eddy Love in just a minute, but we've been told there was some sort of alteraction backstage.  Let's take a look at the footage.

(Backstage the cameras find Eddy Love strutting confidently toward his dressing room.  He opens the door and suddenly a gloved hand reaches out and grabs him by the throat, pulling him into the room.  The door slams shut and the sounds of a scuffle can be heard.  The camera crew tries valiantly to open the door but are unable to do so.  Finally, CSWA officials arrive on the scene.)
Official:  What the hell's going on?!
Boom Operator:  Something's going on in there but we can't get the door open!
Official:  C'mon, fellas, let's break that door open.
(After several battering attempts, the door bursts open and all the men spill into the room.  A baffled look comes across their faces though as only Eddy Love, an envelope, and a dented chair are in the room.  Love's forehead is busted open and he is obviously in no condition to speak.)
Referee:  Get this man some help!
(An assistant bolts out of the room and starts calling for help.)
Camera Man:  What's in that envelope?
(One of the officials tears the envelope open, revealing a letter written in erratic, heavily scawled handwriting.)
Official:  My God, I thought this nightmare was over.
Referee:  What?
Official:  It was that damn stalker again.  He's back.
Referee:  Where the hell is he then?  He's just some guy, he can't have escaped.
Official:  I don't know, but I sure don't see him, do you?
Referee:  No.  No I don't.
[The official lays the letter on Love's dressing room table and the cameras go in close on it, revealing the words printed upon it.]
Didn't want you to think I had forgotten about you.  No, I'll never forget.  And soon you won't either.  The time is drawing near when you'll find out just who I am.  And when I'm done  with you, you'll be the one in need of the Fish Fund proceeds.

Worst Regards,
(The camera pans around the room as EMTs help Love sit up and then slowly fades out to black.)

RS:  Obviously, Eddy Love's in no condition to speak to this audience.  We've been told, however, that he's being treated on-site, and will not need to go to the hospital this evening.  Let's head back to the ring.  We heard from Dan Ryan earlier in the night when he decided to cut a TAPED promo on Hornet... now we get to see him in the ring.

Dan Ryan vs. Carl Brigsby

The GXW Champ finally made it back into a CSWA ring, after having his previous efforts at jumping Evan Aho stopped by US Champ Hornet.  Rather than using the locker rooms, Ryan actually came through the main arena entrance, still dressed in street clothes for the match.  The massive man wasted no time decimating the former US Tag Champ, slamming him hard with a belly-to-belly followed by a release dragon suplex.  Brigsby actually tried to get out of the ring to take a count-out, but was stopped by the big man, who caught him from behind with a full nelson slam followed by a jumping DDT.

The referee warned Ryan after he twice pulled Brigsby up from a pinfall to prolong the match.  Brigsby again went for the outside after a break, but Ryan pushed the ref out of the way and pulled Carl to his feet, dropping him with a shortarm clothesline.  The match finally ended after the big "Humility Bomb" extended powerbomb for the pinfall, after which, Brigsby was removed on a stretcher.

Lance Liezure vs. "Wicked Sight" Mike Plett

Two faces squaring off in the center of the ring definitely gave Billy Buckley enough to comment on.  Both men did what they do best, which is combine a technical strategy with high flying offense.  Lance’s tenacity didn’t seem to surprise Sight, but at times it surprised the crowd.  Several near falls for both men at the five minute mark, but Sight came back with his signature series, a 360 degree clothesline and then a pair of flying forearms, still only getting a two…

(CUE UP: “Hero” by Chad Kroeger and Josie Scott – insane reaction)

RS:  What’s Hornet doing here?

ByB:  Bugbrain’s gonna teach that punk Sight… wait a minute… Where’s Hornet?

RS:  Maybe GUNS was right, maybe Hornet is playing mind games with Wicked Sight!

ByB:  Buggy’s too busy with Dan Ryan, he wouldn’t mess with that no-talent Sight.

As Plett once again – uncharacteristic as it may be – became distracted by the music of one of his adversaries, Lance Liezure spun him around and hit an insane DDT that made the crowd stand, then rolled through to get a huge upset win over Wicked Sight!  The crowd still firmly behind both men, Liezure helped Plett up to his feet, and although Sight’s face was one of extreme discontent, he shook Lance’s hand and Liezure left the ring…

RS:  Wicked Sight is a class act, I’ve got to believe… people want to accuse him of bringing over the GXW, people want to accuse him of trying to split the roster, but he still is doing his damndest to entertain these fans and…

ByB:  And… oh God… he’s got a microphone…

(Sight has his hand pointing to the top of the ramp as he talks, slightly out of breath.)

MP:  Whoever the clown is that wants to keep costing me matches… GUNS, you want to keep holding Wicked Sight back… You want to **** with me?  GUNS 

(The video wall flashes three giant letters across the screen, each making a ‘whoosh’ noise as it hits the screen… G – X – W)

RS:  What the Hell is this?  We saw that Dan Ryan is in town, but he’s not here at the arena, who could this be?

V/O:  Plett…

(The voiceover is digitally altered to the point where it’s almost hard to understand.)

V/O:  You shouldn’t have turned your back on the CSWA, Plett.  My intentions… and my identity… will be revealed later, but for now, the whole world should know this:  Wicked Sight has alliances with Erik Zieba.  He’s been in cahoots with Zieba for over a year now, going so far as to wrestle for the GXW just to work the CSWA roster. 

ByB:  I knew it!  Even BUGBRAIN was right!

RS:  I have a hard time believing this one, folks…

V/O:  Mike Plett… you’re the GXW mole, trying to split the roster, trying to make your peers rebel against the system… and all I’ve done is reveal your plans.

(Plett is standing in stunned silence, as the crowd has died into a state of confusion as well.  He begins to walk away, clearly muttering, “It’s GUNS…”)

RS:  We’ve got to cut to a break, fans, I don’t know what to make of this…

(CUTTO:  Commercial Break.  A commercial preview for FISH FUND XIII airs plugging Evan Aho versus either Mark Windham or Eddy Love, along with a spot hyping "The Best Moments of FISH FUND.")

(CUT TO:  The Hip Hop Express is seen walking through the building, having just came back in through the dock. They have just finished their pre-match ritual of getting, what they call, “some fresh air”. Inferno is discussing strategy for their match with the Men of Adventure. While he is laying out a possible scenario, they see Wicked Sight coming back in from everything going out there, and approach him.)

INFERNO: Yo, Mikey…I hear some guys out there say you were GXW or something, but I ain’t buying that… long time no smoke, man. Heh. We just finished puffin’ a spliff outside, but I got another…if you want, we can make a second trip. (Smiles)

BOOGIE: Yeah…come on, man. I still owe you from that time we shorted your sack.

SIGHT: Not… not now, guys…

BOOGIE: What, you got a drug test or something? Man, you get busted carrying some? I know how you like to drive on the highway…no wonder they pulled your ass over!

SIGHT: No, nothing like that. Just… not now… too much going on…

INFERNO: What? Too much? Are we supposed to be kids or something?  Since when did you become so high and mighty? We used to be cool, smoke whenever…and now you are TOO GOOD to hang out with some old friends? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that those goody-two-shoes you’ve been hanging out with, Shane Southern and Lawrence Stanley, are having some sort of effect on you.

BOOGIE: You used to be one of the boys in the back…now all you care about is how popular you are, how your t-shirts are selling, and (BLEEP) like that! You WERE one of the coolest crackas I know…now you’re just a HATER!

SIGHT: Guys, you got it all wrong…you are blowing that way out of proportion, it’s a bad time to mess with me… like I just said…

BOOGIE: No, futhamucka…we know what you just said…and frankly, it makes me sick to my stomach.

INFERNO: (Places his hand on Sight’s shoulder.) After all the stuff the CSWA put us through, we thought you would still be down, but they got to you, too. They flash a face-push in front of you and you were quick to sign up. All this “promise” crap, “I promise that I will be the World champion.” “I promise to make you fans love me.” It’s all a bunch of nonsense! (With his other hand, starts pointing in Sight’s face.) You need to realize that the fans don’t mean anything, its all about how you feel… (BLEEP) the fan’s feelings! (Points into Sight’s chest.) You need to see the light. (Points) It’s not slapping hands and giving high fives on the way to the ring (Points) or playing up to the masses after you do a big move. (Points) It’s about…

(Sight shoves Inferno Ice’s hand away from his chest and pushes him back.)

MP:  Not now!  I’ve got guys saying I’m in the GXW, I’ve got people asking questions, and you want me to hit the green? …

(Inferno and Boogie both look as if they’re about to come after Sight, but Shane Southern pops out of nowhere, and they both decide otherwise…)

INFERNO: Yeah…(Looks at watch.) look at the time. Boogie, remember that thing we had to do?

BOOGIE: Umm…yeah, THAT thing. (Laughs)

(Sight nods at Southern, as if to say thank you.  But Southern doesn’t respond.)

SS:  Are ya’?

MP:  No… I’m for the cause… I’m for furthering the talent that deserves it… and the GXW has NO talent, Shane…

SS:  I believe in ya’, Sight, but if ya’ screw me over… there’ll be hell ta’ pay…

ByB:  Looks like Sight's little 'younguns' party could be coming to an early end.

RS:  I think it's too early to look for the end yet... these guys have too much desire.  Speaking of desire, CSWA newcomer Pete Hardy steps into the ring with Kevin Powers... who is making his in-ring return after his 'retirement' a few weeks ago.

Pete Hardy vs. Kevin Powers

Pete Hardy was looking to continue his winning streak against the former US Champ, but the "Pitbull" is used to using power on his opponents.  That's fine, except for the fact that he was giving up five inches and thirty-five pounds to "Good God."  Hardy had some success early, catching the CSWA veteran with a quick elbow and body slam.  But Powers quickly took over, with a boot to the face followed by a scoop slam of his own.  Powers had some trouble with the big man though, as Hardy was able to use his size to block a chokeslam, but that simply led to Powers thumbing him in the eye and sending him into the corner.

After a spear into the corner, Powers set Hardy up for the ride of his life, hitting the Kiss The Canvas slingshot powerbomb for the 1...2...3.

Lawrence Stanley vs. GUNS

"The English Gent" met the "Strongest Arms In The World" for the first time here at ON TIME, with both men looking to continue to move up the ladders of contenders. GUNS, the former CSWA World Champion, lit into Stanley with a shortarm clothesline that shook the former US Champion up.  GUNS kept control for several minutes, fending off every attempt Stanley made at changing momentum.  GUNS used his strength advantage, powering the non-inconsiderable size of Stanley around the ring at will, at least until a missed clothesline attempt.

After ducking the clothesline, Stanley used his momentum and size to his advantage, hitting the ropes on the other side and coming back across with a kick to the midsection that staggered GUNS long enough for the Gent to put GUNS on the mat with a power slam.  Stanley quickly hit a leg drop and a small package for a quick two-count.

The two continued to battle with Stanley keeping the edge until he went for an arm bar submission.  GUNS powered out almost immediately, spinning Stanley around and nailing him with the 'bionic' kneelift.  That allowed GUNS to keep Stanley down just long enough to get the pinfall win.

Winner:  GUNS 

Hip Hop Express vs. Men of Adventure

These two teams hit the ring against each other, both looking to be added back in to the title hunt against Simply Stunning.  It appears that the Express was still upset from their earlier confrontation with Sight, and they went to take it out on the MoA.  Big Tom started off against Inferno Ice.  Tom used his power to take Ice down early with a big boot followed by the ATOMIC right hand.  Ice quickly rolled outside, daring Tom to come after him.  Tom slammed Ice into the guardrail, only to have Boogie Smallz come off the apron with a hammer to the back.  Once Iron John made his way over, we had a full-out brawl at ringside.

Well, at least until Smallz sent John OVER the guardrail...then we had a full-out brawl in the seats, with Ice trying to use the guardrail as a weapon, and Smallz picking up seats at ringside.  In the end, this one was a double count-out, but it looks like it will set up a Top Contender tag team match at FISH FUND XIII.

Winner:  Double Countout

Cameron Cruise vs. Steve Radder

Well-matched in terms of size, experience and ability, this one came down to a cat-and-mouse game of mistakes.  Radder showed ring rust early, allowing Cruise to capitalize, hitting a beautiful neckbreaker/elbow drop combination that gave him one of many early pinfall attempts on the former CSWA World Champion.  Radder fought back, at one point catching Cruise with a big implant DDT, but each time, Cruise changed the momentum again, dishing out huge blows.

Radder took the punishment though, as he's known to do.  And the moment Cruise sent him into the ropes and ducked his head, Radder attacked, kicking Cruise full in the head and dazing him.  Radder quickly hooked in a cradle, holding Cruise for the surprise three-count.

Winner:  Steve Radder

United States Championship

Hornet vs. Shane Southern

(joined in progress, four minutes into the match)

ByB:  And Southern is chopping the life out of Buggy…

RS:  Would you call him the proper name?

ByB:  Well… no.

RS:  Southern with an Irish whip to the corner, but a reversal from Hornet, and he comes in with a shoulder, and now a rollup, Hornet gets a one count on Shane Southern, who’s becoming a force to be reckoned with… Southern isn’t the youngest guy on the roster, but he’s truly developed into a main-eventer over the past few months…

ByB:  He should ditch that traitor Sight…

RS:  I don’t know that Sight is a traitor, but that’s not what we’re covering here at the moment, we’re covering the fact that Hornet is controlling the pace with Shane Southern right now… a side headlock, and he comes around with a hammerlock, but Southern drops to a knee and throws Hornet over, he comes in with a headlock on the mat, but Hornet breaks out with a set of leg scissors, and now he has control, but Shane Southern with an impressive arch and Hornet breaks the hold…

ByB:  I think Sight really is GXW…

RS:  I can’t believe that, Billy… and it’s not important, right now…

ByB:  Not important?  Your FREAK buddy might be trying to split this roster up so the GXW can come in and take our jobs…

RS:  And GUNS might be playing head games with Wicked Sight, maybe the music, and the little message earlier… maybe it’s GUNS trying to take out Wicked Sight!

ByB:  The Strongest Arms in the World doesn’t have to play mind games with a punk like Sight…

RS:  Would you stick to the match?  There Southern goes with a series of right hands to the side of the former World Champ’s head, and he sends Hornet to the corner, follows in with a clothesline, now he shoots him to the far, NO, reversal by Hornet and THERE’S A HORNET SPLASH!

ByB:  That damn Hornet caught the ref!  Manny’s out!

RS:  Juarez goes down, and so does Shane Southern!  Hornet with a boot to the back of Southern’s head, it’s obvious he didn’t mean to take Manny out…

(From the side of the ring, a figure flies into the ring dressed in street attire…)


ByB:  Buggy’s out!  I can’t believe it!

RS:  Ryan is staring down at Hornet!


RS:  NO HE ISN’T!  THIS CROWD IS ON IT’S FEET AS WICKED SIGHT COMES TO HORNET’S RESCUE!  Mike Plett and Dan Ryan are going toe-to-toe, Plett can’t be GXW, folks! 

ByB:  Sight must be staging this, he’s got to be GXW all the way, these two men are slugging it out but I can’t believe it’s for real…

RS:  Billy, I’ve known Mike since he entered this company and he’s CSWA, one-hundred and fifty percent! 

ByB:  Bugbrain doesn’t believe that!  Hornet is up, SOMEHOW… and there with a dropkick to the side of Wicked Sight’s head and Sight flies out of the ring! 

RS:  Now Hornet directing his attention to Dan Ryan, and so is Shane Southern, both men forgetting about the match and going after the GXW rat…

ByB:  Sight’s outside, not in the ring!

RS:  I’m talking about RYAN!  I don’t think Southern even knows that Wicked Sight is at ringside, folks, and both he and Hornet are trying to tear Dan Ryan into pieces! 

ByB:  Sight’s just walking away, Rudy… he knows what happens to GXW folks, at least Ryan knew to get the Hell out of dodge while he was ahead! 

RS:  Hornet and Southern have gone back to nailing each other, and Ryan is getting out before the rest of the locker room gets here. I would think that Dan Ryan won’t be interfering here again!  He certainly can stand toe-to-toe with our men, but he’s got the common sense to know he can only do it one at a time!

ByB:  And while we’re talking about the GXW, there’re two commentators over there…

RS:  Juarez is getting up!  Southern has the advantage here, he’s going with clubbing blows to the back and neck of Hornet and he could be setting Hornet up for the pinfall…

(CUE UP:  “Ride of the Valkyries” – massive heel pop)

ByB:  Sight’s going to get his!  Sight, halfway up the ramp, GUNS is coming out; he’s got to be responding to the things Sight accused him of before the BOMBSHELL that Sight is GXW through and through…

RS:  MICHAEL PLETT IS CSWA FOR LIFE, BILLY!  The action in the ring has stopped, folks!  Southern staring to the top of the ramp, almost half headed to help Sight… you’ve got to know he believes in Wicked Sight… HORNET WITH A ROLLUP, HORNET ROLLS SHANE SOUTHERN UP!  ONE … TWO… THREE!  HORNET GETS THE PINFALL!


RS:  Whatever’s happening to Sight, this is the third time that music has played to distract Sight, and somebody is playing serious mind games with Wicked Sight… It almost has to be GUNS, folks… we know Sight has laid the challenge for FISH FUND, Sight and GUNS…

ByB:  Maybe GUNS is the one that found about Sight…

RS:  Back in the ring, Southern is just staring at the ramp, and now he and Sight have made eye contact, both wanting to have some answers… Hornet spins Southern around!  SOUTHERN AND HORNET FACE TO FACE…

ByB:  Here we go…

RS:  A handshake!  Both men shake hands, and Southern exits the ring… what a wild ride that was, folks, Dan Ryan, the GXW Champion was here, but the CSWA showed unity…

ByB:  You call that unity?  Hornet leveled Sight – who’s probably GXW anyway – and Southern and Hornet went back to fighting!

RS:  They were in the middle of a match!  And as for Sight being GXW, I’ve already told you what I think about that… but the big story here is, Hornet defeated Shane Southern, and it’s become so cliché over the past few weeks, but these men aren’t through yet.  There are so many hot feuds going on, you almost have to keep a scorecard!  Former World Champion Steve Radder is back in the CSWA, FISH FUND is just around the corner… GXW members seem to be infiltrating… Love and Mark Windham are fighting at PrimeTime to determine the number one contender to the CSWA Heavyweight Champion, Evan Aho…

ByB:  Take a breath…

RS:  Folks, thanks for joining us here for CSWA: ON TIME!  We'll see you in Oklahoma City...and then we're headed to Sweetwater for FISH FUND XIII!