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Land Ho!

Cage Aux Folles

Deja Vu

A Helping... Hand

Headed Back Home

It's a Small Island, After All

A Helping... Hand

Joey Melton became the first CSWA World Champion by being in the right place at the right time. His wrestling prowess aside, the fact that he had been wrestling further south and decided to take a gig on the way home to New York, was certainly a turning point in his career, and his life in general. Connecting with Ray S. Cornette, Eddy Love, even Lindsay Troy, all had occurred at first by happenstance rather than design. It was when the ‘design’ kicked in that Joey seemed to screw things up.

What better place to reflect on life than walking alone down a strand of virginal, undiscovered beach? Joey had broken away from the other group exploring to the west, deciding to get his feet wet and stay close to the sounds of the ocean. Something had put him in a reflective mood.

And speaking of reflections – what was that glint down the beach? It had caught his eye as far back as half a mile ago. He had dismissed it as the glint off some sort of metal wreckage, but as he got closer and closer…

It couldn’t be. Could it? Here? In the middle of nowhere on a deserted island? Joey had heard of mirages – but those were only in the desert when you were dying of thirst, right? Surely here, just another quarter- or half-mile down the beach, it couldn’t be -- hooters, could it?

He began to run down the beach. In his mind’s eye, it was a movie scene of love reunited – him, the muscular model with long blonde hair flapping in the wind; her, the Pamela Anderson from Baywatch look-alike. In reality, it was a somewhat windblown Joey catching two lovely young topless sunbathers off guard. At first they were hesitant, but Joey’s charm quickly kicked in, especially when they realized he might be famous.

And so, as only he could, Joey Melton came walking back to the castaways’ beach, a blonde beauty on each arm, and with even bigger news.