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Riding the Beast

Sweet Sugar

An Unlikely Threesome

Dinner and a Movie

Cabin Fever

Life and Times

An Unlikely Threesome - Part 2


Lost and Abandoned

Drinking From The Cup Of Love

The Dark Side

An Unlikely Threesome

With PRIMETIME over, all now-former-five-time United States Champion Hornet wants to do is take a shower and get a nap in before dinner. If he can even make it to dinner. Between the actual match with Hiroshi, and the lovely jumping piledriver by Ruben Ross, this is one of those times when he wishes he was still on the painkillers.

His carry-on duffel hung over his shoulder, he hopes the rest of his luggage has been delivered to the cabin. Cabin number 1029. Should be just about… here. The keycard doesn’t work with the first swipe… it never does. Every door has its own personality. Some like it slow and gentle, others like it quick and dirty. The second swipe does it. Hornet steps in, tosses his duffel on the bed. As he starts unlacing his boot, the door to the cabin bathroom opens…

Speaking of ‘quick and dirty.’ Teri Melton steps out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her head, and a smaller one around her torso.

HORNET: You’ve got to be kidding me.

TERI: I didn’t know you still cared. You didn’t get half as jealous when I was kissing poor Lawrence Stanley. If I known all it took was one kiss with Mike Randalls to get you sneaking in my cabin, I would’ve done it years ago.

HORNET: Your cabin?

He holds up his keycard.

HORNET: 1029. This is my cabin.

TERI: Don’t get so hot and bothered, Paul. There’s obviously been a mixup.

She steps towards him, then edges past him in the small cabin, grabbing her own keycard. As she turns, she’s standing almost right up against him.

TERI: See, 1029. Obviously we got doublebooked somehow.

HORNET: I’ll get my stuff and go find Brian. He’ll be able to figure out which room I’m supposed to be in.

Teri presses in tighter and runs a still-wet finger down Hornet’s chest, leaving a trail.

TERI: What’s the rush? I’m sure our favorite road agent is still handling the meet-and-greets after the show. Why don’t you just stay here, clean up, and by then I’m sure he’ll be able to help you out?

HORNET: You’ve got to be kidding me. You just made out with Mike Randalls, of all people, in front of hundreds of people, and now you’re…

The door swings open as a third person enters the room. She amused, perhaps dangerously so, as she takes off her sunglasses.

IVY: Dinner and a show, huh? You got away disease-free last time, Paul. Why tempt fate? But I think I’m in the wrong room.

With that one pithy comment, Ivy turns to leave, just as a large metal door drops out of the ceiling, covering the regular cabin door with a clang. Teri screams and falls forward, causing her and Hornet to fall back on the bed that dominates the cabin. Ivy reacts with her mouth as well, but not with a scream.

IVY: What the f---

Ivy kicks the door with her steel-toed shoe, but it doesn’t result in a dent, a sound, or the slightest movement.

IVY: This is a joke, right? This has gotta be a joke.

She takes one last look at the bed, where Hornet has shrugged Teri’s arm off of his chest.

IVY: This is way, way too screwed to be a joke.