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The Crown Jewel Shines


Go Away

No Distractions. And No Swords.


Exit Strategy


Marvin Parsons, current CSWA line producer for VERSUS, lighting guru and former hijacker and hostage taker, isn't paying much attention to his duties as VERSUS host John Simons reviews his lines for setting up UNIFIED Champion Troy Windham's return to a CSWA camera.

Earlier in the day, the staff had to quell a near-riot as several of the passenger finally realized that they weren't going to get to go explore the dock as scheduled and traipse around with drinks with fruit and umbrellas in them. Instead, they've realized that they're trapped on this ship. And while there are plenty of drink with fruit and little umbrellas in them, the lack of a little dash of freedom leaves them lacking.

Marvin has used his position and his contacts to pull together all the snippets of gossip. Thomas and Hortense locked in the Presidential cabin. Hornet and Ivy still missing and presumed locked away somewhere by the Hacker. The Hacker's goons have control of the bridge, but there's been no sign of either the mysterious Hacker himself or his little toadie, the Red Midget, since his stage show the other night.

And so, Marvin Parsons continues to try and tap into a part of his mind he locked up years ago when he vowed never to be on the wrong sie of the law, or sanity, again. As John Simons sets up the clip from Troy Windham, Marvin Parsons is doing a little hacking of his own...