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The Crown Jewel Shines


Go Away

No Distractions. And No Swords.


Exit Strategy


Marvin's fingers fly across the keyboard in the makeshift control room. It's hard to believe that he could type faster than a one-fingered chicken peck until a few years ago. There's so much he doesn't know. The identity of the Hacker, his motive, his reason for what must be revenge. Even his location.

But the mother hen never strays far from her chicks. Especially the littlest one. And there aren't too many smaller than Lyle Tallman, the Red Midget. Track the little man and you might just get to the big one.

Marvin eyeballs schematics of the ship, trying every conceivable way to narrow down where their captors might be hiding. Temperature readings, security card access, energy readings... something has to overlap. But it wouldn't be obvious, just a small blip, something that doesn't seem quite right.

John Simons questions the copy for his setup to the promos cut by High Flyer and Troy Douglas. Truth be told, Simons doesn't quite understand the one by High Flyer, or the setup joke in his commentary. But he's just there to read the words. Marvin ignores him and lets the assistant producer answer his inane questions.

There just has to be something... one little thing...