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What Has Gone Before

End of the Road

Rush Hour

Sort of a Retirement Song

I Want My Title

Over and Back Again


The Old College Try

There Was A List

What Has Gone Before

The CSWA continues to try and pull itself up by its bootstraps following the monetary disaster that was the CRUISE of DECEPTION. Running CSWA ANNIVERSARY Celebration: Coming of Age on live TV eliminated the league's debt to their television partner, U-62, but the network is still threatening to cancel the existing contract if the CSWA doesn't deliver on its promise for new content.

The spectacle that was GOLD RUSH saw Troy Windham "beat the world" and retain his UNIFIED World Championship, but he didn't leave ANNIVERSARY with it around his waist. Dan Ryan called in the title shot he won during the GOLD RUSH event and caught Troy off-guard, capturing the UNIFIED Title.

But the luster on the big gold belt may be gone. As of the end of ANNIVERSARY, the CSWA doesn't have an arena booked for another show, still owes huge debts based on the loss of the Parsons' Cruise Liner and the resulting lawsuits from the Cruise, and owner Stephen Thomas doesn't appear to be setting any direction.

Oh...and there's still a Hacker running loose.

Which leads to...