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What Has Gone Before

End of the Road

Rush Hour

Sort of a Retirement Song

I Want My Title

Over and Back Again


The Old College Try

There Was A List

I Want My Title

(CUT TO: Troy Windham. His hair shorn, leaning against a sea of empty lockers.)

TROY: Gold Rush was supposed to be MY night.

It was supposed to be the night where I left the ring having defeated an entire INDUSTRY. An open challenge for the most prestigious title in this sport, held by yours truly, where I would defeat anyone who dared got in my way. By hook. By crook. By any means necessary.

I didn't just tell the world that I was going to do that. I GUARANTEED IT. I put my entire professional legacy on the line. All of the fame. All of the fortune. None of it would have meant a DAMN thing if I didn't live up to my guarantee.

I GUARANTEED my victory. Because my victory would mean that I would walk out of Greensboro, North Carolina as the undisputed GREATEST WRESTLER WHO EVER LIVED.

Guess what I did?

I did exactly as I said I would do. By hook. By crook. By any means necessary.

I challenged the world. And I won.

Except... except for one thing.

Dan Ryan. Dan Ryan. Dan Ryan. A man who fancies himself not just a great wrestler, but also as this sport's consumate businessman. A man who I've spent the past two years getting the better of at every single opportunity I had.

Dan Ryan saw an opportunity of a lifetime. He saw me, emotionally drained, emotionally spent. Broken after I put all my chips in and won every single hand I played. I was at the highest point of my professional career. The highest point of my life.

And Dan Ryan, you took that away from me.

That's fine, Dan Ryan. I've done dastardly deeds my whole career. Hell, I stowed away in a cargo hold on a cruise ship just to steal a title from your fat fingers.

I thought the crowning achievement of my career, Dan Ryan, would be for me to walk out of Gold Rush as the undisputed greatest champion of all time.

I was wrong.

The crowning achievement of my career, Dan Ryan, is something else entirely.

It's for me to end your career.

By hook.

By crook.

By Any. Means. Necessary.

(Troy stares. FTB.)