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What Has Gone Before

Pregame Warmup

Welcome to PRIMETIME!


Lawrence Stanley vs. Troy Douglas


Hornet vs. Nova

Zeroing In

Brotherly Love

Champion's Challenge Tag Match


Kevin Watson vs. S.A.T.

Good Cop?

Dan Ryan vs. Eron

What Has Gone Before

CSWA: Lost Cause features the CSWA's "lost year" following ANNIVERSARY: Coming of Age. Picking up in October 2006...

With Stephen Thomas’s decision to start booking shows again, the apparent question of the CSWA’s future is no longer in doubt. While he hopes to set the ship’s engines to full and steer away, the real action is occurring behind the scenes as a pregnant Ivy McGinnis and the crew slowly restoke the fires and get things moving.

The spectacle of ANNIVERSARY’s GOLD RUSH is over, leaving some key survivors in its wake. Dan Ryan holds the UNIFIED World Title, but former champ Troy Windham has threatened to end his career if that is what it takes to regain his title. In the meantime, Eron has parlayed his GOLD RUSH showing into a match with Ryan, while fellow GOLD RUSH competitor, Nova faces CSWA legend Hornet.

However, underneath the pleasant exterior, the “return” is still tenuous at best. Financially, the company must find some consistency to continue to pay its newly-acquired debts from the CRUISE lawsuits and losses, let alone its payroll. Commissioner Thomas is still distracted, obsessed by the Red Midget’s connection to the Hacker. Ivy has a suspect in her sights, but the mysterious Hacker has communicated directly with her. The discussion was trite but consistent to the Hacker’s mantra that “change is necessary.” It’s clear that the Hacker simply wanted to reveal one of his secrets – that he/she can get inside and manipulate the CS Enterprises network with ease.

But why reveal that kind of power? Unless it’s already too late…