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What Has Gone Before

Pregame Warmup

Welcome to PRIMETIME!


Lawrence Stanley vs. Troy Douglas


Hornet vs. Nova

Zeroing In

Brotherly Love

Champion's Challenge Tag Match


Kevin Watson vs. S.A.T.

Good Cop?

Dan Ryan vs. Eron

Lawrence Stanley vs. Troy Douglas

Almost matching in size, the former US Champion and English native depended on his experience in his match against the Greensboro native more than a decade his junior. The former fourth-round draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles took the early upper hand. Taking advantage of Stanley’s ring rust, Douglas got the upper hand in the collar-and-elbow, sending Stanley into the ropes and catching him with an early lariat, followed by a half-nelson suplex. Caught supine in an arm-triangle choke, Stanley finally grabbed the ropes to get the break, only to get caught in a neckbreaker as he pulled himself to his feet.

Douglas showed frustration after several near-falls didn’t pay off. Speaking out loud to himself, he set Stanley up perfectly for the “Sharp Relief” spinebuster. But as he went for the payoff, his Scorpion Deathlock finisher, Stanley was able to kick him in the backside as he spun, sending Douglas through the ropes and head-first into the ring post.

Avoiding referee Ben Worthington’s ten-count, both men were able to get to their feet. Douglas charged, getting caught in a powerslam by Stanley, who then followed with an elbow to the head, further dazing Douglas. Stanley sent Douglas into the ropes for a spinebuster setup of his own, but he slightly missed it, catching Douglas full-force and taking him to the mat… but slamming his own head into the mat at the same time with the spear.

With both men down, Worthington began his count as the crowd let both men have it. Douglas tried to roll over and use the ropes to pull himself up, but neither man was able to reach a vertical base before the ten-count.

WINNER: Double Countout