Hornet... New Blood. New Blood... Hornet.

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges

Welcome to PRIMETIME!

The Fallen Angel

Kevin Powers vs.
Lawrence Stanley

You're Watching E!

Back at the Ranch

Scotty Michaels
vs. Joey Melton

No False Gimmicks

When Life Hands You Lemons

Shane Southern vs. Cameron Cruise



Unified Tag:
JJ DeVille & Troy Windham vs.
<> Cutters

Mike Randalls vs. Tsunami

CSWA World:
Dan Ryan vs. Tom Adler

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April 27, 2004
Phillips Arena

Hornet... New Blood. New Blood... Hornet.

(CUTTO: The backstage area. A door from the outside opens, expelling HORNET into the corridors to a huge crowd pop. The US Champion makes his way through the halls, nodding briefly to a couple of stagehands as he passes. Following the signs to the locker room, Hornet pushes through the door, looks around and makes his way to a locker, setting his bags down as he begins unpacking his essentials.)

(In the background, however, a figure sits on a bench, sliding on a black glove as he watches Hornet. It's Christian Sands, who's not scheduled to appear at PRIMETIME. Nevertheless, he watches Hornet, his expression bleak.)

SANDS: (muttering) mumble mumble mumble politics, mumble mumble mumble Hulk Hornet...

(Apparently, Hornet heard him. He turns and stares Sands straight in the face.)

HORNET: You say something?

(Sands lifts an eyebrow, apparently undaunted. He rises from the bench and stares back.)

SANDS: Yeah, I did. I said “Hulk Hornet.” I said I'm sick of old duffs like you holding onto your spots because of who you know.

(Hornet laughs for a moment. A second later, he has Sands’ back up against the lockers with his forearm pressing into his throat.)

HORNET: That was a lot to say in a mumble. Sure you didn’t translate from Japanese or something?

SANDS: (through clenched teeth) Funny guy.

(Hornet sighs and lets go of Sands, although he stays standing where he has him backed up against the locker.)

HORNET: Look…whoever you are. I’m only here because Merritt wants to read me the riot act about the NFW. Do you really want to get in my face RIGHT now?

SANDS: Apparently so. In case you missed the memo, there's a little uprising going on around these parts. The new blood is taking back the business. I'm new blood, at least around here. You're not.

HORNET: Did you figure that last part out all by yourself, or did you have help? Do you have any idea how many people have walked through a stage door and decided they could make a name for themselves by calling out Hornet? How many people have believed that I’ve been protected for sixteen years and that they can come in and ‘expose’ me? How many punks like you have left in the back of ambulances with a broken leg or two? Do you really want a piece of me, kid?

SANDS: Sort of looks that way, Hulkster. Unless you missed the point. I hear that happens as you get older.

HORNET: Don't push me.

SANDS: Too old and brittle to take it, huh?

HORNET: I tell ya what. You go grab a road agent and tell ‘em I said I’d be happy to sign a match with ya… tonight, at ON TIME, next year, whenever you feel like you’re ready. You want to talk big and call me out, you'd better be ready to back it up.

SANDS: You sure you want me to back it up, Buzz Boy?

HORNET: (smirking) I'm breathless with anticipation. Now if you'll excuse me, kid, I've got a meeting.

(Turning, Hornet walks away from Sands, leaving the Canadian to scowl balefully after the CSWA legend. As Hornet finally steps out of earshot, Sands smirks faintly.)

SANDS: Fry your fish, Buzz Boy. Hope you're ready for a barracuda, though...

(With that, Sands seats himself and goes back to whatever he was doing.)

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges

(FADEIN: To the underground parking area for staff and performers at the Phillips Arena. A sleek, jet-black stretch Hummer appears at the top of the rampway, headlights washing out the camera for a second, and slowly rolling down to a stop at a almost ridiculously fortified security station -- there's sandbags, razor wire and a big searchlight on top of the security tower! A man comes from behind the booth door, leaving the security arm still down, smoking a cigarette. He approaches the far back window of the limo, and bangs on the tinted glass. After a beat, the glass doesn't budge, and the man makes the 'roll down the window' hand rotation gesture, before it finally buzzes down. Behind the glass is CSWA OWNER CHAD MERRITT. As he appears on CSWAvision, some of the crowd boos heavily. The guard is wearing a security ball cap, and strangely, a black t-shirt that says 'WWED?' on the front, and backstage lammie passes around his neck.)

MERRITT: (Hurriedly) What is it? Let me in.

GUARD: (Staring into Merritt’s face, squinting) What's your name sir? I'll have to check the list here... (Produces a clipboard with one sheet of paper on it and 'flips' through it, like there's more paper there than there really is.)

MERRITT: (Sighing) CHAD. MERRITT. EM, EE, ARE, ARE, EYE, TEE TEE. This is my event going on tonight. (pauses) Listen, I don't have time for th--

GUARD: (Scanning the paper) Hmmmm... Merritt... Merritt... NOPE - No Merritt here. Sorry sir, but if you can have your driver turn ar-

MERRITT: (FUMING!) WHAT!? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? What do you MEAN, I'm not on the list? I [b]AM[/b] THE LIST! Chad Merritt’s CSWA PRIMETIME?! Perhaps you've heard of it, SINCE WE HIRED YOUR SORRY SELF TO WORK HERE TONIGHT?! (GUARD is sucking something out of his teeth, not budging)

GUARD: See, that's fine and all pal - but there's no PRIMETIME booked here tonight. This event is called... (Looks back down at the clipboard) E! TV? Eddie Mayfield? Perhaps you've heard of HIM? (Pop!) If you don't have one of THESE, (holds up his ALL-ACCESS passes around his neck) you ain't getting in back here. (Motioning to the limo wheels) Why don't you sell the rims on this rental and buy yourself a ticket like everybody else?

MERRITT: (Caught unaware! He makes a confused look, then snaps out of it just as fast.) MAYFIELD? Look you idiot, I'm going in there! (Slapping the drivers seat in front of him)! DRIVER! Go through the gate!

GUARD: (Pulls a walkie talkie off of his hip) Dispatch? Yeah, we've got a belligerent fan back here, trying to get in... yeah, send like, I dunno, 30 Guards? (Looks over at MERRITT, turning red!) ...Naw, make it 32.

MERRITT: Mayfield.... (Balls his hand into a fist) Driver, back us out of here - we're going around front.

GUARD: (As three golf carts full of security with the same shirt this guy has on pulls up and starts unloading) Hey, if you hurry, you still may be able to get some nosebleeds! (Other guards laugh)

(The Hummer goes into reverse and starts backing up the ramp, and we can hear muffled cursing from the backseat as the Guards move over to the front of the shot, sarcastically waving goodbye to the vehicle! As we see their backs, we also see the backs of their shirts that read: 'WHAT WOULD EDDIE DO?" The crowd cheers! FADEOUT.)

Welcome to PRIMETIME!

(CUEUP: “Numb” by Linkin Park)

(CUTTO: A fatigued Dan Ryan's arm being raised in the Merritt Auditorium as he clutches the CSWA World Title belt in the other arm.)
(CUTTO: Hornet and Tom Adler shaking hands at the end of their CSWA15 match.)
(CUTTO: Kin Hiroshi's 'thumbhold' on Jean Rabesque during their Greensboro Title match..)
(CUTTO: JJ DeVille getting the pin at CSWA15 and raising one of the Unified Tag belts over his head.)
(CUTTO: Mike Randalls standing over Chad Merritt's desk.)
(CUTTO: Mark Windham saying "Yes, I Quit" and Eli Flair dropping to his knees.)
(CUTTO: Timmy Windham standing over Mark Windham with the remains of a flaming wooden chair.)
(CUTTO: Eli Flair being loaded into an ambulance after being attacked in the parking garage.)
(The screen flashes NEW BLOOD.)
(CUTTO: Cleaver O'Connor stepping out of a cab in front of Cricket Arena.
(CUTTO: Mittens T. Cat "El Kabonging" William Hung with a guitar.)
(CUTTO: Christian Sands standing against the ON TIME set delivering a speech.)
(CUTTO: Troy Douglas hooking in the Scorpion Deathlock on Michael Gettis.)
(CUTTO: Scotty Michaels and Jerome Henderson standing over Mittens T. Cat)
(CUTTO: Suicide nose-to-nose with Chad Merritt.)
(CUTTO: Autumn chairshotting Suicide over and over again.)

BB: HELLLLOOO wrestling fans! This is the sight at the Phillips Arena as we kick off CSWA PRIMETIME in Atlanta!As always, I am Bill Buckley, joined by Sammy Benson, and folks, the CSWA is rockin' coming off CSWA15 and the introduction of the so-called "New Blood" last week in Charlotte.

SB: New Blood? Is that like what flew out of Mark Windham when that idiot Muppet Kid beat him within an inch of his life?

BB: The wrestling world was shocked late last week when we got work that Mark Windham has retired from wrestling, asking for a release from his CSWA contract.

SB: Look, I have no love lost for Mark, but how much is one man supposed to take? And I'm not talking about the match with Eli.. I mean, this is a guy who's been jerked around by Mickey Benedict for years. The old idiot hired somebody to pretend to be Mark's brother, and then subjected him to years of crap, only to pull the rug out. And now this?

BB: You're really fired up about this, aren't you?

SB: Damn right I am. Mickey Benedict is an old fool that should've been shot into space a long time ago. I can't believe Merritt's even letting his show his face around here again, let alone with the Muppet Kid aka My Name Isn't Really Timmy But Let Me Make Some Bucks Off The Windham Name.

BB: We haven't heard any word about whether Benedict and "Timmy" are still around, or whether their modus operandi was simply to get at Mark. What we do know is that tonight, not only are the new Unified Tag Team Champions scheduled to defend their belts, but Dan Ryan defends the CSWA World Title against former US Champ Tom Adler.

SB: And that's another one I don't get. Adler loses the US Title to Hornet at CSWA15 and two weeks later he's challenging for the World Title?

BB: I don't know whether it's a match he called in, or whether Chad Merritt just decided it was time, but either way, it should be a big one. And speaking of big ones, years after their match for the Unified World Title, Mike Randalls and Tsunami are breathing life into a feud that has laid dormant for a long, long time, but is shaping up to be as hot as ever.

SB: I just wanna know why Tsunami runs around yelling DANGERMAN! all the time. Years ago he couldn't speak English, then he could, and now he just runs around yelling. Whatever.

BB: We've got three other big matches tonight as well, plus we're supposed to hear from the reigning Presidential and Greensboro Champions, Eddie Mayfield and Jean Rabesque.

SB: ...AKA "Mr. President," to you Buckley, and the Filthy Canadian.

The Fallen Angel

BB: Right now, it’s time for our first match of the night, featuring the return of "Good God" Kevin Powers… what in the world?

SB: Looks like the lights have gone out, Buckley. Time for a Timmy Windham sighting. Ugh.

BB: Let’s hope not. Whatever it is, it’s unscheduled.

SB: Oh and that never happens around here.

(The arena goes dark, leaving the crowd waiting for something other than the match that had been scheduled. The driving guitars and drums to ‘Seizure of Power’ blasts through on the loudspeakers. On CSWAvision an Omega symbol is slowly being "burned" in. A lone spotlight, also in the shape of the symbol, rests just in front of the entrance. A cloud of smoke billows up from the floor, and when it finally dissipates, a man is standing with his back turned to the ring, arms outstretched in a crucifix position.)

BB: I can't . . . I can't get a good look from here, but I think that's the man who attacked Eli Flair!

SB: Well, it certainly isn't Deacon, is it, Buckley?

(The fans also recognize the man from the video they saw from ON TIME and immediately begin to boo loudly. As soon as the hatred from the fans kick in, the man brings his arms down and spins around. With each step he takes toward the ring, the heat from the crowd gets hotter and hotter. The man nears the ring and ascends the ring steps. As he reaches the top step he throws out his arms once more and snaps his head back. A flash of crimson and gold lights pulse through the arena. He brings his arms back down and the house lights slowly come back up. The fans, Buckley and Sammy finally get their first look at the man who savagely tried to break Eli Flair.)

BB: No . . . no . . . it can't be . . .

SB: You're acting like you've seen a ghost or something, Buckley. Get a grip.

BB: Sammy, that's Donaven Winters!

SB: And?

BB: AND you're looking at the most sadistic man in professional wrestling, The Fallen Angel, Omega . . . the man that's made Eli Flair's life a virtual living hell just by stepping in the ring with him!

SB: See, why didn't you just tell me to start applauding?

BB: This audience is horrified, Sammy . . . I don't think anyone's in the mood for what you find 'applaudable.'

SB: Their opinions differ greatly from mine, Buckley.

BB: Winters has obviously followed Flair over from the fWo promotion they both compete for in Orlando. Anyway, it seems as if Winters has called for a microphone and it looks like he’s going to introduce himself to everyone.

Donaven Winters: I’m pleased to see that most of you already know who I am. (A broad, yet sinister grin comes across Winters’ face.) The things I did at ANNIVERSARY, they are nothing new to Eli. A broken jaw, broken ribs, these are all things I’ve put him through in the past. There’s a certain . . . satisfaction I get from seeing Eli’s blood pour from his beaten, downtrodden body. It’s really a euphoric feeling . . . almost orgasmic.

BB: What a sick ba. . . .

SB: Easy there, Buckley.

DW: For the past three years, Eli Flair has been nothing but a thorn deeply embedded into my side. Every time I move or shift in any manner, I feel it. I feel him. Whenever I breathe, I can feel Flair. The things he’s put me through and the things I’ve put him through, it all comes back to Hammurabi’s Law. An eye for an eye. I thrive on seeing Eli Flair, Ivy McGinnis and even his wife hurting. I’ve gone through great lengths to see Eli suffer. I’ve attacked his best friend, I’ve attacked his wife. (The last comment draws a large chorus of boos from the audience.) It’s been nearly a year since I’ve really had the thirst for Eli’s blood. Now I know that soon, it could be tonight, tomorrow or next week, Eli will get his revenge. (A loud pop from the crowd.) He knows I’ll be waiting for him.

BB: This is downright disturbing, Ivy was right when she didn't know what Merritt was thinking...

SB: Now come on, Buckley, this is something different. This is that new blood that Merritt’s been talking about! This is great television!

BB: I have a feeling that this thing Winters has with Flair goes a little further than television, Sammy.
SB: I have a feeling Merritt didn't understand why Winters loved the sound of 'new blood.’

BB: There’s nothing new about this rivalry, Sammy.

DW: Perhaps things with Eli will finally come to a head. There was something he did two years ago that I can never forgive him for. Because of his past actions, I’ve been forced to continually seek him out and make him pay. April 27th, 2002 was the night that Eli Flair made the biggest mistake of his life. What he did woke something inside of me. An insatiable hunger for blood, to go after those who’ve done the most harm to me. In a way, I have to thank him for that night, but what he did wasn’t his business. (Winters takes a breath before continuing.) Elijah, you will be destroyed for that night. Sooner than later, you will meet an untimely end. Our blood will once again be spilled throughout these halls, Eli. A crimson sea for us to float through for all eternity. Learn to swim.

(Winters drops the microphone, which crackles as it hits the mat. ‘Seizure of Power’ sounds through the sold-out arena. The lights cut out once more, the fans booing loudly through the darkness. After a moment, the lights return and Donaven Winters has disappeared.)

(The camera cuts to Buckley and Benson sitting at their desk.)

BB: I’m absolutely speechless, Sammy. That was one of the most horrific, graphic things I’ve ever heard or seen in all my years sitting here with you.

SB: Buckley, we've watched a man get covered in a explosion of poop.

BB: Touche, Sammy. Touche. Folks, now that our unexpected introduction to Donaven Winters in done, let’s get to the ring where two former United States Champions are about to lockup.

Kevin Powers vs. Lawrence Stanley

“Good God” Kevin Powers made his return to the CSWA after a hiatus, taking on another former United States Champion in Lawrence Stanley, who has also been staging a comeback. Powers’ last appearance was in the “There Can Be Only One” top contenders match at CSWA PRIMETIME in Chicago last year.

The crowd remembered him well. How could they forget him? “Good God.” A founding member of the PLR and Eddy Love’s buddy. The key member of PLR’s reincarnation during the “GXW invasion.” A man who has no love lost for the CSWA World Champion, or for GUNS, or for… just about anybody. More importantly, where was Miso and her hot Korean booty?

Powers used his height advantage to try and muscle Stanley around, but the big Brit wasn’t giving in to size that easily. They may make them smaller in the UK, but “The English Gent” is the exception, a throwback to a time when the blood of houses like Windsor ran strong, putting out children with hardy constitutions, big bones, and horse faces. Stanley quickly took advantage of Powers’ ring rust, dropping him with a textbook series of European forearms and a quick snapmare. With Powers down, Stanley immediately started working on the legs, hooking in a quick step-over-toe hold and grinding down hard.

The long reach proved useful to Powers throughout the match. Every predicament he got into, he went for the ropes, got the break, and then went right back at Lawrence. The former woo-er of Teri Melton held his own, but his conditioning proved a bigger hazard than Powers’ ring rust. Powers was able to keep him on the move and keep a vertical base. For each time Stanley went down to a sidewalk slam or a standing suplex, it took him longer and longer to get to his feet, allowing Powers to hit him more often and harder. The tilt-a-whirl backbreaker took the air out of the big Brit, leaving Powers to give the crowd what they wanted… KISS THE CANVAS. The slingshot jackknife powerbomb almost sent Stanley through the mat, and gave Powers the 1-2-3 and the win in his return.

Winner: Kevin Powers