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Business As Not-So-Usual

The Way It Has To Be

Hackers and Hijackers

Mr. Anonymous

The More Things Change

Suspicious Minds


Nothing Left To Save

Mr. Anonymous

(We open to Steven Shane standing in front of a CSWA backdrop.)

Shane: Well, here we are. It might not be where we’re supposed to be geologically, but it is where we’re supposed to be CSWA-wise.

And that destination that we’re currently vacating is stop number two on the Steven Shane Takes Over Tour, which stands at 1 and 0.

But who really knows what the hell is going on with the stops on this damn “cruise”?

Quite frankly, I don’t know and I don’t care. All I know is that I have a match coming up on Primetime, and that match is against the Greensboro Champion.

(Shane gives a smirk.)

Shane: Mr. Anonymous…

I won’t go into any type of history lessons here, J to the A, but maybe you should go to class once in a while and not sleep through it.

Either that or watch out on those bumps to the head…

Because the way I have it figured, this is JA/Shane II…

Even though I can’t get a match in EPW that Ken Cloverleaf allows me to finish anymore without him butting in, that match still happened.

But this match will turn out much differently, AJ.

Not just because Ken Cloverleaf isn’t around, but because I’m determined to have the buzz around this cruise be about me until we dock this damn boat.

That’s right, two weeks on international waters…

Two weeks of everyone on the boat talking about the new Greensboro Champ in only his second match in the place where legends are made.

(Shane motions his hand in the air from left to right as if reading a banner that promotes the CS-Dub.)

Shane: You see J to Azzle, you of all people here should know what Steven Shane is really all about.

I’m not only someone who walks away with titles when they’re in front of him; I get them and hold onto them until people know what the title is all about.

It’s not some charade like having a title handed to you and then walking around with it until the next defense so that you can simply say you were the champ.

My background on the CSWA is quite short, being as Cameron Cruise in the only bitch on my list, but I’ll make you this guarantee…

After I beat you for this title, I’ll not only bring it to prominence like other titles can only dream about…

But I’ll also do it twice as well and twice as long as you’ve already done.

Whatever type of run you’ve had here in the CS-Dub is now thrown in the trash and never to be recycled again, because after Steven Shane dominates you in the match this week, he’ll do the same to your whole career.

Here’s to PRIMETIME and that belt going to my bunk after the show.

(Shane gives a smile as the camera fades out.)