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Business As Not-So-Usual

The Way It Has To Be

Hackers and Hijackers

Mr. Anonymous

The More Things Change

Suspicious Minds


Nothing Left To Save

Suspicious Minds

Simons was in full tilt now. The first take of this final segment was a bust, but he launched into the second take like he actually knew what he was doing. As he hyped the grudge match between Mark Windham and Dan Ryan he hit all the high points, showing footage from their previous encounters, mentioning that neither had shown a huge aptitude for ladder matches, and making sure to factor in that Mark Windham had possession of the UNIFIED World Championship despite the fact that his brother was champion in name only and had announced his retirement as part of his stint in the NFW.

With Simons in control of the situation, Marvin's mind wandered again. If I were in control of this ship, control of this whole company while it's afloat, what would I do now?

While it's afloat...

Marvin mumbled something to his assistant director before careening out the door into the hallway. He stopped only briefly to check a ship-to-shore phone located in their hospitality suite. Still not working.

As he burst through an exterior door and onto the broad deck, he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. It should have some reception by now, this close to Montego Bay. But nothing... no bars, not a hint of a signal... confirming his suspicion.

He can't let us dock. Cell phones would work and word would get out. He can't let anyone off the ship. He must have control of the whole staff, including the Captain. The only way he could avoid risk would be to have plotted another course from the very beginning, otherwise someone at one of their ports-of-call would realize that a whole ship was missing.

Red had warned the CSWA talent and crew not to do anything that might cause the 'normal' passengers to panic. But when they realized that they weren't docking anywhere, things were going to get ugly in a hurry. With Thomas under guard and Ivy missing, it was up to Marvin to let everyone know that they had to prepared after the show tonight.

Maybe, just maybe, they could find a way to use the commotion to their advantage, to find some slip-up. After all, no hijacker is perfect -- because in the long run, it's not about the details, it's about the desire for revenge. It's about feeling wronged, and getting back at the ones who made you feel like less than you really are.

And with all that emotion bubbling up to the surface, if you get lucky, the chinks in the armor become apparent.

And then...I've got you!