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Business As Not-So-Usual

The Way It Has To Be

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The More Things Change

Suspicious Minds


Nothing Left To Save

The Way It Has To Be

('Triple X' Sean Stevens stood in front of a black 'Primetime in Montego Bay' backdrop, cigarette in his right hand, taking the occasional puff as he awaited his cue. His long golden hair was tied back into a ponytail, and he had grown a week's worth of beard, that clearly made him look a little more menacing than usual. He was clad in a sleeveless, black and white, "Planet Earth's Champion" t-shirt, blue jeans, and dark sunglasses. After being told that he could begin, he took another drag, blew smoke in the camera's direction and spoke softly.)

trip - There's something about this place that keeps bringing me back. I'm not gonna sit here and bullsh#t anyone into believing I ever thought I'd be in this situation again, because honestly ... I don't need this place. I don't need another matchup with Hornet to validate my career. I don't need to show the world that they were mistaken for labeling Shane Southern the 'golden boy' instead of me, Shane did that all by himself. I don't need this. I'm afraid I may be coming off bitter, but I'm not. I'm not bitter, not at all. If anything, I feel bad. Bad for the CSWA who can never seem to get it right. Bad for the CSWA fans forced to believe in a phony product.

(Pausing, he took another drag, blowing the smoke through his nose.)

Am I going to be the CSWA's savior? Nope. Don't want to be. I've been there, done that, with nothing but scars to show for it. When I was fighting Dan Ryan and the GXW head on, Shane Southern followed my lead. When GUNS claimed he'd tear the CSWA down brick-by-brick, he targeted Southern as his next victim, and Shane responded, in what has now become the typical Shane Southern response, by saying nothing.

I took it upon myself to stand up to that man and the Intruders. But, this is the chosen one? Why? Because his accent sounds better on the radio than mine? Because his charisma and country boy charm is more marketable? That's fine, I could accept that, if it were anything close to the truth. Fact of the matter, there is nothing more marketable about Shane Southern than myself. There's nothing Shane can do with a mic that I can't do twenty million times better. And, oh yeah ... I'm a better wrestler, too.

Don't believe me? ...I figured you wouldn't. The wrestling world wants to see Shane Southern out-perform me at PRIMETIME. They're hoping, no, praying he reclaims his 'spot'. The sad thing about the whole thing is, when I expose Shane's weaknesses, easily ... I'm gonna be seen as the bad guy. I'm gonna open so many eyes, yet, like always, the people ... my people are gonna turn on me. Again, I can live with that. Personally? ...I never gave a f--- about the fans anyway.

(He began breathing, heavily. His cigarette had reached it's butt, so he flicked it to the side, putting it out. He cleared his throat, and looked up once more.)

And, that leaves me with you, Hornet.

The face of the CSWA. Hornet, in the past, you often waited for me to address you before you'd acknowledge me. It's nice to see things haven't changed. In the past, right before we wrestled, you'd lose a big encounter against a wrestler who shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as you, in this case, enter the Muffin Man. Then you'd beat me.

The thing that I'm noticing around here is nothing ever really changes. Or at the very least, you don't like it when it does. That's the price you pay, when you need this place to make you a household name. The difference between today and yesterday, Hornet? I no longer need that. I am a household name, simply because I am quite possibly the best wrestler in the world, right now. I have money ... t-shirt sales ... little kids crying when they see me at WalMart. The pressure to be accepted by you, and the people who run this place is gone. If you beat me ... it won't be because things didn't change. It'll be because you're better than me. But, see ... I can't really see that happening because that's just not possible. You're too old, too slow, with too many personal problems. To label you a shell of your former self is a compliment, especially when you're not even close.

I saw the match with, Hiroshi ... and, like the majority of your matches the past three- or- four years, I wasn't impressed. I should've beaten you a long time ago, but to dwell on the past would be stupid, especially since I've got the opportunity to right a bunch of wrongs in one night.

This time around, I'm going against the grain, Hornet. This time, it's all about me, and it's not because I want it to be, it's because it has to be. Or else the CSWA may never be what it once was.

(Trip exited to the left, leaving the camera focused in on the 'PRIMETIME' logo.)