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Business As Not-So-Usual

The Way It Has To Be

Hackers and Hijackers

Mr. Anonymous

The More Things Change

Suspicious Minds


Nothing Left To Save

The More Things Change

(We're on the deck of the PCL2, Jericoholic Anonymous, Greensboro Championship strapped around his waist, stands, facing the ocean.)

JA: The more things change, the more things stay the same...

(JA turns around to face the camera.)

JA: You change companies, and you expect to find different faces. Yet, here I am, facing off against Shane Stevens. I could have sworn that this wasn't an Aye-One-Ee or Ee-Pee-Dubya match, but then I look on the schedule and I see that it isn't. And besides, I don't know if either one of those companies would spring to take all these wrestlers, fans and hackers on a cruise like this, let alone have us work on it either. But hey, I guess El Tardador really digs the concept of "working vacation."

Still, I digress. Shane Stevens, you and I may be in all the same companies, or we may have been in all the same companies before. Yet, this is the first time we've ever faced off against each other. Strange, ain't it? That our paths never would have crossed until now? I'm sure there are a bunch of fanboys out there who've been waiting to see this match for years now. I can't help they'll be a little disappointed.

Y'see, I've got a lot on my mind right now, especially considering that I also have to look for a friggin' hacker as well as defend this title against all comers. I really don't have time to put on a fancy show, or make you feel like you're special because this is an Internet dream match. No, I have to get business done.

Sorry if I have to be crude in dispatching you, but them's be the breaks, Shane. I've got no time to play around.

But hey, if it makes you feel any better, at least you can go back to beating on Melton's cabana boy after this one's over.'

(Fade to the CSWA logo.)