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Life Support

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Life Support

It was all planned out so perfectly.

The Hacker had taken the appropriate steps to do so. The Hacker had started small, leaving messages on the CSWAvision to let them know who was there. The Hacker had slowly escalated the attacks until the crowning achievement – the hijacking of the Parsons Cruise Liner II.

Ray S. Cornette would have been proud.

It should have ended there. Just like Ray S. had hijacked the original PCL and tried to blow up Hornet and Mark Windham fifteen plus years ago, the Hacker had hijacked the rebuilt PCL and tried to drown the CSWA on what has since become known, affectionately and sarcastically, as the Cruise of Deception.

The Hacker didn’t want to legitimately kill any one person; the CSWA itself needed to die. The Hacker had watched this proud, unstoppable juggernaut run rampant over the landscape of professional wrestling just like the NWA had done forty years ago, and then watched the CSWA let it all slip away because of ego and complacency. Just like the NWA.

The Hacker had thought the PCL hijacking would have been the end of the road – Thomas was insane and unfit to run this company, leaving him and his crew stranded on the same island as last time would have been fitting punishment.

But then again, GOLD RUSH was more fitting. As much as The Hacker wanted the CSWA to die, the Hacker also loved the CSWA more than anyone could possibly know, and the GOLD RUSH was the perfect way to say goodbye to the business.

There were almost tears when everyone said goodbye that night, and The Hacker was short of breath as luck was wished, health was wished, and hopes to see each other down the road somewhere was wished.

Then McGinnis had to go and ruin it.

The Hacker was reminded of something that Eli Flair once said – Eli had moved away from the Bronx after September 11th, 2001, because he felt the city start to die, but he kept coming back because McGinnis had refused to let it. Six years later, McGinnis refused to let the CSWA die. The Hacker knew that McGinnis would keep booking shows until she popped out her kid and had to medically slow down, but by then the CSWA would ebb away to nothing, and that was not a fitting end for this proud company.

Ray S. Cornette, once again, would have been proud. Of her.

But McGinnis was filling the company with false hope, and false promises that they could bring the CSWA back to the greatness it had once enjoyed, and that would be worse than ending with the hijacked PCL and no final show.

McGinnis wasn't really a target, not really. Just a pawn in the game. Hopefully she would be able to forgive what was about to happen.


“Hello, Teri.”

“Who is this?”

“A friend. I need you to do something for me in Columbia.”

“Why? Who are you?”

“If you don’t, you’re going to find your most intimate secrets splayed on the video wall. And you know I know them all.”


“Good girl.”

And if she couldn’t forgive, that would be too bad.