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Life Support

Keeping the Network Happy

Welcome to SHOWTIME!

Welcome Back

The best laid plansÖ

Impromptu Main Event!

Too late, the heroes

Match Interruptus


Just... don't.

When you're drunk, every crisis is a PARTY!

I Hear

Unmitigated Disaster

Welcome Back

(Former CSWA star "Triple X" Sean Stevens steps out onto the rampway to the surprise of the crowd.)

XXX: Thank you, children.

SB(V/O): Glad he doesnít have an attitude.

XXX: Iím a busy man. Iím defending World Titles in front of sold out crowds, Iím kicking ass everywhere I please, and Iím mere days away from humiliating Rockoís Modern Life and holding onto MY World Championship.

So why am I here?

Simple. This is the CSWA.

(Pop from the fans)

This is where the greatest become legends.

(Bigger pop)

Simply put, climbing to the top of the CSWA will make the rest of the world finally realize what most of them already know Ė that I am the greatest wrestler in the sport today, and I am going to take my rightful place.

With the UNIFIED Championship, or without. But I think we can all predict how this story comes to an end. So why doesn't someone come on out here and we can start this off right?

(Triple X dropped the microphone to his side, and leaned on the ropes waiting for an answer.)