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In Merritt We Trust?

Third Time's A Charm

There And Back Again: Thomas' Tale

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Jean Rabesque
vs. Kin Hiroshi

Coming Out of the Woodwork

Unified Tag
The Professionals
vs. JJ DeVille & Troy Windham

Professional Godfather

The First

Mike Randalls vs. Evan Aho

Legends Reunion

United States:
Tom Adler vs. Hornet

"I Quit" Match
Eli Flair vs.
Mark Windham

Interlude: Let It Go

Flair/Windham continued

Debt Paid

A Reason To Fear Shadows

CSWA World:
Dan Ryan vs.
Shane Southern

Scene Two

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Can you name the two primary antagonists involved in the famous "SKYDOME SPLITS" matches?

Well you don't know your CSWA history then, do ya?

Mickey Benedict (yes, that Mickey Benedict) and Bill Parsons started their series of SKYDOME matches as a friendly feud.  It quickly erupted into a Hatfield-McCoy type family feud, with many of the Parsons clan getting involved against Mickey and his two sons.

As always, the feud centered around a woman, Mickey's wife Melba.  Mickey eventually dumped Melba in favor of one of the FISH FUND's surgery recipients, Myra.

More than you ever wanted to know, isn't it?

The First

The old warehouse has been dipped in magic water, or the cash equivalent of, and rebuilt numerous times since 1988, but an original quirk remains. The ceilings and walls are paper-thin, allowing the echoes of triumphant and disaster to seep through the repainting, and steel reinforcements.

Windham’s peers for fifteen years have dined on the aftershocks of his own glory and misgivings. It’s all part of leading the life of a showman. You cut yourself and bear your soul for an audience and those who have chosen to work closely beside you, often at their own peril.

Roughly ninety minutes before “The Living X-File” is to scale the Auditorium’s basement stairs for the hundredth time, walk through the stage opening on cue, and give until a small part of him lies discarded in memories of the night, dead, he relaxes on a leather couch in his dressing room.

Head resting on the back of the couch, eyes closed, Windham’s searching for a reason not to go through with what will surely be the destruction of one of two men. If by chance, it’s Eli who quits and doesn’t walk away, Windham still will own no peace, for over his career, he’s learned tearing down one man, removes a brick of your own shallow existence as well.

The reasons he will take those steps and become the Psycho have never held up under extreme scrutiny. Eyes closed, drifting off to the feedback of the night’s glory and madness in-progress Windham dreams of the one who’s ever managed to pull him far from this world that takes so much, and returns even less.


Knock, knock.


Chad Merritt quietly enters the room, not waiting for an answer. When you’ve paid a man’s salary for a decade and a half you tend to believe you can come and go as you deem fit, and, well, you can.

“Not watching the show from the Towers?”

Merritt, hands in pants’ pockets, sides up to Windham’s feet, standing over the first man to sign on the dotted line back in 1988, and politely kicks at his right leg.

“It’s ANNIVERSARY, my heart tells me to be in the trenches. I miss the days when Thomas and I essentially ran every aspect of this promotion.” A wide grin captured the cold business demeanor of Chad’s face. “Night in, and night out.”

Mark erected his head, and straightened up. “Been one hell of a ride. I don’t think either of us could have foreseen what’s happened. You made it happen, big man.”

Merritt reached for the glass coffee table at Windham’s feet and swiped an unopened bottle of Powerade. “We all did.”

Much is written about the relationship between Merritt and his golden egg, Hornet. Their trials (literally) and fallings out; while there’s no denying that Paul and Chad have done incredible business together, a fact at times both men would love to distance themselves from, Merritt and Windham’s relationship has played out quieter, but in a lot of ways undisturbed, and more pure.

There’s a friendship there, neither man may admit to, if asked. When Mark’s life has busted at the seams throughout the years, it’s been Chad who called first, and offered whatever was needed, while Windham’s “friends” often took a time out. And for fifteen years, Mark basically has said “no” to potential suitors, even in the lean years when more prosperous work tempted.

It’s more than working for a man who’s let Mark virtually work on his own schedule for the last eight years. For Chad’s faults, and well-played role as the backstage hardass, there’s a good man who Windham can trust.

Windham’s more than bankable to Chad. He’s willing to help steer the ship from oncoming icebergs. And why shouldn’t he? Chad nor Mark have forgotten that Windham was first.

Two nobodies, fifteen years later having proven themselves to the world. That sort of bond doesn’t easily break. It’s why Merritt’s willingly renegotiated Mark’s contract under the table a handful of times over the years, regardless of his current deal’s standing.

“Look, I almost didn’t allow this match tonight...”

“I know. This is what I wanted.”

“Mark,” Merritt witnessed Windham drop the belt in Seattle after battling through Key Arena in its entirety last summer. He’s become more destructive to himself over the years, if that’s possible. Yet, what more can Chad really say? Windham’s a grown man, who he regrettably trusts. The rule they’ve always worked from is: It’s Mark’s life. It’s out of Merritt’s hands. Chad’s never said no to Mark, and at a celebration of their anniversary he couldn’t start. “Be careful out there.”

Windham eyed Chad, and winked. “I will be.”

Merritt strode for the door, social visits during a live telecast, an important one for the company’s future, have to be cut short. As Chad reached the door, Mark offered scant reassurance to a man who knows the Lost Soul better than anyone else. “Don’t worry.”

A wry smile from the boss, “Now I know I’m in trouble. Better get the legal team on hold.”

The door closes, and Mark’s left alone. He’s not, but he’s made habit out of convincing himself otherwise.

Mike Randalls vs. Evan Aho
for the Unified World Championship (Retired)

(FADEIN: The camera swoops down from the manic crowd in the upper decks leaning over the guardrails giving a “we’re #1 sign” to the camera. BENSON (V/O): “I hate this place.” The camera continues the freefall until we reached the general admission area of the CSWA event. Signs reading “Gethard needs a Wedgie!,” “Bring back TTL!,” “AVOID THE NOID!”, ”Frisk the Pros for Explosives!” got some airtime as FINALLY, the cameras centered on the squared circle that was the cause of a small city coming together tonight…)

BB: Well, the last time we called one of these I think Lyle Tallman was an integral part of the CSWA legacy and story…


BB: Well, it certainly wasn’t the last time you were drunk!

(Both announcers laugh, as RHUBARB JONES becomes the focal point of the camera – ringside officials are going over last minute details with him.)

BB: Of course, I am talking about doing the play-by-play call for the Unified World Heavyweight Championship. 30+ plus leagues unified under ONE World Title belt that lasted approximately from 1992 – 1998 depending on which wrestling historians you talk to…

SB: Or believe…

BB: Tonight, in what has to be considered quite an odd scene, ‘The Wolf’ Mike Randalls – the last recognized Unified Champion of the World will make an honorable defense of the title against seemingly the only man that has stepped out and openly challenged him without hesitation since ‘The Wolf’ returned to the CSWA in 2003. Evan Aho, a former CSWA World Heavyweight Champion, considered the greatest mat technician of his era, has slumped since his return from a serious shoulder injury, but most experts believe he’s been looking ahead to this very match against Randalls.

SB: You know what I think?

BB: I don’t want to…

SB: I think this is all one smokescreen for Randalls to push people’s buttons. The Unified Title? That should be six feet under with that damn midget. The very idea of this match is what’s driven me to drink, Buckley. Neither like to cheat, neither have a hot babe I can ogle at ringside and it’s all about HONOR. I’ll tell you about honor. You get on her, you stay on her and if you can’t come in her…


SB: What? When Miles made a toast with that, I thought it was GOLD.

BB: That was just the Cuervo, Sammy. Why when I get serious, do you have to ru—

(The lights along ringside and the entrance area turn on full blast as the crowd roars as another match is set to begin…)

BB: Sixteen years, just once I’d like to see things go my way.

SB: You’re livin’ a dream, Buckley…just a dream…

(CUTTO: RHUBARB JONES standing in the middle of the ring in ‘announcing’ position. The ‘loud’ fans at ringside are well into the traditional “Rhuuuuuuuuuuubarb!” chants. JONES laughs a little bit; he always loves that part. Slowly, he brings the microphone up to his lips…)

RJ: This next match is scheduled for 30 minutes and is for the Unified WORLD Heavyweight Championship!!!! (crowd cheers loudly!) The wrestler who with the first pinfall or submission will be declared the winner and the retired UNIFIED CHAMPION! (crowd pop!) Afterwards, the title shall be returned to the possession of the CSWA, where they will move the title just through the doors to the CSWA Hall of Fame facilities.

SB: They’re forgetting the muzzle stipulation in case Randalls bites anyone…

RJ: Introducing first, the ‘challenger’ tonight…he is from Seattle Washington, and is a former CSWA World Heavyweight Champion, and highly decorated amateur wrestler! Ladies and gentlemen... please welcome.... EVANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN AAAAAAAAAH-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(CUE UP: "Control" by Puddle of Mudd. For a single instance the video wall reads "AHO" in simple, bold letters before flickering into black and white footage of AHO tearing down opponents with stiff strikes, punishing throws and sick submission locks. Crowd starts chanting “AHO! AHO! AHO!" loudly as EVAN AHO appears whipping the curtain aside under a hailstorm of fireworks. AHO marches straight to the ring, eyes locked in on the ring, nothing else! AHO is wearing unremarkable electric blue tights, knee pads, and white boots - no flash, no frills! AHO hits the apron, wipes his feet and steps into the ring, and hits a corner, and just stares - HARD! The crowd is on it's feet, and it's READY TO ROCK!)

BB: There is Evan Aho standing in the middle of the ring, for those of you that do not remember…If you recall in late 2003 on a Showtime event, ‘The Wolf’ delivered thousands of open contracts for any CSWA wrestler to sign with whatever stipulation they chose.

SB: I think it’s a crock of sh—

(All of a sudden the lights in the general admission area go out, then quickly the house lights. The crowd starts screaming as EVERY light turns off. BENSON: (V/O) “Hold me Buckley.” BUCKLEY: (V/O) “Get off of me!” CUE UP: “In the Light” by Led Zeppelin. A cheer comes out, but is quickly drowned out by the ominous keyboard introduction playing…as it becomes clear the lights aren’t coming back on, one by one lighters start flickering on in the audience…they all start whistling, catcalling, yelling…

”And if you feeeeeeeel…..that youuuuuu can't go on…”

…Robert Plant’s slowly dissonant and hypnotic lyrics begin, more lighters flicker on as some of the more ‘faithful’ crowd start howling….

”…And your will is siiiiiiinkin' low…Just beeeeeeelieve and you can't go wrong…”

(CUTTO: A sole white spotlight shines by the entrance curtain where ‘THE WOLF’ MIKE RANDALLS wearing a grey cloak sits on his two knees in an upright meditative position – the crowd starts howling LOUDly…

“…In the liiiiiiiiiiight you will find the road, You will find the rooooooooooad!

Suddenly all the house lights fire on as the band launches into a marching guitar army. The crowd roars as RANDALLS stands on his feet his emerald eyes focused intently at one man, EVAN AHO! ‘The Wolf’ walks to the pounding beat of the music as the crowd starts clapping. Once RANDALLS reaches the apron, he takes off his cloak dropping it at ringside – the crowd explodes due to the monstrous gold title belt strapped around his waist and sparkling in the lights…)

SB: Well its been six years…at least he didn’t get piss on it.

BB: Amen to that.

SB: Or poop.

BB: Sammy!

RJ: Now introducing the CHAMPION, hailing from the Mojave Desert in California and a record three-time CSWA recognized Unified Champion of the World…this is…’THE WOLLLLLLLLLF’ MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE RANDALLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSS!

(A loud mixed reaction descends upon the ring as RANDALLS slingshots over the ropes – his shoulder length, layered Auburn hair slightly shadowing his eyes, he begins pacing back and forth watching EVAN AHO, who remains unmoved…but reflecting the glare upon him…RANDALLS hands his title to referee Patrick Young who does a tour of the ring, holding up the title to loud cheers!)

BB: This one’s promising to be quite possibly the best wrestled match on the card. The last two weeks Evan Aho has accused Mike Randalls of ‘throwing’ matches…tonight, Randalls has promised to deliver the match Aho has been seeking…

SB: Blah, blah, blah – either Randalls loses his bacon and snaps the kid’s shoulder off, or its been a total waste of time for myself.

(Bell rings! The crowd pops!)

BB: There it is! Thirty minutes and counting, Evan Aho challenging ‘The Wolf’ Mike Randalls in the last ever title defense for the Unified Championship! Both men pacing around the ring, Aho in the blue trunks and white boots, Randalls in the red and black trimmed drawstring pants and barefoot as always.

SB: I’ve heard rumours of guys passing out in the locker rooms when he put those puppies up on a bench after a match.

BB: Fifteen years and I’ve got to say, your witty banter has improved immensely. Collar and elbow tie up – Aho pushing Randalls back into the corner, didn’t look like Randalls put up much of a fight there. Aho backs off with an annoyed look, Randalls staying in the corner as the crowd continues to buzz in the opening moments.

SB: For some reason, I feel strangely compelled to hope Randalls has been pulling the wool on everyone’s eyes and will bust out a bloody stake.

BB: Only you, Sammy…only you. Randalls walks slowly out of the corner and Aho waving him on for a lock up, he hasn’t waited 6 months for Randalls to roll over and play dead as you so aptly described your loathing for.

SB: I did?

BB: Nevermind. Randalls comes in for another lockup and he quickly slips behind Aho into a hammerlock, I think he caught the Washingtonian offguard. Randalls quickly pushing Aho forward and into the turnbuckles. Randalls turns him around…and another clean break as he jogs out of the corner before Patrick Young even has to start the count.

SB: You can hear the boring chants already coming, Buckley. No wonder they never let him wrestle Melton.

BB: And look at Randalls, now – motioning like Bruce Lee for Aho to come out of the corner…

SB: Someone watched the Matrix Revolutions last night.

BB: Aho stalks out and another tieup, this time Aho aggressively cinches in a side headlock, Randalls quickly backs off against the ropes and pushes Aho off and he bounces off the opposite ropes! Randalls with a leapfrog! Aho off the opposite ropes, this time Randalls drops to his chest and Aho skips over…and ‘The Wolf’ catches Aho in a monkey flip – NO! Aho tosses him off and quickly goes for an elbow – no! Randalls rolls out of the way and both men scramble to their feet and lock up again…

SB: I just miss the old days when Randalls would’ve already had a chair in his hand by now…

BB: The crowd getting excited seeing two great mat technicians go at it. This time Aho catches Randalls in a hammerlock and he shoves him into the corner! Randalls bounces out and swivels right into a perfectly timed forearm by Aho! Randalls tried to bounce out, but Aho stunned him on the jaw! Another one! Aho grabs ‘The Wolf’ by the arm and whips him across the ring into the opposite turnbuckles! Randalls bounces out and Aho rushes in and locks him around the waist! (cheers!) Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! The crowd roars after that one!

SB: Here’s a good trivia question will you see more suplexes in this match, or Waffle Houses on I-81 South in Tennessee?

BB: Epic Sammy, really. Randalls up to his feet rather quickly and he stumbles back into the corner and Aho stalks in, but look out! A front kick blasted by Randalls just blasted Aho in the ribs! Aho stopped dead in his tracks, it looked nasty.

SB: That has always been the beauty of Randalls in the ring. I’ve never liked the guy, but as long as he’s hittin’ guys the way he’s always hit them, its real fun if you hate the other guy.

BB: Randalls slams back Aho into the turnbuckles and he’s measuring him…OH! (“Whoo!”) A vicious chop by Randalls, Aho howled out after that one.

SB: Nobody hits these like he does. I’ve seen guys bleeding from their chests and not from their heads after a match with this freak.

BB: OW! (“OWWWWWWWW!”) Another chop by Randalls and the sold out house loves the sound, now they’re howling out there! Randalls backing out of the corner and Aho is staggering out slowly…only to walk right into a vicious side kick! Aho drops to a knee – Randalls quickly grabs his arm…ARMBREAKER DDT! Randalls just went right for it and got it and now he’s held onto the hold and turned it into a Fujiwara Armbar! Aho quickly getting to his feet and look at Randalls – he’s still locked on Aho’s arm!

SB: He looks like a freaking monkey or koala bear.

BB: Aho hitting some stiff knees into Randalls ribs and finally breaks the hold and backs away holding that shoulder. Make no mistake about it, Randalls went right for the notorious Aho injury, if that’s not a sign he’s coming after the former World Champion, I don’t know what is.

SB: Well, I guess I can’t complain. At least there’s a chance of someone bleeding profusely.

BB: Randalls on his feet and walking towards Aho, who’s trying to shake his shoulder out. Randalls with a vicious thrust kick into Aho’s shoulder! Aho whirls around and blasts Randalls with a running forearm! Randalls is staggered and Aho takes him down with a Fireman’s Carry and hooks in a reverse chinlock…wait, Randalls arching to his feet and OH! He drops down in a jawbreaker – Aho staggering backwards dazed…Randalls grabs that injured arm and Aho hits a forearm driving Randalls away again. The former champion has thwarted “The Wolf” trying to injure that shoulder of his, I think he’s realizing that Randalls has a gameplan with that.

SB: As opposed to when Randalls just waited for someone to make him bleed and choke them out. Good times, Good times.

BB: Aho stalking in on a dazed Randalls and places him a front facelock – Snap Suplex! Wait, he’s got that held on and he’s rolling Randalls over and up…Vertical Suplex that time! (cheers!) And look at this, Sammy – Aho rolling up and to his feet again, he’s got Randalls ready for another…FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX! Aho’s got that bridged! ONE! TWO! Randalls kicks out!

SB: Looks like Aho is trying to defeat Randalls in a battle of suplexes, I can’t think of anything I’ve wanted to see more the whole night.

BB: Your sarcasm is noted, Sammy. Aho bringing up Randalls, while guarding that shoulder and hooks him in a butterfly and Randalls counters with a backbody drop! Aho to his feet, Randalls has that arm…oh! Randalls with a vicious kick to Aho’s knee! Another! Aho was trying to leverage his shoulder away and left himself wide open. Randalls with a quick single leg takedown and a double legdrop across Aho’s left knee!

SB: Mikey must’ve missed his pills session, cause Aho’s knees don’t have a history…

BB: Well Aho was guarding that shoulder so much that Randalls must’ve realized he had an opening. Randalls dragging Aho into the middle of the ring and connects with an elbow drop to Aho’s leg! Aho trying to squirm away, but Randalls now grinding away with a Spinning Toe Hold!

SB: Ok, Ok, let me get this straight. Randalls comes back against Adler and since then has been a virtual spotfest, but now he’s busting out Spinning Toe Holds?

BB: I may be crazy, Sammy…

SB: Well, you are…

BB: But maybe Randalls is trying to beat Aho at his own game, tonight. Aho wanted a wrestling match, he’s getting one right now. Randalls still grinding that Spinning Toehold and Aho slapping the mat in frustration right now.

SB: So now there’s nothing to be excited about? GREAT.

BB: Randalls with another spin, but Aho catches him with a small package! ONE! TWO! NO! Randalls reverses it! ONE! TWO! NO! (cheers!) Aho kicks out, both men scrambling to their feet – Randalls grabs Aho’s shoulder, he reverses with a dip into a hamm-OH look out! (crowd groans!) Randalls just dropped to the mat with a mule kick delivered right into the knees of Aho!

SB: Can you call that a cheap shot?

BB: This isn’t the NFL, Sammy. Its wrestling. Randalls just buckled out Aho’s knee, and if you saw that he was trying to protect his shoulder again.

SB: Well, remember what I said about that knee problem?

BB: Yeah.

SB: You can take that off the record, now.

BB: Evan Aho on the mat, rolling in agony…Randalls is getting up and watching Aho with no expression. He’s grabbed Aho’s leg and rolled out of the ring…what’s he doing now? Aho is pleading with him…but Randalls isn’t hearing a word, he’s pulling him towards the ringposts.

SB: Well at least he hasn’t forgotten everything he’s good at.

BB: Randalls looking out to the fans who are cheering the match on…and (crowd: “OH!”)…Randalls wraps Aho’s knee around that ringpost with a violent swing! He’s got it again and he’s backing up now…OH! He does it again, Aho screaming bloody murder in there. Randalls climbing back into the ring and his face hasn’t changed, he really looks all business in there tonight.

SB: Damn Aho and his non-blood inducing ways…

BB: Nothin’ like nostalgia, eh?

SB: Better than boredom…or listening to you actually call a match…or…

BB: We get the point, Sammy. Randalls not placing Aho’s left leg on the ropes and vicious kick! Aho trying to grasp at his knee, but OH LORD! Randalls just blasted him right in the face with a kick! He’s just getting brutal in there. Randalls leaps onto the ropes and crashes into a sitdown position on that bad knee! Aho howling out in pain, no pun intended cause the “Wolf” is turning that left leg into pudding.

SB: Remind me again why people pay so much to see these two wrestle? I mean at least “AVOID THE NOID!” is fun…

BB: Randalls bringing Aho up to his feet now and he’s lifting him up and drops him into a Kneebreaker! Aho screams out in pain, but Randalls has held onto the hold and picks up Aho and OH! Instead of dropping him on his knee, Randalls dropped Aho’s knee onto the turnbuckle and gravity didn’t play into Aho’s hands there…he landed quite awkwardly.

SB: I feel like I’m trapped in ’79 right now watching Randalls pull these moves out. What the hell is going on?

BB: Randalls pulling Aho to his feet and back into the corner...(crowd screams!) OH WHAT A CHOP! That sounded like a gunshot! (crowd: “OWWWWWWW!”) ANOTHER CHOP! Aho’s chest is beet red from those!

SB: Man, I’d love to see Hornet’s man boobs take five of those.

BB: Randalls measuring Aho for one more…(crowd: “OWWWWWWWW!) Good grief. That lacerated Aho’s chest. It looks like a…wolf took a swipe at him.

SB: Yup…Hornet’s would’ve popped like Miss Melton from two of those.

BB: Randalls now lifting Aho up and onto the turnbuckles, the Merritt/Thomas Auditorium is getting loud as ‘The Wolf’ Mike Randalls reeling against conventional wisdom has brought an old school style to the match tonight – foregoing what’s become his aerial theatrics as of late.

SB: And for Evan Aho right now, this just speaks so proverbially about his career right now…

BB: Sammy, you should never know what to expect 15 years into the business. Both men on the top rope and Randalls is hooking Aho and he’s got him up…and ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HE’S HOLDING HIM UP! A DELAYED SUPERPLEX? Have you seen this before?

SB: Ok, I’m impressed…and obviously Randalls IS sober for those betting tonight.

BB: He’s still got him up! The crowd now stomping as Mike Randalls is letting all the blood drain into Evan Aho’s head…AND HE LEAPS OFF! (CROWD EXPLODES!) A DELAYED BRAINBUSTER FROM THE TOP ROPE! OH MY LORD! AHO IS TWITCHING! Randalls rolls over and hooks the leg!

SB: When he tries to finish you, he sure tries to finish you…

BB: ONE! TWO! THRNOOOOOO! AHO KICKED OUT! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Randalls watching as Patrick Young jumps to his feet making a two count. He’s slightly shocked, I think he thought he had Aho there! Randalls shaking his head and jumping to his feet, delivering a vicious kick to Aho’s left knee again! He grabs that leg and drags a wounded Aho to the center of the ring and whirls around for a Spin—NO! AHO LAUNCHES HIM WITH HIS RIGHT BOOT OUT OF THE RING!

SB: For the love of God, this match is gonna go on? Kill me now!

BB: Randalls sprawled on the cement, Aho really got lucky with that desperation move! He’s slowly hobbling to his feet as Mike Randalls’ attack has really taken its toll on him tonight. Patrick Young starting the ten count, I don’t think Randalls will be getting himself counted out tonight.

SB: Only if we’re lucky.

BB: Randalls struggling up to the apron, but Aho is coming over and he catches Randalls in the head with a kneelift! The right knee still in tip top shape. Randalls almost falls off the apron, he’s holding onto the ropes for balance and Aho grabs him by the head and snaps his neck over the top rope! Randalls flies down to the cement, again!

SB: And don’t think that wasn’t for the ringpost shots…honor my ass…

BB: Maybe Aho is just trying to buy some time, his knee must be throbbing. Randalls getting up slowly and once again trying to get himself onto the apron…this time, Aho watching him like a hawk. Aho grabs the staggering Randalls into a front facelock and suplexes him back into the ring! He’s still got enough strength in those legs to get Randalls up and over. Aho dragging Randalls into the middle of the ring and look at this – he’s locked in a Dragon Sleeper on Randalls!

SB: Well now I’m jealous, he can get to go to be during this debacle and I can’t!

BB: Evan Aho doing the smart thing right now and trying to buy time for his injured knee. Randalls keeping those arms up to prevent himself from fading into unconsciousness. Aho really leaning over him trying to make ‘The Wolf’ deal with more leverage and pressure. And one of Randalls’ arms fall!

SB: One eyelid for me!

BB: And the other one drops!

SB: I can only wish…

BB: Patrick Young checking on Randalls and raises his arm once! It falls! Twice – NO! And Randalls quickly hooks Aho around the head, I think he was trying to play possum! Randalls up to his feet and he goes for a Jawbreaker – NO! Aho saw it coming and let go! He rips up Randalls into a Cobra Clutch position…

SB: Whoa momma! (crowd pops!)

BB: A textbook Cobra Clutch Suplex by the former CSWA World Champion! Randalls got compacted and pays dearly for the ill-timed mistake in the ring! Aho trying to quickly stay on the offensive and brings Randalls up to his feet and hooks him into a front facelock…

SB: If I see a (bleep) suplex again…

BB: OH! (crowd pop!) Aho dropped him in a brainbuster, how’s that Sammy? Aho tried to hold him up, but that knee looked like it was about to give! Aho covers Randalls with a hook of the leg! ONE! TWO! THRNO! RANDALLS KICKS OUT!

SB: There is no God is there Buckley? That’s why I’m here…that’s why I’m always here…

BB: Try not to have a nervous breakdown, Sammy. We’ve got a long night ahead of us…

SB: Are you trying to make me cry? Its working…

BB: Aho bringing Randalls up to his feet again and yet again, another front facelock…this time Aho drives Randalls to the mat with a quick neckbreaker! Looks like Aho is trying to work Randalls’ neck for his two finishers – the Tiger Driver ’91 or that deadly Backdrop Driver he likes to use.

SB: I care so, so much Buckley that my hearts bursts with joy over such interesting tidbits of knowledge.

BB: Duly noted. Aho delivering some kicks to the neck and shoulder area of Randalls, right now. He picks him up to his feet and whips Randalls off the ropes…(crowd pops!) OH! He just launched Randalls into a Release styled Stun Gun, Randalls staggering back into the ring and Aho catches him backpedaling! BACKDROP DRIVER WITH A PIN! ONE! TWO! THREE! (CROWD EXPLODES!) NO! NO! Randalls just shifted his neck and shoulders awkwardly causing Aho’s momentum to roll them both over!

SB: What the hell was that counter? I heard Randalls does Yoga with some of Melton’s secretaries, but that looked disgusting!

BB: Whatever it was, it got him out of some major trouble! And sure has Evan Aho perplexed, I don’t think he was quite prepared for that ‘turn’ of events.

SB: You think you’re funny, but you’re really, really not.

BB: Aho quickly bringing Randalls to a standing position and hooks him around the head…REVERSE DDT! He dropped him, a modified Ecstasy there! He’s got Randalls’ legs hooked again! One! Two! No! (CROWD CHEERS!) Randalls was just able to kick out! Aho is having problems putting away ‘The Wolf’ as the Merritt/Thomas Auditorium is getting LOUD! Aho taking in the moment with a slight smile, this sold out house watching one helluva a wrestling match.

SB: To each their own, Buckley. Gimme Voltron, Love and Melton any day of the week.

BB: Aho has brought a weary Mike Randalls to his feet and backs him into the corner and (“WHOO!”) a thunderous chop from the challenger! (“WHOO!”) Another one ripping into Randalls’ chest! Aho with an Irish Whip – NO! REVERSED! (CROWD EXPLODES!) RANDALLS MISSES A BACK HANDSPRING HORNET SPLASH! He’s staggering out of the corner! (crowd roars!) Release German Suplex by Aho! OH MAN! Aho crawls quickly and covers the ‘champion’! One! TWO! THREE! NO! NO!

SB: This is why the gun laws should be much more lenient at wrestling matches.

BB: This isn’t the fWo, Sammy.

SB: For once I wish it were.

BB: Evan Aho thought he had this match won, but as Patrick Young so duly notes right now…Mike Randalls got a foot on the rope and this match is going to continue! A lapse of judgment by Aho, not looking at how close to the ropes he was…

SB: And he should be shot for it.

BB: Sammy!

SB: Don’t shoot the messenger.

BB: Ugh. Aho breathing heavily, I think he thought this one was over. He gets to his feet, still hobbling from Randalls going after those knees quite heavily. Aho gets Randalls to his feet by the use of his hair and backs him into the corner again…(“WHOO!”) Big chop by Aho! Not quite with as much force behind as Randalls, but they still gotta hurt.

SB: Well, Aho can’t hit them like Flic Rair, so what does it matter?

BB: Don’t you mean Steven Flair?

SB: He’s not related to Eli is he?

BB: Shh. Aho measuring Randalls for another…(“WHOO!”) Big chop! Aho buries a shoulder into Randalls’ breadbasket doubling him over. And a wicked kneelift follows! Aho with an Irish Whip, NO! RANDALLS REVERSES IT! Aho hits the turnbuckles and staggers out…(CROWD EXPLODES!) LEAPING ROUNDHOUSE KICK BY RANDALLS! Aho hits the mat instantly! Randalls staggering around trying to get some of his focus back…

SB: He hasn’t had it for 10 years, why would he find it now?

BB: Aho is dazed, but on his feet…he staggers towards Randalls…Crescent kick by Randalls to the midsection! Aho doubled over…OH! (crowd pop!) Axe kick by Randalls! Aho on his belly, Randalls hooks him into a La Magistral Cradle! ONE! TWO! NO! AHO KICKS OUT! Both men to their feet…Aho with a boot to the gut! Out of nowhere!

SB: Here we go!

BB: He’s going for it! Tiger Suplex ’91…NO! (CROWD CHEERS!) Aho lifted him up, but Randalls just contorted his arms and broke free, so Aho had to counter with a powerbomb! Randalls flattened out, but not how Aho wanted! He’s going for the pin, nonetheless! One! Two! Randalls kicks out! Aho slaps the mat in frustration…and he’s up quickly, he’s trying to hook Randalls for another try!

SB: That’s the spirit, end this thing!

BB: WAIT! Randalls goes for a backdrop, but AHO HOLDS ONTO HIS ARMS! HE BRINGS HIM DOWN INTO A SUNSET FLIP! ONE! TWO! RANDALLS KICKS OUT! Both men to their feet quickly, Aho hits a chop! (“WHOO!”) That backs Randalls against the ropes and he Irish Whips him – NO! REVERSED! (CROWD EXPLODES!)

SB: Good lord, someone is gonna need dental work!

BB: Randalls with a Short-Arm Roundhouse kick! That’s what took out Adler in Anaheim! This crowd is on their feet, Randalls is climbing to the top rope! (CROWD EXPLODES!) OH MY GOD! (crowd: “HOLY (bleep)! HOLY (bleep)!”) WHAT A MOVE!

SB: I’ll say what they’re saying…HOLY…

BB: Randalls just hit a 450 Double Pump Legdrop, are you kidding me!? Aho is lifeless and Randalls is dragging him to the middle of the ring…he’s got those legs HOOKED!


SB: If his knees hurt before…this isn’t good…


BB: DEVASTATOR! RANDALLS HAS IT LOCKED IN! That Cloverleaf Leglock with the Bridging Crossface! Aho’s arms are flailing, he’s got nowhere to go! It’s locked in the center of the ring! (CROWD EXPLODES!) AHO TAPS! HE TAPS!

(SFX: Bell ringing frantically)


(crowd screams!)

BB: Wait, wait…what’s TSUNAMI doing here!?!?!?! He’s got that Unified Title…





(CUTTO: TSUNAMI on the top rope, pointing at RANDALLS, “You DISHONOR me!” CROWD EXPLODES! “HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T! The censors don’t catch it.)

SB: Dear Lord…

BB: LOOK OUT! TSUNAMI JUST LEAPT OFF WITH A PHOENIX SPLASH! RANDALLS IS OUT! And look at him he’s picking up the Unified Title and staring at it…and he drops it on Randalls with a disgusted look! I can’t believe this! Tsunami now exiting the ring, I don’t understand what just happened…Medics are rushing into the ring for both Aho and Randalls, it looks like they’re gonna be ok…but my god, what has just started?

SB: The last time Tsunami and Randalls went at it…the sport changed…I don’t wanna know what’s gonna happen now.

BB: Randalls is being helped to his feet by Aho…but look at his face, its gushing blood. Man, I don’t know what to say except stay tuned folks…this is just the beginning of what I expect to be a long night of spills, thrills and chills.