What Has Gone Before

In Merritt We Trust?

Third Time's A Charm

There And Back Again: Thomas' Tale

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Jean Rabesque
vs. Kin Hiroshi

Coming Out of the Woodwork

Unified Tag
The Professionals
vs. JJ DeVille & Troy Windham

Professional Godfather

The First

Mike Randalls vs. Evan Aho

Legends Reunion

United States:
Tom Adler vs. Hornet

"I Quit" Match
Eli Flair vs.
Mark Windham

Interlude: Let It Go

Flair/Windham continued

Debt Paid

A Reason To Fear Shadows

CSWA World:
Dan Ryan vs.
Shane Southern

Scene Two

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ANNIVERSARY 1998 spawned the 'first' return of Mike Randalls to a CSWA ring, facing JT Tyler in a battle of former Unified Champions.  That same event also spawned the CSWA World Tournament which gave Eddy Love his title reign.

ANNIVERSARY 2000 created the latest return of Randalls, revealing the history of his plan with Hornet to create the ClaimStakers.

"I Quit" Match
Eli Flair vs Mark Windham, continued

(Windham's eyes stir.)

PY: Mark? I have to stop this.

BB: Sammy heís been in the hold for four minutes!

SB: Not that you were counting. Break his other arm, Flair. That outta help.

BB: Sammy!

SB: Hey at this point they need suggestions.

BB: Itís a load on Eli just to get the hold up, but heís not letting go. Windham isnít quitting, his shoulder is out of place...heís been beaten to a pulp. What has to happen for him to say the words?

(Fans buzzing. Canít believe he hasnít quit yet)

PY: Mark? You there?

(Windham calmly stares at Ivy straight ahead from him outside the ring.)

PY: Mark!

MW: (on mic) Yes, I quit.

(Flair drops the hold instantly and crashes to his knees.)

BB: HE SAID IT! Windhamís given it up! Eli Flair has won!! What a war. Windhamís quit, I donít believe it.

(Ivy rushes in the ring to tend to Eli.)

SB: Just a minute ago you said he should quit now you canít believe it?

BB: Ivy helping Eli out of the ring. A winner but at what price, Sammy?

(Windhamís motionless in the ring.)

SB: Flair stays broken, bruised, and cut. This was like a vacation for him.

BB: I doubt that. He was on the edge several times, but again at ANNIVERSARY against a Windham, Eli Flair comes out on top.

(Ivy and Flair exit through the stage set, to cheers.)

(Windham slowly, carefully, with a great deal of trouble finds his knees.)

SB: A measure of revenge for Flair. He couldnít make Troy submit. But he gets Big Brother. It took three years to hear a Windham say, ďI Quit.Ē Just shows you Troyís the better man!

BB: Weíre going to need medical attention out here for Mark Windham. And fairly quickly too.

(Lights go out.)

(A stream of fire comes falling down from the rafters.)


(Lights come up.)

(Standing over an unconscious Mark Windham is Timmy Windham holding the remains of a flaming wooden chair. Timmyís wearing faded blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a sleeveless white t-shirt with a picture of Fozzy the Bear on the front. Lettering reads, ďKermit the Fíking Frog.Ē)

(Timmy starts stomping away at Mark.)

BB: What? TIMMY WINDHAM! ITíS TIMMY WINDHAM! The Muppet Kid is in the ring attacking Mark. Heís the one behind the lights!

SB: Buckley...

(An old man in his sixties, in a gray suit and tie climbs into the ring.)

(A stunned silence falls over the auditorium.)

BB: Whoís this in the ri---no! Good grief. Itís Mickey Benedict! Benedict and Timmy, two men who have spent their lives destroying Markís...theyíre back...this isnít happening!

(Timmy lifts Markís body up setting him in a corner.)

SB: How long has this been planned? Buckley Iím not sticking around for this. How many more lives does the Benedict/Windham feud have to ruin? Iím sorry but I wonít be around to see it.

(Sammy takes off his headset and leaves the broadcast post.)

BB: KERMY KICKS!! Sammy...get back here. Timmy kicking the living hell out of Mark Windham in the corner! The manís had enough! We need some help out here, these two vultures are going to kill him...

(Windham falls to the floor, face down.)

BB: The CSWA has not seen either of these two men for years! Have they just been biding their time all along? After the beating Mark took tonight, he canít endure this. Marvin get security from the back, do something!

(Timmy holds Mark up, arms behind his back. Mickey walks over and slaps Markís face.)

(Trash starts pouring into the ring.)

(A fan jumps into the ring and hops on Mickeyís back.)

BB: Some idiot just jumped the rail. Marvin, now. Please.

(Benedict flips the fan over. Knees him in the head and tosses him outside.)

BB: This is out of control! Mickey slaps Windhamís face! Heís busted open from Timmy, from the match. And Benedict formerly on the board of governors in the CSWA, measuring Mark sadistically. The manís helpless!

(Mickey gets Mark in a headlock and fires a series of short jabs into Windhamís skull.)

BB: The Lost Soul drops to his knees. This night will end his career. This is sickening. Timmy, Markís brother...cousin...whatever he is...still holding Mark...and heís giving Mickey his left boot. Come on...the manís defenseless.

(Benedict drives the boot into Windhamís skull. Three times.)

(Timmy lets Mark go, who lifelessly drops to the mat. More trash in the ring. Fans are stunned.)

BB: Timmyís shooting some sort of green mist in the air! Look at the sheer joy on his face, on both menís faces. They can go to hell, and Iíll tellíem that to their face.

(Timmy drops to Mark. MUPPET CLAW.)

BB: The Claw! Enough! Whatís holding security?!!

(CLOSE-UP On Timmyís face. Delirious.)

BB: Benedict...didnít have the guts to attack face to face. Why? Why now? Where the hell have these two been for the last few years? Timmy has Mark up on the order of that crazy old man! No more! No mo---DOUBLE POWERBOMB!

(Mickey takes off his belt. Pulls out a lighter from his pants pocket and lights the belt on fire.)

BB: What in the world...Timmyís holding Mark..,Marvin! Whereís Troy!? Someone...Benedict whipping Mark over the back with that flaming belt! Good grief.

(He tosses the belt aside.)

(Timmy stomps over Markís body some more, before pulling his face up and showing him a ring on his left hand.)

BB: Timmy taunting Mark now. Whatís Mark done to deserve this?

(Timmy picks up a thin piece of broken chair. Shoots mist in the air, and impales Markís left shoulder with it.)

BB: Cut away. Cut away right now, dammit.

(Eli and Ivy rushing down the aisle.)

BB: FINALLY! Itís Eli and IVY! They must have just found a monitor or been told whatís going on.

(Timmy grabs a hold of a bungee cord hanging six feet above the ring. He shoots Eli the rod, fires green mist at his face as he gets in the ring, and tugs on the cord.)

(Just before Eli and Ivy can reach them, the bungee shoots up sending Timmy shooting in the air. As he lifts off the ground he grabs Benedictís arm and takes Mickey with him.)

BB: I canít believe whatís just happened here.

(Medical personal hit the ring. Ivy carefully yanks the wood out of Windhamís shoulder. An eerie silence has taken over the Merritt Auditorium.)

BB: I donít know what to say right now. Timmy Windham and Mickey Benedict back in the CSWA. For almost a year plotting this attack on Mark Windham. We might have just seen the end of a brilliant career.

(Eli points up at the rafters and Ivy looks.)

(Windhamís loaded on a stretcher.)

BB: This is the most inhumane act Iíve ever witnessed in professional wrestling. Mark Windham in serious trouble. For those at home watching this, pray tonight that heíll be okay. Cut to a promo or something Marvin. (Bleep).

(CUEUP: CSWA Promo and commercial)