What Has Gone Before

In Merritt We Trust?

Third Time's A Charm

There And Back Again: Thomas' Tale

Movie Intro?



Jean Rabesque
vs. Kin Hiroshi

Coming Out of the Woodwork

Unified Tag
The Professionals
vs. JJ DeVille & Troy Windham

Professional Godfather

The First

Mike Randalls vs. Evan Aho

Legends Reunion

United States:
Tom Adler vs. Hornet

"I Quit" Match
Eli Flair vs.
Mark Windham

Interlude: Let It Go

Flair/Windham continued

Debt Paid

A Reason To Fear Shadows

CSWA World:
Dan Ryan vs.
Shane Southern

Scene Two

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Scene Two

There is faint laughter. Which begs the age-old question slightly modified... if a hacker laughs in a hotel room with no around to hear him, does the laugh still make a noise?

They say laughter is the best medicine. In this line of work, passwords are. It's amazing what you can know about a person just by knowing that small string of letters and/or numbers they keep in the recesses of their mind.

Or maybe it's the reverse. If you know enough about them, then it leads you the one word, the one phrase, that they don't want anyone else to know.

Either way, some people ought to be more careful.

Oh, the fun we can have.

I've got plans for you, Chad. Big plans. You'll see them, along with everyone else. At just the right moment.

Sleep well, Chad. As Southern might say, the party's over... at least for tonight. Despite the name, Year Sixteen gives way to another for the CSWA.

But for others, it's the first day of a new beginning, a new life. All is right with the world. Let the celebration run well into the night, because it might be the last one for a while.