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Mike Randalls vs. Evan Aho

Legends Reunion

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Tom Adler vs. Hornet

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A Reason To Fear Shadows

CSWA World:
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Whether through coincidence or purpose, ANNIVERSARY has often been home to some interesting streaks.

In 1990, P. "Not So" Vicious went from perennial jobber to midcarder when he took on all comers during the ANNIVERSARY Tour.  Vicious would go on to team up with Timmy Windham and win multiple tag team titles, some under another name, 'Junior Hornet.'

In 1991, Hornet was confronted with the "Champion's Challenge," in which he also successfully defended against all comers while retaining the World Title.

Legends Reunion

(CUTTO: Rudy Seitzer backstage in front of a CSWA15 backdrop with Steve Fiennes and Chad Dandy.)

(Fiennes and Dandy are business-casually dressed, Steve sporting a full-grown beard, and Chad a cowboy hat.)

(Big pop as fans watch CSWAvision.)

RS: I don’t have to introduce these to men. The CS Express back here where it all began. How’s it going guys?

SF: Doin’ well Rudy.

CG: Can’t complain.

RS: Just one loss in your legendary tenure in the CSWA, describe the feeling of being back?

(Crowd roars; Chants “Solid Gold.” “Solid Gold.)

CG: (laughs) It’s always special to come back home, Rudy...

SF: (yells) What’s up G’boro?!

(Fans pop.)

CG: Sucker for a cheap reaction...

SF: This place and these fans treated us very well. Chad said it: it’s special to come back. There are no other words.

RS: Steve, a pretty severe ankle injury ended your career and your time in the CSWA. Over the last year, though, you’ve gotten back in the ring, tell me I’m wrong?

SF: Actually, I think it was the revealing our last names that ended the run. (laughs)

CG: Good call there, bud.

RS: Fiennes and Dandy, what stroke of genius brought you two together fifteen years ago?

SF: Brent Sampson, a promoter down in Macon...is that right?

CG: Charleston.

SF: That’s it.

CG: It’s sad to watch the memory go, Rudy. (crowd laughs.)

SF: Brent signed us to one of our first shows and didn’t stop laughing for days after making the connection. “It’d be a shame if you two boys didn’t work together.” (Dandy chuckles) He threw us in the ring together, and it just felt right.

CG: Merritt, of course, refused to let us go on as Fiennes and Dandy when we signed, which in retrospect was wise.

RS: (Eyes Steve) Back in the ring...

SF: Yeah, you know, I’ve been with a great promotion in Japan for twelve months, ankle feels great. It’s what I love doin’ and I’m still able to carry partners in the ring.

(Fans laugh.)

CG: Keep dreamin’.

RS: Any partners to rival the man on my left?

SF: What Chad and I had was a once in a lifetime connection; that’s not easily replaced. Breaking in as a couple eighteen year-olds and getting paid to see the world wasn’t a bad gig. Had the time of our lives. Can’t beat that. But in-ring Mr. Dandy was greatness. And he remains a great friend.

RS: (To Chad) I hear your a rock’n’roller now?

CG: Guilty. I front an embarrassingly bad band called, “The Big Meanies.” In all seriousness I should have kept my day job. (laughs)

RS: Six degrees of separation to the current CSWA. You opened for Valerian’s Garden (cheers) earlier in the year?

CG: Yeah we went out there and set a really low bar for them to raise later.

RS: In the ring any?

CG: Rarely, but that’s an itch I’ll never get rid of.

RS: I smell a reunion.

(Huge pop)

SF: We’ll have to see how his album sells...

RS: The CS Express...good to have you home. Enjoy the rest of the show.

SF and CG: Thanks, Rudy.

United States Championship
Tom Adler vs. Hornet

(As the National Cable Network finishes up its set of commercials for this break, the CSWA logo fades in and sends viewers not to the booth or the ring, but to a video package with quick cuts of the contract signing at CSWA PRIMETIME in Chicago.)

RS: Now, please welcome the participants of the match we’re about to o-fish-ally ink for CSWA15.

(Hornet appears through the curtain to an round of cheers. He’s dressed in street clothes… a golf shirt with a CSWA logo and khakis. Hornet steps into the ring and makes his way to the corner where he mounts the middle turnbuckle and gestures to the crowd…)

(Adler appears through the curtain. He pauses for a moment as Maxwell Diamond makes his way through and proceeds toward the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Adler’s carrying a Haliburton briefcase in one hand and the US Championship belt in the other. He hands off the briefcase to Diamond as he nears the ring.)

MERRITT: This company has been fortunate enough to have the greatest athletes in the history of this industry come through our doors. But, of all of the wrestlers who have come and gone in this sport… I think there are only a small handful who really can be considered worthy of a term that, quite frankly, gets tossed around far too loosely in this industry… and that’s “Legend”. And we’ve been blessed to have them wrestle not only against the very best this industry had to offer… but against each other as well.

(CUTTO: A shot of Hornet backsliding Lawrence Stanley, then being presented with the United States title belt at CSWA ANNIVERSARY 2001.)

(CUTTO: A shot of Tom Adler Adlerplexing Shane Southern and getting the one-two-three on Shane Southern, then being presented with the United States Championship at BATTLE of the BELTS 17.)

MERRITT: But then, I started thinking. There are two men who are in this company right now. Two men who epitomize the word “Legend.” But, even though they’ve been in the ring together a couple of times before, you kind of had the impression that you’d really just seen the tip of the iceberg. That, no matter how great what you saw was… you know they were capable of more than we’ve had the opportunity to see. Well, at CSWA15, we’re gonna get more. A lot more, as we see HORNET square off against TOM ADLER for the United States Heavyweight Championship!

Now, gentlemen, if you’d sign the contract, we can make this official!

RS: Hornet’s flipping through to the last page now. He finishes glancing over the contract… and he signs it!

RS: Adler has the pen and he sign… no… oh come on… Adler just clicked the pen and sat it on the table.

BB: Looks like the mind games have begun already, Rudy.

ADLER: You know… a couple of weeks back there were some comments made about why somebody like myself would ask for this match. And, make no mistake, despite the political posturing of some, I AM the one who asked for this.

ADLER: Ya see, Hornet, it may or may not be your fault that Windham isn’t the World Champion… but it IS your fault that Dan Ryan is. Because once too often THIS MAN (motioning to Merritt) put all his eggs in one basket. And he slighted the people who for the last year and a half have been carrying this company in the process.

ADLER: You OWE it to us to either BE the “Franchise” or get the HELL out of the way. Well, at CSWA15, you WILL be that “Franchise.” You WILL get your head back in this game. Because I’m gonna do what nobody else around here seems to be able to. Give you a reason to do it.

HORNET: And all your flapping about your being the one man that ‘makes me better’ is complete, unadulterated bull. I’m the one that drives myself, that makes me better. It’s my hopes, my dreams, my work ethic that keep me going, not you, not Mark Windham, not Chad Merritt, not Poison Ivy, or anyone else.

ADLER: No. You and I have been playing this little cat and mouse game for far too long. We’ve always teased each other and everyone else with the notion of finding out who was best but we’ve never delivered on it. Well, at CSWA15, Hornet, you and I are gonna deliver. No count outs. No Disqualifications. No excuses.

Oh… and since it seems that there are always people who wanna stick their noses in our business… just like during your interview a couple of On Times ago , there’s just one more little thing. Chad Merritt’s personal guarantee that if anybody interferes in this match they’re suspended, without pay, for one year.

HORNET: HORNET: No excuses, Tom? You’re starting to sound like one of my old friends. Look, I’ve already agreed to this match… and considering I’m not the one who walks around with an entourage of goons behind me, I’m not concerned about the interference clause.

RS: Hornet slides the contract over toward Adler who’s been just as poker faced since he gave Hornet the contract. Adler cracks a little smile then starts to flip through the contract. He stops at the last page, he’s still staring at Hornet. Adler’s got the pen… he signed it!

BB: We’ve got a match!

RS: Adler extends his hand to Hornet who’s just now realized it. Hornet staring at Adler, understandably reluctant to take his hand… but he does it!

RS: Hornet mutters something to Adler away from the microphones and Adler responds in kind. Hornet releases his hand and both men turn toward their respective sides of the rin… OH!!!

RS: Adler turned and just LEVELED Hornet with a clubbing forearm from behind.

RS: Adler caught Hornet with a drop toe hold as he came staggering out of that corner and drove him face first into that steel briefcase that was sitting on the table!

BB: I think Hornet’s busted open, Rudy!

RS: If we can get a camera shot on Hornet’s fa… oh, yeah, he is. Adler, now, over on top of Hornet. He’s laying rights into the already bloodied forehead of Hornet. He’s saying something to him, Billy.

BB: He’s asking him if his head is in the game yet!

RS: And Adler nails him with a couple more rapid fire shots … and ANOTHER right hand. Adler now.. reaching into his jacket pocket for something. Come on… the man’s practically defenseless in there. Adler getting right down in Hornet’s face… he’s saying something we can’t quite make out. What’s he got in his hand, Bil… oh, come on!

BB: Pain pills!

RS: Adler just dumped a bottle of what looks to be some kind of pills all over the face of Hornet and FINALLY gets up.

BB: Adler said he was gonna force Hornet to care about him and their match. I’d say he delivered on that tonight!

RS: Adler may live to regret it. We’ve gotta get out of this.

(CUTTO: The CSWA15 logo with Hornet and Adler standing on either side of it.)

(CUTTO: The commentators' table, now with three men, instead of the usual two).

BB: Fans, we've been joined here in the broadcast booth by the mouthpiece of the Diamond Exchange, Eric Wright.

SB: That's 'Press Agent', Buckley.

BB: What are you, his agent?

SB: Just correcting your mistake. And loving it.

BB: Eric, it was my understanding that this match was going to be one on one, no interference.

Wright: The only thing I'm out here to interfere in, Buckley, is your Pro-Hornet monopoly on calling this match. Tom Adler has made it perfectly clear that he wants this one-on-one. So, you can just relax. I have neither any intentions nor any need to interfere in this match.

BB: Confident words from the Diamond Ex spokesman.

SB: Alright, he o-fish-ally bores me already. Sorry, Wright.

Wright: Just calling it As I C It. You should try it some time.

BB: I'll take the shameless plug for your infrequent columns under advisement.

(CUEUP: "Like The Sun" by I Mother Earth)

BB: And here comes the challenger. His face all painted up looking like the Hornet of old!

SB: I'm sure Maybeline's stock just doubled.

BB: Would you stop!

Wright: I don't think Hornet stopped wearing the face paint by choice, Buckley. Earl Scheibb just had a heart attack and it took him a while to find a new body man.

SB: I think you're outnumbered here.

Wright: I'm sure he'll make up for it once you pass out.

SB: I'm not sure but I think I was just insulted.

BB: Get back to me sometime tomorrow when you figure it out. The challenger is in the ring.

(Cue up "Revillusion" by Tantric. Adler appears through the curtain, the CSWA United States championship belt dangling in his right hand. He stops momentarily to survey the crowd then proceeds to the ring. He circles around to the far side steps and climbs through the ropes. Adler comes to the center of the near side ropes, climbs up with one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle one, he crosses his arms above his head signifying his membership in the Diamond X-Change and then walks to the center of the ring)

BB: Let's go down for the introductions.

RJ: The following contest is a NO EXCUSES match scheduled for one fall to a finish and is for the CSWA United States Heavyweight Championship! First, introducing the challenger to my right. He weighs in at two hundred sixty-eight pounds and his hometown is right here in Greensboro, North Carolina. (Big crowd pop!) Ladies and gentlemen, he is a former FOUR-TIME United States Champion, a former four-time CSWA World Champion, and former Unified World Heavyweight Champion. He is the One.... the ONNNNNNNNNNLY... HORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNETTTTTTTTTTTT!

BB: The hometown advantage is in effect. These fans are going wild. I can barely hear myself talk.

SB: That's gotta be a positive.

BB: And thankfully, I can't hear Sammy.

RJ: And, his opponent. He weighs in at an even two hundred and sixty pounds...

BB: First time in ten years Adler hasn't weighed in at two fifty seven, Eric.

Wright: The scales must be off.

RJ: Making his home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is also a former multiple time heavyweight champion of the world and a former CSWA Unified Champion. He is the two time and defending United States Heavyweight Champion... this... is TOM AAAAAAAAADLERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

BB: There's the bell and the seven year wait is over! Collar and elbow tie up. Hornet pushes Adler back to the corner. Adler spits his gum at Hornet and Hornet slaps Adler in the face!

SB: Adler seemed almost amused by that, Buckley.

Wright: Adler's just testing Hornet's resolve. It's been in question.

BB: By Adler, at least. Both men in a staredown. They circle around. Headlock by Adler. Spin around by Adler into a hammerlock. Reversal underneath by Hornet. Drop toe hold by Adler, into the headlock on the mat. Hornet slides out and waistlocks Adler. Hornet rides him, Adler to the ropes for the break in the corner.

Wright: Great chain wrestling there by both men.

SB: Is that like chain smoking? And why the hell are we supposed to care?

BB: Adler up in the corner. He shoves Hornet and gets a big right handed slap again for his trouble.

SB: Adler not quite as amused by that one.

Wright: Once was amusing. Twice is pushing it.

SB: Does his face crack on the third one? I'd pay to see that.

BB: Staredown again. Headlock by Hornet. Reversal by Adler underneath into an overhead armbar. Adler steps on the back of Hornet's leg and pushes him down to his knees. Hornet MUSCLES himself up and powers Adler down to the mat.

SB: Adler's into the ropes.

BB: Referee calls for the break and Adler rolls out under the bottom rope to the floor. Hornet up onto the rope looking down on Adler and beats his chest and this crowd loves it!

SB: Adler looks annoyed.

Wright: Well, Adler takes great pride in his amateur wrestling skills. He doesn't like getting upstaged. The match is early, though.

SB: I don't think there's ever been a match where I prayed this hard for the light rigging to just fall and crush the two men in the ring.

BB: Adler back in the ring. They circle, collar elbow tie up again. Headlock by Adler, and he gets pushed up against the ropes by Hornet. Hornet pushes Adler off the ropes. Shoulderblock by Adler. Adler to the ropes again. Hornet drops down, Adler runs over top. Adler stops as Hornet jumps up and comes off the ropes, Adler catches Hornet with a DEEP armdrag coming off the ropes. Both men back up quickly. Hornet HIPlocks Adler to the mat. Both men back up and Adler hiplocks Hornet now! Hornet back up again as Adler moves in and catches ADler with a deep armdrag of his own! Adler back up charging.. no, he stops and both men maintain a vertical base.

Wright: GREAT chain wrestling by both men again, Buckley.

BB: I'm amazed to hear you say it, Eric.

SB: I'm amazed to hear you say it AGAIN.

Wright: Hey, I may not like Hornet, but I respect his ability. I can give credit where it's due. Unlike you.

SB: I think that one was meant for you, Buckley.

BB: Collar and elbow tie up once again. Hornet forces Adler to the ropes. Referee calling for the break. Hornet instead whips Adler to the far side ropes reVErsal by Adler. Hornet off the ropes, hiplock by Adler, NO! Reversed by Hornet who takes the champion down with a BIG hiptoss of his own. Adler rolls on through Adler ducks the clothesline and runs toward the ropes. Hornet off the near side ropes as well and runs RIGHT into a running dropkick from the champion!

SB: That almost took Hornet's head off, Buckley!

BB: Adler off the ropes for a clothesline as Hornet makes his way back up... Misses! Hornet ducks underneath. Adler off the near side ropes and military press by Hornet!!! Adler crashes down HARD to the mat! Adler back up quickly walks right into a headlock takeover to the mat. Referee down for a quick count.. one... two and Adler gets the shoulder up and rolls to his side.

Wright: Come on, Tom. Almost caught you napping on that one!

BB: Adler hooks the waist and rolls Hornet over for a pin. One count only as Hornet rolls back over, maintaining the headlock. Adler up to his knees, then to his feet while Hornet maintains the headlock. Adler with a forearm to the midsection. He shoves Hornet to the ropes... whips him off...shoulderblock by Hornet. Hornet off the ropes again. Adler drops down, and Hornet drops an elbow to Adler's back and grabs the headlock again.

Wright: Adler clearly thought Hornet was gonna go over the top there and Hornet knew it.

BB: Adler quickly back to his knees and pushes Hornet into the corner. Break by Hornet, and Adler drives the shoulder into the midsection. Adler grabs Hornet by the hair and nails him with a right hand between the eyes.

SB: He's going to need a new paint job after that one.

BB: Adler pushes Hornet back again. Chop by Adler spins Hornet into the corner. Hornet with a BACKhand that staggers Adler back. Adler with a right hand. Hornet fires back. Adler again. Hornet again. Hornet again driving Adler back into the corner. Adler catches Hornet with a knee to the midsection. Reversal in the corner. Adler with a whip, reversal by Hornet. Adler hard into the corner. Adler staggering out... military press by Hornet drops Adler to the canvas again. Adler back up for a clothesline by Hornet. Adler up again... headlock by Hornet takes him down to the mat again. Referee down again for a quick two count on Adler who rolls over onto his knees.

Wright: That's twice he almost got caught with that one. Adler needs to focus.

BB: Hornet drops a series of elbows onto the upper back of Adler. Adler drops flat onto the canvas, and Hornet drops down with a knee to the back of the head. Hornet pulls Adler up, body slam. He pulls Adler up to a seated base and drives the knee into the shoulder area. Adler rolls over onto his knees, allowing Hornet to grab a front facelock and pull him to his feet. Adler drives Hornet back into the corner. Adler with a forearm to the midsection on the break. Adler with a right hand. Hornet with another backhand that drops Adler to the canvas.

SB: Adler just can't seem to find any rhythm in this, Buckley.

BB: Hornet waits until Adler makes his way back to his feet. A series of right hands by Hornet drives him into the far corner. Hornet with a whip to the nearside corner. Adler staggers back out clothesline by Hornet drops him down. Adler back up dropkick by Hornet. Hornet covers and only manages a long one count.

Wright: If Tom doesn't get his head in the game here this is gonna be over before he ever gets started.

BB: Adler rolls into the corner. Hornet moves in, Adler sticks his head out of the ropes and the referee pushes Hornet back.

Wright: Effectively calling a time out with that, and the referee's basically giving him one.

BB: Adler to his feet, Hornet moves in, Adler with a boot to the midsection. Adler with a right hand drops Hornet to his knees. Adler pulls Hornet up and pushes him to the ropes. Hornet off the ropes, Adler with a clothesline misses. Hornet from behind pushes Adler into the ropes, roll up, kickout by Adler. Adler up clothesline by Hornet.

SB: Hornet has been all over him since the opening bell, Buckley. Adler may regret pushing Hornet so far leading up to this match!

BB: Adler rolls to the corner. Hornet moves in, drapes the arm, chop by Hornet. Series of right hands in the corner. Hornet backs off. Adler staggers out, clothesline and a quick pin attempt that gets a two count. Adler up to his knees. Headlock again by Hornet. Adler hooks the waist, BELLY to back suplex drops Hornet to his back.

Wright: No no no... look out!

BB: Hornet RIGHT back to his feet, Adler has his back to him pulling himself up by the ropes. Adler turns and RIGHT into a clothesline again. Adler up! Clothesline! Up... clothesline for the third time and Adler stays down. Cover and Adler again out at two.

SB: He can't keep taking this kind of punishment, Eric.

Wright: No kidding! Come on!

BB: So much for non biased opinions.

SB: Plus, it's just embarrassing.

Wright: I never said I wasn't biased. I said I called it as I C it. And he's getting his tail kicked right now!

BB: Hornet grabs the headlock as Adler comes to his knees. Adler forces him to the ropes. Whip by Adler... shoulderblock by Hornet and he drops down for a quick one count. Adler up and is met AGAIN by a clothesline. Cover by Hornet and Adler's again out at two.

Wright: These moves aren't gonna beat Adler. Not at this point. But Adler's taking a lot of punishment and is exerting a LOT of energy with these repeated kickouts.

BB: Hornet off the ropes for another clothesline as Adler comes to his feet. Adler drops down. Hornet over top. Adler up grabbed by Hornet, whip to the ropes DROPkick by Hornet.. Cover again. Two count and Adler kicks out and rolls out under the ropes. Hornet standing on the ropes beating his chest again as Adler drops to his knees.

Wright: Smart move at this point by Adler. He clearly doesn't have things going his way out there right now. He needs to slow down this pace and regroup.

BB: Referee pushing Hornet back. Adler back to his feet. Hornet back over, Adler grabs him by the ankle, pulls him to the outside. Adler with a knee to the midsection. Adler with a right hand that staggers Hornet.

Wright: There ya go!

BB: Another right. And another. Hornet fires back. Adler with a right. Hornet with a right. back, forth, back forth. Hornet with a right hand that drops Adler to his back. Hornet grabs Adler and whips him into the ring. Hornet in, covers and only gets a one-count.

SB: Everytime Adler gets something going, Bugbrain stops it dead.

BB: Adler rolls under the rope to the apron. Hornet grabs him and pulls him up. Vertical suplex brings him back into the ring. Floatover cover... one... two... kickout. Hornet off the ropes BIG elbow drop misses. Hornet staggers to his feet holding his elbow, Adler rolls around and shoves him shoulder first between the ropes into the ringpost! Both men down.

Wright: Adler needs to get something going here desperately.

BB: Adler up as Hornet pulls himself up by the ropes in the corner. Adler with a kick to the midsection. Adler shoves Hornet back into the corner again. Hornet staggers out, Adler picks him up, HAMMERlock slam, shades of one of the original Diamond Cutters, Eric, Ern Enderson!

Wright: At this point he's gotta try ANYthing!

BB: Adler picks Hornet up again. Shoulderbreaker! And Adler gets a two-count on his first pin attempt of the match. Adler tries to hold the shoulder down with a double knuckle lock. Two count. Adler into a handstand position down, Hornet brings his knees up and catches Adler in the midsection with his knees. Momentum pulls both up to their feet. Hornet maintains the double knuckle lock. Adler with a kick to the midsection as Hornet starts to gain the advantage that breaks the hold. Hornet returns fire with a kick of his own. Adler with a right hand. right hand by Hornet. Adler. Hornet. Hornet AGAIN staggers Adler back to the ropes. Hornet whip, dropkick MISSES as Adler holds onto the top rope.

SB: That could be a difference maker right there.

BB: Adler grabs Hornet by the legs. Hornet reaches up, small package!! One... two... reversal by Adler, One... two... KICKOUT!!!

Wright: Keep on him!

BB: Adler up and off the ropes with a shoulder block. Adler off the ropes again. Hornet drops down. leapfrog by Hornet. Adler off the ropes SIDEwalk slam by Hornet! Hornet to his feet hopping outside the ropes, quickly up to the top turnbuckle. Adler staggers back to his feet Hornet missile dropkick off the top! COVER! One! Two! Kickout again by Adler. Adler to his knees, headlock by Hornet, Adler with a belly to back suplex.

Wright: It didn't have much effect earlier but Hornet felt that one.

BB: Adler rolls Hornet onto his stomach and drives the knee into the shoulderblade. Again. Adler up, off the ropes for momentum, knee drop to the shoulder MISSES as Hornet rolls out of the way. Adler clutches his knee. Hornet starts stomping repeatedly on the knee of Adler.

Wright: Adler's knee problems are well documented. This could be bad news for Adler at this juncture of the match.

BB: Hornet pulls Adler up and pushes him face first into the corner. He drapes Adler's ankle over the middle rope, leaps up and DOWN into the back of the knee.

Wright: Ohhh! That could blow out that knee right there!

BB: Hornet drops down and rolls outside of the ring. He grabs Adler by the ankle and drags him down, pulling him toward the corner and drives the knee into the steel ring post.

SB: Look out!

BB: Hornet grabs a chair and swings wildly at Adler's knee who just BARELY gets it back in before the chair smacks the post.

Wright: There's your hero, Buckley!

BB: No DQ, Eric! Besides, he missed.

Wright: And that makes it okay?

BB: After Adler tried to shove a bottle of painkillers down his mouth, I think we can all understand why Hornet might want to hurt him back a little, Eric. Hornet rolls in. Adler sliding backwards. Hornet with a double leg pickup. Adler breaks one leg free and pushes him to the ropes. Adler brings the feet up, Hornet grabs on.. step over toe hold he's going for the Scorpion Deathlock right here!

Wright: NO!

BB: Hornet spins it over and Adler quickly makes his way to the ring ropes. Referee calling for the break, but Hornet hangs on. Hornet breaks the hold.

SB: Finally!

BB: Adler rolls to the corner, clutching his knee. Hornet drives a right hand into his head. Another drops the champ to his back. Adler rolls out of the corner, but Hornet follows him to the center of the ring. Adler with a shot to the midsection. Adler hobbles to his feet and rakes the laces of the boot across the eyes of Hornet, who staggers back to the ropes. Adler, trying to shake off the effects of the brief Scorpion Deathlock, moves in. Hornet catches Adler with a weak right hand moving in. Adler returns fire. Hornet with another, stronger this time. Hornet with another right hand, NO! Blocked by Adler, who returns fire. He shoves Hornet to the corner. Adler with a right hand. Hornet ducks! Hornet hooks Adler from behind, German suplex! bridge... one... two... KICKOUT by Adler.

Wright: Damnit!

SB: Now now...we don't need an FCC fine, you bas.. I mean, imbecile.

BB: Adler rolls outside. Hornet leans over, Adler grabs Hornet by the leg and pulls him down. Adler DRIVES the back of the knee onto the apron. He pulls him out and whips him into the ring barrier. Adler with a hammerlock drives Hornet shoulder first into the ring apron. Adler grabs Hornet and whips him shoulder-first HARD into the steel ring steps.

SB: Adler finally starting to get some momentum going here.

BB: Adler pulls Hornet up, pulls his arm around the ring post and YANKS him shoulder-first into the post. Adler in under the bottom rope. He grabs Hornet by the wrist and pulls him up onto the apron. Adler drapes Hornet's arm over the top rope and then drops down, pulling Hornet's shoulder down onto the top rope.

Wright: Great way to separate a shoulder, Buckley.

SB: Now, if we could only figure out how NOT to separate your lips.

BB: Adler pulls Hornet back up, Adler goes for a belly to back suplex to bring Hornet back into the ring, Hornet flips up and over, Adler turns... DDT by Hornet!

Wright: NO!

BB: Cover.. two-count! Hornet picks Adler up, grabs Adler from behind, pushes him to the ropes, roll up by Hornet gets two again. Adler kicks out hard and Hornet goes through the ropes out onto the apron. Hornet quickly back in. Adler up and moves in, waistlock by Hornet drives Adler down to the mat hard.

SB: Sort of a cross between a spear and a sidewalk slam. I shall call it a Harvey Wallbanger.

BB: It wasn't pretty, whatever it was, but it was effective. Hornet pulls him up, Irish whip. Hornet drops the head and Adler kicks him in the face.

SB: Three points!

BB: Hornet staggers back around clothesline by Adler takes Hornet for a flip. Adler cover gets a two-count. Adler rolls out onto the apron. He's climbing to the top rope.

Wright: Tom's not known for this, hope he knows what he's... ugh!

BB: Hornet up, catches Adler with a shot to the knee, drops him down to the top turnbuckle. Right hand by Hornet. He climbs up onto the second turnbuckle. Now up to the third. Pulls Adler up... double underhook suplex down to the canvas! Hornet rolls over... ONE... TWO... no! Kickout again. Hornet drops elbows into the small of the back. He grabs Adler by the tights and yanks him back into a hard forearm. Irish Whip by Hornet, reversal by Adler, double reversal by Hornet! Both hit hard head-to- head. Adler falls backwards through the ropes and down to the floor.

Wright: A lot of reversals in a short distance. Sloppy to look at, but Adler definitely got the worst of it since he hit the floor.

BB: Hornet makes his way to his feet trying to shake the cobwebs. Adler out on the floor slowly coming up, Hornet runs and dives body block on the floor... NO! Adler drops down out of the way and Hornet dives face-first into the railing!

Wright: Get on him now!

BB: Adler is up. And Hornet is slowly trying to pull himself up using the railing. Adler with repeated rights hands. Adler grabs Hornet and pulls him around the ring, driving him face-first into the ring barrier near the aisleway. Adler with another right hand knocks Hornet backwards up the aisle. Adler taking several steps back. Adler charges! TILT-A-WHIRL SLAM BY HORNET drives Adler into the concrete!!! Both men are down!

SB: Adler just can't seem to maintain any control.

BB: Hornet's up first. He drags Adler up and whips him hard into the ring apron. Hornet follows in quickly with a right hand. He grabs him and whips him and Adler goes head- first across a table and down hard to the concrete on the other side!

Wright: Chairs... tables.. what ELSE is he going to use tonight, Buckley!?

BB: Whatever it takes, I'd imagine! It may have been a while since Hornet was known for going outside, but surely your man scouted back a ways. After all, he was THERE, right?

Wright: I'm not amused, Buckley.

SB: But I am. I really am. It surprises even me.

BB: Hornet grabs the table and props it up onto the apron near the corner. He grabs Adler and drags him toward the table. Adler catches Hornet with a knee to the midsection, grabs a hand full of hair and drives him face first into the table!

SB: Hornet may be showing the first trickles of blood, Buckley.

BB: I think you're right, Sammy. Adler's taken a tremendous beating out here so far, but it's Hornet who starts to bleed first. Adler with a right hand staggers Hornet back against the ring barrier. Adler charges and Hornet backdrops him over the barrier into the seats! Hornet starts to climb over, Adler reaches up and grabs Hornet by the foot, dropping him straight down on the railing!

SB: No chick's gonna get stung by Hornet tonight!

BB: Not funny!

Wright: I thought it was.

SB: Yikes.

BB: Right hand takes Hornet backwards off the railing into the seats. Adler charges, Hornet grabs a chair and LEVELS Adler as he comes charging in and both men down to their knees, both starting to bleed. Hornet with a right hand and Adler returns fire. Hornet fires back again as both men make it back to their feet. He fires on Adler repeatedly, backing Adler up through the seats as he goes. Hornet grabs Adler and whips him back first into the cement block wall. Hornet charges... HORNET SPLASH! And Adler crumples to the floor. Adler slowly making his way up to his feet again... Hornet charging again... Hornet splash NO! Adler got a chair up and caught Hornet with a smash mouth in mid- air!

Wright: Desperation move but it worked!

BB: Adler catches Hornet with a knee. Adler hooks him, powerbomb coming up... NO! Hornet backdrops Adler onto a chair! Hornet back up. He backs up... he gets a running start... splash on the....

Wright: OUCH! There went the ribs!

BB: Hornet went for a splash and Adler turned that chair up on it's side and Hornet lands ribs first onto it! Adler on his knees. He fires a right hand on Hornet. Adler up now. He grabs a handful of hair and throws him over the ring barrier about midway up the aisleway.

SB: This thing has completely broken down. There's still hope for a death.

Wright: We knew it would!

BB: Adler climbs over the barrier and gets caught with a right hand from Hornet. Hornet fires with another right. Adler ducks. Belly to back NO! Hornet up and over lands on his feet. Adler turns around! CLOTHESLINE by Hornet! Hornet may be feeling the momentum now. He throws Adler down the aisle toward the ring who rolls to a stop. Hornet follows in pursuit. Adler with a weak punch to the midsection stuns Hornet momentarily. Adler whips Hornet to the apron, reversed and Adler hits the apron hard. Hornet charges as Adler staggers away from the ring, Adler waistlocks him and hits a Hot Shot on the apron!

SB: Both men down again.

BB: Adler slowly making his way back up. He grabs Hornet and rolls him into the ring. Adler up onto the apron... he tries to slingshot himself onto Hornet who brings the knees up and catches Adler into the midsection.

Wright: Adler seems to be trying to vary his offense to give Hornet a new look and it's not paying off. He needs to go back to the basics!

BB: Both men slowly making their way back to their feet. Hornet grabs a headlock and forces Adler to the corner. Hornet mounts the second turnbuckle and starts laying the right hands in as Adler starts to bleed a bit more heavily. Hornet whips Adler, Adler reverses, reversal by Hornet again brings Adler back into the near side corner, up and OVER backwards down THROUGH the table!

SB: Adler's out! He's not moving!

Wright: If Hornet can get him back into the ring this one's over!

BB: Hornet slides out and grabs a nearly unconcious Adler by the bloody hair and rolls him into the ring. Hornet up on the apron slingshots himself over the rope, down on Adler with a press, successfully pulling off the move Adler missed moments earlier. Hornet with a cover... One... Two... Thre.... NO!

Wright: Adler kicked out!

BB: Hornet looks at referee Patrick Young who reiterates that it was a two-count. Hornet's in disbelief. He pulls Adler up and pushes him to the coner. Hornet mounts the corner again, firing off a series of punches. But Adler hooks him and steps out... inverted atomic drop, no, Hornet BLOCKS and drops Adler with a clothesline! Cover, again! ONE... TWO... AGAIN a kickout by the US champion.

SB: Adler can't have much left!

BB: Hornet pulls Adler up, gutwrench suplex takes Adler down to the mat again. Cover... one... two...

Wright: Adler's foot is on the rope!!

BB: Hornet hooks the leg. ONE... TWO... KICKout by Adler again. Hornet pulls Adler up. He whips Adler to the corner, follows him in, clothesline in the corner. Whips him to the opposite corner, follows him in again, clothesline for a THIRD time! Hornet whips Adler to the corner again, Hornet charges, HORNET SPLASH....NO!!!! Adler just collapses in the corner and Hornet goes overtop of him and face-first into the ringpost. Shades of FISH FUND XI!

Wright: Not sure if Adler meant to move out of the way or just collapsed from the previous blows. Either way, it worked!

BB: Both men barely moving. Hornet slides down from the turnbuckle as Adler makes his way to his feet... Hornet backs out as Adler turns... abdominal stretch.. NO! ADLERPLEX!!!!!!!

Wright: YES!!!

BB: Referee down.. ONE....... TWO..... KICKOUT! NO! Adler can't believe it!

Wright: Neither can I!!

BB: Adler is screaming at the referee for a three-count. Hornet slowly pulls himself up into the corner. Adler turns to him... And Hornet motions for Adler to come on!

Wright: Get on him!

BB: Adler shakes his head in disbelief and obliges! Adler in, right hand blocked, Hornet with a right of his own. Adler fires back. Hornet. Adler. Hornet. Adler. Hornet. Hornet. Hornet. HORNET! Adler slumps back to the corner. Irish whip by Hornet. Adler hard into the turnbuckle. Starggers out millitary press again! Adler goes down hard. Hornet quickly in, pushes Adler to the corner again. Irish whip.. Adler hits... he staggers out... Hornet off the ropes and DRIVES Adler down face first with a handful of hair! Hornet whips Adler to the corner again... Hornet Splash! Adler staggers out. Hornet... Double arm DDT!

Wright: This isn't good!

BB: Hornet reaches down. Double leg pick up... step over toe hold... rolls him over... SCORPION! He's got it hooked in! Adler desperately trying to get out of it! Adler, clawing, dragging himself toward the ropes... he makes the rope but Hornet drags him away back to the center of the ring!

SB: Break the hold, ref!

BB: Referee Young calling for the break but Hornet sinks it in instead, yelling "No DQ" at the referee. Adler is screaming in pain, blood rolling down both men's faces. Again, Adler pushes himself up to his elbows... trying to drag himself toward the ropes. NO! Hornet cinches it in and Adler's stuck in position. Adler screaming in pain. He's biting his hand, trying to block out the pain!

SB: Adler's gonna be forced to submit here or risk permanent injury! I LOVE IT! Even if it means Bugbrain wins.

Wright: Adler's never submitted in a match. God, don't let this be the first time tonight!

SB: What'd I tell you about the FCC? I hope Marvin's manning the delay button.

BB: Referee's right there asking Adler if he wants to submit. Adler still screaming "No," but how long can he hang on?! Adler, one last try for the ropes... he pushes himself up... but can't budge Hornet! Referee over again to ask Adler... Adler fading... Adler reaches up, grabs the referee by the belt and yanks him into Hornet from behind breaking the hold!

SB: Oh good grief.

Wright: Adler didn't get MUCH momentum on that, but just enough to force Hornet to let go of the hold.

BB: Hornet back up, holding the back of his head. He sees the referee down and looks toward Adler who is sitting in the corner. Now it's Adler who's motioning for Hornet to come on!

SB: This crowd is going insane and are starting to cheer for both men!

BB: Hornet obliges and comes in with a right hand. Adler rocks back. Hornet with another...BLOCKED by Adler who returns fire! Hornet! Adler! Hornet! Adler! Hornet! Hornet! Adler drops to a knee, grabs Hornet by the tights FACE FIRST into the corner! Adler back up... Hornet staggers back... ADLERLOCK! That crossface chicken wing on the shoulder Adler was working on earlier!

Wright: Break it! Break it!

BB: Adler has the Adlerlock cinched in and now it's Hornet that's screaming in pain. Referee back to his feet, over to check on Hornet who's screaming "No!" Adler trying to force Hornet down. He hops up, legscissors Hornet, who drops to his knees. Hornet struggling to maintain his vertical base.

Wright: If Adler rocks him back, it's over. There's no way to get out of it once you're on your back.

BB: Adler pulling back with all his might... Hornet's starting to rock back...

SB: He's going!

BB: Hornet grabs the referee and HE drives him head first into Adler, breaking the hold! Both men down. The referee down! Adler up to his knees. Hornet up to his knees now too. Adler fires with a right hand! Hornet responds! Both men firing back and forth on their knees. Adler up first, Hornet quickly after. Adler with a side headlock. Hornet forces him off the ropes. Sleeper by Hornet!

Wright: Damnit, come on!

BB: Adler slips underneath. Forces Hornet off the ropes... Sleeper by Adler!

SB: Nitey Nite!

BB: Hornet slips underneath again! He catches Adler with a forarm to the kidney area that loosens the sleeper. Hornet reaches up, bends Adler back... Scorpion Death drop! Hornet cover... referee slow to count... one... two... KICKOUT!

Wright: I'm having a heart attack here!

BB: Hornet feeling it! He drives Adler to the corner again. Hornet now, laying a vicious barrage of kicks into the midsection of Adler. He FIRES rights into the head of Adler! Irish whip... Adler chest first hard into the turnbuckle. He backs out. Hornet from behind... DRAGON SUPLEX! Referee down... one... two... thr... NO! Adler kicked out!

(Camera pans to a shot of Eric Wright breathing into a paper bag)

SB: If you're gonna throw up over here, switch places with me!

BB: Hornet picks Adler up and PLANTS him with a fall away slam near the corner. Hornet, climbing out onto the apron. Climbing up to the top turnbuckle now. Hornet... standing HIGH above Tom Adler who lays motionless on the canvass! Hornet leaps... SHOOTING STAR PRESS.... NOOOOOOOO!!!

Wright: Yes! Yes! Yes!

BB: Adler moved! Adler rolled toward the corner and Hornet got nothing but a face full of canvas. Adler crawls over toward Hornet. He drapes an arm over Hornet but the referee tells him he can't count Hornet who's not on his back!

SB: Both of these men are out of it, Buckley!

Wright: Adler told Hornet they were gonna leave it ALL out there tonight, and by GOD they are!

BB: Adler shoves Hornet over onto his back. He hooks the leg... one... two... KICKOUT! Adler pulls himself up by the ropes and drags Hornet off the canvas. Adler... Irish whip... Hornet off the ropes... Adler.. Tilt-a-whirl back brea... NO!!! Hornet landed on his feet! Adler turns... Hornet CLOTHESline MISSES! Adler ducks underneath and hooks Hornet around the head from behind.. NECKBREAKER! Adler rolls over onto Hornet... One... Two... KICKOUT!!!

RJ: Forty minutes have elapsed in this match. Five minutes remain.

SB: These two have been going at it for nearly three-quarters of an hour!

BB: Adler rolls over on top of Hornet and LAYS a series of right hands into his bloody forhead. He climbs off and pulls Hornet up. Irish whip... Adler off the far side ropes as well. Adler up... Lou Thesz Press...

SB: He caught him! Ohhhh!

BB: Hornet caught Adler in mid-air and suplexed him right on his head! Hornet with the cover! One... Two... FOOT ON THE ROPES!!! Hornet hooks the leg... One.. Two... KICKOUT!!

Wright: Listen to this crowd Buckley!

BB: The fans are on their feet cheering for both of these men and who can blame them! Hornet pulls Adler up off the canvas. Irish whip to the corner... Hornet flying... Hornet SPLASh... MISSES! Adler yanked himself out of the way by pulling the rope and Hornet hits face first into the turnbuckle! Adler from behind... ADLERLOCK!! Adler has the Adlerlock hooked...

Wright: Tiger Supplex!!!

BB: Adler bridges... One... Two... NO!! Hornet's foot's on the ropes!

Wright: Adler lost sight of where he was in the ring, he needed to be out toward the center more!

SB: Thanks, Sherlock.

BB: Adler releases the hold and pulls Hornet up. Irish whip... Adler hooks him... Abdominal Stretch... Hornet fighting it... REVERSAL! Hornet with the abdominal stretch on Ad.... ADLERPLEX! Hornet hit the Adlerplex ON Tom Adler! The referee down...

SB: Adler could lose this with his own move!

BB: One! Two! Thr... KICKOUT!

SB: The move's been broken twice in the same match!

Wright: Both of these men are so exhausted and sweaty it's hard to keep a hold on either one of 'em!

BB: Hornet slowly making his way back to his feet. He looks down at Adler who's still laying on the mat. Hornet looks around to the crowd. Hornet grabs the legs. Step over toehold! Adler isn't moving!

Wright: Get to the ropes!!

BB: Hornet rolls him over... Scorpion Deathlo... NO! Adler pushes up and tucks he head under.. he rolls on through. he has Hornet's legs...Adler hooks Hornet's head and rolls him over... ONE! TWO! THREE!!!!!

Wright: He got him! He got him!

SB: Whoo hoo! It's over!

BB: Wait a second... there seems to be some sort of discussion going on with the ring announcer. Let's wait for the announcement.

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen. The referee has informed me that BOTH men's shoulders were on the mat during the pin. Therefore, he is ruling that this match MUST CONTINUE!!

Wright: WHAT?!?!?!

BB: Eight years these two have waited to get into the ring together...and now this!

Wright: This match may LAST eight years!

SB: You said it, sister.

BB: Adler and Hornet both looking somewhat dejected at the ruling.

SB: Somewhat?

Wright: They both thought they won the match. After almost an hour, can you blame them?

BB: Both men walk to the center of the ring and are standing eye to eye. Adler holds his arms out and says something to Hornet.

Wright: He’s asking him what he wants to do.

BB: You read lips now?

Wright: Everyone but yours, I know where they’ve been.

SB: That was your line of the night. Sad for how long you've been out here.

BB: Hornet looks around at the crowd for a second. Hornet reaches up, grabs Adler by the back of the hair and pulls him in closer…

SB: I knew that makeup would take it’s toll… he’s gonna kiss him!

BB: Would you stop! Hornet standing nose to nose with Tom Adler… and he just screamed "WE’RE NOT DONE!" This crowd is going insane!

Wright: Adler called for it in the locker room… I give credit where it’s due, Hornet’s living up to it!

BB: It looks like the US Champion agrees! Hornet shoves Adler back and Adler nails him with a right hand. Hornet fires back! Adler fires! Hornet! Adler! Hornet! Hornet! Adler STOPS the exchange with a thumb to the eye! He grabs a handful of tights and tosses Hornet out onto the floor. Adler climbs out onto the apron. Hornet up… Adler off with a double axe hand…. Hornet caught him! Hornet caught him with a shot to the midsection as Adler was coming down!

SB: Somebody get my gun, I’ll end this myself!

BB: Adler turns and is met with a right hand from Hornet again. Adler presses forward and gets hooked in a side headlock by Hornet. Adler grabs Hornet by the leg… he brings him up and…

Buckley/Benson/Wright: OHHH!!!!

BB: Adler just dropped Hornet knee-first onto the steel ring steps! Hornet props himself up on the apron and clutches his knee. Adler moves in and nails Hornet with a right hand then kicks him in the knee. Adler yanking up Hornet’s leg, drapes it over the steps and DRIVES his knee into Hornet’s.

Wright: That could blow out a patella right there!

BB: Adler walks around, throws the timekeeper out of his chair, takes it and folks it up as he heads back toward Hornet. Hornet still propped up there… Adler swings WILDly at Hornet’s knee who, like Adler earlier in the match, just barely moves it as we hear the clang of steel hitting steel.

SB: That would have been it. Idiot.

BB: Adler turns around and is met with a right hand from Hornet that staggers the champion. Hornet grabs the dangling chair and NAILS Adler in the head with it and drops the champion.

SB: He’s bleeding again!

BB: Hornet grabs Adler by the hair and RAMS him face first into the ring steps. Hornet pulls Adler up and spins him around…

Wright: His face, the proverbial crimson mask!

BB: Hornet opens up the chair and sits it on the floor. Hornet props Adler up against the ring post and nails him in the head again. Hornet runs back past the chair….

SB: What’s he doing!

Wright: Oh God no!

BB: Hornet charges… he jumps up onto the chair and flies at Adler…. HORNET SPLASH! HORNET SPLASH! HORNET SPLASH!

SB: Holy Mother-of-Parsons!


Buckley? What?!? He’s single!

Wright: Shut up!

BB: Adler crumples to the floor. Hornet pulls him up by the hair and tights and rolls him into the ring. Hornet, up on the apron… wait, he's not going for the Scorpion! He's going ALL the way up to the top rope!

SB: If he hits this, it’s over!

BB: We haven't seen this in years. Adler is struggling to get up to no avail. Referee over to check on him as Hornet reaches the top turnbuckle…

SB: Ouuuuuch!

BB: Adler grabbed the referee and pulled him into the ropes and Hornet drops down hard to the top turnbuckle! Adler gets to his feet! He's over to the corner and hits Hornet with a right hand that had a lot of fatigue behind it. Adler up onto the second turnbuckle… now the top!

Wright: We saw this from Hornet earlier!

BB: Adler… SUPER… NO!! Hornet held onto the top turnbuckle and just threw Adler face first to the mat! Hornet up… perched high up on the top turnbuckle… Adler laying face down on the mat! It's make or break right here, folks... and I'm talking CAREER, not this match!

Wright: Come on Tom… COME ON!



Wright: NO!

BB: Hornet just hit the shooting star press on a prone Tom Adler! Hornet rolls Adler over! Young dives to the mat to count the cover! The crowd is on its feet to count along! ONE!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!! THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wright: NO! NO! His shoulder is up!

BB: But not in time. Hornet has just won the United States Heavyweight Championship for the FIFTH time, defeating an incredible champion in what may go down as one of the great ANNIVERSARY matches!

Wright: I need a drink!

SB: Hey! That’s my line!

BB: Both men slowly making their way up to their feet as the referee hands the United States Championship belt to Hornet. Both men up… and they're staring at each other. Both covered in blood. Both physically exhausted and hurt. These two GLADIATORS… such history… such dislike…

SB: Look at this!

BB: Hornet holds out his hand! Adler looks around to the crowd!

Wright: Half of ‘em are chanting his name!

BB: Adler looks down wipes the blood from his face and looks down at his hand. He looks up at Hornet… and HE SHAKES HIS HAND!

SB: I’m gonna throw up. Seriously...forty-five minutes, and now THIS?!

BB: This crowd has gone berserk! Tremendous showing of respect from two men who put their bodies and their souls on the line! They separate and both men exit the ring the way they came in, at opposite corners. Adler passes a camera, holds his arms open and screams "TOP THAT!" This is what ANNIVERSARY is all about, folks. It's incredible.

Wright: I’m outta here, Buckley.

BB: Eric Wright has left the broadcast booth and gone over to check on Tom Adler as he makes his way back to the locker room. Hornet circles the ring one final time, thanking the fans, and now makes his way up the aisle as well. All I can say, Sammy… is like it or not, call him what you will, but… THE FRANCHISE IS BACK!!

SB: Retirement is sounding better and better!

BB: We'll be back with "The Living Legend" and "Total Elimination." It's Windham/Flair...NEXT!

SB: Psycho...