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Main Event
CSWA World Heavyweight Championship
Dan Ryan vs. Shane Southern

BB: Back live after what I can only say was one of the worst things Iíve ever witnessed in my fifteen years of calling play-by-play for CS Enterprises. Mark Windhamís been stretchered out of the Merritt Auditorium. Career, possibly life in serious jeopardy.

(Buckley takes a deep breath.)

BB: Fans I apologize. I donít know what else to say. Sammyís taken to the hills. I canít honestly fault him. Timmy Windham and Mickey Benedict. Insanity. Two men who were barred from the CSWA years ago. How in the hell did they get back into the CSWA? In Merritt Auditorium? Surely Merritt didnít willingly hire them. I donít know.

(Buckley pauses, wipes his forehead.)

BB: Are we going on with the Main? Marvin? Fans I apologize again as workers clean up the ring, Iím not even sure that the show will continue at this point. If it should. How seriously is Mark hurt? Whatís right? I...

(Light crowd reaction)

(ON Ė Chad Merritt walking down the aisle.)

BB: Marvin is that Chad? (beat) Merritt....

(Chad reaches Buckleyís post, puts on Sammyís headset, and sits next to Buckley.)

CM: Hey Bill.

BB: Are you going on?

CM: Why wouldnít we?

BB: Well for...

CM: Markís been taken to the hospital. Heís not dead Buckley.

BB: Did you sign Benedict and Windham? Howíd they---

CM: Marvin...cue it up, now.

(CUEUP: Ain't Goin' Down - Garth Brooks)

(The harmonica starts to wail on "Ain't Goin' Down" by Garth Brooks as the crowd rises to their feet in unison. Shane Southern smiles as he walks out, soaking in the cheers. Tonight is his chance to fulfill a dream. Can he?)

BB: Shane Southern! The man who beat the Pros and everybody but their mother to win the title shot is ready to go!

CM: He looks to be in great shape, Bill. Thereís been a party in Greensboro for the last fifteen years, and Shane Southern is primed to add his name to the invitation list!

(Southern reaches the ring, gives a thumbs up to the crowd and climbs through the ropes.)

BB: An hour from now, Mr. Southern will know whether he itís been a good day or a bad day.

(Some fans on the front row bow to Southern as the lights dim.)

(CUEUP: "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins)

(ďThe Ego BusterĒ Dan Ryan, steps through the Stage Art to a decidedly mixed reaction. World Title Belt strapped around his waist, Ryan looks at the CSWAvision and a video package of his greatest CSWA moments, and smiles. Heís about to add to them, only Southern doesnít know it.)

(Fans reach out to try and touch Ryan as he broods down the rampway, but he stays focused on Southern who shoots across from rope to rope in the ring.)

BB: The Champ. He went through hell and back again to win it, and to this point Chad he hasnít let go of the title.

CM: No he hasnít Bill. What an athlete Dan Ryan is, weíve had our squabbles in the past, but heís a great asset to the CSWA, and a cornerstone of this franchise.

(Ryan calmly steps in the ring.)

(Both men stare off in the middle of the ring at a safe distance, as Ref Ben Worthington runs down the rules.)

BB: Well, here...

CM: Sorry to interrupt Bill. Marvin...lower the cage.

(Fans cheer madly as a steel cage, thatís been suspended above Merritt Auditorium since ON TIME lowers.)

(Southern and Ryan watch the cage come down.)

(Itís not an old-school cage. Itís made of one inch thick steel beams, with a foot between each bar. The crowd reacts once the cage is set in place.)

CM: There we go. (Bill opens his mouth.) Why Buckley? As I said at ON TIME, this is our biggest show of the year, and I want this belt won or lost fairly. And I want our fans to be able to watch without fear of the action happening in their lap. Anyone in there in the back who wants to be cute and try and interfere....go for it. Youíll be fired, I can assure you. Itís man against man for the biggest title in this business. Can Shane win it alone? Can Ryan keep it alone?

BB: Weíre about to find out.

(Fans stay on their feet, as the buzz carries into the start of the match.)

CM: I know Iím not Sammy, thankfully, but Bill try to make me look good for the next little while.

BB: Iíll do my best, and I second that emotion.

(Rhythmic clapping as we begin.)

BB: Dan Ryan and Shane Southern for the World title, the only world title that matters in wrestling!

CM: Good job Buckley.

BB: Thanks. (SFX: Ding) Thereís the bell and the Main Event to ANNIVERSARY 15 is underway! The Champion and his challenger slowly sizing each other up. Limited time to prepare for the stipulation to this match...

CM: Careful.

BB: Just saying...

CM: Theyíre professionals Buckley. Ryan ties up Southern in the middle of the ring. What an awesome feeling to have a building named after you.

BB: A subjective comment from out of left field by my boss. Ryan slings Southern into a corner with some easy, what a massive man Dan Ryan is. Ben Worthington calls for a clean break and Ryan obliges. Shane dives at Ryan, small package! 1...no! A quick surprise roll up by Southern!

(Ryan is up quick and buries a forearm into Shaneís chest, backing him up against the ropes.)

BB: Southern returns fire! Ryan swings but itís blocked by Southern, who knees the World Champion in the gut! Ryan staggers back a couple steps, Southern jumps back a foot to reach the middle ropes, LARIAT! The former United States champion created a middle-rope lariat with virtually no room.

CM: Itís a move a rookie couldnít pull out. Southernís been around, he knows every inch of the CSWA ring by heart and where he is at all times.

BB: Front face lock by Southern, trying to weaken the 6í7 three-hundred pound champion. Easier said than done. In many publications Dan Ryan was the Wrestler of the Year last year. Heís not beaten often.

CM: No questioning heís come into his own over the last twelve months, Buckley but heís the hunted now. Dan Ryan will sneak up on no one. Ryan trying to fight out of that front face lock....has Shaneís legs...

BB: Lifts up him...Stun Gun over the ropes! Thatíll take the wind out of your sails in a hurry.

(Ryan knees Southern in the back and starts to choke him on the middle rope.)

CM: Thatís what I used to do to Sammy as a pre-show ritual.

BB: Youíre my new hero. Ref Ben Worthington calls for the break, the object is the beat your man, not choke him to death!

CM: Hey, itís a way to beat your man, you know. Not that Iím endorsing illegal in-ring activity.

BB: As owner and commissioner I hope not! Ryan bounces off the opposite ropes and leg drops Shane right over that middle rope! Ryan wasting no time weakening Southern in early going. Dan drapes Southern back over the ropes...

(Ryan rushes to the other side then back as he tries for another leg drop, but Shane slips out of the way.)

BB: Ryan took the ropes the one way a man doensít...

CM: He got racked Bill. Just call it. Let me worry about the FCC.

BB: Okay. Ryanís balls are in his throat!

CM: Geez Buckley!

BB: Southern up and heís returning the favor, choking Ryan across the ropes! (fans cheer.) Shane yanks back on the ropes and Ryan shoots back five feet and hits the mat hard!

CM: Balls in his throat. Fifteen years of repression finally lets loose.

BB: Southern sits on Danís back taking him to the mat, CAMEL CLUTCH! If Shaneís going to become a CSWA World Champion tonight at ANNIVERSARY Chad heís got to keep Ryan off his feet.

CM: Indeed.

BB: Ryan fighting back, grabs Shaneís feet and powers up...Southern unwillingly on Ryanís back.....good grief! Dan Ryan just flipped forward, driving Southern into the mat! 6í7 with unreal agility for a man his size. You saw some of that right there.

(Ryan applies a choke on Southern.)

BB: Modified sleeper....

CM: Thatís good. Sleeper. I can allow that.

BB: Fans getting behind Southern here, itís been an amazing and disgusting night at the same time, but right now Shane Southern and Dan Ryan have the wrestling worldís lonely eyes on them. Southern elbows Ryan! Another and heís free, Shane sprints to the ropes, shoots off, NO! Ryan got him with a powerslam! The ring literally shook a foot off the ground, quick cover..1....2.. thatís it.

CM: Weíre about to see some more of Dan Ryan defying logic...heís headed to the top rope Bill.

BB: Thereís about a nine-foot clearance up top between the top turnbuckle and the roof of the cage. Ryan up top, moonsault attempt maybe, but Southern quickly to his feet, dives against the ropes, and an unbalanced Ryan cradles the top turnbuckle between his leagues.

CM: Donít say it.

BB: Heíll need a minute to recover from that, but Shane, wisely wonít let him have it. Southern to the top as well! This could be the match right here, Southern brings Ryan to the top, and elbow by Dan...Shane with a right hand, BOTH MEN NEARLY SLIPPING. Ryan again but Southern blocks, elbow of his own, hooks Ryan...CAJUN LEG SWEEP FROM THE TOP!!

CM: Is that going to be it??

BB: Worthington covers, 1....2....no!! Ryan holds on to the CSWA World title. No one in the CSWA yet has been able to wrestle that strap off Ryan, including Windham and the Franchise.

CM: The Franchise is sitting next to you Bill, donít ever forget that.

BB: Southern FIGURE FOUR! Keeping the bigger man off his feet! Ryanís in early trouble, but heís found the ropes!

(Worthington: 1....2.......3)

BB: Shane breaks, two seconds away from a DQ, though in my time Iíve seen those fours hold for an eternity, gotta think Benís going to Ďletíem playí tonight so to speak.

(Dan rolls out of the ring.)

CM: Benís been with the company for a long time. He knows what the fans want. More importantly what I want.

(Southern fallows.)

BB: (pause) Sorry Iím used to Sammy, Chad. That was a perfect setup. Moving along...Southern spins Ryan around, knife edge chops! That last one ripped into Ryanís chest, Shane with two hands shoots Ryan head first into the steel cage!

CM: Iíve never actually been sure what knife edge chops do. And if you hit me right now, Bill Iíll call you.

BB: What??

CM: I saw you winding up.

BB: I donít know what youíre talking about...Southern suplexes Ryan up...OH!! (with Ryan Vertical, Shane feed his legs through the cage, racking Ryan again, then dropping him to the floor.)

CM: The cage Bill already coming into play.

BB: Southern back in the ring, as Ryan struggles to his feet. In a match like this Chad, itís really which man uses his surroundings to an advantage.

(Southern off the ropes and over the top with a Lou Thez press.)

BB: LOU THEZ Press on the outside!! The champís head stopped about an inch from cracking into the bottom of the cage. Narrowly missing Ďnight-nightí time was Ryan.

(Southern rolls Ryan back in the ring.)

CM: Not to show favoritism, but I like Shaneís work right here. The championship is to be won inside the ring, not out. Linger outside, and Ryan as great as he is will eventually catch you.

BB: Shane to the top himself! Not a known high-flyer but the Cajun can get up and move thatís for darn sure, FROG SPLASHóRYAN MOVES! Dan Ryan averting potential disaster. Southern holding his ribs, his head scraped the roof he was so high.

CM: Exactly, Bill. Will that be a deterrent to either men, knowing thereís limited room to work with up top?

(Ryan grabs Southernís legs, snaps to the mat, catapulting Southern into the air and face first into a top turnbuckle. Southernís frozen there, head on turnbuckle.)

BB: Ryan sees an opening, German suplex!!

CM: He held on...

BB: Ryan up again, GERMAN SUPLEX!!

CM: Still got it...

BB: A third!! (fans cheer.) Dan considers the pin, instead he vaults himself off the middle ropes, MOONSAULT! Got it that time!

(Worthington slides down, nearly out of the ring for the pin.)

BB: One.....two.........no!

CM: Ryan didnít get it, but the longer this match goes Bill you have to favor the stronger man. I think Shane has to surprise Ryan with a pin early.

BB: Itís quickly getting late. STF by Ryan! (fans stand.) Submission move. Weíve already seen one man prove no matter how tough you are, thereís a point where youíll quit. Will Southern reach his point right here?

(fans clapping for Shane, trying to motivate him.)

CM: Southernís too close to the ropes.

(Shane reaching has the bottom rope with his left hand.)

BB: Bad positioning by Ryan, he took a chance but it didnít quite pay off. Both men to their feet, Shane albeit it gingerly, Ryan fires him off the ropes, double axe handle misses, Southern rolls down, off the ropes, FRANKíNíSOUTHERN!!

(huge pop.)

CM: Shane working over the champ now with repeated blows to head...just kneeling over Ryan and firing away. Good job by Worthington to break it as quickly as he did. You know with the except of maybe twenty people Iím a good judge of character. Good hire there in Benny Boy.

BB: Southern in position, hooks the tights, Slingshot suplex...

(Ryan hits the ropes but with his right hand holds on, leaving Shane to pull up empty. Ryan on the outside of the apron taunts Shane to come at him.)

BB: Good block by Ryan! Southern charges and TAKES A TUMBLE!! Ryan pulling on that top rope as he slid down to cause Shane to fall to the outside.

(CUEUP: SPLIT-SCREEN VIDEO REPLAY Ė Ryan pulling the top rope as Southern helplessly falls.)


CM: Missed it earlier. With those two meat hooks coming down on your back, youíll be tender in no time.

BB: Ryan vertical suplexes Southern, OH! (Dan returns the favor, feeding Shaneís legs through the cage, racking Southern.)

CM: Anything you can do, I can do better...nice restraint there Buckley.

BB: Thank you. Southern finding trouble out of the ring, Ryan whips Shane towards the ring apron, reverses, and whips him right into the steel cage!! Man!

(Fans pop, as the smack against the cage echoes.)

BB: Southern has to get this back in the ring. Not that itís any easier in beat Ryan in there, but...

CM: You donít fight the Terminator hand to hand. You outsmart him, or run like hell.

BB: Promise you Shane will not do the latter. The Champ now brings a hurtiní Southern to his feet, and whips him into the ring apron! Setting the back up for a Humility Bomb!

CM: Too often today a manís finisher is a grasp at thin air. Hit or miss. Ryan, working over Shaneís back...setting up his power moves very nicely.

(Tombstone piledriver by Ryan. A smile on Ryanís face as he senses the end.)

CM: Itís a clichť but thatís why heís champion, Bill.

BB: Agreed. Dan takes the action back inside, same rules you stated earlier Chad apply to the Ego Buster as well. Gotta keep the belt inside the ring, not out. Southern gasping for air, trying to buy time on his knees, but Dan Ryan is savy enough not to let him. Big right hands pop across Southernís forehead.

(Ryan grabs Shane by the neck, leaps behind him, snapping Southernís body all the way back, putting pressure on his back and knees.)

BB: Oh my goodness. My back went out just watching that.

CM: (laughs) Mine too Bill.

BB: Ryan lifting Southern up behind him, RAZORíS EDGE!

(Worthington to the mat again.)

BB: Probably it here: 1.....2......T-NO!

CM: Iíve known Shane Southern for a while, and I know him well enough that this one is far from over.

BB: If I were betting man, Iíd take that bet. Ryan to the top, Chad...heís leaving ANNIVERSARY as champion right here...

(Dan flies off the top rope, headbutting Southern on the mat.)

BB: TR Headbutt!

CM: Ryan hooking the leg for the win...

BB: 1....2......KICKOUT by Southern! Will not stay down!

CM: Say it.

BB: You were right. Ryan though, doesnít care. He sets up Shane, HUMILITY BOMB coming....

(Dan powers Shane up, but Southern gains control in the air and DDTs Ryan on the way down.)

BB: DDT BY SOUTHERN! The cover...1.....2.....ALMOST 3! Shane took his last chance and made the most out of it! Southern has Ryan on his stomach...

(Shane slaps at Danís slides, Ryanís arms stroll back and Shane grabs them. Falls back, pulling Dan up...)

BB: Mexican Surfboard! Southern stretching the Champion out! I havenít see that move in the CSWA since...MG.

CM: Itís ANNIVERSARY. Itís only right to honor our past.

BB: Former Presidential and Tag Team Champion MG...whatís he doing these days any word? Ryan fighting but canít break free. Will he give?

CM: Last I heard he was a greeter at Wal-Mart.

(Southern breaks the hold.)

BB: Yikes. Shaneís got Ryan on his knees, SLEEPER! Shane Southern trying to ride Ryan right out and into the CSWA history books.

CM: A hidden choke. Itís amazing what a choice of words will do for our perception of whatís right and wrong.

BB: Ryan to the mat! Shane seconds away perhaps from the CSWA World Title!

CM: I could be wrong Bill, but to me Ryanís looked a step slow all night. I saw backstage and he looked worn out.

BB: Heís about to be counted out right now. Worthington raises his right arm...it falls to the mat! (fans cheer.) Ben again checks, heís out! (fans cheer)

CM: By rule, last check..

BB: Worthington drops the arm, do we have a new World Champion, no! (Ryanís arm hangs just off the mat, ever so slightly.) Ryanís got something left!

CM: If thatís true he needs to bring it now.

BB: Dan to his knees....to his feet....he reaches behind him and grabs Southern! A hard piggy back ride into the turnbuckle!! But Southern doesnít release!

(Ryan again launches himself in the turnbuckle. Southern takes a hit, but holds on.)

CM: Weíre going to have a new World Champion. Fifteen years, and millions of dollars later I still get giddy.

BB: Ryan to one knee! This is it... (Dan jumps back up) Heís up!!!

(Ryan quickly backs Southern into a corner, but Shane while keep the hold blindly climbs the ropes and comes to a stop on the outside of the apron.)

BB: OHMY! Southernís not letting go!! Shane over the top rope, gently...and back on to Ryanís back!! Ryanís lights are dimming thereís no doubt. New champion in a matter of seconds!

CM: Heís 6í7, 330...thatís why heís held on for this long, but heís got to be done.

(Ryan with everything heís got left runs at a corner, with Shane on his back, scales the ropes in two leaps and jumps off the top rope, crashing through the Spanish Language broadcast table a foot from the cage.)

(Fans go crazy.)

BB: Good grief! Ryan sent Southern through Mannyís table!!

(Manual Juarez and John Simons are in shock, staring at the broken table before him.)

CM: THAT broke the sleeper. Poor Manny, he asked to be inside the cage...to be near the action.

(Ryan and Southern roll around, trying to regain their senses.)

BB: Believe me I know. He kept touting how more authentic the SAP broadcast would be.

(Manny face pressed against the cage bars, screaming to get out.)

CM: Youíre doing good Manny! (laughs.)

BB: Ryan has Southern by the hair, and sends him face first into the cage! Southernís bleeding from the forehead, Chad! Heís been cut.

CM: Okay. Thanks. Weíre not in Baltimore in 1988. This isnít first blood.

BB: You can see the new level of intensity in the World Championís eyes. Heís reached a new gear. Ryan chokeslams Southern up against the cage!!

(Big Pop. Manny runs away.)

BB: Southern reaching for his back...damage has been done to it all match long, at this point perhaps too much.

CM: He gets no break. Ryan...back on the attack.

BB: POWERSLAM! Man alive. (Merritt Auditorium buzzes.)

(Ryan sets the ring steps to face the ropes at an angle.)

BB: Whatís Ryan up to here...he could probably throw Southern in the ring and pin him, but the manís a vicious surgeon who loves to go to work.

(Ryan runs up the stairs, leaps off toward the ropes, bounces off the middle ropes and leg drops Southern on the floor.)

(Crowd stands and roars.)

BB: Southern took all of that one. He saw it coming Chad, wanted to move, but couldnít.

CM: Ya think?

BB: Ryan brings Southern to his feet, rolls in half way in the ring...neck against the ropes. Come on...Dan. Back in the ring. Whereís Worthington?

CM: Heís counting, Bill. Just not with any real conviction.

(Ryan with Shaneís feet in his arms, snaps back, vaulting Shaneís neck up against the bottom rope.)

BB: Brutal! The neck and back of Southern...if Ryan can land the H-BOMB, forget about it. The Party is coming to a quick close for Shane Southern, as are his hopes of becoming a CSWA World Champion!

(Shane already in the ring, limp on the mat, Ryan heads for the top rope.)

CM: Iíll say it for Shane too. If he has anything left. We need to see what heís holding.

(TR Clotheline by Ryan.)

BB: Southern flipping over completely after that vicious, vicious shot from the six-foot seven beast from Houston, Texas!

CM: Theyíre all beasts from Texas, Buckley. Itís in the water.

(Pin attempt.)

BB: After the last match, I wonít disagree. Two count!! Sorry to be anti-climatic on the cover, but thought it was a no brainer there. Southern abusing his last breath of air, still.

CM: HUMILITY BOMB...itís coming. Ryanís worked all night for it. If he hits...

BB: Itís goodnight Sweet Southern Prince.

(H-Bomb attempt, Southern reverses...)

BB: FRANKíNíSOUTHERN! FRANKíNíSOUTHERN! Shane pulling his fanny out of the fire!

CM: That was all instinct Bill. Shane and Ryan are no strangers to each other, he was finished, but on touch and feel he knew what was coming and had the presence of mind, nay the ability to change it. Awesome.

BB: Ryan and Southern slowly reaching their feet, I think youíre right Chad...Ryan looks tired. Coming in even.

(Ryan reaches for Shane, small package by Southern.)

BB: 1....2.....T-NO! Southern too out of it to mount an offense, but he nearly won the World title there!!

CM: Ryanís got the busiest schedule in the business Buckley. Iím not going to break my own policy of not mentioning other promotions on air, but heís over extended. He came in tonight, exhausted.

BB: If he didnít come in tired, heís worn down easier tonight. And it could cost him his World Title. The World title! Both men up, eye gouge by Southern!

(Shane buries a knee in Ryanís gut. Bounces off the nearest ropes, Scissor kick!)

BB: That right foot of Southernís caught the back of Ryanís head!! Shane stumbles off, looking for a second, a small break in the action to right the ship.

CM: Take what you can get, and then get back at it. As Shaneís resting, so is Ryan.

BB: Ryan to his feet, PARTYíS OVER! PARTYíS OVER! From out of nowhere! Man alive!

(Shane kneels to cover Ryan, his eyes about twice their normal size, he knows that was it. The force of the blow however dropped Ryan through the ropes and outside.)

BB: Southern dropped to pin but nobody was home! That was the World Title in his hands right there! Man!

(Fans know it too, and react accordingly.)

(Southern goes after Ryan on the outside, rolling him back in, but time is wasting.)

CM: Is it still going to be enough Buckley?

BB: Southern has him, hooks the leg, (Worthington on his knees to cover in prime position.) ONE......TWO........NO!!!! (Crowd groans.)

(Southern hangs his head and slaps the mat. So close. Inches even from being the World Champion.)

BB: A near miss but Shane has to recover...which heís doing, KNIFE EDGE CHOPS IN THE CORNER!

CM: (covers chest.) Billlll.

BB: Southern, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Quick cover, new champion!! ONE.....TWO...............NO!!!!!!! (Another groan.)

CM: There is where in the old days Ryan would look to throw Shane over the top just to a DQ and get out of dodge. But not tonight. One of these men must be pinned.

(Shane goes to the top rope, sets himself, then leaps off grabbing the top of the cage. He dangles for a second, then as the crowd goes nuts, pulls his knees up to get momentum and Frog Splashes Ryan on the mat, from the roof of the cage.)

(Giant Pop.)

BB: FROGSPLASH...FROM THE CAGE! GOOD GRIEF! NEW CHAMPION, IT HAS TO BE, ITíS SHANE (Worthington covers) SOUTHERNíS TIME...ONE.........TWO....(Fans counting with Ben.) THR-NOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Disbelief.)

CM: Ryanís too strong and has too much confidence right now. Shane has to keep going if he wants to get this pinfall.

BB: And he is! Southern picking up Ryan, determination in his eyes!! Itís his night!! The coronation of a new King! Shane sets Ryan on the top turnbuckle, back to Southern.

CM: Ryan has to block this...

BB: TR CAJUN LEG SWEEP...the second of the night!! For the belt...(Worthington covers) ONE....TWO.....TH-NOO!! Southern looks like heís seen a ghost! He canít believe it.

(Neither can the crowd.)

CM: Itís ANNIVERSARY Bill...bring your A-game or go home, sink or swim.

BB: If this isnít the ďAĒ for both men, itís darn close! Southern, cheered on by this historic crowd...they want a title change, and Shane up top once again to try and oblige!

CM: Up top again? Desperation for Southern, heís going for broke. And he has to.

(Shane on the top rope, leaps for the roof of the cage again. He grabs one of the bars...rights himself and prepares to come off on Ryan.)

(Before he can make a move, Ryanís there and yanks on Shaneís legs, pulling him off the cage, as he comes down Dan catches him....)


CM: But he canít do anything about it.

(Shane and Dan both are laid out, as the Merritt Auditorium sell-out crowd urges them on. Finally Ryan stirs.)

BB: The Champion turns, one arm over Shane...for the pin...

(Fans count: ONE.................TWO.............)

BB: SHANE UP! Impeccable timing by the former US champ!

CM: This is what CSWA ANNIVERSARY is supposed to be. I love it.

BB: Ryan to his feet, elbow drop!! Southern may have missed his chance. The Ego Buster has a third wind. DRAGON SUPLEX!

CM: Enough for the win?

BB: (Worthington goes down, even he doubts heíll make it to three.) ONE.....................TWO.............(he was right.)

CM: (laughs.) Right now itís a matter of who wants it more.

BB: Ryan with a wild look in his eye tosses Shane OVER THE TOP ROPE AND AT THE CAGE!!

(Ryan turns his back and drops to his knees. Heís lightheaded and it surprises him.)

(Huge pop.)

(Southern landed on the cage like a cat, and once he sees Ryan with his back turned and hurting, he scales the cage as quickly as possible.)

CM: I told you Ryan wasnít right coming in. Heís exhausted.

BB: He appears to be desperately searching for the energy for another push. SHANE SOUTHERN ON THE TOP OF THE CAGE??

(Southernís scaled up the side of the cage, and like a kid on a jungle gym has made his way across the roof and above Ryan.)

BB: Ryan...turns..FRANKíNíSOUTHERN!! INTO A BRIDGE!! ONE.....TWO.........................THR-NOOOOO!! NOOOO!

(Crowdís going wild.)

CM: Ryan, the World Champion with the strength to kick out.

BB: The heart! Southern can not believe he hasnít won this match look at him!! (southern on his knees banging his head into the mat.) Itís been his careerís dream to win the World Title! How close has he been tonight? Chad that had to be three!!

CM: Ryan doesnít want to lose it. Itís as simple as that. Dan Ryan will not turn loose of this belt on this PPV.

(CUEUP: SPLIT SCREEN REPLAY Ė The count. Ryan barely got up before three.)

BB: What does Southern have to do to win this match?

CM: What does Ryan have to do? Both men up Bill...

BB: Wearily...Yes. Ryan with a left jab! Southern with a right. Ryan, Southern, Ryan, Southern...Southern....Southern one more time and Dan hits the mat!

(Southern quickly lifts Ryan to his feet.)

BB: Shane COCKS HIS LEG, RYAN SPEARS HIM! Like Southern earlier, Ryan knew what was coming and kept his lights turned on.

CM: The Partyís not over yet. Though both men wish it were.

BB: Ryan when he smells blood heís so dangerous, has Southern up...NECKBREA-NO...

(Before Ryan can try for a neckbreaker Shane jumps and puts his feet on the top rope, Ryan snaps down on the mat, as he does, Shane fires off the ropes and lands over Ryan. Shane grabs Danís legs and BRIDGE PINS.)

BB: Gee Louise what a move.......IS THIS IT? ONE.........TWO......(Southern with a very discreet right foot on the bottom rope for leverage)........................NO!!!!

(ON Ė Fans nudging one another, holding their heads in disbelief.)

CM: Southernís tried everything but an Oklahoma roll. If that neck had taken another hit...

BB: It would have been Goodnight Gracie. Shane, heís past the point of belaboring close pins...has Ryan in the corner...KNIFE EDGE CHOPS!! Goodness those just vibrate across the Auditorium!! Ryan reverses, heís had enough, KNIFE EDGE CHOPS ON HIS OWN!!

CM: Okay hit me Bill.

BB: Ryan with a burst of energy throws Shane Southern into the opposite turnbuckle, SHANE FLIPS UP AND HEíS STUCK, SITTING ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!

(Ryan stalks Shane down.)

BB: Ryan to the top himself...TR GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Man alive!

(Worthington covers, he knows itís coming before hand.)

CM: Iíll count Bill, for a change of luck, ONE......TWO....THR-SHANEíS OUT! (pause) Baby!

BB: Ryan...drags Shane up....DDT! DDT!

CM: One more time Bill, itís a free PPV for crying out loud.


CM: Nice.

BB: The Champ doesnít pin, it might be a wasted effort anyway, neither man is going to lose tonight, someone is going to win, but at this stage, as Ryan goes to the top rope again, is that even possible?

CM: It has to be, cause I didnít pay for a fourth hour of coverage.

BB: Ryan off the ropes and he FINDS THE ROOF OF THE CAGE, JUST LIKE SOUTHERN! (Ryan pulls his legs up for momentum) THREE-HUNDRED AND SIXTY DEGREE SPLASH, but SOUTHERN MOVES!

(Fans jumping in their seats.)

BB: Southern moves and Ryan cracks his head against the mat. Southern rushes Ryan to his feet, positions him...POWERBOMB! POWERBOMB!!

(Shane still has a hold of Ryanís legs.)


(As his feet hit the mat, Shane slips a bit, losing one hand of the bridge.)

BB: (Worthington leaps into the air, flashbulbs go off, and he slides into position.) Southern for the World Title, ONE...................TWO......(Merritt Auditorium counting.) THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

CM: I donít believe it...


(Thereís bedlam in the old warehouse.)

CM: Southernís collapsed in the ropes...heís the World Champion and heís overcome with emotion! Man tears! Letís see them Shane!

(Ryan has remained very calm.)

(He feels even better as Worthington hands him the World Title.)


(Ryan slides out of the ring as the cage raises. He turns to a shocked Southern and points to his head, smiles and walks back up the aisle to a mixture of cheers and boos.)


CM: (Talking to Worthington off camera) Okay. Bill Ben just informed me...Southern took the pinfall.)

(CUEUP: FULL SCREEN Ė VIDEO REPLAY Ė The powerbomb. Southern with the bridge. Worthington counts, ONE.....TWO.....both of Southernís shoulders are on the mat. A half second before Ben hits THREE, Ryan lifts his left shoulder up.)

(Fans after viewing the CSWAvision groan.)

BB: Southernís shoulders were down! Good gracious! Heís in a state of shock. I want to say itís highway robbery, but it was a great call...and even better move by Dan Ryan.

CM: I told you he wouldnít lose it tonight. Southern... you have to feel bad for him. He was there he had it.

(Southern kicks at the ropes, hands around his head. As Worthington tries to console him, Shane drops Ben with a right hook, much to the delight of Merritt Auditorium.)

BB: Southern attacking a ref...in front the owner no less!

CM: I saw nothing.

BB: Excuse me?

CM: Shane Southern put in one hell of an effort tonight, the dream is dead for ANNIVERSARY, but I happen to know the guy who owns the place, and I have it on good authority this wasnít his last shot.

BB: I should hope not. Iím speechless. One heck of a match...

CM: Beautiful way to close, Bill.

(Southern to cheers, climbs out of the ring.)

BB: That was as good as it gets. Fans, weíre out of time. Ryan retains in a thriller. Check the website and call the hotline in coming days for Post-ANNIVERSARY coverage! So many questions to answer...

CM: And they will be answered...

BB: Seeya for PRIME TIME! Thanks for watching!

CM: Night folks, and thank you for the bottom of my heart for making this the best fifteen years this business has ever seen. I love you.

(CUEUP: ďI SayĒ Ė Artificial Joy Club)

(CUTTO: Three Minute Video Package of the last Fifteen years of CSWA Action.)