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Happy Anniversary

CSWA in Crisis

Saddle Up!

United States:
Kin Hiroshi vs. JJ DeVille

Mirror Image

Kevin Watson vs. Troy Douglas

Adrift Again

Cameron Cruise vs. Bobby Karma

Pregnant Pause

Top Contenders:
High Flyer vs. Sean Stevens

Cue the Apocalypse

History Repeated?

Dan Ryan & Troy Windham
vs. Nova & Eron

Greensboro Championship
Kevin Watson vs. Troy Douglas

The man formerly known as K-9 had shed his former image entirely – no more schizophrenic talking chair for Kevin Watson. Instead, he had gone away to Japan to train… and get ‘better’ in more ways than one. But just like his previous run in the CSWA, the San Antonio native once again had gold around his waist, thanks to the GOLD RUSH.

Troy Douglas, the Greensboro native, was determined to give the CSWA a good show in its time of need, and become a hometown champion in the process. He quickly used his seven inch height advantage to win a lockup, do a standing switch and drop the current champion with a half-nelson neckbreaker. He began piling on, keeping the compact champion on the ground to try and take away his explosive arsenal of moves. Douglas bridged Watson into a full nelson surfboard… when Watson powered out, he simply kept him on the ground, locking in a crossface.

Not the match they’re used to, the crowd seemed puzzled but quickly split into factions, half supporting the quirky Watson by slowly chanting K-NINE!, while the other half went for the Greensboro standout, quickly chanting DOUG-LAS! DOUG-LAS!. Watson continued to stretch for the ropes as the battle between the crowd continued…. Both groups broke off their chants as Watson grabbed the ropes and referee Ben Worthington called for the break!

Only to have Douglas pull the champ back into the middle of the ring and slap on an arm triangle choke, putting the damper on the chants for Watson. Worthington lifted the arm to check Watson, finding that the Greensboro Champion still had plenty of fight. He rolled the bigger man, only to find that Douglas was staying right with him. But the rolling not only loosened Douglas’ grip, allowing Watson to get some air, but also to get the ropes.

Watson pulled to his feet using the ropes as the referee backed Douglas away. But once again, Douglas charged in, eager to keep his advantage. This time Watson was ready, simply dropping to the mat and holding onto the top rope, sending Troy Douglas over the top and down to the concrete floor.

SUICIDE DIVE through the ropes by the Greensboro Champion sent both men flying into the barricade. Both took their time getting to their feet, with Watson up first and ready -- knocking Douglas silly with an enzuigiri that dropped him like U-62 did the CSWA’s TV contract.

Watson turned to head back into the ring and break the ten-count, only to have his legs swept out from under him by the stunned-but-able Douglas. Both men once again used the barricade to pull themselves up, with Watson determined to give some payback, delivering a german suplex onto the concrete and leaving Douglas laying. Unfortunately for both (or not), the ten-count expired, setting up a championship rematch at FISH FUND.

WINNER: Double Count-out (rematch at FISH FUND)