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Happy Anniversary

CSWA in Crisis

Saddle Up!

United States:
Kin Hiroshi vs. JJ DeVille

Mirror Image

Kevin Watson vs. Troy Douglas

Adrift Again

Cameron Cruise vs. Bobby Karma

Pregnant Pause

Top Contenders:
High Flyer vs. Sean Stevens

Cue the Apocalypse

History Repeated?

Dan Ryan & Troy Windham
vs. Nova & Eron

United States Championship
Kin Hiroshi vs. JJ DeVille

Buckley and Benson had the crowd well warmed up, but Thomas thought throwing out a major title match early would get things off to a big start. The whole card was loaded, but this one in particular had two clear-cut personalities: the heel champion and “Muffin Man” was hated by most and loved by the smart marks, while JJ DeVille’s underdog persona had been loved by all since breaking free of his role as Troy Windham’s lackey.

The loaded card was part of Thomas’s strategy – trying to break the old wrestling adage that if it didn’t happen on television, then it didn’t happen. The loss of television couldn’t have happened at a worse time, right before the go-home event for FISH FUND, but Thomas hoped by throwing out superstar matches all with impact on FISH FUND that he could get enough of the audience to find them on the internet.

JJ DeVille came out to his biggest pop yet. The Alabama crowd hadn’t forgotten his big win in Chapel Hill – the “Champions’ Challenge” match where he and Bobby Karma teamed up to defeat Kin Hiroshi and Cameron Cruise, earning the chance to call in title shots. The crowd fed off his energy, giving JJ the biggest pop in his CSWA career. Challenging for a title was a big deal for the Winger fan – the only championship he had held in the CSWA was the Greensboro title… and that was simply given to him by Merritt to piss off Shane Southern.

Standing in the ring, JJ got the best seat in the house as the US Champion entered, reveling in the exact opposite response. Kin Hiroshi had held onto his belt through GOLD RUSH, the only CSWA Champion to do so, and he wasn’t about to hand it over to the likes of JJ DeVille. He climbed into the ring, still jawing with the fans, not even making eye contact with his opponent.

DROPKICK by “The Big Man on Campus.” That made the “Muffin Man” take notice.

And he did, locking eyes with JJ. DeVille came rocketing in with a knee lift that sent Hiroshi into the corner. The crowd erupted as JJ began hammering the US Champion with right hands before being pushed out of the corner. JJ took a moment to amp up the crowd – this was going to be his…

NECKBREAKER! The US Champion DECIMATED the challenger, catching him unaware.

The challenger up to his feet as quickly as possible, only to take a DDT from the champ! Hiroshi’s eyes blazing, he went up to the top rope with the speed he’s known for, diving recklessly off the top and connecting with an Asai moonsault.

Pulling DeVille up by his hair, now it was Hiroshi’s turn to amp up the crowd, putting a boot right on JJ’s throat and thrusting him back into the corner. The crowd showered him with boos, knowing what was coming…

LITTLE BOY! The spinning forearm smash into the corner could only be a set up for its Hiroshima and Nagasaki counterpart…

FAT MAN! Sunset flip piledriver on the challenger. ONE………. TWO……….. THREE!

WINNER: US Champion Kin Hiroshi