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Happy Anniversary

CSWA in Crisis

Saddle Up!

United States:
Kin Hiroshi vs. JJ DeVille

Mirror Image

Kevin Watson vs. Troy Douglas

Adrift Again

Cameron Cruise vs. Bobby Karma

Pregnant Pause

Top Contenders:
High Flyer vs. Sean Stevens

Cue the Apocalypse

History Repeated?

Dan Ryan & Troy Windham
vs. Nova & Eron

Presidential Championship
Cameron Cruise vs. Bobby Karma

The man with the longest nickname in wrestling, “What Goes Around Comes Around” Bobby Karma had called in his title shot by virtue of his Champions’ Challenge tag match with JJ DeVille in Chapel Hill. But “The Crippler” had no intentions of giving up the Presidential Championship again. The two-time champion had grabbed the title out of nowhere as part of GOLD RUSH and since had remembered just how good it could be to be a CSWA champ.

The long-time CSWA vet was a little surprised by the reaction of the crowd – Bobby Karma hadn’t been in the big leagues very long, but his indie career had been made almost completely in the South, with Birmingham being a typical stop. He had never wrestled in the BJCC Arena, but his fans from the various armories and high school gyms were right there in the front row and as vocal as ever.

Giving up seven inches but no weight to the champion, Bobby K. went for a spear early, taking the bigger man down with his power and keeping him down with a series of snapmares and dropkicks. Cruise quickly rolled outside the ring, clearly taken back by the aggressiveness of the challenger. Cruise quickly conferred with Mercedes – part game plan and part comfort, before rolling back inside.

Karma let Cruise come to him, allowing a quick lock-up. Cruise quickly tossed Karma into the ropes, then caught him with a dropkick that sent him flying. Douglas quickly countered as Cruise went for a suplex, reversing it and dropping the champion with a belly-to-belly suplex of his own.

The match continued to go back and forth for ten more minutes, challenger and champion taking their turns with the momentum, but neither able to put the other down for three. The turning point came when Karma was on top, going for a figure four leglock to put Cruise away. He made a critical mistake, allowing Cruise to get a foot free… a foot that just happened to end up lodged against the side of the challenger’s skull. Cruise quickly kipped up to his feet, irish whipping Karma into the ropes, then dropping him with a massive spinebuster that sent every bit of air rushing out of the Rome, Georgia rookie. ONE…. TWO…THREE.

WINNER: Presidential Champion Cameron Cruise