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New Season, New Series

A Shooting Star

Introducing: Steven Shane

Fortune Favors The Bull

FLASHBACK: Randalls/Timmy

Crazy for the Sake of Crazy

We Die Tomorrow

When Crazy Doesn't Count

The Little Christian Soldier

Windham UPDATE

FLASHBACK: Hiroshi/Radder

FLASHBACK: Vacant No More

Do You REALLY Know The Muffin Man?

People Love Muffin Tops

Miami Hype

Introducing: Steven Shane

SIMONS: JA with his, as usual, blunt commentary, regarding his first Greensboro Title defense coming up against Christian Montiero. Also aboard the PCL2, Cameron Cruise takes on another CSWA newcomer, “Sensational” Steven Shane. Cruise has had a low profile in the CSWA since his ouster from the UNIFIED World Championship against High Flyer several months ago. He has focused on his career in Empire Pro Wrestling, where he has tagged with Joey Melton in the past as “The Cameron Cruise Project.” Given that Steven Shane joins the CSWA after a significant tenure in EPW, the two know each other well. Shane looks to make an immediate impact in his introduction to CSWA fans. Cruise has taken exception to being billed as Shane’s “debut match.” Both men made their plans for each other in Miami clear in a few minutes with the CSWA cameras.

(CUTTO: We enter into an unknown gym, where we see countless people working on their figures and trying to get back into shape after the long holiday season. New Years resolutions have kicked in full force and everyone in America is thinking of bettering themselves in some way. Being that America has an obesity rate that can be summarized by Marlon Brando’s cholesterol, the gym has become the refuge for many at this time of year. As we wonder to the back of the gym, we see a door that simply reads “Sauna”.

We continue to approach the door until it finally opens. We then see that none other than “Sensational” Steven Shane has exited the room in nothing but a towel. He notices the camera and gives a smile before he begins to speak.

Shane: Well, well, well…

The “Sensational” Steven Shane tour continues as yet another wrestling federation has requested my services.

You know, if I had a nickel for every company that has asked me to bring them just the tiniest bit of promise in the past three months…well, I’d be richer than I already am.

Shane’s smile widens.

Shane: But this time, something is different.

This time, I actually feel privileged to say that the granddaddy of them all has finally given a call to Steven Shane’s phone.

As an up and coming wrestler, you dream of nothing more than one day debuting in the CSWA.

Well guess what…

Here I am baby! Ready to bring the C-S-Dub the great dose of SENSATIONAL it’s been needing for some time now.

Shane gives a quick smile before stepping behind a screen to change his clothes. He still continues on.

Shane: It’s things like this that make me proud of who I am.

That I’m already a finely tuned athletic machine that doesn’t need to make silly new years resolutions about trying to burn that extra weight off.

That I don’t have to worry about expanding my horizons so that I may be able to get ahead in life.

Because I already have what I’ve strived for through all those years of resolutions.

I finally have my shot here, and now, I’m ready to set the roof on fire for all the fans of the granddaddy of the wrestling world.

So this year’s resolution brings forth the desire to showcase not just a few, but all of my talents and tear through the CSWA like no one has ever seen before.

I want to be remembered as the guy that came to the most established company in the business and turned it upside down.

Shane steps out from behind the curtain, wearing some red athletic shorts.

Shane: And that’s why I quickly stepped to the plate and challenged one of the most established wrestlers on the circuit to a little tea party inside the ring.

I’m familiar with Mr. Cruise’s work.

Hell, he was the reigning Intercontinental Champion when I came into Dan Ryan’s EPW.

Not to mention that his name is splattered all over the circuit about as much as Steven Shane’s.

That is why I chose you, Cammy.

I chose to call out someone that everyone knows. Someone that everyone has seen the credibility in.

Someone that I can grab onto and beat the bejesus out of to send a message to anyone watching wrestling that Steven Shane is the one that you don’t want to be facing when it comes to action inside that CSWA ring.

Don’t get me wrong, Cammy…I like your work. That’s why you were one of the top targets when I planned this onslaught.

But when it all comes right down to it, you will have to realize that Steven Shane is just that much better than you.

Don’t take it as something personal, because it’s not. I’m simply that much better than anyone that’s out there.

And I just so happen to have to prove that to you and the rest of the world by defeating you right in the middle of the ring.

Shane gives a smile.

Shane: And that Cammy…is a reality check that you…damn, wait…

That my friend, is something that you and everyone else will soon find to be simply… SENSATIONAL.

Shane’s smile widens again as the camera fades out.