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New Season, New Series

A Shooting Star

Introducing: Steven Shane

Fortune Favors The Bull

FLASHBACK: Randalls/Timmy

Crazy for the Sake of Crazy

We Die Tomorrow

When Crazy Doesn't Count

The Little Christian Soldier

Windham UPDATE

FLASHBACK: Hiroshi/Radder

FLASHBACK: Vacant No More

Do You REALLY Know The Muffin Man?

People Love Muffin Tops

Miami Hype

Do You REALLY Know The Muffin Man?

The Miami heat was stiffling even in the dead of winter. Locals were in jeans and t-shirts, but tourists, like Kin Hiroshi, were running around shirtless in shorts. Living in Seattle definitely had it's disadvantages: constant rain, gloom, cool weather. Then again, he could travel back and forth from Tokyo, or hop a plane to wherever CSWA told him to go. Sure, he liked being in Miami, but he still needed to get used to the warm, muggy air.

Downing a snow cone, Hiroshi ducks into a warehouse that was serving as a make-shift training facility. In a corner of the building a camera was set up for interview purposes. Hiroshi made his way over to the set, pulled on a "Do You Know The Muffin Man" t-shirt, and slumped onto a stool.

"I always have loved the brains up in Greensboro. See, while I've been slaving away around the world, they still find time to give me a YOU-ESS title shot, and it's a shot I'm not going to complain about.

"Hell, I worked my ass off to get here. I went through Radder AND Logic to get to the man who's been sitting on the title belt for too long. Radder went down faster than a hooker in Vegas thanks to a mutual 'friend' of ours, Kevin Powers.

"And Good God! it was amazing to land in Miami, and read my name in lights once again. Hell, how many times do you hear 'Kin Hiroshi' and 'championship' in the same sentence anymore? I believe the last time was right here in CSWA when I captured the Greensboro title.

"I just have one man to get through now. One man stands in the way of The Muffin Man grabbing a strap for his waist:


"Why did it have to be Hornet?

"I shouldn't be suprised. Should I? After all, look Kin Hiroshi's opponents up in the annals of wrestling and you'd see the following names: Joey Melton, Evan Aho, Steve Radder, Eddy Love, and Dan Ryan.

"You know, these guys, at one time, or another, have been the UNIFIED World Heavyweight Champion. Kin Hiroshi? A few TV titles, a few Cruiserweight accolades, and a single Greensboro strap.


"I've beaten Love, Radder, Aho AND Melton. I 'supposedly' poisoned Dan Ryan, almost killing him.

"And now? Now I'm going to beat Hornet.

"Just another man who's a mammoth to this industry. Another man who thinks that Kin Hiroshi is a bug...a blemish wherever he goes. After all, I've got a great track record with my 'home' company: EWI? GXW? GWE? Seems to me that I'm less of a bug, and more of curse.

"Maybe that's why I don't have gold around my waist right now. Maybe that's why I'm denied at every opportunity presented. Maybe that's why Kin Hiroshi is laughed at and mocked backstage.

"No more. Once I beat Hornet, the Red Sox and Kin Hiroshi are going to have common ground.

"Hornet, you're only as good as the arsenal you bring to the table with you. Baby, I've got tricks that you don't even know about. Sure, the Miami heat may be too warm for me to wear a shirt, but rest assured that I'm hiding things in my sleeves.

"Do you know the Muffin Man? I don't think so, and after Primetime, the entire wrestling industry is going to have to rethink what they believe about me.

"Ball is in your court now, champ...

...and I'm waiting..."