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New Season, New Series

A Shooting Star

Introducing: Steven Shane

Fortune Favors The Bull

FLASHBACK: Randalls/Timmy

Crazy for the Sake of Crazy

We Die Tomorrow

When Crazy Doesn't Count

The Little Christian Soldier

Windham UPDATE

FLASHBACK: Hiroshi/Radder

FLASHBACK: Vacant No More

Do You REALLY Know The Muffin Man?

People Love Muffin Tops

Miami Hype

FLASHBACK: Randalls/Timmy

SIMONS: Match number three of the night pits two former World Champions against each other. It’s been well over ten years since these two first met. At the time, Mike Randalls was the EN World Champion and Timmy Windham was the up-and-coming “Muppet Kid” who made his name on being Mark Windham’s younger brother, stalking Hornet, and having a host of unorthodox moves. Take a look at the end of their first match against each other.

(PRIMETIME in San Diego, December 19, 1994)

BUCKLEY: The EN Champ is in trouble, but he grabs the ropes, breaking the hold! Randalls is up first, and he hooks in a step-over-toe hold. Windham grabs the ropes, but Randalls follows up with a DDT! But apparently nailing his head into the mat doesn't face Timmy, because he just whipped Randalls into the ropes and nailed him with a flying dropkick! Randalls is laid out on the mat, and now Timmy goes for "The Clear," a move he learned while doing heart compressions with electroshock paddles on CSWA ref Pee Wee Troutman!

But Randalls throws the Muppet Kid off of him and across the ring. Randalls is furious, and he takes it out on Windham by hooking in a camel clutch! Timmy's just inches away from the ropes, but he can't reach them. Randalls lets up for a second and then follows up with a brainbuster!!! Windham's in trouble…because there's the Implant DDT by Randalls! He covers!, the Muppet Kid kicks out! Randalls doesn't let up though, there's a back suplex by the EN Champion. Randalls tries to strap on the step-over-toe hold, but Windham kicks him away!

Windham's up, and he catches Randalls with a flurry of heart kicks! Windham's got a second wind, and he whips Randalls into the ropes. There's a Fozzie Flip Flop! Now he hooks on the flying fish leglock! Randalls grabs the ropes, but that doesn't stop Windham, he's up and he's on the top rope! He comes off with a TR dropkick! Randalls got nailed! Windham lifts him up for a Torture rack! But as he turns around, Randalls' legs hit the ref and knock him down hard!!! Windham drops Randalls onto the mat and heads to his corner! Randalls is trying to climb to his feet, but he doesn't see Timmy on the top rope. And he's got the bungee cord!!!! Here he comes! MUPPET MANEUVER!!!!! He nailed Randalls hard! He throws the bungee cord outside the ring! And now he's trying to stir the ref. The ref's up! ONE........TWO........THREE!!!!!

This is a huge upset! Randalls is still down on the mat!! Windham has been awarded the belt! We'll be back!!!!