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New Season, New Series

A Shooting Star

Introducing: Steven Shane

Fortune Favors The Bull

FLASHBACK: Randalls/Timmy

Crazy for the Sake of Crazy

We Die Tomorrow

When Crazy Doesn't Count

The Little Christian Soldier

Windham UPDATE

FLASHBACK: Hiroshi/Radder

FLASHBACK: Vacant No More

Do You REALLY Know The Muffin Man?

People Love Muffin Tops

Miami Hype


(V/O: In conjunction with CS Enterprises, U-62 is proud to present the new season of the CSWA.)

(CUEUP: “Photograph” by Nickelback as the camera pans into an almost-dark, empty arena. As the song continues, a stop-motion flash-forward shows the arena being setup for a CSWA show. Over the top of the action, scenes from CSWA ANNIVERSARY 2005: CSWA17: Rebirth appear.)

(CUTTO: CSWA owner Stephen Thomas sitting at his desk in his penthouse office above CSWA Auditorium.)
(CUTTO: JA sitting by himself in a spotlight.)
(CUTTO: Bill Buckley and Sammy Benson making their entrance for the crowd.)
(CUTTO: Deacon in the stands with Rudy Seitzer.)
(CUTTO: ”Vacant” powerbombing Troy Windham as referee Ben Worthington goes flying.)
(CUTTO: Hornet rolling into the ring and colliding with Vacant.)
(CUTTO: Troy hitting the SLACKKNIFE and rolling on top of Vacant.)
(CUTTO: Former champion Evan Aho on the stage being interviewed by Seitzer.)
(CUTTO: Mike Randalls on the stage, dropping the microphone, as the crowd yells at him.)
(CUTTO: ”Superstar” Vince Jacobs superkicking Dan Ryan on the turnbuckle.)
(CUTTO: Ryan hitting the HUMILITY BOMB from the top rope, pumping his fist, and covering Jacobs.)
(CUTTO: 12-year old Mattie Cundiff standing in a small cage as it is raised above the ring.)
(CUTTO: Cameron Cruise standing in front of a curtain of white sparks as he makes his ANNIVERSARY entrance.)
(CUTTO: Cruise with a baseball slide on Boogie Smallz, sending him into the guardrail.)
(CUTTO: CLOSE-UP: Little Mattie standing outside of the cage door, holding onto to the bars for dear life.)
(CUTTO: Boogie Smallz throwing his boot at Mattie, still hanging from the cage.)
(CUTTO: Cruise reaching out to catch his little friend, taking a missile dropkick as he falls.)
(CUTTO: Snow falling from the ceiling of the arena as High Flyer enters the ring.)
(CUTTO: Alias hammering on Flyer’s ribs repeatedly.)
(CUTTO: Alias hitting the Glasgow Kiss, the cover, and Flyer’s foot hitting the bottom rope to break it.)
(CUTTO: Flyer hitting the Locomotive, both men tumbling out of the corner, hitting the mat, and pinning each other!)
(CUTTO: Jay Phoenix off the top rope with a spinning somersault onto Jason Payne.)
(CUTTO: Phoenix holding the Presidential Championship above his head.)
(CUTTO: Teri Melton in her blue designer warm up suit with three bodyguards behind her.)
(CUTTO: Poison Ivy stepping through the curtain in her black “Valerian’s Garden” T-shirt and black jeans.)
(CUTTO: CSWA VP of Security Gregg Gethard stepping out next to Ivy.)
(CUTTO: Greensboro Police escorting Teri’s bodyguards away from ringside as the crowd cheers.)
(CUTTO: Teri throwing the microphone at Ivy’s head, only to get kicked to the face for her trouble.)
(CUTTO: Ivy tackling Teri on the rampway, grabbing her by the hair and dragging her back to the ring.)
(CUTTO: Sammy Benson with a worried look on his face after Ivy is downed by a chairshot from the fourth ‘bodyguard’ coming out of the crowd.)
(CUTTO: Ivy hooking in the Scorpion Deathlock… then Teri screaming “I…QUIT!”)
(CUTTO: Jean Rabesque unstrapping the Greensboro Title from around his waist and handing it to the referee).
(CUTTO: Rabesque hooking in an STF on JA.)
(CUTTO: The KARELIN DRIVER by JA and the cover.)
(CUTTO: JA strapping the Greensboro Title around his waist.)
(CUTTO: Kin Hiroshi bathed in a blue spotlight.)
(CUTTO: Steve Radder adjusting one of the sleeves on his long-sleeved T-shirt as he enters the ring.)
(CUTTO: Radder hitting a suplex…then the big screen of CSWAvision turning on to reveal ”Good God” Kevin Powers.)
(CUTTO: Hiroshi with the Nagasaki Fat Man sunset flip/piledriver combo and the cover.)
(CUTTO: The standoff between Powers and Radder. As Powers pushes Radder, his sleeve comes away, revealing a hideous scar the length of his forearm.)
(CUTTO: Mark Windham entering the ring as a special referee.)
(CUTTO: Hornet stepping onto the rampway in his hometown, inside the Auditorium he helped build.)
(CUTTO: Eli Flair and Ivy coming through the curtain.)
(CUTTO: Hornet stepping over Eli's leg for the Scorpion, but being blocked by Eli.)
(CUTTO: Eli back-bodydropping Hornet over the top rope.)
(CUTTO: Eli rolling out of the way as Hornet comes off the top with a shooting star press.)
(CUTTO: Eli hooking in the Scorpion Deathlock; Hornet pushing up to break the hold.)
(CUTTO: Hornet's third consecutive Hornet Splash.)
(CUTTO: Eli Flair and Ivy on the rampway as CSWA superstars line the ramp applauding.)
(CUTTO: HUGE pyro going off just as Hornet steps on the stage to exit after his match.)
(CUTTO: SLOW-MO of Vacant doing a 450-splash off the top of CSWAvision onto the downed Hornet.)
(CUTTO: Vacant removing his mask to reveal "The Black Plague" Ruben Ross -- then throwing the mask on top of Hornet.)
(CUTTO: Thousands of flashbulbs going off as Dan Ryan and Troy Windham face off in the middle of the ring.)
(CUTTO: Ryan with a huge belly-to-belly release suplex, sending Troy across the ring.)
(CUTTO: Troy reversing the chokeslam attempt into the Slackknife reverse neckbreaker.)
(CUTTO: Ryan going for the win with the Humility Bomb high angle powerbomb.)
(CUTTO: Troy with a Hornet imitation followed by a shooting star press.)
(CUTTO: Ryan with the full-nelson German suplex and a bridge for the cover.)
(CUTTO: Ryan's springboard dropkick from the top rope to the FLOOR!)
(CUTTO: Ryan snap suplexing Windham through a table.)
(CUTTO: Windham wrapping a steel chair around Dan's head, then Slackknifing Windham using the chair.)
(CUTTO: The final Humility Bomb, with Troy clipping the referee as he is thrown to (and almost through) the mat.)
(CUTTO: The final Slackknife from the top rope and the cover.)
(CUTTO: Quick shots of each CSWA World, and then UNIFIED, Champion in their moment of glory. Some raise the belt above their head, some strap it on. Some kiss it, some embrace it, some simply stare. From Joey Melton to Degadeth to Hornet… and on and on… to Dan Ryan… to Shane Southern…
(CUTTO: ”The Epitome” Troy Windham grabbing the title from referee Pee Wee Troutman, holding it above his head and collapsing to the mat.)
(CUTTO: Troy bear hugging his brother Mark Windham, then strapping the UNIFIED title around his brother's waist.)
(CUTTO: Mark kicking Troy...dropping him with a Slackknife... and a Humility Bomb... and a piledriver through a table... and a camel clutch...)
(CUTTO: Mark Windham marching up the ramp with the UNIFIED Title still around his waist.)
(CUTTO: UNIFIED World Champion Troy Windham, a bloody mess, with his head through a chair, lying unconscious inside the ring.)