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New Season, New Series

A Shooting Star

Introducing: Steven Shane

Fortune Favors The Bull

FLASHBACK: Randalls/Timmy

Crazy for the Sake of Crazy

We Die Tomorrow

When Crazy Doesn't Count

The Little Christian Soldier

Windham UPDATE

FLASHBACK: Hiroshi/Radder

FLASHBACK: Vacant No More

Do You REALLY Know The Muffin Man?

People Love Muffin Tops

Miami Hype

Windham UPDATE

SIMONS: “Last Windham Standing?” We all saw Mark Windham savagely attack UNIFIED Champion Troy Windham in the aftermath of ANNIVERSARY and take the UNIFIED Title away with him. Troy was hospitalized after the show, and from all accounts, has not been seen since – the status of his recovery, and possibly even in the CSWA, is in doubt. If Mike Randalls, as he has been prone to do, ‘snaps’ on Timmy, that leaves one Windham by default… Mark. It also may mean that the ‘top’ champion in the company becomes the US Champion, and the former-best-friend-turned-enemy of the man who has possession of the belt, Hornet.

The US Champion competes in the second championship match and the MAIN EVENT of the night in Miami, taking on former Greensboro Champion and the winner of the “Champion’s Challenge,” Kin Hiroshi. Here’s a look back at how both men fared at ANNIVERSARY.