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What Has Gone Before

The Great Escape

Quo Vadis?

This Is A Plan?

A Disaster Beyond Your Imagination

A Contemplative Hostage

Rescue Attempt

It's A Wrestling Show, Right?

It’s No Live Sex Show – Thankfully

Dude, Where’s My Lifeboat?

Midget Fight!

Women and Children First – Midgets Last

This Is A Plan?

(Hornet drops the dented dispenser cover on the chest of a groaning Hacker henchman that he’s just dispatched. A second security guard lies clutching a sensitive region, having just been dealt with by Teri. Ivy is on the phone, presumably with Adrian.)

IVY: We’re just on the other side of the bulkhead. We should be right where…

(Everyone’s favorite midget, “Little Voltron” Adrian Evans, comes around the corner, phone in hand. He’s joined by Marvin Parsons, who has left his control room duties.)

IVY: …you are.

ADRIAN: Any trouble?

IVY: A few thugs. Nothing we couldn’t take care of.

ADRIAN: That may be changing. Apparently our nerdy friend isn’t very happy that you’re out – Marvin’s been eavesdropping on their walkie talkie frequency.

HORNET: How many?

IVY: How close?

TERI: Forget that. Where is the bastard?

MARVIN: Too many. Closer than I’d like. And as for where the Hacker is, I can’t tell exactly. They came in and took over the control room before I could trace the signal to the source. My best guess is down in one of the holds. If I can piggyback on the signal again, then I can tell you which one.

IVY: Where do you need to be to do that?

MARVIN: With Thomas.

HORNET: What? Let Steve fend for himself.

MARVIN: That’s the only other place I know the signal is going to. If we can get into the Presidential Cabin, I can track it down from there.

ADRIAN: But that means more guards. There were at least 6 or 8 up there earlier, although some of them might be looking for you guys now.

HORNET: So we need a distraction.

IVY: And a way to keep the Hacker in place once we find out he’s there. If he has a camera on Thomas like he did on us – we have to make sure he doesn’t see what’s going on.

MARVIN: I might be able to help with that too. If I can blackout the camera for a minute…

HORNET: I think I can take care of the distraction…

TERI: And distraction is my middle name. I’m sure I can lend a hand there.

IVY: That leaves the rest of us to free Thomas.

ADRIAN: Just seems wrong, doesn’t it?

(As the group begins to split up and head off to their various tasks, Hornet grabs Ivy’s shoulder…)

HORNET: Be careful.

IVY: Always…. You too.