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What Has Gone Before

The Great Escape

Quo Vadis?

This Is A Plan?

A Disaster Beyond Your Imagination

A Contemplative Hostage

Rescue Attempt

It's A Wrestling Show, Right?

It’s No Live Sex Show – Thankfully

Dude, Where’s My Lifeboat?

Midget Fight!

Women and Children First – Midgets Last

Rescue Attempt

(Poison Ivy, Marvin Parsons and Adrian Evans have managed to dodge two security patrols already – once by diving down a nearby hallway, and once, by luck, when an unsuspecting passenger who didn’t go to the show was stopped and questioned by the patrol, allowing Ivy, et al. to duck into a nearby cabin. The route upstairs has been circuitous due to circumstance – it seems like they’ve had to go down more hallways stretching away from the Presidential Suite than they have towards. If there are this many guards outside the Suite… who knows what they can do.

It’s in one of these hallways that they find an unexpected surprise. Everyone’s favorite Anglo Luchador, JA, comes barreling out of a doorway. Well, whatever you call an entrance that no longer has a door connected to it. The CSWA’s Greensboro Champion appears exasperated and he smells like fish.)

JA: Ivy?

IVY: JA? What are you doing?

JA: Trying to find the Hacker. I thought I had a lead on him, but it turned out to be a red herring.

EVANS: Um, why do you smell like rotting fish?

JA: Like I said… red herring.

EVANS: Right…but why do you smell like fish?

JA: Again… red herring.

EVANS: I give up.

JA: What are you doing?

ADRIAN: Same as you. Looking for the “mastermind” behind all these shenanigans.

MARVIN: We’re trying to get up to the Presidential Suite so we can track down where the Hacker is ‘broadcasting’ from.

JA: And you could use some help, of course.

IVY: I take it you’re volunteering?

JA: Anything to get back at the (bleep) that’s been screwing with all of us.

(Ten minutes later the group of four steps outside onto the upper deck, just around the corner from the entrance to the Presidential Suite. Adrian lies down on the deck and peeks around the corner.)

ADRIAN: It looks like there are four guards. One for each of us.

JA: What are you talking about? We can’t each take an armed guard.

ADRIAN: You’re right. I forgot we’ve got Marvin with us.


JA: I was talking about…

IVY: Don’t say it. You obviously don’t know him very well. Marvin, what do you need in order to trace the signal and figure out where this bastard is?

MARVIN: I’ve just got to connect to something that’s connected to his network. I assume he’s got cameras inside like he did in your cabin. Assuming they’re still connected, I can trace from there.

IVY: So my ‘shorting the door’ trick won’t work this time then?

MARVIN: Nope. I need the cameras to be connected to the network. If you short the door, you might end up throwing a breaker on the entire room.

IVY: So it looks like we’re going to need a little finesse.

(She turns… and realizes that JA has already left the group and is wandering up to the four guards.)

IVY: Dammit….

JA: (to the guards) Excuse me guys, but can you tell me how to get to the main deck from here. I’m a little lost.

(Without responding, two of the guards immediately grab hold of JA by the arms, forcing him against the wall.)

JA: Hey now! I just need some directions!

ADRIAN: (in a high-pitched voice) What are you doing to my daddy!?

JA: What the hell?!

(One of the guards is completely taken aback as a small figure rushes toward him yelling. Sadly for him, he thinks it’s an innocent child and doesn’t raise his stun gun. Even worse for him, Little Voltron’s head is right at the height of his groin… and he’s running full speed. One down.)

(The third guard raises his stun gun to put down JA. Instead he goes down in a heap as Ivy rushes in and uses her own confiscated stun gun to give him both a metaphorical and literal shock. The two remaining guards let go of JA to grab their own stun guns – JA quickly catches one with a spinning heel kick. The Anglo Luchador almost gets tagged by the remaining guard and his stun gun, but Marvin Parsons catches the guard in the back of the head with a deck chair.)

JA: Wow. Guess stalking Mickey Benedict isn’t all you can do, huh? Thanks for the assist.

MARVIN: No problem. And that was a long time ago.

(Adrian ‘borrows’ a stun gun from one of the guards and zaps the downed guards to make sure they stay down. Marvin checks the cabin door into the Presidential Suite.)

ADRIAN: I don’t see any keys or cards on them to get into the suite.

MARVIN: The card reader has been removed. It looks like the door is deadbolted electronically. The Hacker must not even trust his own guards to open the door without his command.

IVY: Or he figured that somebody might try and get in… just like we’re doing. Can we force it somehow?

MARVIN: It looks pretty sturdy. And if we try, the cameras inside will let him know and he’ll be able to move somewhere else – or send the guards after us.

JA: So you’re saying there’s no way in?

(The radio on one of the guards begins to squawk.)

RADIO: Report.

GUARD #1: No sign of the fugitives on the upper deck, over.

JA: What’s that?

IVY: It sounds like Lyle.

RED: Bridge?

GUARD #2: No one has attempted to gain the bridge, sir. Over.

RED: Any sign of them at the Presidential Suite?

MARVIN: What do we do?

IVY: We answer and hope for the best.

RED: Presidential Suite report. Any sign of the escapees?

ADRIAN: (lowering his voice and speaking into the radio) No sir. (pause) Over.

(The radio chatter continues as the Red Midget goes through his check-ins with the various patrols.)

IVY: Well at least now we have an idea where most of the patrols are.

ADRIAN: Is there anywhere else we can connect into the Hacker’s network?

MARVIN: This is the only place we know there almost has to be working cameras. It’s the educated guess. Anything else is just random.

IVY: Can we break into the wall and jimmy the door? I know it risks shorting the cameras, but it’s the only thing we know might work.

MARVIN: Maybe if we were on the inside like you were – there it’s just some sort of drywall. We don’t have any way to get through out here.

JA: I guess that means we go try somewhere else.

ADRIAN: Just a second – the radio again…

RED: Oh well, I guess that means we’ll just have to try a more direct approach. (He hits a button and the door unlocks.) Guards, I think it’s time to help Mr. Thomas settle down.

(A light above the door turns green and the deadbolt on the door audibly clicks open.)

IVY: Showtime boys.