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The Curse of Moving

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Where Do We Go

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Nova Is My Constant

Where Do We Go

“…I’m just sayin’ … I busted my ass to get back on T-V … back in the big leagues!” Kevin screams at his lawyer Jackson Klein.

Distraught and uncertain about his future in the CSWA … Hell, the future OF CSWA for that matter Kevin headed east after “Primetime in Columbia,” back to Charleston to see Klein.

“Kev’, lets be rational … T-V or not the money is still better and you have gold! I mean come on …” Klein replies.

Last week fiasco cost the CSWA their television spot as well as many sponsorships one could imagine. Kevin now finds himself at a crossroads flee the sinking ship or stay the course and try to ride out the storm.

“I know, I know … but what the **** do I do you know …” Kevin asks Klein.

“Well at least ride it out until the checks stop coming.” Klein replies.

Klein spins around in his chair and snatches a piece of paper from the fax machine.

“You got Troy Douglas in Birmingham, another title defense … and with the current situation …the whole title holder or unemployed status you stepped out of Anniversary with seems to be ten fold at this point. With the companies current finical woes I’m sure dropping some talent wouldn’t hurt they’re bottom line right now.” Klein informs Kevin.

Kevin stands from where he has been seated and walks toward the window.

“I suppose that sounds about right…” Kevin says. “Well at least with no T-V, that means no promo’s right …”

Klein cringes at the thought of having to inform Kevin he will still have to record promotional spots to hype up the coming event.

“Well the CSWA is still encouraging all active employees to keep at it; business as usual style. All the spot are running on CSWA online. The second they start acting like a defunct promotion … they will be.”

Kevin, unhappy … yet not surprised responds back to Klein, “Where I gotta go?”

“Here’s a number to the director of promotions, give him a call when you get to Greensboro.” Klein tells Kevin.

“Greensboro?” Kevin asks.

“Yeah, Greensboro … you know the namesake of the title you hold? North Carolina.” Klein quips back.

“Yes, I’m familiar with its geographic location but why Greensboro?” Kevin asks.

“You think the CSWA is going to send camera crews trekking around the country for internet feeds? You got to go to their backyard to get this done. But don’t sweat it, I have you bus ticket to Greensboro as well as a second leg takings you to Birmingham.” Klein says.

“Wonderful …” Kevin remarks.

Kevin snatches the tickets from Klein and begins toward the door before he is stopped by Klein.

“Hey, real quick … what's the deal with Nemesis? What's going on with whatever situation you two have going on?”

Kevin looks back for a second, and continues out the door.