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Reality Check

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Nova Is My Constant

Reality Check

"Bobby Karma. How convenient is your name, Bobby...Karma?"

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of his Jacksonville, North Carolina home. Dressed in blue jeans, a white sleeveless shirt with the CSWA logo in big black lettering, and a light blue North Carolina Tar Heels worn backwards. With the CSWA Presidential title cradled over his right shoulder, the Anarchy Shades worn over his eyes are the only thing that hide the concern on his face.)

CRUISE: At Anniversary Two-Kay, I last defended this very title against Aaron Douglas and lost, not because he was BETTER, but because of interference by someone that had no business being involved to begin with: HORNET.

(Cruise takes his shades off momentarily...)

Now for those who remember that match, I won't go into detail except for the fact that I obviously was less than thrilled. interesting a matter of persistance can change things.

(Cruise slides his shades back on.)

Here it is, all proper rights I was given the shot and privilage to get it back at CSWA Gold Rush, and I'll be damned if I didn't go out and do what I said I was going to do, and that's win back what was practically STOLEN from me: The CSWA Presidential title.

Now I've the task of my first official title defense since getting this back and I'm to face a man so emblazoned with Irony, it REALLY isn't a laughing matter.

Bobby Karma.

At Chapel Hill, you found out just exactly why it is I'm the one man around here you DON'T TAKE ME lightly, no matter what Hornet, Dan Ryan, Kin Hiroshi, Troy Windham or anyone else says.

But go ahead and do the cardio, Bobby.

Do sit-ups, jumping-jacks, deep-knee bends, you name it.

Run about twenty miles a-day and soak yourself in a hot tub afterward while you're getting a facial, and fingernails and toenails done.

Watch about twenty-five hours of old tape on my past matches.

But in NO WAY IN HELL is it going to help you run a CLINIC against ME.

Not gonna happen Bobby, not at Primetime, not at Fish Fund hell, pretty much not as long as I'm "Cameron Cruise".


Because that's just a Reality Check that not only you, but your pal there, two-minute Freddy and everyone else just...won't like.