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We're Still Here?

The Curse of Moving

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Nova Is My Constant

We're Still Here?

For the second version of VERSUS in a row, host John Simons thinks the same thought:

"I can't believe I still have a job."

Most of the CSWA television crews have been laid off after the U-62 contract fell through in the aftermath of SHOWTIME in Columbia. In the past, the Hacker had always been edgy, but with a sense of humor. Even in the "hijacking" of the Parsons Cruise Liner, the Hacker hadn't hurt anybody. Well...except for that one tasing...

But Columbia was different. Actually shutting down the show... people's livelihoods are at stake.

For the first time, Simons actually misses Marvin Parson, the CSWA's technical guru extraordinaire. To think he hadn't been seen since the Cruise...

Simons snaps back into "host" mode as his producer prepares to take another cut on the in-studio portions of VERSUS. So much was riding on PRIMETIME in Birmingham. If they could just show that the audience would even follow them onto the internet...

CSWA PRIMETIME in Birmingham features:

  • MAIN EVENT: Dan Ryan and Troy Windham vs. Eron and Nova
    Stipulation: The wrestler who scores the pinfall gets the title shot at FISH FUND. If Dan Ryan gets the fall, he books his own match for the event.

  • United States Championship: Kin Hiroshi vs. JJ DeVille

  • Presidential Championship: Cameron Cruise vs. Bobby Karma

  • Greensboro Championship: Kevin Watson vs. Troy Douglas

  • Contenders Match: "Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. High Flyer