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We're Still Here?

The Curse of Moving

The Ability to Adapt



Where Do We Go

Semantics / Pipe Dreams

Rites of Passage

Mistakes & Beer

Kick Start

Reality Check

Rules of Attraction

On The Road Again


Nova Is My Constant


"Rhetorical ey?"

(Flyer stands in front of a bunch of elementary school children, who are currently attempting to bust open a pinata. Flyer ignores them.)

High Flyer: Hmmm... if my reading the dictionary in 2005 paid off in any way, I know this word... It means you ALSO want ME to talk about why I got into this business! Oh how nice of you. I mean, you also called me a footnote, but I, just like the next man, can tell his sarcasm, I'll tell you what!

(Flyer cracks his knuckles. One of the children on the background has struck one of the other children with his pinata bat. One by one the small children fall at the hand of their blindfolded collegue.)

High Flyer: So ya wanna know how the Lunatic got here? Phew... *long exhale* Ya can't pin point it. It's like when you get really fat, it's not one meal that made you so. I've got a lot of reasons. And it's not all because I'm some egotistical maniac who can't cut in Hollywood. You know, I didn't really want to hear the VH-1 story of your life, so I'm not going to force my story down the throats of the CSWA faithful. Go cry me a salty river. Big deal. You're CSWA, bread and born. I had to reinvent myself eight times over. Go sit in your little self made personal box of habits, I'll be here evolving to a degree Christianity hadn't anticipated!

(Flyer narrows his eyes.)

High Flyer: I especially don't feel sorry for the whole ax through a locker room door thing. In fact, I'm going to try to do that again, just for kicks. Then it won't matter if I "let CSWA down," because I'll be remembered as an ax-wielding maniac. And I'm pretty sure everyone LOVES Jason Vorhees.

(Flyer blinks.)

High Flyer: Anyway, I dunno how late this is. *checks watch* Whoo boy. Mighta been a waste of time. Oh well! See you in the ring Trip X, see you in the ring.