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The Curse of Moving

The Ability to Adapt



Where Do We Go

Semantics / Pipe Dreams

Rites of Passage

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Reality Check

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On The Road Again


Nova Is My Constant

Semantics / Pipe Dreams

A greyhound screeches to a halt in a dirty Greensboro bus station; the door snaps open and after a few random persons step to street level and disappear from view Kevin Watson steps down … canvas duffel tossed over his shoulder tattered jeans and leather jacket covering his scared frame he pauses monetarily to access his surroundings when a voice calls from his left side.

“Kevin … ah, I mean Mr. Watson.” The voice yells.

Kevin turns and walks toward the front of the bus where he is met by a man with a clipboard. Kevin hates clipboards and more importantly the people who carry them.

“Kevin, how you doing … Benny Thomas from CSWA online department the promotional team sent us out to make sure we could get this spot from you before you had the chance to back out.”

Kevin begins to walk toward the door leading inside the terminal.

“I thought you guys couldn’t afford to run around following us?” Kevin asks.

“Well, it’s hard for us to send a camera to California if we’re here and the next show is in Alabama … the logistics are just a bit much with out that T-V deal behind us.” Benny responds.

“Alright then … roll the camera … I’ve only got an hour.” Kevin snaps.

“Already rolling we can clean it up in editing …” Benny assures.

“Don’t clean up anything … let it rock; as is … nothing fancy.” Kevin asserts.

Kevin takes a seat inside the terminal. He drops his bag at his feet and begins rifling threw it. Within a second or two he has what he is looking for. With his hand the Greensboro title emerges from the dinghy bag, he drops it on top of the bag and lets it rest in the position it fell.

“That’s it … right there … That’s what Douglas thinks he’s taking home right? In all fairness I can see why.” Kevin says as he readjusts himself in the molded plastic seats.

“I mean let’s be honest … I’m the washed up son of a ***** who got lucky at Gold Rush right? Right … maybe. I’m not the type to get introspective or to evaluate my opponents want for the win… It’s normally just another night, another fight, and keep moving. Though, I suppose this situation may warrant a change of plans for the sake of this ridiculous promo.” Kevin states as he reaches into his pocket.

As he lights a cigarette the camera pans above his head slightly to reveal a “No Smoking” sign and then back down to Kevin taking his first drag like it was the last he’d ever take.

Exhaling, Kevin continues “This time around … for the sake of having something to actually talk about one could assert this is a fifteen year experience verse less than ten. Or that this is a fight to protect a livelihood verse a undying obsession to be Hornet or Windham.

It’s not like I haven’t seen the type … as recently as Simon Theodore, or … what's the guy that’s like to endlessly introduce himself … and warn you about under estimating him …? Deville? Yeah Deville, the collage kid.

I guess is what I’m getting at … or at least lead you to believe I was actually getting at something is … It’s another man-child against an old man … as far as the business seems to go. The main difference of course is Deville and Theodore … are, were, or at least claimed to be of higher intelligence with the collage and … spelling bees and such. As to were Douglas seems to be just another awe struck kid who had the displeasure of watching a wrestling match a few years back and began construction on another of America’s illustrious … pipe dreams.”

Kevin leans forward drops his cigarette to the ground and rests his elbows on his knees, bringing his face closure to the camera.

“So you want to know if I feel threatened.” Kevin asks rhetorically.

“We didn’t ask any questions …” Benny tells Kevin from behind the camera.

“You didn’t?” Kevin asks “This would’ve been better if you would have asked questions … Where’s Seitzer? He asks questions …” Kevin says.

Benny answers with a sense of uncertainty, “I … I don’t know.”

“Well tell ‘em next time I want Seitzer.” Kevin says grabbing his title and his bag as he stands. “You got what you need here?”

Benny, confused, begins to answer, “Aw …”

“Good, I need a drink. See ya’ in Birmingham.” Kevin says.

He shoves the title back in his back as he walks down the corridor in the bus station.

The camera swings around to Benny and the dumbfounded look on his face.

"That guy is losing it ... "

A excited look comes across his face.

"...get a ticket this oughta be good."