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We're Still Here?

The Curse of Moving

The Ability to Adapt



Where Do We Go

Semantics / Pipe Dreams

Rites of Passage

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Kick Start

Reality Check

Rules of Attraction

On The Road Again


Nova Is My Constant

Kick Start

(The scene opens on a crisp, sunny, but very windy springtime afternoon in the town of Birmingham, Alabama, the site of CSWA Primetime live. The sun beams down on a grassy turfed football field stadium at a local college in Birmingham. On the football field, wearing red Asiacs nylon shorts, black with white trim Asaics tennis shoes, and no shirt is new CSWA rising star Bobby Karma. He is wearing a black harness with a parachute hanging behind him bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet on the end of the field at the goal line. His manager, "Light As A Feather" Freddie Merriweather, stands at the 50 yard line with a stop watch.)

Freddie: Ready Bobby?

Bobby Karma: Always.

Freddie: Wait for it, and 5-4-3-2...

(Background mood setting music playing: from the beginning hard Nikki Sixx guitar intro, and Tommy Lee drum start of"Kick Start My Heart" by Motley Crue.)

Freddie: (Just as the first verse of the song joins in.) Go...Go...Go...and queue music montage...

When I get high
I get high on speed
Top fuel funny car's
A drug for me
My heart, my heart
Kickstart my heart
Always got the cops
Coming after me
Custom built bike doing 103
My heart, my heart
Kickstart my heart

(Bobby Karma takes off running down the field at full speed with the parachute flying behind him as it picks up the the full breeze blowing it and providing the full resistance, still Bobby pulls it mightily as he runs the half of the length of the field like a stock car on the balls of his feet. As the song progresses it shows footage, clips, and fast forwarding highlights of Bobby Karma's hard sprint training on the parachute)

Ooh,are you ready girls?
Ooh,are you ready now?
Ooh, yeah
Kickstart my heart
Give it a start
Ooh, yeah, baby
Ooh, yeah
Kickstart my heart
Hope it never stops
Ooh, yeah, baby

(As the sun slowly begins to fade into a dull play, Bobby Karma ending his run temporarily to take a drink from a bottle of water under the sun. His naturally toned and bulky muscular upper body glistens under the sun as the sweat drips and outlines his body. He pours the remaining water all over his face and long blond hair.)

Freddie: Hey Fabio, stop modeling for the camera and get over here its promo time brother.

(Bobby Karma stops drinking and lays the bottle near the rest of his things on the sideline and walks over his small, pint sized but incredibly charismatic manager standing in front of the camera ready to begin the interview.)

Freddie: "Light As A Feather" Freddie Meriweather here. Recognize the rhyme scheme. Standing along side...

The Sultan of Zin...


The man with the longest moniker in wrestling today...

(Bobby Karma does a double take and looks down at his manager with a cock of his eyebrow and mouthing the words "What The F--?" but Freddie just smiles gleefully as he responds back.)

Just kidding, hey if ya can't poke fun at yourself from time to time then what can you do?

(Freddie carries on where he left off without skipping another beat.)

What Goes Around...

Comes Around...


(Freddie turns his attention to Bobby Karma.)

Freddie: Bobby Karma, since the CSWA Gold Rush tournament at Anniversary, you have indeed left a bit of an impact, and more than made your presence known against the likes of Kin Hiroshi and so forth, but now the Gold Rush has subsided, the dust has settled, and with that said, the Long Hard Fought Road of Bobby Karma has officially begun. Filled with their bumps, obstacles, and even pitfalls along the treacherous road to the top of the CSWA, the top of this very business...

Last week, you and JJ Deville managed to win your respected tag team matches with an opportunity to face off against CSWA United States Champion, Kin Hiroshi and Presidential Champion, Cameron Cruise. Now here you are to go after your very first and hopefully not last CSWA Title when you face off against Cameron Cruise for the Presidential Title this week on Prime Time from right here in Birmingham, Alabama.

(Freddie Meriweather pause as he gives a cheesy thumbs up and big grin on his face before turning his attention back to Karma.)

You've been training all week so far, making sure that you are cardio is fit as a fiddle as well as your in ring prowess is more than in top form when you go up against this old wrestling veteran who has seen and done it all wrestling all over the world and abroad, what are your thoughts...BOBBY KARMA...Go...Go...Go...

(Freddie Meriweather places the microphone in front of Bobby Karma as he begins to speak.)

Bobby Karma: Thank you Freddie, thank you. I'm getting right down to business without beating around the bush. The Gold Rush is in the books, and now its time to get down to business. Cameron Cruise, last week in Chapel Hill, I may of looked a little green, this business is all about paying your dues. Regardless of how the match went down. The fact of the matter remains. My team defeated you and Hiroshi and with that said I have earned the right to face off against you for the CSWA Presidential Title this week on Prime Time.

Chapel Hill, you may of showed me up, and I will admit that. I won't deny that, but that's why I will not stop until I am in top physical condition. Not only will I match you in the ring cardio and stamina wise, but I will stand toe to toe with you technically and match you move for move. I will spend all this time training and making certain that I am 120 times better than when I faced you in Chapel Hill. I will eat, drink, and dream of Cameron Cruise, most importantly, I will not rest until I am standing over you and I am holding the CSWA Presidential Title high in the air before all of the people of Birmingham Alabama.

I maybe a greenhorn now, but that won't last and eventually this rose bud's gonna be blooming right along with the rest of you. So don't take me for granted and you better...look in my eyes...

(Bobby Karma orders the camera to zoom in on his face as his blue eyes peer back with a burning desire and resolve.)

Don't take me for granted. Don't take me lightly, know that this rookie can and just I mean WILL take that your title away from you this week.

But don't fret, because when I take the title from you this week, we will face off again at Fish Fund in the rematch of all rematches and you know what they say, the rematch is where the real money's at.

So here this now Cruise. You will not carry me and vice versa. I'm looking to put on a bonefide clinic against you. We will shock the world and surprise a lot of of which will be yourself...


Bobby: Are you finished because I'd like to...

Freddie: Sure, just backing you up.

Bobby: I know. Anyway. Come next week, right here in Birmingham, Alabama. Spring is in the air and I embrace my destiny. I start by becoming the next CSWA Presidential Champion. My name is Bobby Karma...

Learn it...


Remember it...

(The scene fades out.)