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We're Still Here?

The Curse of Moving

The Ability to Adapt



Where Do We Go

Semantics / Pipe Dreams

Rites of Passage

Mistakes & Beer

Kick Start

Reality Check

Rules of Attraction

On The Road Again


Nova Is My Constant

Rites of Passage

A hour and several drinks later Kevin Watson climbs back up on a dusty old Greyhound. As he makes his way to the back he catches a familiar face … or lack there of.

Benny has secured his camera man a seat on the long bus trip that will deliver both camera and Kevin to Birmingham for the next Primetime on Wednesday.

Kevin drops his bag in the seat diagonal from said camera and takes a seat as the rest of the passengers file in.

“I’m not sure what you buddy … what was it Bernie? … is looking to achieve here. Let me give the run down. There will be; drinking, smoking, yelling from the driver to out that cigarette, and a lot of sleeping … this is a long ride homie … hold tight.” Kevin tells the camera man with a slight smirk.

Kevin produces a small flask from his jacket pocket throws it back for a second or two recaps its and puts it back in his pocket. He flips the hood of the gray sweat shirt underneath his leather jacket up and over his head and sits in silence while the camera man keeps rolling away.

Several hours and towns later it has grown dark as the diesel bus pushes across North Carolina in passage to Alabama. Kevin is stirring but not yet fully awake. The camera man takes notice and readjusts himself comfortably to being filming again.

Kevin slowly reaches to his inside jacket pocket and pulls out a cigarette and starts searching for a lighter. He drops his hood as he finds one in his sweatshirt pocket. He catches a glimpse of the camera man and turns to him.

“Still here, huh? I thought for sure first piss break you’d be hitching a ride back to tell Benny to stick it. I know I would” Kevin says.

He puffs his cigarette for a second waiting for a response.

“Don’t talk much do you … gonna leave that up to me?” Kevin chuckles “Don’t hold your breathe.”