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We're Still Here?

The Curse of Moving

The Ability to Adapt



Where Do We Go

Semantics / Pipe Dreams

Rites of Passage

Mistakes & Beer

Kick Start

Reality Check

Rules of Attraction

On The Road Again


Nova Is My Constant

The Curse of Moving

(High Flyer sits in front of a CSWA flag. He checks his watch, and taps his legs. He checks his watch again.)

High Flyer: I don't think he's gonna show. I'm on the West Coast and there's only 80 minutes left.

(Flyer checks his watch again, and nervously looks from side to side.)

High Flyer: Where is he! It's not fair for me to get a win over a no showing opponent, even if he is the guy who hated me just because I put an ax through his locker room door five years ago... that changes nothing! I'm usually a man of honor, and honestly, this just seems cheap to me. Can't fight a guy tryin' to move. That's a dick move.

(Flyer rolls his fingers.)

High Flyer: We should probably just cut. Sorry Lunatics, you don't get your dose of VIAGRA today. Blame U-Haul.

(Flyer stands, and walks off the side of the screen.)